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The heart is a lonely hunter

Ohayou minna, how are you?^^ I'm assuming since it's Monday morning there's a lot of mumbling about coffee and lack of sleep surrounding us all;P Although I don't drink coffeeXDD Frankly, things like caffeine, alcohol, sugar have such an immediate and powerful effect on my system that I have to avoid them most of the time^^; Which sucks because I love sweets so much I swear I could find a way to make them my only food groupXDD And it makes me wonder when I became this sensitive, because I used to be able to handle large amounts of all three of them with no problem...and not just physical things, but emotions and ideas as well, my mood is swayed so easily by them that it almost feels like I'm an empathic sponge;) Which is why when I finished the article that accompanies this post, as always one of Jun's, I found myself embraced by the vague melancholic introspection that has followed me since I was knee high to a toadstool. Though this is slightly different, since it's tinged with a keen sense of kinship and admiration:3 Which is magical enough on its own, but I always wonder if I was able to pass that feeling he inspires along to you who read it...

But first, the MMA from 07.02.17 with Aiba and Ohno and drunk GrandpaXDD

[Announcer: Mago Mago Arashi, AIba-kun and Ohno-kun become grandkids for a day. Grandpa's big plan for a loving
present to Grandma. (writing) However, after having a big party at lunchtime Grandpa's running wild. What on
earth will happen? Where could today's grandkids be?]
Aiba/Ohno: Here we are~!
Aiba: We don't have the will to work ne. It's morning.
Ohno: Both of us ne, today as well.
{Today's episode is in Hachioji-shi, Tokyo metro. area, popular with mountain climbing tourists because of Takao
mountain and it's temple.}
Ohno: It says 'shiitake'.
Aiba: Really? Ah, you're right. Everyone in Arashi, nice to meet you.
{This time it's a request from Grandpa himself, he says that it's lonely by himself, so why don't they come have
a drink with him?;P}
Aiba: 'Having a drink while barbequeing shiitake is the best!' (writing)
Ohno: Seriously~? There's still a little (of last night's sake) left huh~. (writing)
[Announcer: Though they want to see their grandkids, they can't. (writing) There isn't a successor for the family
business and the work is a lot of trouble (writing). The members of Arashi go get involved with those Grandmas and
Grandpas, Arashi's [Grandkid for a day] (writing).]
Aiba: Hello!
Ohno: Hello!
Aiba: Hi!
Ohno: Hi!
Aiba: Ohno: Nice to meet you.
Aiba: Today you said we're going to have a drink-
Grandpa: No way. With this nice weather for the shiitake shop, you can't have a drink! (writing)
Aiba: Eh, but that's different than what you wrote before! (writing)
Ohno: Isn't Grandpa the one who wrote that?
Grandpa: We have to harvest the shiitake. (writing) Right.
Aiba: Ah, you lied! (writing)
Grandpa: That's right ne.
{Grandpa and Grandma are Takura Genji-san and Fumie-san, veteran shiitake (mushroom) producers, they had an
arranged marriage in Showa 37, and for the last 20 years have been cultivating and plucking shiitake together.
Grandpa says that since it would be bad to get their hands dirty he'll give them gloves, then laughs hysterically
about it while Ohno and Aiba protest that it's really not that funny^^; Now Ohno and Grandpa are going to plant
shiitake seeds, which means embedding them in trees. Ohno says he's never seen that before, so once they get inside
Grandpa says he'll give him a demonstration, since this part of the process is the most dangerous. This involves
drilling holes into sawtooth oak logs that have been cut into 1m segments. Ohno says it looks kind of half-hearted
but Grandpa says it's not and there's a sense for it. Next they use a machine specifically designed for sowing
the mushroom spores (mixed with sawdust) in the holes. Ohno says it looks like poopXDD Grandpa says it has to
be done carefully, Ohno is amazed since this is ther first time he's known about it. Finally, to prevent the
seeds from falling out, they cover the holes with wax.}
Ohno: So like this they'll become mushrooms?
Grandpa: That's right, when it becomes autumn. At lunch-
Ohno: Grandma-
Granpda: That's right, Grandma said it, we'll have mushrooms.
[writing: Thud!]
Ohno: Ah, you just tossed it aside;P
[writing: At random!]
Ohno: Why, after all that care?;P
{Now Ohno gets to try out the seed-sower;P He says it's a lot of work and Grandpa agrees, he says that he and Grandma
do it, but Grandma hates itXD Meanwhile, Aiba and Grandma are picking mushrooms, Grandma says she wants him to pick the
biggest ones and compliments him on doing it well. Then Aiba asks how many greenhouses they have and she thinks
about it and counts them and says they have either 6 or 7. Aiba says it's amazing that they do it all by themselves
and Grandma says they don't even use part-time help.}
Grandma: How old are you again? Your age? (writing)
Aiba: Me?
Grandma: I've forgotten, since I'm so old. (writing)
Aiba: Really? Grandma, I'm 24. (writing)
Grandma: You're already that old? (writing)
[writing: This is the first time you've met!]
Aiba: You've known me for a long time? You're kidding right.
Grandma: I mean, I only know you from when you were tiny.
Aiba: Ah. You only know me from when I was tiny ne.
Grandma: That's right.
Aiba: Huh?! Aren't you confusing me with somebody else? (writing)
Grandma: I don't think that's the case ne. (writing)
{The announcer wonders if Ohno's doing it well;P Ohno asks if Grandpa has any hobbies, Grandpa says that lately
he loves his digital camera. He likes to walk around and take pictures of the mushrooms and local landmarks, and
that he takes pictures of Grandma for practice, usually at night, and she hates it;P Ohno asks if it's because
she's embarrassed but Grandpa says that since he does it for practice he usually erases the pictures right after,
but she still has the feeling that there are some left.}
Grandpa: I said 'with a woman like that, it can't be helped if there are some left over' and she got mad! (writing)
Ohno: You're the worst;P (writing)
{After harvesting mushrooms in teh morning Aiba and Grandmad sit down with the photo album to talk about memories.
Aiba asks if they've gone a trip together, she says they go twice a year, and Aiba says that must mean that
Grandpa does a lot of things for her. She says in terms of feelings only, and AIba asks if he's ever given her
a present, she says nothing except the wedding ring. He says 'nothing since then? A long silence?' and she
agrees happilyXD The announcer says she's received a lot of memories, but it seems like she wants something
Grandpa: Okay, let's try grilling some shiitake.
Ohno: Oh, If we try it out-
Grandpa: The one's these two picked earlier.
Aiba: That's right. The ones we picked ne.
Grandpa: That's right.
[Announcer: They grill the picked mushrooms is soy sauce and butter. (writing) Mmm, they look delicious. Well
then, time to eat~!]
Aiba: Thanks for the food~. This is tasty~! Is it okay if I put a little soy sauce on this? (writing)
Grandma: Oh, go ahead.
Ohno: Ah, tasty~! (writing)
Aiba: Tasty ne.
Grandpa: Alright alright.
Grandma: Delicious.
Grandpa: That's right, as much as it can be. I forgot the sake.
[Announcer: That's right! This very essential item!]
Grandpa: Okay, go ahead.
Aiba: Cheers~! (writing)
All: Cheers~.
Grandpa: Ahh~. (writing)
[writing: A moment of supreme bliss<3]
Grandma: He's happy.
AIba: Ne! That's right ne~.
Grandma: This is nice, here in the sun ne. (writing)
Grandpa: Well, I guess I'll have to do for myself... (writing)
Aiba: Ah, okay okay, I understand Grandpa~!
Ohno: We didn't see it.
Aiba: Grandpa, you've been spilling it all for awhile now. (writing)
[writing: Tipsy]
Aiba: We've kind of gotten all loose ne. Gotten all loose~ ne.
Grandma: Gotten tipsy.
Aiba: We've gotten tipsy. Getting drunk at lunch ne.
Grandpa: Because sake exists for the sake of getting you tipsy. (writing)
Ohno: Yes.
[wwriting: Grandpa's rule, sake exists to get you tipsy!]
Grandpa: Drinking sake makes your true character come out gradually, you can't help it;P Isn't getting tipsy great?
Aiba: You drink it to get tipsy ne! (writing)
Grandpa: That's right, that's right.
Grandma: You're not going to eat any shiitake? (writing)
Grandpa: Eh?
Grandma: You're not going to eat any shiitake?
Grandpa: Shiitake...I mean, if you eat teh shiitake you can't sell tehm, so I won't eat them;P (writing)
[writing: Grandpa's rule (while drinking), shiitake are for selling so don't touch them!]
Aiba: The shiitake are?
Ohno: He's getting drunk;P
Grandpa: We raise them for our business!If you eat them yourself that's it!;P
Aiba: But we're already eating them;P
Grandma: When Grandpa drinks he talks to himself. (writing)
Ohno: It's this kind of feel when he's drunk? (writing)
Grandma: That's right, that's right. When he's drinking he'll be talking to himself until he goes to sleep. Just
decides to talk. (writing) Cause he's already tired from work.
Aiba: He's making a lonely-looking face. (writing)
Ohno: Drink some more! (writing)
Aiba: Drink some more Grandpa!
Grandpa: If you don't pour it I can't drink it! (writing)
Aiba: Sorry Grandpa.
[writing: Grandpa's rule (while drinking), if it's not poured you won't drink it!]
Aiba: Excuse me Grandma.
Grandma: Ah, go ahead, go ahead.
Grandpa: If you don't pour it I can't drink it.
Aiba: That's right ne.
[Announcer: Just at the point where Grandpa's mood is coming out, it's about time for that segment.]
Ohno: The grandkids want to hear this story! (writing)
Aiba: A long time ago Grandpa and Grandma were young! (writing)
Aiba/Ohno: Lovey dovey talk~! (writing)
Ohno: Are you listening Grandpa?
Aiba: Grandpa!
Grandpa: Yes?
Aiba: Listen!! (writing)
Grandpa: Yes.
[Announcer: The grandkids thoroughly ask about Grandpa and Grandma's lovey-dovey story. (writing)]
{Aiba asks why they decided to get married and Grandma says that though she was always with her parents she thought
that she caused them worry, so when Grandpa came along it seemed like a good opportunity and he appeared to be
an okay guy;P So Aiba asks if Grandma was the one who proposed but she says Grandpa did, and Ohno asks what he
said. She says he said 'Would you attach yourself to someone like me?' Aiba says that's cool and asks if Grandpa
remembers saying it. Grandpa pretends not to hearXD Ohno asks about their first kiss,a nd of course they say there
was no such thing, Grandpa says when I thought about doing it Grandma would run away;P So Ohno and Aiba say they
should do it now, and Grandma says it's not funny and they're too old;P Aiba and Ohno says it's to make a memory
as a commemoration, and Grandpa eagerly says that on the cheek should be fine. Grandma says some outrageous
grandkids showed upXD "The outrageous brothers". Grandpa's still drunk, but Aiba says they got a good picture,
even though Grandpa was going 'smooch smooch', and Grandpa says because he wasn't breathing at the time;P The
announcer says the grandkids got him to show the ardent side of himself after a long time, and now AIba has a
proposal for Ohno.}
Aiba: Grandpa is kind of...with that right? With the camera-
Ohno: He said the camera is a hooby. (writing)
Aiba: It's a hobby?
Ohno: Well, for practice he shoots Grandma as his model ne. When he does that Grandma says she doesn't like it.
{recap of Grandpa saying he practices using his digital camera by taking pictures of Grandma at night.}
Aiba: So then, let's do this: he hasn't ever given a present to Grandma, she said that only a ring and since then
just a long silence.
{recap of him asking Grandma if she's ever received a present and her saying no, only the wedding ring, then a long
silence, and maybe he should give her something.]
Aiba: So if Grandpa's hobby is using the digital camera, and he were to take pictures of Grandma, that would be
a lasting memory right? (writing)
Ohno: And he'd give that? Would he be able to shoot her? (writing)
Aiba: Since he's drunk huh~...the focus huh... (writing)
[Announcer: So, the big plan to give a present to Grandma begins! (writing)]
Grandpa: Um, we're going to clean up ne.
Ohno: Seriously? Drunk?
Grandpa: Drunk;P
[Announcer: But, is it okay with this mood? (writing)]
{Now that Grandpa has cooled down a little he and Ohno are going to clean up the yard. Ohno asks if the machines'
for sucking up things and Grandpa says it's for blasting things out of the way. Apparently Grandpa uses these
machines because it gets the cleaning over quickly, so as not to lose out to Ohno he's working hard too, but when
he gets a little ahead of Ohno...Ohno lets him and gets him to move aside like he wanted;P And with that...the
cleaning's over? Ohno says it's very easy cleaning;P Now Ohno talks to Grandpa about Grandma's present, says
that he should give her something sicne he's only ever given her a ring, and since he has the digital camera as
his hobby he should take some good pictures of Grandma's face and give them to her as a present. Grandpa agrees
and Ohno says to take them in a way that she won't find out. Meanwhile, Aiba is giving his customary massages,
once Grandam reaches a place where it is easy for her to get comfortable. She says her knees hurt, so Aiba offers
to massage them for her. Ohno asks Grandpa where he put his digital camera and Grandpa digs it out, then asks
if he's the one who's going to take the picturesXD Ohno says of course, otherwise it wouldn't mean anything;P
Aiba says that she has to go pick mushrooms in the morning, and that she'd have to do it tomorrow morning too?
She says every day, because it's her job. Now Grandpa is finally making his appearance, the announcer cautions
him to do it casually=)}
Ohno: You're just asking to be caught. (writing)
Grandpa: Just take a look, I think this is good.
[writing: Furthermore! (announcer)]
Grandpa: Hey! You have to look over here! Chee~se! (writing)
Ohno: I said to do it secretly. (writing)
Grandpa: Ah...I see. (writing)
[Announcer: Miraculously it seems that Grandma didn't notice!]
Aiba: You started sliding?
Ohno: Let's take one more afterwards. (writing)
Grandpa: Yes?
Ohno: Let's take one more afterwards. (writing)
Grandpa: Yes yes yes.
Ohno: How about her profile while she's making preparations for dinner. (writing)
[Announcer: Grandpa, in a way that you won't get caught ne! The grand plan for a digital camera present for Grandma
Grandma: Do the meat in strips as well, just chop chop.
Aiba: Yes, Easy to eat ne?
Grandma: Easy to eat, just cut it-
[Announcer: This time Aiba-kun draws Grandma's attention while helping with dinner preparations. Today's menu is
a specially made broth witht the shiitake they picked.]
Ohno: Take it in a way that you won't get caught. (writing) Take it in a way that you won't get caught.
[Announcer: Here it is! The perfect shutter chance. (writing)]
Ohno: Flash! Turn off the flash! (writing)
Grandpa: Ah...I see. (writing)
Ohno: Flash?
Grandpa: I've always taken them like this. It came out...
Ohno: The flash...let's turn off the flash! (writing)
Grandma: It's best to cut the shiitake as finely as possible. (writing)
Aiba: Ah, is that so?
Grandma: That's my style. (writing)
Aiba: Oh...I see.
Grandma: Since I'm not a cook short-cut cooking is my specialty. (writing)
[Announcer: Here Ohno-kun daringly acts as Grandpa's cover!]
Aiba: As you would think, you need daikon for this ne.
Grandma: That's right, daikon ne.
[Announcer: Don't fail this time Grandpa!]
Grandma: Curry too, a little curry too.
Aiba: Curry...curry- curry's tasty ne! (writing) It's super tasty ne.
[Announcer: Aiba-kun, nice follow! (writing) Will Grandpa be able to take the pictures well? (writing) writing:
Dinner. Announcer: Tonight's dinner is Grandma's special meal set. writing: Grandma-style short-cut cooking?
Shiitake meal set. Announcer: Freshly picked shiitake cuisine.]
{Grandpa thanks the two of them for the day, and Grandma joins in, then he starts in on drinking again;P Grandpa
says that thanks to everyone's hard work that day the planting and picking was finished.}
Grandpa: Just, next time you come at least bring some sake! (writing)
[writing: Grandpa's rule, if you're going to come visit, bring sake with you!]
Ohno: You're drunk aren't you?;P
Aiba: Tasty! (writing) The kenchin soup.
[writing: Only drinking!]
Ohno: Grandpa, you're not eating.
Grandpa: For Grandpa ne, rather than eat by chewing, drinking sake without chewing is better. So hurry up and
pour! (writing)
[writing: Grandpa's rule, if no one pours you won't drink!]
Ohno: Sorry.
Grandma: When it comes to this, defying him is amazing. His fists are the first things to enter the fray. (writing)
Ohno: That's no good, using your fists! (writing)
Grandpa: Eh?
Ohno: Using your fists.
Grandpa: I have no memory of this. But you know, the two of us often go on trips. Saying things like we fought
is only because we get along so well. (writing) We get along well.
Aiba: That's pretty good.
Grandpa: It's the [pretty good] one. (writing)
[writing: ?!]
{Now it's time for Grandpa to give Grandma her present, Ohno hints at it and Grandpa resigns himself, Aiba asks
what's going on. Grandpa says that though he's not good with the digital camera he tried his best to take pictures
of Grandma, and that from now on he wants her to try her best at life. She says she has to, since she's attached
herself to him;P Aiba tries to get her to look at them, but she says she wants to look at them carefully later.
Ohno says that Grandpa took them from hiding, but Aiba says maybe he wasn't really hiding?;P The annoucner says
these photos encompass the 45 years worth of love Grandpa has for her, in every one she has a kind expression.
Grandma says she doesn't know how they got there, but that she wants them to both beware of fights and keep going.
AIba says that Ohno also has a present for them and ohno presents his sketch. Aiba asks how it is, if it looks like
them and he says yes, and Aiba points out that they're holding shiitake, then suggests that Grandpa hang it up
on the wall. Grandpa thanks Ohno for it, and then it's time to leave. Grandpa tells them to come again and they
all say 'see you next time' and thank eahc other. Then Ohno says 'don't drink too much Grandpa' and Grandpa
says 'got it~';P Aiba tells them to take care of themselves and Grandma encourages them work hard at their job,
before they say thanks and leave.}
Ohno: Ah, that was the best ne.
Aiba: It was the best ne.
Ohno: Ne.
Aiba: What was awesome about it...then two of them had a balance going ne?
Ohno: They had one ne.
Aiba: He was unbelievably talkative, Grandpa. And Grandma is supporting him.
Ohno: That guy was constantly drinking today.
Staff: How were they comapred to your real grandkids? (writing)
Grandpa: They were good, because they went for it.
Grandma: That kind of good feeling-
Grandpa: The feeling. Like 'this is the kind of work Grandpa does, take a look'. That's what I think ne.
Grandma: Grandma taught them how to make her kenchin soup. I think they could make it tastily at home as well if
they tried ne.
[Announcer: Grandpa, Grandma, always be good to each other ne.]
Aiba/Ohno: Which is to say, we became the grandkids of a shiitake-cultivating Grandpa and Grandma~.
Aiba: All right! Ah, truly ne, Grandpa was a guy who liked sake.
Sho: He was constantly drinking it ne.
Aiba: The whole time. It was like 'what will happen if we all end up drunk?'
Nino: Does Aiba-san have something (an experience) like that?
Aiba: There was a time when I went drinking with Shimura Ken-san after the first show was done taping. When I came
to I was like this. That was the first time I met Shimura-san and I was in his lap. And Shimura-san was
going 'there, there' like this;P
Sho: He's kind ne.
Aiba: That too.
Jun: But ne, when you get drunk that's what happens ne.
Aiba: It does!
Jun: A long time ago, at one of our New Year's Parties, our section head got like that too ne.
Aiba: He did ne, somehow it gets like that ne.
Nino: But that New Year's Party was fun huh.
Aiba: Everyone was drunk huh.
Ohno: That's right huh.
Nino: I went with these two.
Aiba: When the New Year's party ended.
[writing: In the middle of driving home after the New Year's Party]
Nino: That's right. And this guy was so drunk he couldn't help himself, and beside him this guy wanted to stick
his head out the sunroof. He was like 'open it! open it!'. Then, I don't know what he was thinking, but when
it was open he kept banging his head like this.

I've never seen anyone get drunk as fast as this Grandpa, frankly it was hilarious watching him float around the farm with the boysXDD I was hoping Aiba or Ohno would let themselves go too...but just not that lucky I guess;P Seriously, I now have the desire to see all five of them drunk as skunks, going by Sho's antics it could be the best rated episode everXDD Imagine if you will, an Uda Uda special where they all just get toasted and play sugoroku!X3 I think I might just die laughing...XD Okay, I'll stop now;P

Yay~:D The lovely tenjostyle finished subbing the second Utaban talk!X3 Thanks so much!=) Drop by to thank her too ne:)

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Download here:D

Finally, the article itself<3 Jun's March Vingtaine, see what you think^^

I actually started this translation almost a month ago when I found some low quality scans on blog naver, but after spending 5 hours trying to make out various blurry kanji and giving myself a headache I was forced to give up>_< Since then I've been waiting impatiently for the good scans, and Tenjo-chan even posted a request on her lj for them:3 So when I saw them yesterday I was overjoyed<3 Finally...:) Thanks to Mori's pdbox for the scans!:D

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[Portrait of a Man] Vol.4

Matsumoto Jun
In the interval between craving and clumsiness
[How do we set free our true substance without talking about it, I was thinking about that until a while
ago...] he said and laughed. This year, in January, the film he's starring in, [Boku wa Imouto ni koi wo Suru] was
released, and the drama he's starring in, [Hana yori Dango 2(returns)] is also airing with favorable reviews.
Gathering notice as both an idol and a performer, the genuine, non-straightforward method of allure current-limiting of
the being called Matsumoto Jun...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

When it's necessary of course I'm both able to save others or be saved myself but...that doesn't make me an [idol]

I don't feel any allure from things on the surface. No matter where you go there are things that, at a glance,
appear extremely pretty, but in reality their inner part is filthy. Everything is multifaceted, complex...
For example, if friends come to ask my advice I will answer them. I, wanting to help my friends, will say various
things. At some point I might hold a sense of satisfaction at feeling superior and giving advice... The [Maybe next
time they'll help me] kind of self-interest might also be at work... Of course, I'm not actually thinking about
those kind of things in that situation. But surely it's a fact that a side that does those things is conceived.
...For that very reason, my emotions are extremely stirred when I'm touched by the [good things] inside of the
other person. For example, no matter how severe the wording, if there is love then I'm glad they say it. ...On
the drama set I saw the AD (assistant director) running by, and when I was thinking that he had gone home he
came and brought me tea. I'm happy at the fact that he brought me tea alone. But isn't it all the more happy
seeing him running to do it? That kind of thing.

Expressing emotions...how is the private me when it comes to that...I might resemble [Hana yori Dango]'s Doumyouji. When
seeing the people around me there are times when I think [Why is it that I'm this unforthright?]. But, in actual
fact, I think I'm unbelievably forthright when it comes to myself. I mean that I move under my own sensitivity, I don't
conceal my emotions. In other words, what's called [self-forthright]... Whether or not my emotions are conveyed to
the other person is something separate. Rather, there are many occasions when they don't convey. Hurting a
girl's feelings by saying something like [Did you gain weight?], under the intention of communication, is an everyday
occurence. I'm particularly bad at putting my emotions into words. Although I'm fully confident when it comes to being
able to say unnecessary things, crucial things I can't put into words... Even the words [Thank you], although
the emotion's there, there are times when when I'm only able to say it as if by squeezing it out.

Even if I find someone I like, I don't really say [I like you]. Using shougi (Japanese chess) as an example,
like getting the person to say [I'm defeated] without playing the final [checkmate]... But it's not that I enjoy
getting the other person say it. My real intent is [Please, presume it...]. I mean, I can't even say [You're cute ne],
it takes a lot of energy just to say [Those clothes are cute ne]... I have no idea what is the best facial expression
or tone to use when saying [I like you]. So...as usual, saying [Those clothes are cute ne] won't allow them to think
that I like them...
In place of what I can't put into words I think about doing 50, even 100 things to make them happy, but it's
uncertain if I'm actually doing that. Some things that people do kindly, I'm unable to do kindly...
That's not jsut limited to love, I bascially tend to build walls between myself and other people at first ne...
Although after it's been once broken down, after that it's fine. Even though that's one step forward, I always
have the sensation that I have to overcome something... And it's like, though I want to care about people, caring too much
is tiresome. ...In the end, I'm selfish (laughs).
Especially [just now]...when it comes to love my own personal desires may be strong. Although I may wish to,
I may not have the capacity to respond. Going from last year to this year, plays, movies, dramas, [Arashi] concerts,
the Asia tour, they let me do a lot of fantastic work, the situation itself also came to have a really good form.
Right now I'm thinking about myself, I want to treat the time I have to spend on myself preciously, that's how I

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What kind of person am I? Since I've never viewed myself objectively I have no idea...but at the very least,
I've not thought that I wanted to live easily. To begin with, living itself is a lot of trouble right. That being
the case, I feel that I have to face it, I have to go forward. If I'm wrong then I'll just go back, so I think that
coming to a halt is a crime. ...I'm a person with deep desires, always living while seeking something [more, more].

My requirements for a lover? I think the most important thing is, whether or not we can be together. But, the other
person wouldn't put [whether or not it's easy] as their number one request when it comes to me. Rather than that,
with an incentive that makes you able to think [this is great], it's important that we mutually understand the
nature of the relationship.
Of course I think about wanting to protect women. However, on the other hand, I think that just protecting
someone isn't love, that pushing someone away is also love.
The truth is...even more than pushing someone away, I want the kind of deep connection with someone where you
can fit in close with each other...
That would be the first thing I would do, once I was able to reveal the real me...
It's the same with my connection with the fans. Paying attention, doing things when needed, those are incredibly
happy things, and of course there are times when I myself receive courage or get helped. But I don't have the intention
of becoming an [idol]. I don't want to lie to myself and say 'it's because I'm able to seek it'. If people were
to see the differences between [their idea of Matsumoto Jun] and [the real me], there might be people who just
leave. Although it's sad, 'then so be it' is what I think...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Like getting someone to say [I'm defeated] without making the [checkmate]...
But I truly want them to presume it
I have no idea what is the best facial expression
or tone to use when saying [I like you]...

If you were to liken life to a path on which you can't see what's ahead of you, I think there are people who
watch me who are also eagerly walking their own life's paths. In the process, if there comes a time when they have
need of the person that is me then we can come into contact. In the same way as those people's real lives are,
I myself am working so that I can live, moving forward thinking about becoming the me that I want to be. The things
inside the real self, whether when it comes to the fans or myself, are in good faith I think. There as well, I
think if you were to fabricate a real, deep-natured connection...
First and foremost...well, if you were to say [who would know?] about the essentially amazingly deep parts of
myself, I think there are parts that even my parents who raised me for 23 years don't know. There probably isn't
someone who can perfectly comprehend me... But, for that very reason, I at least want to stay as myself. Besides
just the depth of my fundamentally established desires, in reality I want to continue moving forward affirming
all of myself, including the cowardly, weakening me. Believing all the while in an absolutely definite deep-natured
connection with someone that will be born from that process...

There it is, the dichotomy between seeking love and protecting oneself. Who doesn't have the fear that by reaching out they are simply exposing their own throat to the blade? And I found his theory of pushing forward no matter what, and considering stopping a sin rather interesting...I've done that far too much, and it's gotten me nowhere, but I'm not sure I would go so far as to call it a crime...ill-advised perhaps, foolish even. I admire his spirit. His imagery conjures for me a dark, foggy highway in the pitch-black night, with a lonely traveler fumbling along bravely wrapping his cloak tightly against the damp while believing wistfully in the warm bed that awaits him. Perhaps I read too much into it...but I often find his words both isolating and uplifting.

On time twice in a row! It's a miracle;P Has everyone enjoyed the ending of HYD2??XDD I think I can die happy now;P *hums 'someday my price will come'*XD Have a great week minna!^^


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thank you for the subs! and also the translation.

after reading the article, i wish i can give jun a tight hug (though many of his fans would come and kill me i think) but he just seems so lonely.

His imagery conjures for me a dark, foggy highway in the pitch-black night, with a lonely traveler fumbling along bravely wrapping his cloak tightly against the damp while believing wistfully in the warm bed that awaits him

very good way of describing it. a lonely person in a dark world. jun needs his mao-chan. he seems so happy when he's with her. :)

thanks again and i'm gonna save this translation. really love the article and of course the translation is great.
You're welcome:D
Ahh, I know exactly how you feel, he always seems so sad...>_<
He does seem happy when he's with her, they're like brother and sister, it's really cute:3
Oh, no problem, I 'm so glad you enjoyed it:)
Thank you!~ I didn't have the patience to read the MMA one tonight, but I'll read it tomorrow.

I read Jun's article though. Like you, I do find his words to be a bit isolating yet uplifting. But maybe that's just his character/personality. I'm getting to know who he is as a person and not what the media see's him as. I don't know if I'd go as far as saying that it makes me 'love' him more, but I'm understanding him better.

I really liked the use of imagery that you found in this article. It really catches what Jun's feeling? Who knows if that's what he's really feeling. But I think that Jun is lonely by nature. I can understand that perfectly. So it might be normal for him. Ah~...I'm just thinking out loud and spamming you with my thoughts...^^;

Thanks again for your hard work!~ I appreciate it!~ ^_^b
My pleasure!:D Haha, yeah they're long...;P
I think you may be right, he just tends to cut rather a solitary figure, perhaps he's someone who is more suited to being a loner...it's so great to be able to feel his thoughts though:3
I think that this may be the closest to what he's really feeling that any of us will ever get, he is a very private person, and these articles seem to be little apertures into his more intimate side. Maybe it is normal for him to be lonely, I can certainly relate to that, but I hope he is able to find teh connection he seeks>_<
You're welcome!:D
I love this interview, it's so amazing. I hate to sound all fangirly, but some things he says echoes thoughts I've been thinking of recently.

in reality I want to continue moving forward affirming all of myself, including the cowardly, weakening me. Believing all the while in an absolutely definite deep-natured connection with someone that will be born from that process...

Best thought (for me) from the entire interview. Jun is definitely not a shallow idol. I love that he thinks so deeply, so much so that he often appears vulnerable.

The truth is...I want the kind of deep connection with someone where you can fit in close with each other...
I felt this a lot after watching the last episode of HYD2. XD

And MMA! That ojiichan was so cheeky. I enjoyed this episode very much. ;P

I am TOTALLY with you for a drunk Arashi, playing sugoroku! Just imagining the crack-filled madness is making me smile. XD
Haha, don't worry about it, I'm sure I do that way too much myselfXD
I think that may be favorite part of the interview too...it was towards the end that I really became absorbed in it<3 His intellectual/introspective side is part of what keeps me coming back for more...it's such a rare commodity I think:)
Haha, let's start a petitionXDD After 3 of teh boys cited someone who drinks sake as a condition for a partner, I'm sure we could convince them to get drunk on national television;P
Thank you so very much for all the translations!
And of course to tenjostyle for the subs ^_^
*off to re-watch the magomago episode*
You're very welcome:D
Have fun!=)
I've been reading your translations for a while but I've never commented, but something about his words got me here.

He seems very lonely. I mean I know he's always surrounded by people but I always end up feeling like he can't really trust anyone completely. Poor Jun!

Ah HYD ending. *beams stupidly* I think after playing Doumouyji and seeing the connection he has to Makino, that whole they really can't exists without the other, emphasised what kind of relationship he wants with someone and I really hope he finds it!

Thanks for the translations!
Ah, well thanks for commenting:)
I get the same feeling...he wants good connections with others but is scared they'll turn out wrong so he avoids even making them, a vicious circle>_<
Oh, totally, that kind of relationship would probably be ideal for him sicne he wants a girl who can fight with himXDD
My pleasure!:D
Thank you so much Nyanchan! Drunk Oji-chan made me laugh so much!! (oooh I wanna see Ohno and Sho drunk, they seem like.... the best drunk mates XDDDDD )
And thanks for the Jun interview, this was very enlightening, Ireally enjoy Jun's interview, because he's always so frank and honest with himself, that's a quality I really appreciate :3
You're welcome!:D Yeah, he was a riot...;P If only he could have convinced Aiba and ohno to join him a little moreXD Hnmm, I'd want to see Aiba and Sho drunk, I think they'd be hilarious;P
I'm so glad you enjoy them, I love that same quality and I always want to share it with others...you can tell he spends a lot of time thinking about these kind of things, it's an interesting facet<3
Hanadan final is great... but you can't die now... we have to watch Bambino next month XD
Haha, I guess so ne, gotta hang on for more Jun cooking action!XDD At least the hair'll be an improvement;P
aibaxohno=saiko *hearts them* the grandpa was blabbling~ =_=;
When he's drinking he'll be talking to himself until he goes to sleep lol
wow, thank for the article translation <3
and I'm also taking the subbed utaban wiii~ *hugs you both*
Grandpa needs some more social contact I thinkXDD
You're welcome, hope you enjoy it!:D
Heys.. I downloaded utaban talk 2.!thanks for translating it!..loved the moment when jun and ohno were saying warui ko wa i neeka.!!haha...so funny!!
No problem=) I'm so glad Ohno got it right that time, I think Jun would have killed him if he screwed up againXDD
Thanks for all this! Read both articles and snagged the utaban talk...

I just mago mago arashi. It makes me want to be an old person in Japan so the boys can come help me.
You're welcome!:D
Hahaha, I laughed so hard at that, that's too funnyXDD If you were a baachan, which grandkid would you most want? Jun to cook with you, Aiba to massage you, Sho to do magic tricks, Ohno to sleep on teh floor and say your cooking's awesome, or Nino to play you a song?;P

jun's really one interesting person XDDDD
Haha, got it on the second try;P
Yes...yes he is...=)
I read the Jun article and I feel a black shadow cast over Jun. And just like you I feel he's isolation himself.
Although I'm fully confident when it comes to being
able to say unnecessary things,
Hehe, taht's so true. I'm thinking of all the shows and clips I've seen with him. He has always good comments xD

And thank you for your good cooperation on the Utaban talk!!!!
Hmm, a black shadow ne...I guess I can see that. Although he tends to have a very positive outlook, the darkness of his introspection is quite deep:S
Yeah, he's got a sly sense of humor, and he's good at making fun of peopleXD
Ah, no problem=)
yay~~~ part 2. [bows]

thanks for translating.
You're welcome:D
Thanks for MMA~ It has Ohno in it, but I haven't watched it yet O.O

And I second the idea for a shukudai where they just get wasted and fool around~ mitai na~~

It's always interesting reading interviews. I'm always suprised that he can express himself so well~ Loved your imagery, I imagined something similar as well, though somewhat more bleak =p. It adds a depth to their characters that is sometimes hard to pick out on shows, coz a dark somewhat depressing talk about life/love etc doesn't really get great ratings huh? The more Jun interviews I read the more I feel like we have the same personality - inwardly reserved and shy to the point of being considered unfriendly or arrogant, yet shows a confident front. Ahh, I don't really know what i'm trying to say, just that I always seem to empathise with Jun strongly, which I hate sometimes.
It's my pleasure:) Ah, well it's a good one, hope you can see it soon;)
Another signature for the petition!XDD
I'm surprised at how well he expresses himself too, but I tend to put it down to how well-read he is...he populates his world with teh kind of language he needs to frame his thoughts with:3 Yeah, I can't imagine them talking about this kind of thing on MMA or Shukudai-kunXDD I feel the same way, I'm constantly finding myself on the same page as him, although I have to say I don't hate it, but rather find it a source of solace. To hear that someone who feels the same as me has reached this kind of balance and ability to express how he feels gives me the hope that I can too>_<
woah~ so deep so deep~
now i'm sure i'm in love w/ doum, and not jun! XD
damn~ this guy needs tons of love!
*hugs jun*
and *hugs nyan* for translation! thx!
Haha, you like Doum's lack of depth?XDD He sure does...*wink*;P
You're welcome!:D
We don't love him as an idol ne, there is something more ne. Thanks for the interview, it was really good as we think! thanks ^^ I like how he can express himself like that.. i want to hug him...

hahaha~ that ojichan xD
No, not as an idol. As Jun<3 As someone who feels the same^^ Hai, it was such a good read, I'm so glad you suggested itXDD I want to comfort him somehow, he makes me feel that he needs someone there...>_<

Sou ne, ojiichan likes the sake a little too much maybe;P
yay ^^ thanks for the translations!! i love that drunken grandpa ^^ lol
You're welcome!:D Haha, he's a riot huh?XD
Wow thank you for the translations. <3 I just totally love MatsuJun...thanks for Utaban2 too. ^___^ Grabbing that.
It's my pleasure!:D Hai, me too<3 Hope you enjoy it=)
Thanks again for the translations! *gives Easter candies* ROfl drunk sugoroku! I can hardly imagine it's already crazy enough when they play it sober!
You're very welcome:) *excited about the candy*XDD I know right?;P There would probably be some mad censoringXDD Mite mitai na~X3
Thanks so much for the translation. Jun never fails to amaze me with his depth, even though I usually have to read what he's saying over and over again before I feel like I get a sense of what he means. I like that, though, and I understand (also being really bad at expressing what I think/feel in words). Anyway, thanks again!
It's my pleasure:D He does have a way with words ne?^^ I lvoe that he's not afraid to explore these depths<3 I'm glad you enjoyed it:)
woo new utaban!! thanks so much!!
Haha, well...not quite new, from 07.02.22...but if you haven't seen it, it's new to youXDD (sorry...really;P)
sometimes, reading jun's interviews gives me a headache.. I really have to read slowly and digest thoroughly. he's so deep I find myself lost in his thoughts!

"If people were to see the differences between [their idea of Matsumoto Jun] and [the real me], there might be people who just leave. Although it's sad, 'then so be it' is what I think..."

When I saw Sawada Shin, I thought, wow, this guy is sooo cool! I want to know more about him! Then I saw his rather gay dances, model-ish walk, and all the fruity clothes.. haha! Where is the kakkoi Sawada I so adore?! But then again, here I am months after, digesting tons of arashi/jun infos and I still can't get enough. he got me real bad.

well jun, fruity walk or not, do-s or not, we adore you ne? XDD

and thanks for these translations nyanchan :)
Hmm, well that just means you get to spend more time with him ne?;)
I loved Shin too, but I actually love Jun more, because Shin was interesting but Jun has the intellectual chops to really tug at my heart-strings:3 Hehe, he's really good at hooking us huh?;P
Sou yo, we adore him not matter what=)
You're welcome!:D
i appreciate ur hard work to subs the files
thanks alot for Tenjo and you ♥
Ah, it's my pleasure, hope you enjoyed it:)
Iie *blushes*X3 Haha, just psychic I guessXDD My next prediction involves Arashi growing bean sprouts with orange juice...*mischievious grin*;P
again, and again thanx for your hard work ^-^
I liked the mago and jun's article

oh yeah I'm downloading the video jiji =) ja!
You're very welcome:D
Hope you enjoy it!=)
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