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Flowing along the river of time

I was talking with someone the other day, about random life circumstances, and I found myself saying 'I feel like I'm holding my world together with my tightly clenched finger-tips, and if I were to relax even a little it would all fly off like a tarp in the wind.' It was such a shock to hear those words come out of my mouth...I tend to be pretty honest with myself, but there are times when things I only vaguely felt at the edges of my vision suddenly surface like icebergs in my path^^; The other strange thing is that as I said that what I felt was not so much fear or anger(although of course those too), but determination...a burning desire to force that tarp under my control and make it into the tent it was meant to be. I refuse to be defeated again just when I've restarted, and though I may steamroll over everything in my path to get where I want to be I'll force myself to keep going until that day. It's thanks to my friends and family that I can keep going without looking back too much, I send my thanks to all of them:3
Now, time for some fun, I translated the Shukudai-kun with The Touch, which is really freaking hilariousXDD

Sho: Arashi's homework begins~!
Ogura: Ah~, look what's happened to Nino! (writing)
Aiba: That's right ne.
Jun: He's extremely tired ne.
Sho: Although I think he'll probably fill out again by the week after next ne! (writing)
Aiba: Ne.
Ohno: He has to be able to make it up ne.
[writing: Ninomiya is absent because he has different work to do]
Sho: I'm changing the subject but, Ogu-san, have you ever been told that you look like someone?
Ogura: Ishihara Yuujirou-san said that to me once, that there was a time when he was told [You look like Ogura-san]!
Jun: Not at all! (writing) Not at all.
Ohno: Not at all ne.
Ogura: At the time when Yuujirou-san was fatter, and when I had a rounder face, there was kind of a feeling like
my face shape was rounded... (writing)
Aiba: The way your face is ne.
Ogura: When laughing - It's not like I said it! Yuujirou-san said that, you! (writing)
Sho: Got it.
Jun: Yes, sorry.
Sho: Got it. And Nino? (writing)
Aiba: Nino ne, looks like No Junyun. (writing; soccer player)
Sho: The one from the Hiroshima Sunfletches?! (writing)
Aiba: The Hiroshima Sunfletches' player;P
Sho: Today's guests...are extremely alike. How they are extremely alike you will understand once they make their
appearance I think. Today's guests are these people here, come on in!
{The Touch appear and say hi, and the annoucner says that tonight they'll try a legendary tactic; while both
are wearing eye masks and headphones, will their jokes still match up? Since they are twins they should have
a chance. Then, a twin competition, will they be able to do handstands? Then Sho reintroduces The Touch and they
wave hello;)}
Sho: Well, as you would think, you look alike ne~! (writing)
The Touch: Thank you very much!
Sho: That was completely obvious. And your names are? Starting with-
Takuya: Um, I ne, am the older brother Takuya. (writing)
Kazuya: I'm the younger brither Kazuya. (writing)
Sho: Your voices are exactly the same too ne.
Jun: The voices huh.
Aiba: How does everyone tell you apart? (writing) Fundamentally.
Takuya: Well, I pretty much take after our father...
Kazuya: ...and I take after our mother. (writing)
Takuya: SO basically just part by part.
Sho: Ehhh.
Takuya: Other than that it's things like freckles ne~! (writing)
Kazuya: That's right ne. The easiest ones to get are, older brother has one here.
Takuya: And younger brother has one here.
Sho: Ah, you've been identical since way back?
The Touch: We've been identical since way back ne.
Jun: Amazing.
Takuya: That's a given.
Jun: It's like they're doubles.
Sho: Today we prepared some photos from when you were tiny. I think we'd like to take a look at some older photos,
first this one.
Takuya: Ah~, cute ne.
Ogura: Ah, you can't tell the difference huh.
Takuya: I think this is probably when we were about one or two, but even we can't tell who's who.
Ogura: You were vute when you were tiny ne.
Aiba: Cute.
The Touch: When we were tiny?? Hey! Hey hey! (catchphrase;P)
Ohno: Not just when you were tiny.
Sho: The next photo is...
[writing: Left, Kazuya, right, Takuya]
Sho: Ah, it's kind of different!
Kazuya: Here it's different.
Jun: About how old are you here?
Takuya: This is grade 6 (12years).
Jun: Grade 6?
Sho: So on the right - I can't tell who's who.
Takuya: That's not true!
Sho: Which of you was popular?
Kazuya: Ummm...
Ogura: Probably neither of them were popular ne! (writing)
The Touch: Why? Why why?
Aiba: You just messed up a little right then! You just messed up a little right then.
Takuya: No no, we didn't mess up. We were perfect twins.
Sho: We have a photo from a little older age.
[writing: left, Kazuya, right, Takuya]
Aiba: Eh? You're completely different!
Jun: It's brown hair!
Sho: You're totally different.
Ogura: What happened here??
Takuya: This is a photo from when we were on high school (16), on the right is the older brother, I, Takuya,
on the left is Kazuya. When we were starting high school everyone was told that twins were coming,
so it was like 'I'm different from you', that's what happened ne.
Sho: Don't put us-
Takuya: Don't put us in the same category.
Kazuya: That's right;P
Takuya: So we thought we'd do that.
Ogura: Did you go to the same high school?
The Touch: We went to different high schools.
Ogura: You went to different ones?
Takuya: The people we commuted with were different, our friends were different...
Sho: There are those kind of times ne. Times when you both just rebel. (writing) So, speaking of which, we wouldn't
want today's guests' interesting grouping got to waste, we ask for your favor! Well then, the first homework
if you please Ogu-san!
Ogura: Yes! Homework from The Touch to the audience: investigate and submit unusual hamburgers! (writing)
{Takuya says he loves hambrugers and Jun asks if they both love hamburgers and they agree. Sho says that they got
a lot of responses from the audience today as well, and turns the floor over to today's MC, Ohno. Ohno says that
they recceived 123 submissions from the audience, among them so very unsual hamburgers, which they brought to the
studio today. The announcer explains that they'll introduce hamburgers from three categories, full volume hamburgers,
freakish hamburgers, and high grade hamburgers, as well as some others. Ohno asks The Touch to lift the covers
and Sho says to do it at the same time....which they do, and everyone oohs and aahs;P Then the announcer says
that after this there are many projects to come! First of all, the full volume hamburgers...The Touch life the
containers and there are a massive hamburger and a box that says monster box. Everyone is amazed at the size of
the hambruger, and when they open the box there's another huge one inside. On the left is the 'Futocchi burger'
from [Lucky Pierrot] in Hokkaidou, 20cm tall and 780yen. On the right is the 'Monster burger' from [Muscle Park],
27cm tall and 1280yen. The announcer wonders how you can stop this beast;P Then Takuya takes the 'Futocchi burger'
and Kazuya takes the 'monster burger' and both try to somehow fit their mouths around themXD Aiba says they said
they like hamburgers...}
Ohno: Is it delicious? (writing)
Ogura: 'Is it delicious?', they haven't gotten to the part where it's delicious yet! All they've done is leave
bite marks. (writing)
Takuya: I think I got some of the cheese ne;P
Sho: This'll definitely be tasty.
Ogura: They're not eating the bread.
Kazuya: Tasty?
Takuya: Ah, tasty!! This flavor is a miracle.
Sho: With Osugi and Piiko-san, how would the flavor be? (writing; characters they do)
Kazuya: This is Osugi~!
Takuya: This is Piico!
The Touch: This food's flavor is a miracle~!
Sho: They were really rushing there! (writing)
{Ohno says next are the freakish hamburgers, and The Touch say 'Open! OPen open!', so they can change their
catchphrase again;P Everyone wonders what they are, and The Touch agree the one on the left looks like a pork
bun. Ohno says that one is the 'Tuna Wasabi Mayonnaise Burger', from [R Burger], 650yen. And the one on the right,
the part resting on top is made of noodles, it's the 'Loop 7 (Tokyo road) noodle burger', from [Bossanova Hills],
400yen. Ogura says it's because Loop 7 is the best place for ramen. The announcer explains that they used ramen
noodles instead of bread, and in between are the pork filet used in ramen and vegetables, they also add sunny-side
up eggs. For [R burger]'s 'Tuna wasabi Mayonnaise burger' instead of processed bread they used the bun part of
a Chinese dumpling, inside is a ground tuna patty and soy sauce and red bean and wasabi mayonnaise.}
Sho: The ones that you can bite into like this are hambrugers right. (writing)
Kazuya: The two of us can eat this one! (writing)
Ogura: We're waiting, let's see it. Hey! Hey hey! (writing)
[writing: By Ogu-san version]
Aiba: Ogu-san, you're good at that kind of joke huh?
Takuya: Thanks.
Sho: There's fingers everywhere.
Aiba: Amazing.
Ohno: It looks tasty huh.
Sho: What would Osugi and Piiko-san say about this flavor? (writing)
Kazuya: The is Osugi!
Takuya: This is Piiko!
The Touch: Satisfied, satisfied, extremely satisfied~!
Kazuya: Hey, wouldn't it not be that the second time around? (writing) It's an adult flavor.
Jun: Is it Japanese style?
Takuya: It's Japanese style ne! (writing)
Sho: So, is it alright if we have some? (writing)
Jun: Have some!
Ogura: In terms of the next ones, there have been rice burgers lately huh.
Jun: There have ne.
Ogura: At teh bar where you members were right?
Takuya: Hey!
Aiba: How is it, Osugi-san, Piiko-san?? (writing)
Ohno: This is Osugi! (writing)
Sho: This is Piiko! (writing)
Ohno: Satisfied! (writing)
Sho: Satisfied! (writing)
Kazuya: That was incredibly half-assed! (writing)
Aiba: Incredibly half-assed...
Takuya: Is it hamburger-assed?;P (pun)
Sho: The Loop 7 burger.
Ohno: Loop 7 burger.
Ogura: The Loop 7 noodle bruger right.
Ohno: The Loop7 noodle burger.
Sho: Could you cut and eat this? (writing) So that everyone could eat some. That's right, they weren't thinking
about the other people at all ne! Matsumoto-kun, when there are guys (as guests) you don't cut it up...(writing)
Jun: Ah~, sorry. (writing)
Kazuya: That's right, when there are female guests he does it? (writing)
Ogura: You've never made the guests do it ne! (writing)
Takuya: Isn't that weird!
Ogura: MatsuJun does various things, taking care of people.
Takuya: Like cutting things with utensils-
Ogura: Today he has no will to do it at all! (writing)
Kazuya: We're being treated completely differently ne!
Takuya: Why?? Do it for us!
Jun: I was just talking like usual, but I should do it ne. That's right ne.
Ohno: The way you do it is good.
Sho: This'll definitely be tasty too huh.
Aiba: That's right ne.
Ohno: What do you normally eat?
Aiba: Isn't that kind of unimportant?;P
The Touch: Hey hey hey!! Someday we're going to knock you out! Kiss~<3 (writing)
Kazuya: He's eating it before us!
ohno: Amazing huh! What's he thinking...
Jun: This is tasty!
{The announcer says that next are the high grade hamburgers, and they have some surprising price tags;P The Touch
lift the cover and Ohno says it's foie gras...everyone is amazed, but then Ohno announces the price, 5040yen (like
50$CDN)! The announcer says that it's called the Kamon special, it's foie gras, Kobe beef and vegetables, and
that he wants to try eating it;P Ogura says that he's the only one who hasn't eaten anything yet and makes a move
but The Touch protest and Jun holds him back, so he says go ahead. Then he asks what is in it besides foie gras
and Ohno says Kobe beef and everyone is amazed. Jun says it's amazing and Aiba is jealous and wants some meat,
then Jun says it's worth 10 times more than a usual hambruger so it makes sense. Jun cuts it for them and The
Touch dig in, Kazuya gets an expression of bliss on his face and Takuya says the meat is so succulent that it
melts in your mouth. Aiba says it's that succulent? ANd Jun is envious, Aiba has a taste and euphorically says
the meat is tasty, upon which Jun tries it and Ogura says that when people have delicious things they get funny;P
Sho tries it and agrees it's good, the Jun asks if they're always together, and they say yers. Jun asks if they
ever start to hate each other? Takuya says they do...and then the satellite feed is lost for a second...and then}
Sho: Urgent Project! Can teh twins do skits while wearing eyemasks and headphones~? (writing)
[Announcer: The twins are going to do skits while wearing eyemasks and heafphones. Since they are twins they
should be able to do it perfectly, so they're going to check. (writing)]
Ogura: You have to discuss which plot you're going to do... (writing)
Takiya: That's right ne. We'll do the plot we always do! (writing)
Sho: Okay, first the normal version! (writing)
Kazuya: Yes!
Takuya: Inside of it there are three elements.
The Touch: The Touch's short skits!
Kazuya: Twin boxing.
The Touch: Ow ow ow!
Sho: That was the first one.
Takuya: Moving along,
The Touch: Clashing twins!
Takuya: Ne ne look! In that zoo they have a giraffe!
Kazuya: You're right!
Takuya: Giraffes are great, with their long necks and big bodies.
Kazuya: No no, giraffes' good point is that even though they're that big they are grass-eating herbivores.
Takuya: No no, it's the appearance after all right.
Kazuya: No no, what are you talking about? Isn't the gentle personality of the giraffes the best!
Takuya: What are you talking about, the shaping of the giraffes is cool!
Kazuya: Wait! Being able to meet this giraffe is a miracle!
Takuya: No way, step on him auntie!
Kazuya: This is Osugi!
Takuya: This is Piiko!
Ogura: It's the 'out of body experience';P
Sho: Could it be?
Aiba: Could it be?
Jun: We get it, we get it;P
Kazuya: Out of body experience!
Ogura: That one's kind of hard to disguise huh, the 'out of body experience'.
Kazuya: With this it's like...next.
[writing: Finally on to the preparations]
Jun: With this you can't hear at all.
Ogura: What kind of sound is it?
Jun: It's like cheering.
Takuya: Uwa, I don't like this!
Jun: Are you ready?
Kazuya: Yes. Ahhh~! I don't like this, I don't like this!
AIba: They're like elementary school kids;P
Jun: Here we go.
Kazuya: Yes.
Sho: Start when I tap your shoulder! (writing) Ready, and- hup!
Kazuya: The Touch's short skits! (writing)
Takuya: Hi there~, this is The Touch~. The Touch's short skits. (writing)
Kazuya: Twin boxing. (writing)
Takuya: Twin boxing. (writing)
Kazuya: Ow ow ow! (writing)
Takuya: Ow ow ow! (writing)
Kazuya: Next, clashing twins. (writing)
Takuya: Next, eh, clashing twins. (writing)
Kazuya: You're right.
Takuya: Ne ne look! They have a giraffe in that zoo. (writing)
Kazuya: Giraffes' good points are that they eat grass and are herbivores. (writing)
Takuya: Giraffes are great ne, they have such long necks and are so big. No no, it's their appearance afterall
Kazuya: What are you saying?? Isn't the gentle personality of the giraffe the best! (writing)
Takuya: No, isn't the gentle personality...of the giraffe...the best... (writing)
Kazuya: Wait! Being able to meet this giraffe is a miracle! This is Osugi! (writing)
Takuya: WSait! Being able to meet this giraffe is a miracle! (writing)
Kazuya: Next...
Kazuya: No way, step on him auntie! This is Piiko! (writing)
Jun: Find him! Find him!! Find Takuya! Find Takuya! He found him! he found him!
Ohno: They met up in the end.
Aiba: He tapped him.
Kazuya: Out of body experience! (writing)
Ogura: The out of body experience;P
Ohno: Ahh, that was funny.
Takuya: Ahh, how was it?
Kazuya: Wasn't it obviously perfect? (writing)
Sho: Not at all...
Jun: It was awesomely out of sync! (writing)
Ogura: Far funnier than the normal plots! (writing)
Takuya: Than the normal ones?
Ogura: That might actually work...;P
Sho: Well, let's move along to the next segment. The Touch's 'who's amazing~';) (writing)
{Ogura says it's a competition, and Sho says that first of all they'll discuss it and then try it out. The first
question is [Who has the best reflexes?], and Sho asks if they can do handstands...at which they both wince;P
Aiba think it's funny that they had the same reaction, and just as they're about to say they don't think they
can do it Jun says 'let's give it a try';P Sho says Jun and Aiba will assist them, Jun warns Kazuya to beware
the edge of the podium. Ogura asks who's who and they say the one on the podium is Takuya, the one on teh ground
is Kazuya. Aiba tells them to go as hard as they can, cause they'll push back as hard as they can.}
Sho: If you please!
Aiba: Go as hard as you can!
Sho: Ehh?
Aiba: Come on come on come one!! (writing) Come on! I'm telling you to come on, hurry up! Look, you'll lose!
It's a competition.
Ogura: Even though everything is the same...
Jun: Which means that-
Kazuya: Let me down~! (writing)
Aiba: Which means that,
Jun: Which means that Kazuya's the winner.
Kazuya: Anyone's fine (to win) sdfvaievnseir... (writing)
Jun: It's Kazuya.
Kazuya: I'm Kazuya~.
Sho: Congratulations. Which is to say that this is Kazuya's victory~! (writing)
Jun: Amazing ne.
Sho: So, next is an artistic abilites competition~! (writing) So, now I think we'd like to investigate the artistic
abilities of the two of you. Ogura-san will be the model. (writing)
Aiba: Ogura-san??
Kazuya: Excuse me.
Sho: SO, on to the chair if you please~!
[writing: Chair]
Ogura: What do you mean by chair?
Aiba: Ah, Ogura-san it looks like you can pose on this.
Sho: So please sit over there,
Jun: Do it happily!
Sho: Ogura-san's-
Aiba: What kind of pose are you going to do? (writing)
Sho: I wonder what kind of pose would be good. Sexy~! (writing)
Jun: What part of that is sexy?;p
Ogura: What kind of pose...?
Sho: I wonder what kind of pose would be good? (writing)
Aiba: How about doing the letter M with your legs spread? (writing)
Jun: I want to see that ne;P
Aiba: Like this Ogura-san.
Ogura: No way. I can't do it<3 (writing)
Jun: This is your job;P
Ogura: I can't do it.
Sho: That pose is good ne.
Jun: Do you have times when you're completely separate? (writing) Like when you go out with friends only you know?
The Touch: No, we don't ne. (writing)
Aiba: You have the same friends too?
The Touch: Yes.
Takuya: We have the same friends, because it's in our community ne! (writing)
Ohno: Is your sleeping time the same as well? (writing)
Takuya: We have to have the same sleeping time! (writing)
Kazuya: That's right.
Takuya: When someone who has the same face as you goes to sleep first, it's frustrating! (writing)
Kazuya: When you see their happily sleeping face-
Takuya: -you feel like you're at a disadvantage! (writing)
Kazuya: That's right.
Takuya: When someone the same as you is sleeping, then you feel like your own sleep time is not enough, so you
think that you're at a disadvantage. (writing)
Aiba: Ah, so you have to sleep at teh same time.
Jun: But on the other hand, isn't it better to do whatever you want?
Takuya: Then I'd feel like tomorrow I'd be more tired than him.
Kazuya: That's right, when you see the other one sleep you get the feeling like 'I have to sleep too'. Just naturally.
Aiba: Have you already finished?
kazuya: Yes, we've finished! (writing)
Jun: Well, shall we take a look?
The Touch: Ready, and- tada!
Jun: Ah, when it comes to drawings as well...Kazuya is better after all.
Kazuya: Drawings as well, that's right ne.
Ogura: He's very together huh.
Aiba: Very together.
Ogura: I was going like this? (writing)
Aiba: he wans't like that right!
Ohno: That one looks like someone.
Sho: It does look like someone ne.
Ogura: Shouldn't it look like me?! (writing)
{Now it's time for the 'Homework for Arashi' segment;) Today it's Aiba's turn in charge, and his submission is
from Nashigoren-san in Niigata-ken, who says that watermelon becomes even more delicious when you put salt on it,
and they all agree. Then she says to find out if there are any other delicious foods...and Jun asks 'when you
put salt on them?' Cause it doesn't make much sense;P First they put salt on watermelon to check again that it's
delicious. The Touch talk about how it's sweeter, and Aiba says it's called the contrast effect. When you stimulate
your palate by mixing two different flavors the added flavor enhances the base flavor.}
Sho: I see. So a plus and a plus makes it even more of a plus ne! (writing)
Aiba: That's right, mulitplication. (writing) Just like you said.
Sho: Mulitplication??
{The announcer says that first they'll be trying cake, almond jelly, and strawberries. Ogura says that the cake will be
good with salt, and Aiba starts out with putting on a teaspoon, then Sho says that The Touch should try it and
they protestXD But Ogura says it'll be fine since it's delicious, and Sho says that if Ogu-san says it's tasty
then it must be true. Ohno says that Ogura wants them to try it, and they replay the aprt where Sho says if Ogura
says it's tasty then it msut be so, although it's definitely not something that seems sweet. The Touch tries it
out and Ogura says that it can't be unpleasant...there's an uncomfortable silence and Kazuya says that although
it's not unpleasant, it's not tasty eitherXD Ogura says that because he likes salt he puts it on pretty much everything
he eats, Jun tries it out and says that it's totally unpleasantXD Aiba suggests they move on to the next one,
since this one was no good, and that this is the main event, the almond jelly. Ogura reiterates that it'll definitely
be tasty and everyone laughs and says that he has to be the one to try it this time;P Jun tells him to put a
little salt on, then eat the part that he put salt on and...Ogura says it's delicious. AIba asks if it's sweet
and Ogura just says that he loves saltXD So since they can't trust him The Touch go in for a taste, and he again
says it won't be unpleasant...and Kazuya says it has a terrible aftertaste;P Ohno can't believe it's not tasty
and decides to see for himself, and Aiba wants in to; Jun gets a taste and says it's delicious. He says that
in this case it definitely makes the sweetness stand out. At which point the disbelieving Sho and The Touch
launch into their 'Hey! Hey hey!' catchphrase, and Aiba swats Sho on the head;P Aiba suggests they move on to
the strawberries and Ogura says that since you normally wash fruit in salty water that perhaps it would be good
like that. The Touch try it and hate it, they say they can't tell they're strawberries^^; Ogura loves it and Sho
gags and says it has a terrible aftertaste.}
Sho: Alright Aiba-kun, the experiment's result if you please!
Aiba: The experiment's result! 'It's Oshio! It's Piiko!' (writing; shio is salt, so Oshio instead of Osugi...^^;;)
Jun: You know lately-
The Touch: What happened? What happened what happened?;P
Sho: Okay, Ogu-san, your comment if you please!
Jun: This definitely won't work...;P
Ogura: Well, we really didn't need to call both of you ne. (writing)
The Touch: What? Why??
{This week's honor student is Hokkaidou's Reiko-san for submitting the 'Futocchi burger', they want people to
submit info on [unusual gyoza] and [unusual ramen], as well as image homework [What did you do last night?]
for Fukada Kyoko and Morisanchuu}
Kazuya: Isn't the gentle personality of the giraffe the best!

Omg, the part where they were trying to do their routine blindfolded had me in stitches, and then when Kazuya was trying to find Takuya I nearly cried with laughterXDD It really was interesting to hear them talk about growing up and their private lives too, and they were even finishing each other's sentences...I'd never actually seen that before, only read about it in books^^ Very cute;P

Ne minna, I have a question for you...someone approached me and suggested that it was bad of me to keep using 'ne' in my translations, maybe even annoying...I honestly like the word, which is why I used it to begin with, and I know a lot of people use it in conversation here, that's all I cna say in my defense. Of course as I get my professional I will eventually stop using Japanese words at all, but I wanted to know what minna thought about it: if you could let me know whether you a) prefer with the 'ne' and other random words I leave in, or b) prefer without, a straight translation, or c) don't care either way^^ Yoroshiku onegai shimasu:)

Today's article is a special edition with all of the boys, from May Popolo!:D The theme is spring, and we have sakura and fashion and other interesting things to read about...<3

Credit to the scan goes to Mori's pdbox!:D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Part 1, Solo Interview Section.

10 Questions and Answers from their private lives concerning Spring.
[When it becomes Spring, I want girls to wear one-piece (dresses)!]

Q1. What clothing do you want girls to wear in Spring?
Aiba: I don't understand girls' fashion at all you know. (laughs). But, because everyone starts wearing light
clothing in Spring, I suppose that means things like their silhouette become important? But even though I
say that I think anything's fine if it suits the person.
Jun: Anything's fine. If it suits the person, then anything they wear's fine. Ah, isn't it mini-skirts that are
in style again? No matter what I say, mini-skirts are great ne. When the number of girls walking around the
city in mini-skirts increases I feel happy (laughs).
Nino: If it suits them I think anything's fine. It's better to wear what you like. But since it's specifically
about girls, I guess it would be good to wear something in style and be fashionable. I think the sense that
you like western clothing is good.
Ohno: As you would think, simple is the best ne. Like jeans and a sweatshirt. I think an easy style is good. When you
have everything all set up there's a sense of [you don't have to work that hard] as I see it.
Sho: One-piece (dresses)! They're cute ne!!

Q2. What uniform did you wear in your school days?
Aiba: When I was in junior high it was an ordinary blazer. With it's over-washed-seeming dark color there was a
sense of not trying to have a well-dressed scheme going. The neck-tie was red and blue, when I was in first
year I had an only red one.
Jun: A blazer.
Nino: A blazer. A navy blue balzer with a neck-tie, the basic uniform. I was able to wear it simply, without being
too late ne. I also wore a gakuran (starched color uniform, think Gokusen) in a drama once.
Ohno: Although it was a gakuran in junior high, I really didn't have much interest in uniforms ne. But I was the
type who tightly fastened the buttons on the gaukran all the way to the top. Without doing that I couldn't
relax (laughs).
Sho: It was a gakuran in junior high and high school. In elementary school it was a y-shirt and jacket, knickerbockers,
as well as a hat. I wore high socks! Because we wore the knickerbockers all year round, I was really cold in winter

Q3. Tell us an unforgettable incident with your teacher!
Aiba: In my junior high days they got mad at me the most, or second most, out of my whole class (painful grin).
My friends would give me their school lunch desserts, I'd eat an extraordinary amount of them, and the teacher
would scold me saying [you stole them didn't you]. But now it's a good memory (laughs).
Jun: I guess it would be when I was in the upper grades of elementary school. In history class I always had a teacher
who would tell us little bits of info that weren't in the school books, bonus history info. It was so much
fun, before I knew it I had started to be interested in history ne.
Nino: Everyone encouraged me in my job. I'm very grateful.
Ohno: Back when I was still in Jr.s, I came back from winter break with brown hair. When my homeroom teacher asked
me [Because of work?], without thinking I answered [Yes]. When I did that they let it go. But, when I look back
now I feel like [Sorry ne teacher] (laughs).
Sho: The time of my elementary school admittance ceremony, they gave us cake to celebrate. When I took it just with
my right hand they surprised me by suddenly getting angry and saying [You can't use your left hand?]. But
they were such a good teacher that I see them even now.

Q4. At the first meeting are you the type that initiates conversation? The type who waits?
Aiba: I guess I'm the type that can't initiate a conversation myself.
Jun: I guess both are possible. It's about a fifty-fifty split. Although in the past I wasn't a person who initiated
conversation, at some point I became sociable. Lately when I think [I want to try starting a conversation]
I try to find something I can bring up.
Nino: I can initiate conversation. I'm not shy. It has nothing do with age either, I can even talk with people much
older than me without being conscious of that ne. Because, when it comes to meeting people for the first
time, I'm not the type that's aware they could be hard to deal with ne. If you don't try talking to someone you won't
Ohno: This depends on the situation, I guess I'm both. Bascially, even when it comes to the first meeting I think I
can initiate conversation as usual. Regardless of gender ne. But that also depends on the person I'm talking
to. Yu~p, if you don't do it at that time you'll never know (laughs).
Sho: Although in the past I was no good, now I'm fine. When I was a kid, I guess I was constantly looked after by the adults
around me when I was working ne. But, in direct proportion to becoming an adult I became able to talk with
composure. At the beginning I'll match the contents of the conversation to the other person's.

Q5. Tell us a memory about flower-viewing. (The act of viewing the cherry blossoms in spring)
Aiba: I haven't gone flower-viewing with a sense like [let's go flower-viewing~!]. Lately it's something like
seeing that the cherry blossoms are blooming from the inside of a car. But cherry blossoms are pretty, I
like them. After that, when the flower-viewing becomes a party or cherry blossom sight-seeing it's fun ne.
Jun: Some years ago, with everyone in Arashi adn the staff from our shows, we went to a restaurant where you could
do cherry blossom sight-seeing. But that was a restaurant where you could only see the cherry blossoms from
the windows in the corridor (painful grin). Rather than calling it flower-viewing it was really more of a dinner
party ne...
Nino: I guess I went as part of the launch of a show. There was a feeling of eating dinner together while flower-
viewing. But right before that day it had been raining. At the time we were flower-viewing, there weren't any
cherry blossoms anymore ne (painful grin).
Ohno: When I went some years ago, the cherry blossoms were too far and I couldn't see them (painful grin).
Sho: I went flower-viewing with some friends about 2 and a half years ago, but it was a sports-minded gathering.
Midway through we started playing catch with a frisbee, like [If you drop the pass 100 push-ups!]. Although
it wasn't flower-viewing-ish, I enjoyed it (laughs).

Q6. A Spring picnic. What food do you want in your bentou (lunch set)?
Aiba: First of all it would be fried chicken ne. I love it. Other than that, if it has rice balls then it's OK.
The fillings would be salted pollack roe, walleye roe, salmon I guess. I suppose I like the salmon that's
in flakes.
Jun: For a picnic it would most likely be sandwiches. The filling would be egg ne. I like when it's made by boiling
the eggs, separating the whites and the yolks, and mixing the mayonnaise-dressed yolks with the roughly cut
Nino: A hinomaru bentou (white rice with a single red pickled plum atop)! It doesn't have to be handmade, even the
ones sold by the stores, I think all of them are delicious. I'm just happy if they have something ready for me,
so I'm OK with no matter what bentou!
Ohno: Meatballs, egg omelette, tomatoes sprinkled over rice... It's incredibly unskilled, but that kind of bentou
is great ne. I'm happy with the so-called "mother's handmade style".
Sho: Octopus wieners!

Q7. What's the fashion you want to challenge yourself with this Spring?
Aiba: I want to challenge myself with white pants and short pants!
Jun: When it gets warmer I want to leave the house in the style where I just threw on a shirt. Other than that,
watches. It doesn't need to be something expensive, so I want to be able to collect a lot of different varieties.
Because when you change your watches to match your fashion it gives you a fresh feeling ne.
Nino: I'll decide when the time comes, so I have no idea. Because for the most part I don't go shopping either ne.
To the point where I may or may not go twice a year (laughs). Well, if it's clothing that's comfortable and
easy to move around in then anything's fine. Then, since that's the season, something Spring-like ne.
Ohno: Nothing! As a standard, anything's fine. It's OK doing a rotation of last year's clothes. By and large I
don't change what I wear because of the seasons, for Spring it's jeans and a t-shirt with a parka, also sneakers,
with those kind of comfortable things it's good enough.
Sho: Don't you just wear the things from last year? Although I'm not that picky about it, if I were to put some
thought in it I want a bag this Spring. But Nino gave a bag as a souvenir from Berlin. So I'll use that for

Q8. Do you have hay fever?
Aiba: I have hay fever. Since it's been with me since when I was an elementary school student, it's been a
long time. Because the symptoms have already started this year I'm properly going to the hospital to get it
treated. If I didn't do that my job and my normal lifestyle would be agonizing (painful grin).
Jun: I think I don't have hay fever. Hay fever is an allergy where you have a response to things like Japanese
cedar and ragweed ne? Although I can't handle flowers with a strong smell, it seems like I'm okay with that.
But in actuality, lately my eyes have been a little itchy ne...
Nino: Nope!
Ohno: Although it seemed like I had something hay fever-ish 3~4 years ago, apparently it was different (laughs).
But when I look for things in my cabinet or storage room, if I get into somewhere dusty I it gets problematic
because I can't stop sneezing ne.
Sho: The other day I couldn't stop sneezing, and my nose started oozing too. I thought that it must be hay fever.
But when I said [it's definitely not] it mysteriously calmed down. That's why it's not accepted as a coping
method ne (laughs).

Q9. What Arashi "spring" song do you like?
Aiba: I guess the one I like is [Sakura Sake]. I like the positivity of the lyrics. Since it's a song that gives the
perfect feeling for a season of starting new things I want to send it out to a lot of people ne.
Jun: I guess it would be [Harukaze Sneaker] after all. I mean it's a harukaze (spring breeze) sneaker? Surely there
isn't another song that makes you feel Spring this much! That's a sneaker you unconsciously start wanting
to put on ne (laughs).
Nino: [Na! Na! Na!]. It's a sing with a positive, bright, 'very Spring!' feeling to it.At the concert last summer
I remember well riding in the truck and singing it together with Aiba-chan.
Ohno: [Love So Sweet]!
Sho: I like [Na! Na! Na!] The ska rythym is Spring-like. Just in case, it was me that wrote the rap for it, but
since I don't really have much of an opportunity to display that other than when we're live, pby all means
let me push it here!

Q10. A supportive message for the Freshmen (first-year students, new workers)!
Aiba: I guess it would be to work hard in a way that you're not working too hard. This is the same with anything but,
there's a lot of things that won't work out well if you put too much power into them. If you lose strength
when you're in good condition, without freezing up the first thing you shoul do is to just try. Please give
it your all!
Jun: I'm working hard too! Therefore everyone work hard as well!
Nino: Everyone, work hard! Because going into a new world is something fun ne. You also have the chance to make new friends
ne. With the kind of energy to say [I'm going to make 100 friends!], it's good to make a start with a fun
Ohno: Although they say you're being allowed to start something new, you don't have to work too hard. Take the weight
off your shoulders and go forward comfortably, carefreely. Going at your own pace so that you can say [it'll work out
no matter what happens], a good kind of seriousness is also important.
Sho: I think when you enter a new environment, for about the first three months it can be a lot of trouble. But once
you pass through that it'll definitely be fun! Because that was also the way it was with my university friends.
Work hard so that it can happen quickly ne!

This month's recent state, Arashi's happenings
Aiba: I went bowling with my friends in my private life! Since it had been a while it was a lot of fun. My score was
around 100 (painful grin). But since we mixed in a game with a ban on words of foreign origin we got unbelievably
worked up ne (laughs).
Jun: This year I want to go flower-viewing. On top of that, all by myself (laughs). You know ne, I found a street
lined with incredibly pretty cherry blossoms. Therefore, when it gets warmer I think I want to try walking there
in a daze all by myself, carefully feeling Spring.
Ohno: Lately I've been doing nothing but paint pictures. For some reason right now I'm in the middle of painting a
monkey. it started out being an oil painting, but it was slow to dry so I changed it to a watercolor painting.
What kind of monkey is it? I went to a bbook store to buy the materials, an orangutan-like monkey (laughs).
Nino: Paris and Berlin were fun ne. Although it was a shame that it was constantly raining ne. In Berlin I found
bags that say [Berlin] on them. I thought [This is it!] and bought them in four colors, red, blue, white,
and black, as souvenirs for the other members!
Sho: I editing the photos and videos shot when I went snowboarding with about ten friends. It's an amazing collaboration
of music and a slideshow and animation. Because I have to get it done by the next time we meet I'm pursuing
it to finish it off (laughs).

Oh~, I want to see Jun's sakura street<3 And how particular he is with his egg sandwichesXDD I have to try that way sometime, I wonder if it tastes any different...it's also funny that he said he doesn't have hay fever, because in JunStyle he's been stuffed up for weeks and last week he talked about how he had it when he was younger and it must be back^^; Poor baby...:S And of course, talking about wanting to wear the harukaze sneakerXDD Too cute<3 Oh, and the magazine screwed up;P For the last question Nino and Ohno's answers were switched...I was reading Ohno's and he goes 'Paris and Berlin were fun...' Me: Eh?? Ohno was in Paris too?O_o Then I see Nino talking about painting monkeysXDD Yeah...oops;P Hehe, this month there's a little something for everyone to enjoy ne:)

**Edit** It seems it was me who made the screw-upXDD I put Ohno's and Nino's answers in the wrong spots from Q2 -9, sorry minna;P Thanks to those who pointed it out:)free web stats



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Sho: I see. So a plus and a plus makes it even more of a plus ne! (writing)
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It's my pleasure!:D
Me too:) Yeah, in his radio show he uses a lot of ne~ and eh~, it's fun to listen to him thinking on the air<3 But out of Arashi I think Aiba uses it the most, somestimes three times inm one sentenceXDD I agree, it's very cute, and I would miss it if I had to take it out:)
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I must say the burgers looked delicious. And when Ohno and Sho did the 'Osugi/Piiko' thing, it was hilarious.

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Haha, well yes, that does put it rather plainlyXDD I suppose that's a good thing...;) Thanks for your input:3
To be honest, I was a little hurt when they said that (the wording was, I think that those who understand Japanese well wouldn't use it, that was a little offensive even if it wasn't meant to be:S)...I can understand it being unusual for normal translations, but this is fandomXDD
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Sou ne, having them all together answering the same questions really brings out their individual differences, it's lots of fun...I'm so glad you liked it!:) Hai~, I messed up, gomen ne>_< I don't know what happened, I wasn't looking at the names anymore, I think I was tired..^^; I fixed it now, thanks for letting me know=)
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