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Na, Minna, how has this year been for you?:) Was it a good year? A so-so year? I hope it wasn't a bad year... It was anawesome year for Arashi though ne!:D When you look back, they have done amazingly, and all the work they've done is overwhelming taken all at once...I hope this year will be even better for them!XDD
Well then, it's New Year's Eve Eve;P And to celebrate early, here is the Shukudai=kun from 06.12.18 with Shibata Rie (a.k.a. the Hentai womanXP). It's like she planned it right from the start....;P

[Announcer: On tonight's Shukudai-kun, old lady Shibata Rie-san changes her image to that of a young girl?
writing: Today's guest is... Shibata Rie-san. Announcer: Unexpectedly cute, she is uneblievably passable, a
fitting rescue. writing: A new Shibata is born!]
Ogura: That kind of thing suits you.
[Announcer: And a new uproariously funny combination is born? Furthermore, for the year-end party exciting high-level hot-pots
are introduced into the studio. writing: The year-end party's exciting hot-pots are? Announcer: And Arashi's
humiliation, WAHAHA head office's questionable party act, this looks like it will become outrageous. writing"
Running wild with WAHAHA head office's party act!]
Sho: This is the beginning of Arashi's Shukudai-kun~!
Ogura: Did you guys already write your New Year's cards?
Sho: Yeah, I wrote them, did you write them?
Nino: I haven't written them!
Ohno: Ah! I haven't written them! (writing)
Nino: What the heck, no one was asking you...
Ogura: Well that's okay, I ne, I don't write them. (writing) Because there are so many people now, and printing
them would be rude right? So for that kind of thing I just decided not to do it anymore.
Sho: That's rude too!
Aiba: So even when it comes to you receiving one, you won't give one back? (writing)
Ogura: Well, as much as possible I do things like call or-
Aiba: That's the worst. (writing)
Ohno: Speaking of which, Ogura-san, please tell me your phone number. (writing)
Nino: Why?! Why all of a sudden?
[writing: You mean address right?]
Aiba: The address ne?
Ogura: The address or the phone number, whichever...
Sho: Let's introduce today's guest. Today's guest is Shibata Rie-san!
[writing: From the guest to the audience...from the audience to Arashi...various homeworks
are given out, it's a show with audience participation. Announcer: Arashi no Shukudai-kun is where, from the guests
to the audience, from the audience to Arashi, various homeworks are given out, and the answers are revealed gradually
throughout the show. writing: In the end the guest discusses an unexpected side of themself! Announcer: Furthermore,
the guest will reveal in conversation an unknown, unexpected side of themself.]
Sho: I will introduce her once again, today's guest is Shibata Rie-san! We ask for your favor!
[writing: Today's guest, Shibata Rie-san]
Nino: Rie-chan!
Rie: So you know me well enough to call me Rie-chan ne?
Nino: Cause you're a guest on the show.
Sho: So, let's make our way to the first homework. Eh yo!
Ogura: A homework for the audience from Shibata Rie-san; investigate and submit delicious, slightly different
hot-pot recipes. (writing)
Sho: Why hot-pots?
[writing: see Ogura]
Rie: At our home a lot of young people come to visit. And the only things I cna make for them to enjoy are hot-pots
and barbeque.
Ogura: The troupe seems like they eat!
Rie: Yeah, they eat a lot, they're guys who never say [Thanks for the food] after all. (writing)
Sho: They keep eating? (writing) This time a lot of submissions came in from audience members for Shibata-san.
[writing: Total submissions, 587]
Sho: Please try them and see.
Rie: Yes please.
Sho: This week's person in charge, Aiba-kun, please take care of it!
Aiba: Yes!
[writing: This week's person in charge, Aiba Masaki]
Nino: Is this okay?
Aiba: Excuse me as I cut in front.
SHo: Adult!
Nino: Adult!
Ogura: Is it in style lately to have your suspenders like that? (writing)
Jun: Nope, it's not in style.
Nino: Hurry up and put them on, over-
Aiba: Sorry, Ogu-san. (writing) Sorry.
Aiba: So! Shall I go?
Sho: That's fine.
Aiba: First of all, in Sengenjaya there is a specialty shop called [Denshinbou] that has a curry hot-pot.
[writing: Submission from Yuusuke-san in Tokyo metro. area, see Aiba.]
All: Curry hot-pot?
[writing: Sengenjaya [Denshinbou]; Curry hot-pot, for one person 1850yen (tax incl.); 1. you make shabu shabu
(Japanese dish where you quickly boil meat and/or vegetables in a soup pot) with beef in the specially made
curry sauce.]
Aiba: In the pot there is a specially made curry sauce, for the first time you can use it for shabu shabu with beef, in
in addition there are lettuce, shimeji (mushroom) and pork, as well as others in there to eat, it's very delicious.
[writing: 2. you put in pork, lettuce, shimeji, shrimp and others to eat.]
Nino: It looks delicious!
Aiba: It's kind of got the feel of being a fashionable take on curry udon ne?
Rie: Are you a girl?;P
Aiba: So, I'm going on to the next mnail. It's Tokyo metro. area's, eh, kanaboukou. (writing)
Nino/Ogura: It's Nanaboukyou!
[writing: Nanaboukyou = Kanaboukou?]
Sho: Eh, where, what is this?
Rie: Eh, what did he say?
Nino/Sho: He said kanaboukou!
Aiba: Eh, what are you saying? It's read Nabebukyou!
Sho: Don't make up new words you!
Aiba: The next email is this! The Tofu residue hot-pot at a Korean shop in Ookubo called [Harupan] is getting
rave reviews.
[writing: Submission from Nababoukyou-san in Tokyo metro. area, see Aiba]
Ogura: Tofu residue hot-pot?
Rie: Tofu residue hot-pot?!
[writing: Ookubou [Harupan]; Tofu residue hot-pot, for one person 1200yen (tax incl.); see Aiba]
Aiba: They mash it up with the beans and pour it as-is into the soup, it's very dense. Inside that they put salted
fish, pork, kimchi and other such things, it's very delicious. (writing; Korean home-cooking)
Jun: Salted fish?
Rie: It looks delicious!
Ogura: Since they mashed up the beans in it, that means it's almost like soy milk ne?
Rie: That's right ne.
[Announcer: The information on delicious, slightly different hot-pots still continues! (writing) This we'll
introduce on the VTR. writing: Shibata-san's homework, submit delicious, different hot-pots! Submission from
Sasuke-san in Kanagawa-ken; Akita country samurai cooking shop and restaurant, [Kiritanpo]]
Sho: Here we have come to Akita cuisine shop [Kiritanpo]!
Aiba: It's kiritanpo ne?
Sho: I'm not sure if it's [Kiritanpo] or not. (writing)
Aiba: Kiritanpo hot-pots-
Sho: There might be different hot-pots.
[Announcer: Exactly what kind of hot=pots? (writing) When we ask a person from the shop... writing: Head chef
Hatakeyama Kaneto]
Kaneto: Each day a limit of 5 meals! (writing)
Both: 5 meals??
[writing: What is this hot-pot that's limited to 5 meals?]
Aiba: What is this?
Kaneto: This is the fresh fish ne.
[Announcer: Those offerings are shrimp and clams, yellowtail, salmon, scallops and others, it's fully-loaded with
excellent fruits of the sea. This doesn't appear to be a special hot-pot that is limited to 5 meals a day. (writing)
Exactly what is different about it?]
Kento: Yes. Here I go. (writing)
Rie: It's stones.
Ogura: It's stone-cooked right?
Aiba: What is this? (writing)
Kento: Stones. (writing)
Both: Ah, stones?
Rie: 'Stones'...
Ogura: They're stones.
Aiba: You can't mean-!
Sho: The unbelievable of unbelievable.
Both: Oh~! Amazing~!
Rie: Huh? It gets hot?
Ogura: It gets hot.
Aiba: What is this?
Sho: Eh, isn't this an impossibly high temperature? About hoiw many degrees is it?
Kento: Up to 800 degrees celsius. (writing)
Aiba: 800??!
[Announcer: In reality the feature is that the scalding hot stones heated in the fire warm up the hot-pot. (writing)
It's called Stone-cooked hot-pot (writing) writing: For 1 person, 6000yen; the price will change depending on the
time of year]
Sho: In actuality are there any merits or such to this?
Kento: Being able to put the fish in the heat in an instant, means it doesn't allow the true flavor to get away.
Sho: I see!
[Announcer: Also, these stones are special stones used for the Akita shop, since after one use cracks start to
appear they can only do 5 meals a day. (writing) In the end, what is the flavor of the [stone-cooked hot-pot]?
Aiba: This is the hot-pots prime moment right now...
Ogura: The ideal conditions...
Aiba: Ah! It's delicious! It's light! (writing)
Sho: You're kidding.
Aiba: It's light. (writing)
Sho: Then I'm going to go with a scallop. (writing)
[Announcer: The spiced up scallop, it looks delicious huh.]
Aiba: That will be delicious!
Ogura: That's extravagance, for those two huh.
Sho: Uwa, it's delicious! Ah, this is delicious!
[Announcer: Following that fish-laden [stone-cooked hot-pot], (writing) the next place the two went was in Shinjuku, [Ginza
Can-can]. writing: They say there are fun hot-pots; submission from Hibari-san in Chiba-ken; Showa-style store
and restaurant [Ginza Can-can] Announcer: They say here there are hot-pots you can eat while enjoying yourself.]
Waiter: Pardon me~.
Aiba: Oh! Here it is! here it is!
Sho: The fun hot-pot. Ah, there's something written on it. (writing)
Aiba: Something...
Sho: [Seal] is written on there. (writing) Is it okay if we open it?
Aiba: A warning?
[Announcer: Exactly what kind of hot-pot is it?]
Aiba: Uwa, what is this? It looks spicy.
Sho: What is this? It looks like beef stew.
Nino: That's high-quality?
Waiter: It was cooked in with skillful points. It's the [dark hot-pot]. (writing)
Both: The [dark hot-pot]?!
Sho: So you mean to say we don't know what's in there ne?
Waiter: That's the fun you will have eating it. (writing)
Sho: let's do janken. (writing)
Both: First shot-
Aiba: Ah, it's okay if you go first. (writing)
Sho: But why? That's...
[writing: For one person 920yen (tax incl.)]
Aiba: It seems like something's coming up. Ah, that! Ah, what is that?
Waiter: Ah, that's a frog leg ne. (writing)
Rie: I'd definitely not want that!
Aiba: Yay, there's frog in there~!
Sho: Why are you cheering-
Aiba: There's frog in there~!
Sho: Here we go.
Ogura: Frog is like chicken meat right.
Rie: But it's got an unpleasant shape to it.
Ogura: The shape?
Sho: It's ultra tasty. (writing)
Aiba: It's tasty?
Sho: It's like chicken-meat. (writing) This is ultra tasty.
Nino: Those two kind of look like they're having bibimbop...
Aiba: All right, here I go!
Sho: Go Aiba!
Waiter: Your tension has gone up right?
[writing: What is that?!]
Waiter: It's a sparrow. (writing)
Aiba: Here I go!
Sho: Yo! Aiba!
Ohno: The poor thing...
Sho: Stop! (writing) It's...kind of like you fused with the bird;P
Aiba: It's tasty. (writing)
Sho: Seriously?;P
Rei: Uwa...I definitely wouldn't like that!
Aiba: It was good.
Nino: They said it was good.
Rie: I hate birds.
Aiba: Well, for Shibata-san we readied the hot=pot that came out first- (writing)
Rie: The hot-pot that came first?
Aiba: That's right, that's right-
Ogura: You're wrong. It's the [seal] one. (writing)
Aiba: Ah, we got found out, we got found out.
[Announcer: So, since we went to all this effort, please eat and enjoy the [dark hot-pot] with everyone. (writing)]
Nino: So, who will remove the seal?
Sho: Older sister.
Ohno: Older sister...
Rie: me?
Aiba: Older sister please remove the seal.
Nino: The person who removes the seal gets the fun.
Aiba: That's right ne.
[writing: Please start with Shibata-san]
Aiba: Then, Shibata-san.
Nino: Older sister.
Rie: Oh, what do I do~?
Sho: Please take care of it.
Ogura: Huh, it's already been broken;P
Nino: Ah, Ogu-san's tension really went up just now.
Sho: So, older sister, do it!
All: Do it! Do it!
{writing: Do it {do it}]
Nino: Older sister, do it!
Sho: Do it!
Nino: Rie-san touched something. She touched something.
[writing: What is this?]
Ogura: It's a pig's foot.
Jun: Uwa, you're wrong. Isn't it this?
Aiba: The one Ogu-san said was correct.
Rie: Pig's foot?
Aiba: it'[s a pig's foot.
Ogura: Pig's feet are okay.
Rie: Pig's feet are delicious. (writing)
Aiba: It's okay, it's okay.
Ogura: With gelatin ne.
Rie: There's a lot of collagen.
Aiba: Ah, that's right ne.
Ogura: Cause this is good for your body.
Rie: Pig's feet are delicious.
Nino: It's delicious huh?
Rie: It's delicious, delicious.
Aiba: Then go on to the next one Shibata-san. (writing)
Rie: Why-?! Everyone eat together!
Ogura: You tried something delicious!
Rie: it's a hot-pot-
Ogura: You had something delicious-
Sho: All right! Older sister, do it!!
All: Do it!
Nino: older sister, do it!
Aiba: Shiba-san! Shiba-san!
Rie: What...?
Aiba: Ah, you picked out that?! You picked out that!
Ogura: I think I know this one.
Aiba: Ogu-san, you know this?
Rie: What is this?
Ogura: It's this right?
Aiba: That's right!
Ogura; It's this right?
Aiba: That's right.
Ogura: Like this and this and this-
Rie: What what what?
All: It's this!
Rie: What? What is this?
Ogura: Auntie, you don't know the thing that goes like this, and like so and such?
Sho: Ogu-san, what did you just say? (writing)
Ogura: Like this...
Rie: Snake?
Ogura: Snakey.
[writing: Special menu, python]
Ogura: Snake is delicious right?
Rie: Delicious.
Aiba: Ne well, from it's appearance you would think it's broiled eel right?
Ogura: Like fine cuisine. You said it was delicious right?
Rie: No way! That's enough of that~!
Nino: Then Captain, do it!
Aiba: Do it, do it!
Sho: So, do it!
Nino: Captain, Do it!
Aiba: Captain...you got something? There's something- there it is!!
[writing: It's there! the sparrow]
Ohno: There it is~
Aiba: There it is~!!
Ohno: Older sister, do it!
Rie: Definitely no way!
Nino: Captain, please.
Aiba: Captain 's been chosen? I already ate it.
Ogura: That's something you can eat too...
Nino: He'll definitely cry...
Jun: Don't cry. (writing)
All: Don't cry! Don't cry!
Nino: You're 26! (writing)
Aiba: Keep going!
Nino: You're 26, you have to keep going.
Sho: Don't cry!
Nino: Don't cry!
Aiba: Keep going, keep going!
Ohno: Older sister, do it! (writing)
Aiba: Was it tasty or bitter?
Ohno: Tasty!! (writing)
Aiba: it was tasty right? Thank goodness.
Ogura: Well, let's go, to the next homework. Shibata Rie-san's image homework. (writing)
Sho: This is the segment where we know well what kind of image the audience has of Shibata Rie-san is. (writing)
Nino: How do you think they perceive you?
Rie: Um...as a buck-toothed, glasses-wearing old lady. (writing)
Jun: That's your appearance.
Sho: Well, it's the 'image'...
Rie: Though, I often go walking around the city, and people often say I look just like Shibata Rie-san, because
of the buck-teeth and glasses.
Sho: Well, your hair has always been that way ne? (writing)
Rie: Way back when, I had it all frou-frou (permed) (writing)
[writing: Shibata Rie (at 20 years old)]
Sho: What is that?!
Rie: That's way way back, when I was in university.
Sho: What is that?!
Rie: I had that kind of hair.
Sho: This is-? Are you matching?
Aiba: Which is this??
Jun: Which is this?
Nino: How many million years ago is this?
[writing: 18 years old]
Rie: That's 30 years ago.
Ohno: Those sunglasses are just covering half your face.
[Announcer: For the Shibata Rie-san who says she's had the same hairstyle since university, let's search out some
new hairstyles. (writing)]
Sho: First of all, is this one!
[writing: Ebi-chan style gorgeous hair]
Rie: Uwa, Ebi-chan-
Sho: Ebi-chan style, gorgeous hair, the style girls all aspire to is this here.
Rie: It won't suit me~.
[Announcer: Shibata-san changes her hair to that of Ebi-chan. Ah, I wonder what will happen... writing: Shibata
Rie-san changes her image to that of Ebihara Yuri]
Aiba: Ah, the view from behind is nice ne!
Sho: The view from behind is amazing!
Nino: That's it, say it, say it!
Sho: Seriously? Well, let's have her glance back at us, this is Shibata Rie-san!
Jun: Oh, it's amazing.
Rie: It's got an unpleasant feel to it.
Sho: It's amazing-
Aiba: Isn't it good?
Sho: There's no sense of it being out of place though... (writing)
{audience: It's good!}
Ogura: Then you guys take responsibility! (writing) Thought the back is cute.
Aiba: Shiba-san, Shiba-san, would you mind taking your glasses off for a sec?
Nino" She won't be able to see if she takes them off.
Rie: My eyes ne, are just like those of Hazuki Riona. (writing) They said it's true, the real person told me that,
Ogura: Ah, that's right ne.
Rie: That's right. This part is no good.
Sho: This is the next hairstyle! The short hair challenge, Ueto Aya style short. (writing)
[Announcer: That's right, Ueto Aya style short, is it bearable? This is also unexpected]
Nino: They said it was cute!
Sho: So, let's get her to look back at us, if you please! Well, that - how is that?
Aiba: Doesn't it suit you like normal?
Jun: It definitely exists, this kind of person.
Rie: I don't like it, somehow.
Sho: Eh? Isn't this good? (writing) Would it be okay if you put your glasses on and took a look?
Rie: Ah, there are school teachers like this ne. (writing)
Sho: Definitely...
Rie: There are these kind of school teachers ne?
Sho: High school, high school-
Rie: High school teachers.
[Announcer: The next we readied was Chibana Kurara's long, straight hair. writing: Shibata Rie changes her image
to that of Chibana Kurara]
Nino: This ne, this is like a miracle happened ne.
Sho: How?
Nino: Even when she's wearing it, she's Shibata Rie.
Sho: Ah, is that so?
Ogura: It suits her appearance.
Sho: Shibata-san, if you please!
Rie: Scary. In the past there was folk singer girl who looked like this, with a guitar or something.
Nino: Even though she's wearing it, it's Shibata Rie.
Aiba: Definitely.
Rie: The Yotsuya ghost story. (famous play/literary work)
AIba: Uwa, that's it, that's it.
Ogura: Well, that's it...
Sho: Ah! It's Sadako! (writing) It's Sadako.
Rie: Sadako, Sadako.
[Announcer: Let's keep moving forward. Kuroyanagi Tetsuko style onion hair. writing: Shibata Rie changes her image
to that of Kuroyanagi Tetsuko.]
Sho: Let's have her turn around, here we go!
Jun: It suits you.
Aiba: It suits you.
Jun: It suits you.
Rie: This ne, in the world of women there are these kind of old ladies.
Ohno: It suits you amazingly.
Sho: Is it okay if you take your glasses off one more time? Oh it suits you amazingly.
Aiba: This ne, if you look from a little farther away you look like an eskimo beauty.
Nino: You've never even seen an eskimo beauty I'm sure.
Ogura: You kind of look like the Yokozuna (highest class) from Mongol Sumo.
[writing: The Yokozuna from Mongol Sumo?]
Nino: You haven't met one of them either I'm sure.
Rie: I'm not a Japanese at all.
Sho: Finally, we also have this hairsyle to try. Kandori Shinobu style masculine hair! (writing)
Ogura: It's on right?
Nino: Hey old man, just go over there, and the two of you line up for a sec.
Sho: It's mother and child! (writing)
Ogura: Mother and child. (writing)
Rie: Mother and child...
Nino: Okay, they can turn around now-
Sho: This is the Ohno-san mother and child, go ahead!
[writing: It's mother and child!]
Rie: Nice to meet you.
Ogura: It suits you! This suits you!
Rie: Ah, this is good!
Ogura: This suits you after all...
Sho: You seriously looked like mother and child.
Ogura: The mother child thing suits you.
Rie: This is good!
Nino: Is this your son? (writing)
Rie: I just- Oh yes, that's right, he's my son ne~
Sho: Sorry, Shibata-san.
Rie: You bow properly now.
Nino: As mother and child.
Sho: How was it Shibata-san, is there a hairstyle that you liked?
Rie: This one!
Sho: This one?
Nino: That one suits you.
Ogura: The fashionable hairstyles didn't suit you at all huh. (writing)
Sho: So, let's return to the image homework.
Ogura: Yes. This is image hom ework for Shibata Rie. Tada, 'what did you do last night?'
[writing: We received submissions on the homework for, Shibata Rie what did you do last night?]
Ogura: Ah, when you think about it this one could be scary.
Rie: Ne?
[writing: Submission from Ryuuji-san in Aichi-ken, what did you do last night? (announcer) It seems this is
the image Ryuuji-san has of her.]
Sho: That's all, this was the news of the day. So, after this is sports, but before that a short CM. (writing)
Kid: Spot~! Lucky~!
Announcer: A moving sequel. Puppy Tales. Showing across country. (writing)
[writing: Cried at only teh trailer of a movie (annoucner) Announcer: Next is a submission from Takahiro-san in
Ibaraki-ken. (writing) writing: WAHAHA Head office, *cheer cheer* *clatter clatter*]
All: CHeers!
Rie: You guys are still at it huh~. I'll show you how to put yourself out there. How about this?
[writing: Got naked at a WAHAHA Head office party. (announcer)]
Nino: That seems like it would happen huh.
Aiba: That seems like it would happen ne.
[writing: see above]
Ogura: The WAHAHA Head office's parties a held in place that looks like a high-class theatre?
Rie: That's right ne.
Ogura: That's amazing I'm sure, what would you call that launch, you get people excited in other ways right?
[writing: The WAHAHA Head office of dirty jokes and whimsical comedy, how would their parties be? (announcer)
Rie: First of all, there's something called 'mominucation'.
[writing: Mominucation?]
Jun: Eh? What?
Rie: Mominucation.
All: Mominucation...
[Announcer: What is mominucation? After this, Arashi's nether regions are in danger! (writing) WAHAHA Head office's
customary party methods are? (writing)]
Rie: First of all, there's mominucation.
[writing: Mominucation?]
Jun: Eh? What?
Rie: Mominucation.
Sho/Aiba: Mominucation...?
Ogura: You grope each other? (writing)
Rie: That's right. That way we (men and women) can become more friendly with each other. (writing) It's like this-
Sho: Um, I'm doing it?!
Rie: That's right. You go like "momi-"
Both: Mominucation~!
Rie: And like this.
Both: Mominucation~!
Sho: Uwa, danger, danger!
Rie: The two of you do it like this. That's right, this *bleep* here I grab a hold of. It's fun you know.
Jun: What is that...?
Rie: This we do by having the men and women together sliding along. (writing) So that ne, ev-everyone goes like
this for each one you know, and I go here. You guys would go here.
Ohno: I'm doing it too? (writing)
Rie: That's right, in a line.
Sho: Try and see-
Sho/Rie: Mominucation~!
Rie: Mominucation~
Sho: Ah, she touched me!
Rie: Ah! I touched Arashi's *bleep*!;P This we do everyone. It's fun that way!
Ogura: Well that you know, it's fun for you, but these ones are the victims. (writing)
Sho: Does Hisamoto-san kind of change a little when he drinks?
Rie: Hismaoto has a gaming nature. (writing)
Sho: Ah, eh~
Nino: What kind of games does he play?
Rie: Nipple janken.
[writing: Nipple janken?]
Aiba: Nipple janken, what is that?
Sho: That's weird!
Rie: Hisamoto loves nipple janken.
Jun: What is that?
Rie: Eh, well-
SHo: She went that way! (writing)
Rie: It's fine! Let's do it!
[writing: It's MatsuJun's turn!]
Jun: What?
Nino: You asked! You asked!
Jun: Cause I didn't know!
Nino: It's fine, just do janken.
Both: First strike and go, janken pun.
Jun: I won.
Rie: When you win...you squeeze my nipples. (writing)
All: Do it! Do it!
Rie: It's fine! You won!
Jun: I don't want to! Why?! Why?!
Rie: If you don't do it then I'll- you squeeze them.
Jun: What is this person doing?!
Rie: We do this until morning. When I was playing against Hisamoto by morning they were down to here, I was
like the purple woman.
[Announcer: Shibata-san's story still continues... Homework for Arashi segment]
Sho: For this part, Aiba-kun., if you please!
Aiba: Yes! This email reached us.
[writing: Homework from the audience for Arashi; submission from Mari-chan and You-chan in Tokyo Metro. area,
see Aiba]
Aiba: From jewels and alligator skin bags, to Matsuzaka beef and caviar and others, what would the 100yen amount of
items with high values? I'm curious! This intrigues me.
Sho: This is interesting.
Aiba: It's interesting right?
Jun: It's the 100yen's worth of super high-end items right?
Aiba: 100yen's worth is something anyone would be willing to shell out for ne.
[writing: Investigate the 100yen's worth of various high-quality items. Announcer: This time these are the items
we've readied. Exactly how much will the 100yen's worth of these be? First is the highest value, the alligator
skin bag.]
Aiba: How much do you think 100yen's worth is?
Ohno: Like this.
Nino: An amount the size of a 100yen coin. (writing)
Jun: So, alligator skin has a pattern in it right? So as much as one of those little bits. (writing)
Ogura: Not even 1 little bit right?
Jun: Not even 1 little bit ne?
Ohno: I don't think's it's that big.
Aiba: Shall we go ahead? So, if you were to buy 100yen's worth of alligator skin, what size would it be? Here I go!
Sho: Uwa, this small?!
Jun: It's about 1cm square.
Ohno: That's 100yen.
[writing: Investigate the 100yen's worth of various high-quality items. High-quality alligator skin hand bag;
established price 300 thousand yen. Announcer: This is a high-quality alligator skin bag, 100yen's worth
is just 1cm square. (writing) Next is the highest valued fur, the 100yen's worth of a sable coat. (writing)]
Ogura: This is fairly interesting huh.
Jun: This is more expensive ne? Probably.
Ogura: Well, it's probably 7~8 million yen? For a coat made of sable.
Aiba: You're kidding!
Ogura: Therefore...
Ohno: It's that expensive?
Ogura: Wouldn't it be just one jair from the fur? (writing)
Nino: 10 hairs. (writing)
Ogura: I don't think it would be 10 hairs!
Sho: I don't think it would be 10 hairs...
Ogura: I think it would 1 hair, 2 hairs, 3 hairs, that kind of range right?
Aiba: If you bought 100yen's worth of sable, it would be this much. Tada!
Ogura: Ah! It flew away! (writing)
Jun: I'm putting it back, I'm putting it back.
Nino: For this I'll be two lots.
[Announcer: This is a sable coat that goes for 15 million yen. 100yen buys you only a few dozen of the hairs.
(writing) Next are the 100yen's worth of the apparently delicious Matsuzaka beef and caviar. (writing)]
Ogura: The caviar is cheap, even 10 thousand yen will do. (writing) Therefore, 100yen's worth would be how much huh~?
It would be a question of how many eggs surely ne? (writing)
Jun: About this much?
Nino: 2 eggs.
Aiba: 2 eggs? You're going in with 2 eggs?
Sho: Sakurai has 5 eggs. (writing)
Aiba: At 5 eggs!
Ogura: I'm going to go with 7 eggs. (writing)
Aiba: 7 eggs!
Jun: I want to say 10 eggs ne. (writing)
Aiba: 10 eggs!
Nino: It won't happen, 2, 5, 7, 10!
Aiba: All right! Shall we look and see? Open.
Sho: Oh! How many eggs is that caviar?!
Aiba: Count everyone, count!
All: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8?
[writing: established price, 4400yen for 20g; 100yen's worth, 8 eggs (0.45g)]
Ogura: It's 8!
Aiba: 8?
All: -5, 6, 7, 8!
Sho: Ah, you were close Ogu-san.
Jun: Close huh~.
[Announcer: And this Matsuzaka beef is a high-value item at 15 thousand yen for 100g, the 100yen's worth is just
this little bit. (writing) On a side note, the value for cheap foods, the 100yen's worth of tofu residue is an
unbelievable 2 kg. (writing) A left-over meal. So, exactly how much is the 100yen's worth of a 1.5 million yen
1.9 karat diamond ring? (writing)]
Ogura: You couldn't see it with the naked eye. (writing)
Aiba: It's to the point where you wouldn't be able to see it with the naked eye?
Ogura: You wouldn't be able to see it with the naked eye.
Aiba: Smaller than a grain of rice? (writing)
Ogura: Rice would definitely-, well rice... if it was the size of rice it would cost a lot more right?
Aiba: Ah, is that so? Eh, so, shall I take a look? If you bought 100yen's worth of a diamond it would be this much.
Jun: Eh? Where?
[Announcer: In the end... So, exactly how much is the 100yen's worth of a 1.5 million yen 1.9 karat diamond?]
Jun: Eh? Where? (writing)
Sho: It fell.
Aiba: Ah! It fell. This is it...
Ogura: It fell, it fell!
Aiba: So, this-
Ogura: Just a sec, just a sec! Is this a real diamond?
Sho: Ah, I guess we can see it ne.
Ohno: Ah, it caught the light! (writing)
Ogura: It caught the light?
[writing: 100yen's worth of a diamond ring, about 0.5mm]
Ogura: It's still cheeky! When you look at this it still catches the light!
Sho: 'Cheeky' works huh~;P
Aiba: If you put it in grams it would be 0.00- eh? 0.0006.
Ogura: 6?
Jun : Hah.
Aiba: Grams. Is what it became.
Ogura: Yes. Right.
Sho: The experiment result if you please!
Aiba: The experiment's result!
Sho: Yup!
Aiba: It's conversely desolate ne. (writing)
[Announcer: After this, Shibata runs wild once again! (writing)
Sho: Then, Ogura-san, your comment if you please. (writing)
Ogura: I think ne, with this kind of fantastic person I will be doing work ne. We've been wanting to work together
for years ne?
Rie: Thank you very much.
Ogura: In a way that we definitely won't have any nipple janken or fluff.
Rie: It's absolutely fun, absolutely fun! Let's do it. EVeryone do it too, janken.
Sho: It's enough already;P
[writing: This week's honor student is, [Shibata Rie-san, what did you do last night? Got naked at the WAHAHA
Head office party.] submitted by Takahiro-san in Ibaraki-ken. (announcer) Submit information on [different sushi]
that you know of. (announcer) Image Homework, [what did you do last night?] for Takada Mayuko, Marie. (announcer)
Rie: Now these two I haven't touched yet. Next let's do more mominucation;P
Sho: Mominucation?

HahahahaXDD I wonder if Aiba and Nino really managed to get away unscathedXDD And Jun got off light!XP Hehe, I loved that expression...screen-cap time!XD Sorry everyone, bear with me for a sec;P

Jun: You do what?! That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!XD

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jun: Wait, what? You're serious?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jun: No way! You must be high! Back, you crazy old bat!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jun: This is definitely not how I saw my day going...geez...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jun: What the-?! What just happened?!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jun: Omg, I've been violated!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jun: How dare you! You'll pay for that....I'll see you after the show...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oookayyy...that's enough of thatXD

What else, let's see...Oh, I did a translation of Jun's article in the January 2007 potato!:D It's on the topic of partners...so partners in Arashi...and in loveX3

First the gorgeous scan...*w*...Thank you tenjostyle!:D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

"A person who can feel the 'atmosphere' in the same way..."

When I go to a location with Riidaa, I'm extremely uneasy (laughs). Like "is this okay?!". Although when I'm matched
with Riidaa lately I act in such a way as to toe the line, because he isn't able to toe the line I become uneasy.
But because of Riidaa's freedom, tv shows become interesting ne. Interesting because you never know what's going
to come out, you can't predict how it will unfold. Conversely, even if Sho-kun isn't grasping the flow of it,
because he properly toes the line it's really easy (laughs). Although the mood of a location changes more or less
depending on the partner I'm grouped with, when I go to a location with Aiba-chan it's like 'I'm going to look
cool!', because Aiba-chan is constantly doing dodgy things (laughs). Nino has a good balance ne. Apart from the
times where we mutually grasp the flow there a times when we are out of it, but because he can properly hold a
balance when I'm with Nino I can relax. His (variety) key points may be the same as mine. Although everyone's
work stance hasn't really changed that much, lately Sho-kun's been reading a lot of newspapers. The other day,
when we got into a discussion about the condition of radio waves on the subject of cellphone portability, Sho-kun
was able to go so far as to teach me the frequency (laughs).
I just remembered it now but, as part of last year's livelihood, after getting something to eat with the members
just I went over to Nino's place. Then, in the room where he makes music, Nino easily began to create a melody.
Then, though I said [I'll put lyrics to this], I want him to let me complete it since it's become this way. At that
time, (in the New Year) because it had been decided that we would go to Hawaii, although I said 'the shape it's
become is good ne'....thereafter we haven't touched on that conversation ne (laughs).
Compatability is difficult ne. Since my sensitivity and values are in a different dimension, I think a person
who can feel the atmosphere of that place in the same way as me would suit me. Speaking of which, conversely, I
don't like people who can't read the atmosphere of a place, you know. Of course, in the same way as if you take
certain bits of music they'll suit a place or not suit it. When I go drinking if they keep repeatedly putting on
songs that I don't like, or songs that are wrong for the ambience of the restaurant, I hate it ne. To that extent
music is becoming an essential element for me. To the point where I think I might not keep seeing people who have a
completely different sense for music than I do.
Probably, the future partner who I'll feel like marrying will be a person who has the same atmosphere as me right?
If they don't then I won't fall in love. And amidst that, a person with whom I could mutually pool our influence
would be good ne. Other that that, when it comes to everyday things, someone who can can go with the flow. That's
not about having a good balance...in others words, it's about being quick-thinking. Although if their thinking was too
quick it would be a problem for me (laughs).
The same goes for my relations with the staff, they can quickly catch what I'm saying, when things move like a well-
oiled machine it feels good. Because with regards to that it's about building a relationship of mutual trust as well.

Ah, so going with Aiba means he'll look coolXD That's funny...;P I hope he and Nino end up finishing the song, I really want to hear it...X3 And I completely understand about the music...I won't go eat somewhere because of the music they put on (like Montana's...geez, it makes me cringe just thinking about it...^^;;), and I find it hard to relate to people who like music I hate or hate all the music I like...:S There's never a time when I'm not listening to something, it's my life soundtrack:3 Ah~, another beautiful article...*w*....:3

Also, Tenjo-chan asked me to translate a little message the boys wrote for the fanclub members, it was on this site: http://blog.naver.com/shairing the green thing...I would post the thing itself, but those darn sites don't let you take things!>< Selfish...
**Edit** Thanks to eian for finding the pic and telling me how to save it!:D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anyway, this is what it says, starting at the top right and going clockwise around the Arashi symbol;)

Message from Arashi

Please Come. - Sakurai Sho <- Simple ne, by Ohno

Are we doing it? Are we really doing it? All right! Then we'll do it!! We're doing it!! You rascal~!!!!!
- Ninomiya Kazunari (this is a play on words, since 'let's do it' is 'yarou', which also means rascal)

Let's have a Dome festival together with everyone! - Ohno Satoshi

It seems like a lot of celebrities will come too!! You rascal~!! - Ninomiya, Jun

If you feel like it, by all means! - Jun

Let's have fun!! It'll definitely be fun. Yay Yay. - Aiba Masaki

Have a Dome festival with us! - Ohno Satoshi

It's cool to see their individual personalities, even in such a small context;P

Hmm, I think someone else may have already translated it but...I'm stubbornly independant, I like to do it myself!XD So, thank you to fybabe for the pics!:D Here is the latest entry on Jun's J-web:D

Xmas is now over, the city is noisily looking ahead to New Year's ne~.
What kind of year did 2006 become for you?
For me it became a very impressive year.
Filming dramas, filming movies, doing live plays...it was truly a year where I had a lot of experiences.
There were also meetings with new people, I was also able to go to a lot of places I'd never been before. They
are days that are giving me a lot of stimuli to learn from.
To all the people who have been with me up until today, thank you very much!!

And to everyone who supports me, truly, always, thank you. 'For how much they watch us, I want to put across
something good!!' is what I think, so I challenge myself with various things...
As a result of the support you are able to provide, I can move forward. Thinking that I'm very grateful. And
everyone, from next year on as well I politely request your favor.

I will progress more and more!

Well then, right now what I, Matsumoto, am doing on this site has become the [Countdown Baton] as Arashi's
representative. I will see about answering the questionnaire.

1. [What is the best luxury?]
Eating delicious meals with friends while drinking and talking.
2. [A happy event]
Yesterday I intruded at an acquaintance's house, the dog and cat that lived there were attached to me, the whole
time both hands were full:)
3. [Please change up the standard [3, 2, 1] countdown with something new]
[Shall I go? I want to go. Here I go!!]
4. [In connection with Chinese astrology, among the members who is the person who, once he gets going can't be
I thought that would be me.
5. [What is the fashion theme for 2007?!]
At this point, I'm into the color green...small articles set in my room, clothing. For whatever reason I will
become a green man next year.

This will be the end.

That is the feel of it.

Oh~, the part where he talks about being with the pets stole my heart>_< I love cats so much...and he loves them too:D He played Jingle Cats last week on JunStyle, it was so adorable!XD oh, and before I forget, the newest mail-in topic for the show is 'the Doumyouji's in your life'...so, write in about someone who's arrogant or baka, or just a rich boy, or whatever, someone that ressembles Doumyouji:P Hehe, I can't wait to hear what kind of letters he gets;P So, this is my last post before the new year, so Happy New Year everyone!XD This year has been so diverse for me in its ups and downs, from the lowest of the low to higher than I've ever been...it's amazing how things can change so quickly ne?:3 I hope next year will be even better, for me, for Arashi, for everyone:D Take care:)

Rainen mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu~:D
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YAY! Thankyou so much for all these translations! *hugs you*
You're welcome!:D *blushes*
thanks for the translation I was squeeling pretty hard when Ir ead about the cat and dog ^^ so cute XDDD I love how he chose this to describe a happy event XD so cute >_< much love to Jun ^^ and to you for giving us poor soul who either don't have access to those or/and can't read it XDDD
My pleasure:D Hehe, yeah that's my favorite partXD Imagining him with the cat and dog...makes me very happy:3 Ah, I do what I can~:D
hahaha, hilarious pic spam!!
the moment when "I've been violated" it's so cute~ <3
I can't wait to watch again this shukudai-kun! It was so funny... but the last one.. it's the best ne~~ aiba sugorku rulz! =D

Thanks for the popolo translation~ you choose a great article ^////^
i remember that i tried to read it.. i was "mmm.. something about riida~" and i stopped *baka mitai* btw, i love the title ^^

Thanks for the fanclub message and the jweb entry.. it was so cute to read them =D

I am still dreaming with the jun and pets moment >////////<

arigatou gozaimasu! Happy new year ^^
Ah, I'm so glad you liked it!XD I was inspired by yours;P Hehe, I tried so hard to get good screen-caps for that moment, but every time I would take one it would get blurry!>_< But these are good ne:D Oh, nothing can compare with Aiba Sugoroku!!XDD
You're welcome dear~:3 Ah, thank you!>_< Hehe, iie, you wouldn't know how good it was until you got really far in;P Hehe, thanks:D
Iie, thank you for finding them!:D They are wonderful ne~X3 Ah, watashi mo...*w*...:3
Dou itashimashite~XD Happy New Year!:D
thx for the trans nyan~ i really enjoy that ep~
our boys~! i wanna TOUCH them too!
Hehe, my pleasureXD It was so funny ne~ I can't believe they showed that on TV;P
Ah, we will have to set up our own mominucation ne?XDD
Thank you for the translations, as always~! ^__^v
ありがとう ございます~! Happy new year! :)
You're very welcome!:D
どういたしまして!;) あけましておめでとう~:D
LOLZZ Thanks for the translations!

"For whatever reason I will become a green man next year."

XD hilarious!
Hehe, my pleasure!:P
Ah, I want to see this green-ness...I love green, he would look amazing in it I think...with those eyesX3
I'm off to watch the shukudaikun with your translations. :) Looking forward to it.
Thank you for the J-web translation. I saw it on fybabe's too and I was hoping someone would be kind enough to translate it. ^__^ Nyanchan to the rescue once again.
This has certainly been a busy year for Arashi, I'm so happy for their success. I hope they stay healthy and have even more success for the next year.
Best wishes to you and your family in the new year!
Ah, please enjoy, douzo~!:D
You're welcome:) Haha, *sings* 'here I come to save the dayyyy~!'XDDD
Sou ne, they have earned every bit of their fame this year, I hope it keeps building and building:D But yes, their health is most important, let's all wish earnestly for that:3
Thanks, same to you!:D
The hentai Rie-san was hilarious!! I felt really sorry for Jun when she tried to fondle grab him. Yet, I can't really blame her. It's Jun after all! ^__~

It's really amusing that Jun's afraid of being paired with Ohno. No wonder he was uneasy in that MMA special. No wonder Ohno kept saying '大丈夫, 大丈夫'. LOL.

And...cats! I adore cats. My cat rules me. ^^;

But, Happy New Year! I hope next year will be a wonderful one for you. May it be full of Arashi goodness and Jun ♥ ♥ ♥
Haha, sou ne!XDD I lvoed watching him squirm!XD Yeah, it would be so hard to resist if we were in her place ne?>:D
Hehe, I don't think it's scared so much as...that kind of 'ah, here we go...' kind of feeling;P Yeah, that part really makes sense now huh?XP Poor Jun, besieged from all sides...;)
Mine too!XD When he's asleep he's the most adorable thing alive, but when he's awake..well, I'm at his mercy;P
Happy New Year!:D I too hope you will have a wonderful year, with everything that brings you happiness and more:3
thanks for the translation!

hmm that's weird that he feels uneasy around ohno, if anything else from watching arashi clips after clips he seems more uneasy around sho. aww poor ohno I remember from some article he said that it would be nice for a girl that he likes to tell him that she is at ease with him I'm sure he'd want that from his friends too...

well I guess I really need to know what "toe the line" means. is that like crossing the line?

oh and this is totally irrelevant but what does smexy mean, I see that a lot. Is it like mmm and sexy combined?
You're welcome!:D
I totally agree...but I think that's more of a personality thing than a work thing, which is what Jun is talking about here;P On a personal level I'm absolutely certain Jun and Ohno are very at ease with each other:3
Hmm, well, the meaning I was using it under was in the sense of 'acting appropriately for the circumstances' or 'doing what is expected of you properly', so here it would mean that when working with Ohno, his unpreditability is both a plus and a minus as far as Jun is concerned;)
Hehe, well I could give you my own idea, but since I've never been told exactly what it means either I looked it up: here;) You were close...;P
Thank you for the translations! I was scared watching the Shibata Rie episode, thinking, what on earth is she going to do next!? The screencaps capture the terrors of the scene! As for Nino and Aiba, I think Nino would have made a run for it. Certainly after she gave Ohno that extra special "double handshake", you could see that Nino was almost ready to jump over the back of the couch. Aiba perhaps would have played along, after all, he has a lot of experience with kangaroos... and lions and such. However, I have to give Shibata Rie credit for taking the boys' nipple obsession further than its ever been before with Nipple Janken! My only regret is that Ogu-san got away completely. She should have at least pretended to feel him up a bit.... or made him eat a cute dead sparrow. Ho ho.

By the way, here's a link to the pic from navers' blog that you translated:
If you click on the pictures, a pop-up opens and you can drag the picture on to your desktop to save.

Hope everyone has a happy new year!
My pleasure:D No kidding, and from the way the audience perceived her it seems they were thinking the same thing ne?;P Haha, 'the terrors'XP Yeah, I think you're right, Nino probably would taken off like a shot...but Aiba didn't seem opposed at allXD Maybe he was hoping he'd win?XP Wouldn't it be funny if they had nipple janken on Sugoroku? Although I don't think Jun would ever take partXP Haha, somehow I don't think Ogu-san would have been fazed at all by the dead sparrow^^; Poor thing, he didn't even get a second glance on her molestation spreeXD
Ah, thanks so much, for the pic and the tip!:D
wow! thank you soooo much for this just-before-the-end-of-year translation nyanchan! :D

Jun.. is such a worry-wart perfectionist huh. I think that's why he feels kind of uneasy when he's with Riida and no-worries when he's with Sho-kun. And I just died imagining Sho discussing frequency with Jun! whatta topic! lol!

I wonder if the other members had the same interview? Coz I definitely want to see their answers (esp how they feel when they're with Jun) Ü

And a Happy New Year to you Nyanchan!! =)
You're very welcome!:D
Yeah, he doesn't feel quite as in control of the situation with Ohno...^^; Ah, that sounds like a really fun conversation to watch ne~X3
I believe they did...but I don't have them, and I just don't have the will to translate them, sorry;P If they were shorter, maybe...but I've got my hands full right now;)
Thanks, Happy New Year!:D
Yay~! Thank you~! I want to be teh guest coz i wanna molest ohno!! =p i wanna play mominication with arashi~!
I probably shouldn't write this now since i've had a few too many to drink already since its already 2007 for 1 1/2 hours here, but HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!!!!! all the best for the coming year~! ^__^
Ah, it's my pleasure!XD Haha, the line would be a mile-long on the girls side ne?XDD
Hehe, well hope you had a great New Year'sXD And a great year ahead as well:D
thanx you so much for the translations ^^
Arashi no shukudaikun was very funny (poor sho, ohno and jun loool)
Happy new year ^__^ Best wishes
You're very welcome:D
Haha, I think they're still recovering...maybe the next guest will have a little fence around her for their protectionXDD
Happy New Year and all the best!:D
Lol, Ny-chan, I love you. Really. Thankies for the translations.

Poor Jun. He was violated. ^_^

It's that gorgeous picture! I had forgotten which magazine it had come out of.
Ah, *blushes*>_< Oh, it's my pleasure:D
Haha, for a guy who doesn't like to be touched that's pretty bad tooXDD
...if they name of the magazine wasn't in the file name I would have no idea either...XP There are so many lately!:D
first of
Thanks a lot dear nyanchan for another great work. i really enjoyed it.
2006 has been great for me because i got to know JUNBABY. so thankful for this.
those screen caps are wonderful. i had to watch that part no less than 20 times. poor jun. did not see that one coming for him. was SOOOOO KAWAAAII.
and please rei-chan, take your hands off our baby. buy the way, did you see the look on sho's first whan she started the game with him. was so priceless. could not have enough of that too. he looked so embaressed. poor sho-kun
thanks for translating that article too. ok, now i really want to know what sort of music he is into. i am sure it would NOT be as same as mine. pittyyy. (then there isn't any hope for me). but funny how he described working with ridda. it always looks like they are great pair.
and what's with jun talking too much about getting married these days??? i think his parents putting pressure in him. hehe. for some reason, i can not imagine jun gets married.
that picture is so heart stoppingly and breathtaking goregeous that i had to make a wallpaper out of it it is in my blog http://sumire-chan.vox.com/. call it a late xmas present.
Happy New Year:D
You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it:3
Ah, that's great=) Hope this year is good too:D
Hehe, I watched it so many times just to get the screen-caps, it's almost burned into my retinas now...but it's so goodXDD Bad guest! No paycheck for you!;P Sho really had no idea where to go from there ne?XD I think he was in shock...XP
Ah, it was my pleasure, really:3 He likes a lot of different kinds from what he's said in previous articles, and what he plays on JunStyle...Jack Johnson, U2, Madonna, Janet Jackson....Jingle CatsXDD I know ne...they are my favorite pair, so I was a little surprised when Jun said that...
Yeah, I'm sure he is getting a little pressure from the folks;P It is hard to see him getting married ne? ...weird...;P
Ah, it's beautiful<3

jingle cats, lol

happy new year!

Re: jingle cats, lol

Hehe, Happy New Year!;P

oh... how lucky i am ... happy new year

Hi Nyanchan...
i am just watching the clip Dec 18 while i am surfing your livjournal... woo.. lucky me...
you have this translation post today...
this is my first new year present for myself..
nice work.. support ;)

Re: oh... how lucky i am ... happy new year

Ah, ii ne~;P Perfect timing:D I hope you enjoy it!=)
Thank you:) Happy New Year;P
I just took a look of the last tranlation, I don't have enoug time ._.
well my second nikname is Midori xD ['cause i love that color]
so..... Nyanchan! arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!!!
Now Junjun will be the green man ne? ahahahaha

thanx as always! rainen mo yoroshiku!
Ah, hope you have a chance to enjoy it more later;)
Hehe, hontou?;P I love green too...it's my third favorite color:D So I'm really excited to see him wearing itXD As long as he doesn't go overboard and end up looking like the jolly green giantXP
Dou itashimashite:D Yoroshiku ne~:3
OMG the legendary "DO IT" episode LOL yay thanks!

Happy New Year to you~
Haha, you're welcome!:D
Happy New Year!;)
i havent seen this episode yet >< i have to go find it. Your translations are like new year's present for me <3 thx alot for them =3 after reading these articles on jun... i have a feeling that he wont find a gf, well at least i dun think he'll find one easily XD LOL he seems likes he's trying to find another "him" in this world <.< he's kinda unique <3 anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hehe, you're very welcome:D Hmm, he is very picky ne? But I think it's good that he knows what he wants, instead of ebing like some guys and dating everything with two legs...^^; I think most of us want someone very close to our own personality, whether it's because of self-absorption or introversion...but I agree, he is very unique!X3 Happy New Year!:D
Woaaaa.. I really left behind on many things.
Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful translation!! I personally think this is the most interesting Shukudai episode (although it's hentai XD) before Christmas Sugoroku XD

Therefore, I made subs out of this... If you don't mind I'm gonna post it up on the comm :)
YSI : http://download.yousendit.com/ABD19D922BF55889
SS : http://www.sendspace.com/file/89jovy

Although I'm a bit in despair cuz she touched Sho's precious, I agree with Ogura-san that she is indeed a very very interesting person XD My favorite part is the oyako wig XDDD Oh-chan's very very hilarious!! Also making Rie-san bow like that LOL. Jun looks so cute when Rie-san came to him for the chikubi janken XDDD Aiba mo, his sitting position became far from Jun when she came, but he still laughed like hell LOL.. I'm relieved that both Sho and Jun resist from touching Rie-san's XDDD
The ice experiments also funny!! LOL Sho's cheating LOL

nyanchan, I want to ask something.. what is AD? Is it something like "crew"? I hear that term in this episode, also in the punishment of GnA's Aiba Sugoroku :) Thanks in advance :D
Ah... I remembered wrongly... The experiments in this episode was the 100yen thingie.. LOL I'm sorry.. I watched episode 11, 12, and 13 on sequenced, so my memory got mixed up LOL... Especially since sugoroku is so adorable (get to see a glimpse of shirtless Sho *dies*) it kinda messed up my brain XDDDD
ah, this is the first time i'm reading your LJ! i normally don't have the time to read every one that i encounter but i think i will frequent yours cuz of the translations and your generousity!

omoishiroi! (is that the right spelling or way to say it?! XD)

Shibata Rie is one interesting lady..haha...thanks for the translation of the mag article too...more glimpse into how Arashi members interact with each other..it's awesome! (and for me to learn more about Riida! haha...MatsuJun feels "uneasy" when paired with Ohno...XDDD)

thanks!! ^_^
Ah, thank you for coming then=)
Hehe, you're very very close;P It's 'omoshiroi';)
She's...something alrightXP My pleasure;) I'm glad they focussed on their interactions, we rarely get to hear about their interpersonal relationships in such detail ne?:) Hehe, and they're my favorite pair too...such a shame;P

I saw the episode with Shibata Rice. She is an interesting lady, but when she approached Jun. LOL. poor kid got really defensive. LOL. but she got a chance to feel Sho and Nino. LOL

The article really shows Jun's pickyness. He is really picky, (which confirms my theory that I might not get along with him) T_T

P.S: I love reading your LJ. I check it everyday. :-D
Akemashite omedetou!:D You're welcome:D
She's different, that's for sure;P Jun didn't want to end up like Sho and Ohno!XDD Ohno seemed to think it was funny, but Sho looks scarred for life;P
Hai, Jun has incredibly high standards it seems, as you would expect from a perfectionist=) Ah, zannen desu ne...^^;
Ah, thank you very much *blushes*:3
man!!! every single freakin thing he says about people that he likes i'm like "*raises hand* yep, that's me!!"
and i feel like such a dork afterwards, like falling for horoscopes or something;;;;;
Haha, I know the feeling...>_< But it's nice while it lasts ne...;P
omg! thanks so much for translating and like, everything, actually. people like you keep me sane through a week of lectures! =)
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