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Deep Freeze

Baby, it's cold outside...thank goodness I don't have to go anywhere today;P -50 with the windchill, it's like someone made a wish that we'd all turn into people-popsXDD And the stupid apartment buidling likes to cheap out on the heat, so I'll have to go turn on the shower to steam it up in here later;P Lucky water's free...;)
So it's February already ne? Every time I turn around I've lost track of something or other, I think one of these days I'll jsut have to resign myself to a permanent state of catch-up and move onXDD And Valentine's Day is coming, which means more candy...really, February is kind of a useless month;P But...Love So Sweet comes out soon, and the boys'll be performing a lot, so there's a lot to look forward to!:D And Nino in Europe, that's amazing...the boys are going international:3 Ganbatte!:)
Here is my translation of the MMA with Nino and Ohno and the kite Grandpa=)

Nino/Ohno: Yes, hello~.
Nino: So where is it that we want to go today?
Ohno: It's Chiba.
Nino: Chiba?
Ohno: Specifically Ichihara-shi.
Nino: Oh!
Ohno: Yup.
[Announcer: The place the two are visiting today is Chiba-ken, Ichihara-shi. (writing) writing: Narrator, Abe Chiyo
(FujiTV announcer). Announcer: Famous as the hometown of IchiharaChiba's J-league Jeff United. (writing)]
Ohno: I'm going to the postcard.
Nino: Yes.
Ohno: Happy New Year. We're flying a kite so come on over. (writing)
Nino: Oh you...;P
[writing: Talking haltingly?!]
Nino: Are you an overseas student or something? Huh?
[Announcer: Today the request is from Grandpa himself. It really is written there [We're flying kites so come on
over!] (writing). writing: Client, Takazawa Fumio-san(81). Announcer: Though they want to see their grandkids,
they can't. (writing) There isn't a successor for the family business and the work is a lot of trouble (writing).
The members of Arashi go get involved with those Grandmas and Grandpas, Arashi's [Grandkid for a day] (writing).]
Nino: Oh!
Ohno: Oh!
Nino: Grandpa- Oh! Grandma.
Grandpa: Hi.
Nino: Hello.
Grandpa: Hello. (writing)
Ohno: Hello;P
Nino: Um, I happen to be called Kazunari. I ask for your favor! (writing)
Grandpa: I'm Takazawa. I ask for your favor. Here's my business card. (writing)
[writing: Business card exchange?!]
Nino: Ah yes, Takazawa-san.
Grandpa: Hi~. Speech is extremely bad around here...so just put up with those kind of things! (writing)
Nino: Even though we could...
[Announcer: Here are today's Grandpa, Takazawa Fumio-san, and Grandma, Tai-san. writing: Takazawa Fumio-san (81),
born in Taisho 14 (1925); Takazawa Tai-san (81), born in Taisho 14 (1925); this year is their 60th wedding anniversary!
Announcer: Grandpa is kind of brusque. writing: A fated meeting. Announcer: Fairly passionate, apparently their
opportunity for marriage came from him catching sight of Grandma on her way home from school. writing: Had an
incredibly passionate marriage in Showa 22. Announcer: Furthermore, for those who don't know of the world of
Japanese kites, Grandpa is a famous craftsman. writing: Grandpa is a representative of the Kantou area as a
Japanese kite craftsman. Because of the soul-stirring designs and high-flying fluttering figures they are also
popular as birth-gifts! Announcer: These are also what Grandpa puts his hands to.]
Ohno: Grandpa drew these right? (writing)
Grandpa: That's right. I drew it.
[writing: Grandpa's work, an illustration from the Hansou Satomi Hakkenden (famous literary work)]
Ohno: What did you draw it from?
Grandpa: What? (writing)
Ohno: Where did you start drawing the illustration from? (writing)
Grandpa: In the beginning?
Ohno: Yeah.
Grandpa: Where did I start drawing from in the beginning...I put the middle of the face in last. (writing)
Nino: Amazing huh~.
[writing: Japanese kites knowledge tidbit; the rough sketch is done in charcoal, then the colors are dyed on
one by one, it takes about 10 days to complete one kite.]
Grandpa: Charcoal. I draw the rough sketch in charcoal, and from there I add on the colors.
Nino: And this is...?
Grandpa: Those are taketonbo (writing; small wooden Japanese toy that flies when spun between the palms of one's hands)
Nino: You make taketonbo too?
[Announcer: Thsee are Grandpa's specially made supper taketonbo. (writing) writing: The added twist in the post
in the manufacturing process means the taketonbo fly higher than the usual ones. (announcer)]
Grandpa: If you concentrate on it, they will definitely go up 20 or 30m. (writing)
Nino: It goes that high?! (writing) Do it-
Grandpa: It goes that high. We're going to quit this now Ma-
Nino: Oh amazing ne, it even came back to you. Amazing.
[Announcer: Ohno-kun and Ninomiya-kun have been flying taketonbo since elementary school. writing: The nostalgic
youth period... Announcer: Both of them look like they're having a lot of fun. However...]
Grandpa: Act your age already! (writing)
[writing: Today's aim is to fly kites!]
Grandpa: Stop already.
Nino: Ehhh? Come over there?
Ohno: Sorry ne, we overdid it. (writing)
Nino: We overdid it ne.
Grandma: You'll get them back when you leave. (writing)
Nino: That's right ne.
Grandpa: Put them aside.
Nino: Yes, sorry.
Grandpa: Put your feet at ease.
Nino: Feet? Ah.
Grandpa: From now on, we're going to make onigiri. (writing) Onigiri.
Nino: Though it was taketonbo just now. (writing)
[writing: Jii's lecture on kite-flying 1; you can't fly a kite well on an empty stomach! Announcer: That's right,
if you have hunger pains you can't fly a kite well. Which means that, first everyone's making lunchboxes.]
Grandpa: You're good at this. Can you make it with three corners? (writing)
Nino: Look at this. I did it!
Grandpa: It would have been better to squish it a little more! It's lame y'know! (writing)
Nino: It's not lame y'know! (writing)
Ohno: Grandpa. Is this an album? (writing)
Grandpa: It's an album from a long time ago. (writing)
Ohno: Is this Grandpa?
Grandpa: Yeah. That's when I was 19.
[writing: Actual time, age 19]
Ohno: You were cool ne!
Nino: Which one are you Grandma?
Grandma: When he became a sailor he took this picture with him. (writing) When he went overseas.
[writing: Actual time, age 19]
Nino: Seriously?
Grandma: He took a picture of his parents and this picture with him.
Ohno: That's amazing huh.
Grandpa: Do you have someone special? (writing)
Grandma: That's okay, it's a little early for that... (writing)
[writing: The man who was called Ichihara's playboy. Announcer: Apparently Grandpa was already writing love lettes
the day after he laid eyes on Grandma. Garndma thought at first that, teh times being what they were, it was something
that would soon change, but after Grandpa pursued her passionately for 5 years it seems his feelings reached her.
writing: A fated meeting with Grandma in Showa 17. Showa 22, marriage after 5 years of dating. ]
Nino: Eh? Up until then you always liked her, Grandma? (writing)
Grandpa: Yeah! (writing)
Ohno: You were awkwardly in love? (writing)
Grandpa: I won't tell you that kind of thing. (writing)
Nino: You liked her. That's amazing.
[Announcer: A romance like that of a drama. writing: They've reached 60 years of marriage. Announcer: And year is
their 60th year since marriage. To that Grandpa and Grandma, the grandkids have this question... (writing)]
Ohno: Grandpa, are you a domineering husband? (writing)
Grandpa: No, I guess Grandma would be the stronger one. Because she doesn't really listen (to what I say). (writing)
[Announcer: The secret to this harmonious couple is to not defy Grandma! (writing) Mmm, that's persuasive! Once
the lunchboxes are done, all four of them go out kite-flying. writing: The four of them head to a nearby park.]
Nino: How long has it been since you flew one Grandpa, how many days has it been? (writing)
Grandpa: I fly them everyday, when the weather's good I fly kites. (writing)
Nino: Yesterday too? (writing)
Grandpa: I didn't do it yesterday. (writing)
Nino: You didn't do it yesterday, even though you said you do it all the time...
Grandpa: Because there isn't much wind today...I'm going to check the direction of the wind. (writing)
Nino: He looks like Nakashima Shigyou...
Grandpa: If you lick it, it'll feel cold in the direction the wind is coming from. Try it and see. (writing)
Nino: He's like Nakashima Shigyou, Nakashima Shigyou. We've done it before, we've been shown that before. He's
completely ignoring my conversation. (writing)
Grandpa: Because it's coming from over there, let's go over there. (writing)
[writing: Jii's kite-flying lectures 2; the most important thing for kite-flying is wind! (announcer) Jii's
kite-flying lectures 3; always keep it upwind, don't pull the string too much (announcer) Announcer: And here
Grandpa: Clean this up! You can't let it be trampled on. (writing)
[writing: Jii's kite-flying lectures 4; don't set anything underfoot!]
Grandpa: You mustn't step on it, so tidy it up!
Ohno: Are you angry Grandpa? (writing)
Grandpa: That's the most effective way of saying it! (writing) That way...
Nino: How long as I supposed to hold this?! (writing)
Grandpa: If you look after this end...
Nino: Hurry up! (writing)
Ohno: It would be better if I pulled on this right? (writing)
Grandpa: Take it over there. (writing)
[writing: Please wait a little while we tidy up]
Grandpa: Yes! Okay, let go! (writing)
Ohno: Ohh! It flew! Amazing.
Grandpa: It's no good, there's no wind. (writing)
Grandma: It came back down, what can you do...
[Announcer: No matter how you look at it, it seems there isn't enough wind for a kite this big. writing: The kite
comes crashing down...the action that Grandpa takes is? Announcer: At this turn of events, Grandpa...]
Grandpa: Make no mistake, I'll fly it. We'll wait for a favourable wind! (writing)
[writing: Jii's kite-flying lectures 5; when there isn't any wind, don't force things!]
Grandpa: We'll wait for a favourable wind. Ne.
Ohno: Got it;P
Nino: Ne, it's extremely boring though...
Ohno: It's lunch break!
Grandpa: Eat! These are the onigiri you guys rolled yourselves. (writing)
Nino: That's right. Tasty!
Grandma: How does it taste?
Ohno: Tasty!
Grandma: It's tasty? Because I'm not tasting it.
Nino: An incredible wind has picked up! (writing)
Ohno: Now's the time, Grandpa! (writing)
Grandpa: It's okay. (writing)
Grandma: It'll get stronger from now on. (writing)
[Announcer: That's right, first eat lunch, then let's move on to this segment.]
Ohno: The grandkids want to hear this story! (writing)
Nino: Grandpa and Grandma were young a long time ago! (writing)
Ohno/Nino: Lovey-dovey talk~! (writing)
Grandpa: You're making me shy. I'm shy.
[Announcer: The grandkids thoroughly ask about Grandpa and Grandma's lovey-dovey story. (writing)]
Nino: It's been 60 years since you two got married. (writing)
Grandpa: Yeah, 60 years.
Nino: It's become that.
Ohno: You liked Grandma right? (writing)
Grandpa: I liked her. (writing)
Nino: At that time it was unusual right, not having an arranged marriage? The two of you exhanged-
Grandpa: I sent love letters. (writing)
Nino: Grandpa did?
[writing: Grandpa continued sending love letters for five years.]
Grandpa: I didn't get any replies.
Nino: You didn't get any replies to the love letters?
Grandma: Not one.
Nino: You're kidding...
Ohno: That was for what? 5 years? (writing)
Grandpa: She didn't send any replies. (writing)
Nino: For 5 years? Why didn't you send any Grandma, any replies? (writing)
Grandma: I didn't want to make myself feel miserable, I didn't know if he'd come back alive or die (in the war)
Nino: Ah, because you already knew he was going?
Grandma: That's right ne.
Nino: So then, partway through, didn't you ever think 'she must hate me'? (writing)
Grandpa: If I thought that's I'd have to give up right? (writing)
Nino: Yeah. You didn't think that? For five years.
Grandpa: I didn't think that. Because I planned to the end to make her my wife. (writing)
Nino: Is that so?
[Announcer: In that time there was no kind of guarantee that he would come back alive. writing: No replies to
the love letters. Announcer: For Grandpa, who was surrounded by fear and uncertainty every day, he says that
only the letters he sent to Grandma were proof that he was still alive. writing: Called to the war in Showa 19.
The letters were his only hope.]
Grandma: Yes, and again after he came home safely from being a soldier, he was still saying [I want to see you].
Nino: So, even after he came home from being a soldier, he was still writing letters-
Grandma: From there the romance started. (writing)
Ohno: Ah, so that's how it is ne...
Grandma: Seeing each other.
Nino: Were you unfaithful? (writing)
Grandpa: Unfaithful...? I made as if I didn't know what that was. (writing)
Nino: As if you didn't know?
Grandpa: Like I didn't know.
Nino: But just now she knows from what you just said...
Ohno: So even with just that you fell in love with Grandma? (writing)
Grandpa: There's nothing you can do about that! (writing) It's a man's shame when the woman makes the advances ne.
Nino: A woman's advances ne.
[Announcer: It's a man's shame when the woman makes the advances....hey now! (writing)]
Grandpa: Hey! Come on! (writing)
Ohno: What's with that?;P
Grandpa: Because just now there was a good wind. (writing)
Ohno: A good one ne.
[Announcer: So, while the wind is still blowing, the rtesumption of kite-flying. (writing) Keep at it this time
as well!]
Grandpa: Okay!
Ohno: Oh! Amazing.
Grandpa: You've got to keep pulling, pull it at a rate so that the kite won't fall! (writing) Yes. Like that.
[Announcer: However...]
Grandpa: Let's do it one more time! (writing) One more time.
[writing: He wants to show the grandkids the high-flying kite's appearance... Announcer: He wants to let the
grandkids experience true kite-flying. He wants to show them the brilliance of the kites he's so proud of. writing:
Grandma: Not yet...
Grandpa: For the kite, after all, there's not enough wind for this kite. (writing)
[Announcer: No matter what they do the kite falls back down. (writign) At this turn of events, Grandpa... (writing)]
Grandpa: Let's put an end to this already. (writing)
[writing: The end?!]
Ohno: We're just going to end like that?;P
Nino: But Grandpa, we haven't even flown it once. (writing)
[writing: He just held the kite]
Grandpa: Shall we fly it? (writing)
Nino: Ah, no that's okay...;P
[writing: Jii's kite-flying lectures 6; when the kite won't fly, quit! Announcer: There isn't any wind, so the kites
he's so proud of won't fly. As opposed to with romance, this he gives up on easily.]
Grandma: Are you satisfied with the kite-flying people today? (writing)
Grandpa: I was satisfied. It was quite enough that they flew it even just that much. (writing)
Grandma: So a 100 point perfect score ne? Everyone's realloy good ne. (writing)
Staff: Although Kazunari-kun didn't fly a kite. (writing)
Grandma: He's good at it! (writing)
Nino: Which Kazunari-kun were you looking at? (writing)
[writing: After this, the 60th wedding anniversary big secret strategy goes into action! Announcer: After this, the first
persent from Grandpa to Grandma. However...]
Ohno: Then what about Grandpa's face?
Grandpa: So should I put your face on this?
Ohno: No, Grandma's face!
Grandpa: Grandma's face on this?
[Announcer: 3pm. Ohno-kun is helping out with the kite-dying work. (writing)]
Ohno: But they're good ne~. Does Grandma say anything when she sees Grandpa's paintings? (writing)
Grandma: She says 'this is like that, that is like this'. (writing)
Ohno: She says that?
Grandpa: So I say, 'then you try doing it!' (writing)
Nino: Which one of you is older? Grandma or Grandpa? (writing)
Grandma: We're the same. (writing)
Nino: You're the same age?
Grandma: The same year.
Nino: Is that so?
Grandma: Humans are decided from the moment they are born. You are you and that's the way it is. The gods in
the heavens have decided it. (writing)
Nino: Is that so?
Grandma: You can't be extravagant. (writing)
Nino: Ah, I see...
[Announcer: Tied together with the red strings of fate. (writing) Walking together for 60 years. (writing) For those
two the grandkids are...]
Ohno: Have you ever drawn a painting for Grandma? (writing)
Grandpa: I haven't. (writing)
Ohno: Well, since Grandpa draws this much, it would be good to draw a caricature for Grandma. (writing)
Grandpa: A caricature? (writing)
Ohno: Ah, it would be good to draw it on this kite. (writing)
Grandpa: On the kite?;P
Ohno: Let's make a present, for Grandma. (writing)
Grandpa: Ah, that's right...there's that kind of thing too. (writing)
[Announcer: He's going to give Grandma her first present! writing: 60th anniversary big secret strategy, let's
make a caricature kite to give as a present to Grandma! Announcer: However (writing), after this, there's a certain
Ohno: Then I'm going to draw Grandpa's face. (writing)
Grandpa: So, shall I draw your face? (writing)
Ohno: You're drawing Grandma's face.
Grandpa: I'm drawing Grandma's face?
Ohno: You're going to try and give that as a present!;P
Grandpa: So then the characteristics...
Ohno: That's right ne.
Grandpa: Have to be visible! (writing) The shape of the eyebrows is like this and such, if you can get a grasp
on those kind of characteristics first, then I think you can draw it. Cause I don't have a grasp of them. (writing)
[Announcer: And at this point! (writing)]
Grandpa: You finished making mochi? (writing)
Grandma: Not yet.
Ohno: Ah, they look tasty-
Grandma: Why are you giving off such a bad feeling?
Nino: What is it? ANd?
Grandma: And you lay them all out like this.
[writing: Characteristic confirmation in progress]
Grandma: Well, do them both.
Nino: Two layers? What are you two doing? (writing) Do you get it?
Grandpa: I wa swondering the heck you were doing so I came to take a look! Let's go!(writing)
Nino: I did it.
Ohno: Did you really memorize it? (writing)
Grandpa: I saw it! From now on I'll look at pictures and draw it! (writing)
[Announcer: In the end what kind of caricature kite will he be able to complete?! (writing) 4pm. Grandma and
Ninomiya-kun are in the middle of making dinner preparations. (writing)]
Grandma: Isn't that good! (writing) Look at that. Isn't that amazing! Please go to a sushi store from now on. (writing)
Nino: All of a sudden? (writing)
Grandma: You could become a chef at a sushi restuarant. Look, aren't the flowers nice?
Nino: Amazing.
[writing: Flower sushi]
Grandma: You're skilled ne~. Everyone eat one each as well. (writing)
[writing: Big service<3]
Nino: Ah, everyone eat one each.
Grandma: It's a food-sampling segment, here you go.
[Announcer: At that moment Grandpa is...]
Grandpa: Her eyes are piercing ne... (writing)
Ohno: Grandma's? Ah, then you got a good look.
[Announcer: Married for 60 years. writing: Walking together for 60 years. Announcer: There were good times and there were
bad times. Despite that, there was always Grandma's gentle smile beside Grandpa. writing: The first gift.]
Ohno: What was your biggest fight? (writing)
Grandpa: We've never had a big fight ne. (writing)
Ohno: You haven't? But weren't you unfaithful to her... (writing)
Grandpa: Unfaithful to her... (writing)
[writing: There was unfaithfulness in the past]
Ohno: You said it too late, right in front of Grandma...
[writing: And then!]
Ohno: That's a guy! (writing)
Grandpa: Huh~.
[writing: Who is that?!]
Grandpa: What's happened, it's started looking like a guy's face.
Ohno: Is this a beard growing in? (writing)
Grandpa: Well, I was drawing the picture of a warrior, so it's no good huh. (writing)
Ohno: But you're drawing a woman's face.
Grandpa: Ahh, but women's faces are hard you know~. (writing)
[Announcer: As a Japanese kite craftsman, Grandpa is considered a star. writing: Ultra first-class Japanese kite
craftsman. Announcer: But today he is simply a man drawing a caricature for his beloved wife. writing: The first
time he is drawing his wife's face.]
Nino: Did Grandpa ever give you anything?
Grandma: He doesn't give me anything. He hasn't even given me a ring. (writing)
Nino: Do you think that you would like him to? (writing)
Grandma: Not that.
Nino: You don't think that?
Grandma: Although I have various things, I don't like wearing them on my body. (writing)
Nino: Ah, is that so...
[Announcer: Her first present from Grandpa. Will Grandma be pleased with it...?]
Grandpa: Yes, let's have dinner! (writing)
Nino: Thanks for the food.
Grandma: Go ahead, go ahead.
Ohno: Thanks for the food.
Grandma: Kazu-kun made these ne.
Nino: That's right Grandma.
[Announcer: Today's dinner is Grandpa's favorite, flower sushi. writing: Flower sushi; using maki sushi to draw
various patterns and pictures, Chiba's native cuisine. Announcer: Grandma's love is abundantly packed in.]
Grandma: This is Chiba's specialty.
Nino: That's egg.
Ohno: Is it okay to eat this?
Grandma: That as well.
Grandpa: Though I'm not just saying this to praise a family member, the way she mixes in the vinegar is skilled
huh. (writing)
Nino: Well, because she's been doing it for 60 years. Did you have a celebration for your 60th year? (writing)
Grandpa: 60 years? What? (writing)
[writing: This years is your 60th year of marriage!]
Granma: He asked if we had a celebration, in commemoration of our 60th year.
Nino: A celebration, a celebration.
Grandpa: We didn't. Once again, although it was never like [Today is our wedding day so let's go on a trip], but
at that time I guess it was something like (being Grandma)[I guess he took me on a trip because there
was some kind of celebration today]. (writing) What is it?
[writing: In the end, what kind of caricature did he complete?]
Grandpa: This is the first time I've drawn this.
[Announcer: The first present of her life. Grandma's response is...? Grandpa and Grandma are greeting their 60th
years of marriage. (writign) To those two, a present from the grandkids. (writing)]
Ohno: Yes, this is a present for your 60th anniversary! (writing)
Grandma: Oh my.
Grandpa: You made a cool one! (writing) Ah, this is nice ne~.
Ohno: For both of you.
Grandpa: It looks like me! A little. (writing)
Grandma: What? You made it?
Nino: He just made it upstairs.
Grandma: Ah, amazing!
Nino: While we were making sushi.
Grandma: Ah, is that so...
Nino: When they went upstairs together Grandma.
Grandpa: Thank you! (writing)
Ohno: Oh no.
Nino: It looks like him ne.
Grandma: The eyes are just right.
Nino: Yeah. But ne...
Grandma: So young.
Nino: ...this time it's not just that ne? (writing) Ner, Satoshi-kun.
Grandpa: This time it's the one I drew. (writing)
Nino: That's right.
Ohno: Grandpa's-
Nino: Who did you draaw Grandpa?
Ohno: Who?
Grandpa: I drew one of Granny. (writing)
Ohno: Grandpa drew a caricature of Grandma. Yes!
Grandpa: Yes, here, I'm giving it to you Grandma-
Grandma: Oh my, it's amazing huh.
Grandpa: That's the first time I've drawn it!
Grandma: Ah, it looks like Tanaka Youko! (writing) It's amazing.
Grandpa: I drew it after looking closely at you...but, it looks like a woman's face.
Ohno: It does look like it.
Nino: It does look like a woman's face.
Grandpa: This is the first time since we've gotten married. (writing)
Grandma: He hasn't given me anything.
Nino: This is the first time since you were married, or since you were dating, other than letters right? You said.
Grandma: Yes, the first time! (writing) Nothing, not even a ring, nothing at all! (writing) The first time.
Ohno: Ne Grandpa, aren't you glad you drew her picture?
Grandpa: I'm glad.
Ohno: That's great.
Nino: So from now on, more- more-
Grandpa: Once again, let's shake hands.
Grandma: Yes yes.
Nino: So let's go.
Grandma: See you again ne.
Nino: See you again ne. Thank you
Grandma: Take good care of yourselves.
Nino: Yes.
Grandpa: We'll excuse ourselves here. (writing)
Nino: Let's go as far as the entryway, let's go to the entryway, since we're already up.
Grandpa: As far as teh entryway?
Ohno: If you please.
Nino: As far as the entryway. Let's go as far as the entryway.
Ohno: Let's go as far as the entryway. If you please!
Nino: Let's at least observe the formalities, and go to the entryway.
[writing: The parting]
Grandma: I-
Ohno: Thanks Grandma ne.
Nino: Grandpa.
Grandma: Yes.
Nino: See you again. Take care.
Grandpa: Your hands are cold huh~. (writing)
Grandma: His hands are cold.
Ohno: Take off your bandana in the end.
Grandpa: Hm?
Ohno: Take off your bandana in the end.
Grandpa: Take it off? Yes. Thanks.
Nino: Bye ne.
Grandpa: Bye ne.
Grandma: Take care of yourselves.
Ohno: Bye-bye.
Nino: Take care ne.
Ohno: Thanks.
Nino: Bye-bye. So with that...how was it?
Ohno: Ahhh...that was the first time he'd given her anything, Grandpa. That was great.
Nino: It was great ne~.
Ohno: To mark their 60th anniversary ne.
Nino: Mmhmm.
Grandma: It looks very much like him, truly. I was surprised.
Grandpa: I'm going to treasure it. You treasure that too. (writing)
Grandma: Yes, I will.
Nino/Ohno: And with that, we went to go fly kites!
Sho: Yup! Kite-flying!
Aiba: Onward!
Sho: Onward! What is 60 years again, diamond-
Nino/Ohno: Diamond.
Sho: -wedding anniversary.
[writing: 60th anniversary, diamond wedding anniversary.]
Sho: What's the very last one, what's the most solid one?
[writing: 75th anniversary, platinum wedding anniversary]
Ohno: Eh, what?
Nino: So if everyone were to get married, what kind of proposal would they make?
Aiba: The subject has been changed, that's the end of it.
Sho: The subject's changed.
Jun: Although it's extremely unskillful...going out to a restaurant or something...and at the end, when the dessert
comes, taking out a ring, that's the kind of guy I am after all ne.
Sho: Ohh, there it is!
Aiba: Trendy, trendy!
[writing: Matsumoto-style proposal, a ring for dessert]
Sho: There's the trendy one.
Nino: As you would expect-
Jun: The trendyness is charming ne.
Aiba: I'd go to heliport. (writing)
All: Oh!
Aiba: Then when we'd be flying along, fireworks would burst up, like bam, 'marry me'.
[writing: Aiba-style proposal, a message in fireworks]
Nino: But that ne...
Ohno: That's extremely difficult! (writing)
Jun: They've become advisors?
Sho: They're being advisors;P
Nino: When it's thrown into the air the ball just wobbles all over the place.
Aiba: Yes yes.
Nino: Therefore, you have no way of knowing what way it will face.
Ohno: And on top of that, putting letters in is kind of impossible. (writing)
Sho: Um, in terms of restaurants, proposing marriage on those seats with the lap blankets.
[writing: Sakurai-style proposal, proposing marriage on seats with lap blankets.]
Sho: Isn't that 'rock'?
Nino: See you next week.
Aiba: Bye~.

Ne, it was really amazing the love story of those two, him pining for her in the war and writing for 5 years before finally getting her...like a drama or anime:3 Of course, it was a little spoiled with his casual implications of unfaithfulness...but still a pretty tale;) It's a good thing Grandma didn't see his first attempt at drawing her thoughXDD Good grief, not even a handsome man either;P And then they wouldn't even see the grandkids to the door!XP Nino looked so exasperated;P
But the talk was the best part...<3 Jun's proposal suits him perfectly, I can picture it easily...and of course I'd love to experience it myselfX3 But Aiba's proposal was cool too, that's a fantastic idea...although impossibleXD But flying in a helicopter with fireworks around you is still a great setting:) Sho's...maybe I don't get it;P
And the wonderful tenjostyle subbed it!:D Thanks so much dear!:3 Zshare and SS =)

And rukia88 requested a translation of the March Popolo article where teh boys give each other awards for the last year:D

Credit for the scans goes to mori's pdbox:)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The members choose! Arashi's Hard Working Grand Prix '06-'07
[I was touched to see Nino's name in the ending credits for a Hollywood movie!]
Facing the active year '07, the 5 members looked back on their activities in '06, and on top of that gave
appropriate awards for them.

Aiba Masaki wins! (profile, Aiba Masaki, born in Chiba-ken, Dec. 24th, 1982. Type AB)
- The one Aiba Masaki presents to Aiba Masaki is...the [Fly Away] Prize.
On an airplane, on a kite, as a bird man...I flew across the sky!
In any case, I flew a lot in '06. Going to Asian countries for the campaign and tours, and I went to a lot of other
countries for locations on [Shimura Doubutsu-en]. Furthermore I wasn't just flying in an airplane, because on a
different show I was also being a human bird and riding a kite ne. Well, although as a human bird it felt more
like falling than flying (painful grin). '06 was my flying part, this year I will keep my feet on the ground
and work hard!
- The one Matsumoto Jun presents to Aiba Masaki is...the [Variety] Prize.
No matter what the experiment, his spirit to boldy try it is the highlight!
Because he's the person who took the iniative to ride a kite for the experiment project of a special show ne.
If that was me, I would have flatly down the request (laughs). When he was being the human bird, in the blink
of an eye he had come crashing down, and when he came up out of the ocean he was covered in bruises... Rather
than flight time the result looked more like 5 seconds of falling time. But despite that he looked like he was
having fun ne. I thought it was remarkable, in the sense of being kind of unusual (painful grin).
- The one Ninomiya Kazunari presents to Aiba Masaki is...the [Overseas] Prize.
I was surprised at seeing his passport completely covered in stamps!
Although they gave us a late summer break in October, when I was thinking that all of the members were taking a
break I was surprised to find out that he was going to Africa. Then, once when I saw his passport, there was an
unbelievable number of emigration stamps on it, I was even more shocked (laughs). Well, that's the only thing
[Shimura Doubutsu-en] needs Aiba-san for ne.
- The one that Ohno Satoshi presents to Aiba Masaki is...the [Golf] Prize.
Looking back at how bad you used to be at the driving range is nostalgic?!
From what I've seen he's pretty into golf ne. He's always carrying golf magazines, often making swinging motions.
Right after Arashi was formed there was a time when we all went out to the driving range ne. At that time what
Aiba-chan sent flying wasn't the ball but the club. Furthermore, when he went to go get the club back, one of
the people in charge got mad at him (laughs). That's why it's so shocking that he's now the best at golf among Arashi ne.
- The one Sakurai Sho presents to Aiba Masaki is...the [Tired of being bitten] Prize.
Fighting vigorously with wild beasts at overseas locations is bringing him to his knees?!
I don't know any person other than him who can use the phrase [I get chewed by lions] in everyday conversation.
It appears to be quite a dangerous job, but it's great that he looks so happy (laughs). On a side note, because
of those zoo locations, he's the one among us who goes overseas the most. Although I'm not sure what to think
about the souvenirs he rbings back always being t-shirts. When it comes to things like Apartheid and such, in
actuality I have a deep interest in his stories about the world he's seen.
- Special extra; preparations for working hard! Tell us your way of conquering pressure!
Skillfully turn it into a "good feeling of tension".
To begin with it's impossible to act as if you don't feel the pressure. Therefore I think it's a good thing to
turn the pressure into a "good sense of tension". Surely, no matter what one thing you think of, it'll send you
in a good direction. Aiba Masaki.

Matsumoto Jun wins! (profile, Matsumoto Jun, born in Tokyo metro. area, Aug. 30th, 1983. Type A)
- The one that Aiba Masaki presents to Matsumoto Jun is...the [Returns] Prize.
The DoS, sweet Doumyouji role suits MatsuJun perfectly!
He's been doing the filming for [Hana yori Dango 2] since the end of last year right. I'm so happy thinking I'll
be able to see that DoS character "Doumyouji Tsukasa" again that I can't help myself. Although MatsuJun is doing
a lot of jobs like plays and movies solo, within me the him who is Doumyouji is the most intriguing. The Doumyouji
role, who is sweet no matter how much people say he's only DoS is perfectly suited to MatsuJun I think.
- The one that Matsumoto Jun presents to Matsumoto Jun is...the [Active] Prize.
Doing great amounts of activities with a power that rivals Harry Potter(?)!
During this year I worked a ton. Doing plays, movies, dramas, and in terms of substance too I reached out into
various genres so it was very full. On top of that I went surfing and on overseas trips as well so I was able
to enjoy myself in my free time too ne. Oh yes, I also made a 10 year old friend in my private life. The reason
he said is it seems when I was doing a performance I was [cooler than Harry Potter], succeeding as a kid's hero
as well makes me very satisfied with this year (laughs).
- The one Ninomiya Kazunari presents to Matumoto Jun is...the [Busyness] Prize.
His work and fluctuations in body weight were both intense, he looked awfully busy.
The other day I saw [Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru], and at that time he was kind of fat ne. Right now he's extremely
thin again, he's such a busy person he gains and loses weight intensely. His work looks busy too. He's shooting
[HanaDan], doing [Utawara] as well... When we went to do the Taiwan performance as well he got up alone very
early to shoot the VTR. At the meetings for the performances as well Jun-kun is the most zealous, I rely on him.
- The one Ohno Satoshi presents to Matsumoto Jun is...the [Hairstyle] Prize.
I want to make known my admiration for his hairstyle changes in such a short period of time.
I think he changed his haristyle an incredible amount. Because when I was thinking of him wearing the wig for
[Kiiroi Namida], right after that he suddenly went to the aesthetician and had long hair ne (laughs). Then, next
was the Doumyouji hair right. Speaking of which, he often changes the color he paints his nails too, he's truly
painstaking ne. Although I couldn't possibly think of them for myself, I enjoy seeing MatsuJun's changes. Therefore,
from now on as well I want him to change more and more.
- The one Sakurai Sho presents to Matsumoto Jun is...the [Easier to get along with] Prize.
The MatsuJun who appears in stockings with a glass in one hand is new.
Being cast in things like variety shows, has made him able to do a lot of things. Even in the Korea performance
MC, which was in a fairly reckless style, but he did it ne. Even on [G no Arashi!] he was being called "King" as
he swirled brandy around in a glass while wearing a stocking. That MatsuJun wasn't here the year before last (laughs).
Despite saying 'I hate this, I hate this' the whole time, because he responds to what he's cast into it's interesting.
- Special extra; preparations for working hard! Tell us your way of conquering pressure!
To face it without running away.
What's important is to face the pressure. It's difficult to escape from pressure, because conversely having the
sense of tension that's called pressure is not a bad thing ne. I think if you bear through the experiences the
strength to deal with the tension will come along too. Matsumoto Jun.

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Ninomiya Kazunari wins! (profile, Ninomiya Kazunari, born in Tokyo metro. area, June 16h, 1983. Type A)
- The one Aiba Masaki presents to Ninomiya Kazunari is...the [Clint] Prize.
Doing Arashi activities without Nino was a weird feeling.
Because after all, his '06 activities were appearing in [Letters from Iwo Jima] ne. On top of that, for me the
atmosphere during the time when we were doing activities just the four of us while Nino was in America is also
unforgettable. Though it was a show for the five of us, having one not there was a strange feeling. On a side
note, when Nino came back and I asked him what his impression of Director Clint Eastwood was he said [He was constantly
eating pistachios] (laughs).
- The one Matsumoto Jun presents to Ninomiya Kazunari is...the [Hollywood-kun] Prize.
When he was with us Nino's name was "Hollywood-kun".
Before Nino went to America I was doing a play ne. So, since a guy I was doing the play with, Katsu-san (Katsumura
Nobuyuki) was on good terms with Nino, when he was with us we called him "Hollywood-kun" (laughs). Katsu-san
would just say things directly when calling Nino on the phone, like [Hollywood-kun, right now we're at XXX restaurant,
won't you come?]. Well, putting that aside, having someone in the same group who went to Hollywood is something
I'm proud of.
- The one Ninomiya Kazunari presents to Ninomiya Kazunari is...the [Worked hard] Prize.
Living in America with a buzz cut...was bewildering.
I think when it comes to me, I worked fairly hard in this year. I got a buzz cut for a drama, I lived in America,
after I came back the five of us were shooting a movie. And just like that I was doing concerts, going to Taiwan,
going to Korea, and after that [Tekkon]. At the end of the year I started the shooting for [Haikei, Chichiue-sama]
...with that kind of feel it was too bewildering. I want to try living '07 a little more my own way (painful grin).
- The one Ohno Satoshi presents to Ninomiya Kazunari is...the [Hollywood] Prize.
We might be feeling his "amazingness" from here on?!
When he came back from America he was sporting thin, neat
ittle whiskers, I have a deep impression of that suiting him amazingly well. Did he look a size bigger? Nope
(laughs). I think because I haven't seen the movie yet, I don't have the feeling that Nino was in a Hollywood
movie. Even now when I see a two-shot of Nino and Director Clint Eastwood in magazines I get such a shock I laugh
about it (laughs).
- The one Sakurai Sho presents to Ninomiya Kazunari is...the [Actor] Prize.
I was moved at seeing the name of a member scroll by in the ending credits.
In a special drama, as a voice actor, [Kiiroi Namida]...well, in any case he did a large variety of performances.
And, the one of the moment is [Letters from Iwo Jima] right. I saw a private showing of it, both the film and
Nino's acting were great~. I even said something like it in the conference after the screening, but seeing a
member's name incribed in the alphabet, rolling by in the ending credits of a Hollywood movie kind of gave me goose bumps.
- Special extra; preparations for working hard! Tell us your way of conquering pressure!
Don't let the way others evaluate you bother you.
I don't feel pressure. I often get told [That's great ne, that personality]...(painful grin). It's probably
because I don't let others' evalutations of me bother me ne. If you don't aim for a good evaluation you won't
feel pressure.

Ohno Satoshi wins! (profile, Ohno Satoshi, born in Tokyo metro. area, Nov. 26th, 1981. Type A)
- The one Aiba Masaki presents to Ohno Satoshi is...the [Concert of Love] Prize.
The Captain in his solo con was shining amazingly!
I have a deep impression of Captain at his solo con ne. That was awfully entertaining. Doing a show alone, Captain
appeared to shine. But even at that time he was going full throttle in the Sammy character, though it's booming
now he's kind of gone to a slow burn ne...(painful grin). In the summer we were doing Arashi concerts, after
that we also went on an Asian tour, so isn't there kind of a feeling we've been doing concerts the whole year?
- The one Matsumoto Jun presents to Ohno Satoshi is...the [My Pace] Prize.
Being overly enthusiastic about clay, going his own way?!
At this point (at the time of the interview) I still haven't seen his play so I'm probably thinking this unnecessarily,
but lately when I look at him I get the feeling he's becoming more and more internalised. Although I know this
from reading the magazines (laughs), he's intently using clay to make dolls, make chairs, right? I think the 'my
pace' manner he has of following through on his hobbies also creates the unique moments of his talks. Therefore,
from now on as well I want him to go his own way.
- The one Ninomiya Kazunari presents to Ohno Satoshi is...the [Admiral] Prize.
So after all the 'my pace' Leader is an Admiral?!
Really ne, this person was playing with clay the whole time. Even when the five of us were doing the movie, when we got back
to the dressing room he'd immediately be playing with clay. Well, he did work hard on his play too ne. The third
iteration of the ['Puu] series. In terms of locations as well, it got bigger and went from the Globe seating to
the Aoyama Theatre, he's steadfastly broadening his acitivities. But no matter where he goes and what he does, he's
still him ne. With that meaning, I feel a large ability of the sort of an Admiral.
- The one Ohno Satoshi presents to Ohno Satoshi is...the [Making things] Prize.
Rushing madly ahead towards my goal of a "100 body creation"!
I made a lot last year ne~. When I decided to make a 100 dolls out of clay, after that I was completely absorbed
in making them. Making them relieved stress. Once I had my goal of "making 100 bodies" I began moving forward so
that my off time wouldn't be wasted ne. Because when I don't have a goal I invariably spend my time very sluggishly
you see. But as you would expect it was hard, so this year I want to leisurely do a little more low-set goal.
- The one Sakurai Sho presents to Ohno Satoshi is...the [Absorbed in Hobbies] Prize.
Even when he comes to the workplace the tops of his hands have clay on them...
Although he did his solo con and the paly, the impression of him working hard at his hobbies is a strong one ne.
Because, even when he came to the site for [Kiiroi Namida] there was often clay on the tops of his hands. Because there
were also times during work when he was the paint materials guy too ne (laughs). It seems like he's regularly
thinking of his creative lifestyle. Going from the pictures he's shown me it feels like the substance of his
creation is gradually changing too ne. Someday I want him to open a one man exhibition.
- Special extra; preparations for working hard! Tell us your way of conquering pressure!
Laugh at the pressure!
What's most important is to laugh at the pressure. Right before the real performances of [Tensei Kung Puu] that
was usually my situation. When you do everything you can do all that's left is to let what will happen happen.
For example, even if you get through times where you fail, they'll become a funny story.

Sakurai Sho wins! (profile, Sakurai Sho, bron in Tokyo metro. area, Jan. 25th, 1982. Type A)
- The one Aiba Masaki presents to Sakurai Sho is...the [Economics] Prize.
As a news caster his words have persuasive power!
One way or another he's a new caster ne. When I watch him on TV I think that it suits him. He has persuasiveness
even though he's young. I say that, although I'm the one who's younger (laughs). On the other hand, when I see him
in a suit lined up with the other regular people, the thought occurs to me that it's like I'm seeing a Sho-kun
I've never seen before. After this he'll probably be establishign that news caster image as part of his character
- The one Matsumoto Jun presents to Sakurai Sho is...the [News] Prize.
Seeing a member on a news tv show was a fresh experience.
A member appearing on a news tv show, and on top of that appearing at the same time on the same day every week, is
somehow extremely fresh. Speaking of which, that green and white space (the set) is refreshing (laughs). It looks
like he had an interest in politics and economics from the start. However, since he started the show he studies
by passing his eyes over 5~6 morning papers every day. By all means I would like him to do a newspaper column next
with that energy.
- The one Ninomiya Kazunari presents to Sakurai Sho is...the [Sakurai] DaiSho ( a joke, because daishou is prize...;P)
He's breaking new ground in his life, his appearance as he puts in the great effort is beautiful!
I think Sho-chan has truly worked hard. In particular as he broke new groud in his life as a news caster ne. It's
admirable the way he's always studying with newspapers all over the place. When it comes to making the show, it seems
that on Thursday they hold a meeting to come up with the concepts (news) they will use the next week. But because
they do it from predictions there is a possibility that there will be changes on the actual day, it's a lot of
trouble ne. I want him to keep working hard from now on as well.
- The one Ohno Satoshi presents to Sakurai Sho is...the [Worked hard] Prize.
His spirit to challenge things he's not good at is admirable!
From the start of last year he was doing a solo con, doing a musical, it was a considerable 'dash from the starting
line' ne. On top of that, sliding down waterfalls and going through rivers in [G no Arashi!], he also tried doing
a lot of things we's not good at as well. There was also that time when he was skydiving, saying [I don't want to
do this even if I die], it seems that for a month prior to that he'd do 'image training' before bed. That Sho-kun....
when I imagine it, he's super cute ne (laughs).
- The one Sakurai Sho presents to Sakurai Sho is...the [Big serving] Prize.
My dream of being a news caster materialized, I've become an ally to journalism.
Starting from the solo con in January last year, there was the play, concerts, the movie, being a caster, at any rate
it was a year with a big serving. In particular them giving me the news caster job was very big for me, I think it's
great that I was able to do work that went on from the latter half of '06 into '07. Nowadays I look at the news
while thinking how I will use it for my own segment, I make everyday very full.
- Special extra; preparations for working hard! Tell us your way of conquering pressure!
If you have enough preparation you'll be fine.
I am person who doesn't feel pressure much ne. Maybe if I do enough preparation to be able to comprehend it I go
forward without feeling pressure? I also recommend doing self-suggestion to calm yourself down.

It's so nice to hear what the boys think of each other's achievements and personalities ne~:3 I wish I could be like Nino and not let other people's expectations get to me, but I don't think I'm built that way;P I'd have to say I usually go by either Jun's or Sho's method, more often Jun's I guess, since I can't say I don't feel pressure much. I like Ohno's way of thinking about it though, no wonder he's so happy-go-lucky;P Let's see, "Hollywood-kun"XDD Too cute;P And Ohno tried to make 100 clay dolls...I want to see some more:D Oh, this one's just full of awesome bits neX3

*Edit* Dear tenjostyle finished subbing the Ousama interview about 'first dates'!:D Arigatou ne!X3 Here is a cap: and link SS Enjoy~:3

Warm thoughts:3

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wow~ It's a long interview! Thanks dear!! How you can translate that much!!?? You really surprise me with your hard work.. i always say the same... but i can only say really thanks and help you a bit *big hug*

I am still in the heaven, with the MMA talk! I can't wait to read the article.. and the whole MMA ^^ aaaa~ but time's bed! oyasumi~
You're welcome!:D Arashi makes me love them so much, how can I not ne?;) Iie, I really appreciate your help dear, thanks so muchX3
Hehe, the talks are always so good ne!XD Sometimes I look forward to them for the whole episode...;P I hope you like the article too, when you have more rest:D
woah woah woah! thx for the trans! i esp enjoy the mag one~ i can't stop LOL w/ aiba and the club thing! that's classic! hahahhaha~
Haha, my pleasure!:D I know, I didn't know Aiba was into golf that much, and to hear how bad he was the first time it's amazing he still playsXDD I can picture the whole scene too...;P
Ny-chan, I seriously love you. Thankies for the hard work on these translations.

Jun was fat during BokuImo?! Nino and I have different thoughts when it comes to fat, ne?

Ne, such hard working boys. You have to love them.
Aww, you're very welcomeX3
I totally agree, he didn't look fat at all...>_< In fact, it was nice to see him in a little fuller form:3 But really, I didn't notice that huge of a difference^^;
Hai, they're impossible to resist<3
thank you so much, nyanchan! reading this, I'm in awed of what the boys have achieved last year, makes me want to work hard too!

thanks again :3
It's my pleasure!:D Sou ne, I'm also very inspiredX3 They work amazingly hard, but they always have such gorgeous smiles...<3
Thank you so much, as always!
[I got chewed on by lions] - that made me laugh so hard, its such a random and aiba thing to say!
It seems like the stuff they talk about was ages ago, but it really was all last year huh? how time flies when you're fangirling arashi...=p
I love grandpa's postcard! When i first watched it i was o.O, did i understand that properly? But it seems i did. Who could resist such a random thing? XD
You're very welcome!:D
Haha, totally, and it's not the first time he's said it eitherXDD He's very proud of it too...;P
I know, Jun's play seems like it was at least 2 years ago, not last springO_o I wonder if they feel the same way...:3
Haha, I'm sure the boys jumped on the chance to do something not involving dirt, livestock or childrenXDD
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! You also deserve the active prize for "Doing great amounts of activities with a power that rivals Harry Potter" ! LOve the mago translation. That's so cute jun made a 10 year old friend who thought he was cooler than harry potter! I bet that stuck with Jun because he reads HP too. I love how aiba likes jun playing doumyouji (for some reason I can see him getting as excited as I do when I watch hanadan and yelling at the screen like I do) xD
My pleasure!:D Ahhh, arigatou~X3 Hehe, that's the one I most liked too...:3 Yeah, Jun and his little HP fan is so adorable, I think he mentioned him in his radio show a few months ago too, he went to his birthday party:D So cute...X3 I was really surprised that Aiba enjoys the Doumyouji character so much!=) But yeah, he probably looks forward to it nearly as much as we do...:D That's unbelievably funny and sweetXD
I don't know any person other than him who can use the phrase [I get chewed by lions] in everyday conversation.

The other day I saw [Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru], and at that time he was kind of fat ne.

Hehe hai~, watashi mo!XDD
Thanks so much for your translations!!! I hope you can keep warm as the temperature drops:) I really liked reading the Popolo article! They worked so hard last year, its really inspiring.
You're very welcome!:D Arigatou, I'll keep busy, that'll help;) I'm so glad you enjoyed it:D Hai, it's amazing how much they';ve accomplished in such a short period of time...:3
Thank you so much Nyanchan!!
I really enjoyed the Potato translation Thanks :3
It's really my pleasure!:D
Ah, it makes me so happy that you liked it=)
thanx you so much for your hard work ^__^
I really like the popolo article. It's nice to hear what the boys think of each other.
"The one Ohno Satoshi presents to Matsumoto Jun is...the [Hairstyle] Prize."-> I really think the same lol

Thanx you for mago mago, I thought that you wouldnt done it
You're very welcome!:D
I agree a lot of their interviews focus on themselves, so it's great to have the group as a whole done once inh a while...<3
Haha, it's such an Ohno thing to say, but it's really accurateXDD Jun's hair changes every 10 minutes, 3 on weekendsXDDDD
Ah, iie, I'm trying to do it all...;P We'll see how long it lastsXDD
this is sooo preciousssssssss! XDDD thanks for translating the long article!

we get to see how they think of each other's achievement huh. and it goes to show that each member has his own venue to shine on. :)

Jun seems to be really close with that 10-year old boy. I envy that kid! And I love how Ohno noticed Jun's hairstyles! Frankly, it's one of the things I admire about Jun-- I am not adventurous when it comes to hairstyles. Never even had a drastic hairstyle change ever. You inspire me Jun! Maybe I should have one this year. :P
Hai sou ne~XD It's my pleasure!:D
Yeah, they really have a broad range of activites/interests huh, I like how as a group they're very diversified:3
Oh boy, I envy him too...so lucky!XD Haha, Ohno's award was so funny...but yeah, I love how Jun experiments with many different looks, I also don't change my hair much^^; Of course, if I had a hairstylist like his, I'd be a little more confidentXDD Go for it!:D
thank you ssssssssssssooooooooooooo much for these translation *-* it's so interresting to read the winner article ^^
You're verrrry welcomeXP Hai, it's a great article ne...I hope they do more group articles like this soon:3
Grandpa: I drew it after looking closely at you...but, it looks like a woman's face.

umm.... weird

Doing great amounts of activities with a power that rivals Harry Potter(?)!
lol lol

he definitely deserved the hairstyle prize
i love his hair
Yeah...maybe Grandpa needs his eyes checked??XDD
Being compared to HP for Jun is probably almost as good as a DBZ reference ne...:D
Totally, he never ceases to amaze me on that front<3

Thanks again Nynchan. great work as usual.

he is always interested in Harry Potter . ne and as his hair styles goes, i love them all. but not nail painting habit because for some reasons i just can't get use to them. i have tried so hard but still no hope
as his weight, i thought that his weight in boukoimo... was just right. he is getting too skinny again. but HOT as usual.
thanks again nyanchan. take care dear.
You're welcome!:D
Hai, I bet he's excited about the movie and book coming out this summer:D I'm not used to the nail painting either, but I have to say I really like it sometimes, it's another unique thing about him I lvoe<3
I agree, he looked great in BokuImo...always hot, but less underfed:3 Poor boy, I worry about his health...>_<
Ah, iie, arigatou=)
thankx Nyan-chan as always! *-* I love to know they really appreciate to each other
My pleasure!:D Sou ne, that's part of what makes them so special as a group<3
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