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Run the Gamut

Minna-san, ikaga desu ka? I'm doing okay, although for the last week or so I've been feeling dizzy for no apparent reason...not all the time, but especially at the computer, it feels a bit like when I turn my head I'm swinging around on a merry-go-round;P Probably nothing, but definitely weird....
And seeing Nino at the Berlinale was absolutely amazing!:D It was so quiet, and then he showed up and the fangirls started screamingXD Now, it was nice they were showing their support, but like a lot of people I found it kind of awkward after awhile, it seemed a little overboard^^; But hopefully he'll look at it as a postive thing, having so many fans in Germany;) Maybe they'll even talk about it on one of the showsXD And tomorrow he's in Paris, I hope there's video of that too...
And friday, finally the first real live performance of Love So Sweet!XDD I can't wait, I've been trying to picture it for so long;P If only the CD I ordered would be here this month..:S Anyone want to place bets on what kind of outfit it'll be?;P
Saa, hajimarimashou:D This time I have the translation of the MMA from 07.01.27 with Jun and Nino and Sumo-kidXD

Nino: Arashi's-
Jun: -Assault-
Both: -Children's Dinner~.
[Announcer: In place of parents who are busy everyday, Arashi cooks dinner. Arashi's Assault, Children's Dinner!
(writing). This week's request is from Katsuhikaku's Iwamoto-san. writing: Tokyo metro. area, Katsuhikaku. Father,
Iwamoto Yuuji-san (35), Food service management. Mother, Iwamoto Noriko-san (33). Announcer: They say that since
the club their eldest son is in is having a parent meeting, they would like Arashi to come cook dinner. (writing)]
Jun: Isn't it that kid? (writing)
[writing: Huge!]
Jun: A completely different physique from all the people around him.
Nino: Eh, you're very hard to associate with.
Ryuuta: Gue~! (writing)
Nino: Huh?
Jun: Careful! That's dangerous you know! What's with you?!
[writing: Attack!]
Nino: You came to make an attack? You do sumo? Huh, so that means...
Ryuuta: Yes, it's me... (writing)
[Announcer: This is the eldest son Ryuuta-kun (writing) It seems that due to his robust physique he's taking part in activities
in a kids' sumo club.]
Jun: Right now what do you-
Nino: About what is your stature right now? (writing)
Jun: Why did you go silent?
Ryuuta: Stature? 140-something? (writing)
Nino: 140-something?
Ryuuta: (bodyweight) is over 76kilos. (writing)
Jun: He's bigger than me! (writing) He's bigger than me, in weight.
Nino: Ehh? Then, your year? What (year) are you? (writing) Year 4?
Ryuuta: Elementary 4 (4th year). (writing)
Nino: 4?
[Announcer: Here is the eldest daughter, Hinano-chan. A slightly shy 2nd grader. (writing)]
Nino/Jun: Nice to meet you~.
Jun: We ask for your favor.
Nino: If you please.
[Announcer: Also, the couple who sent the postcard, Iwamoto Yuuji-san and Noriko-san. (writing) writing: Iwamoto
Household's siblings. Ryuuta-kun (10), glutton, favorite food - meat cuisine as a whole. Hinano-chan (7), air-
head type, favorite food - hamburgers. Announcer: Today Ryuuta-kun and Hinano-chan are watching the house.
Ryuuta-kun is a 76kilo 4th grader, just a little bit plump. Speaking of which, the father has a request for
Arashi... (writing)]
Yuuji: If possible, cuisine without meat... (writing)
Nino: Cuisine that doesn't use meat. (writing)
Jun: Eh, what do you like normally? (writing)
Ryuuta: Hamburgers and ramen and ShabuShabu (like hotpot) and miso soup and nigiri and- (writing)
Nino: He sounds like a producer huh! (writing)
[Announcer: Under brother's influence it seems that Hinano-chan likes meat too. writing: Hinano-chan also
has a partiality for various meats... Announcer: This week's request, he wants them to get the kids to eat
meatless, low calorie cuisine. (writing)]
Yuuji: Bye-bye. If you please.
[Announcer: Without delay the couple heads to the parents meeting of the sumo club.]
Jun: Amazing, there's some kind of...plaque here! (Sumidaku) Sumo Competition...(writing)
Hinano: He has an amazing amount of them.
Jun: Overall victor in the 4th grader division. (writing)
[Announcer: In the house the proofs of Ryuuta-kun's wins, plaques and medals, are plentiful. writing: Ryuuta-kun's
the overall victor in various naughty sumo tournaments. Announcer: Having started sumo at the age of 4, he
gained a name for himself in a short period of time and is now a 4th grade sumo wrestler. However, there are times
when he'll cry during overly difficult practice sessions.]
Nino: Ne, is your brother strong? (writing)
Ryuuta: Nuh-uh. (writing)
Jun: But you were the overall victor.
Nino: You were the overall victor.
[writing: Eh! You're weak?!]
Ryuuta: Yeah but Sumidaku's no good at all. Cause they only have 4 people, so it was a round robin match. (writing)
Nino: Ah, is that so?
Jun: So, if you won aginst 3 people you were the overall victor? (writing)
Ryuuta: That's right.
[Announcer: Here Ninomiya-kun is the first to make an advance. Get a grip, get a good grip...only the strongest
will remain! What's wrong Kazunari the Idle? An easy victory! writing: The man who lost to a 4th grader.
Announcer: Furthermore, he gets sat on by a 76kilo giant!

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Could this be Arashi's premonition of tonight's
dinner?! writing: Exactly what will happen with tonight's dinner preparation?!]
Jun: Eh, Ryuuta likes meat after all? (writing)
Ryuuta: Yup. I like things like hamburgers. I want to eat fried cheese and potatoes! (writing)
Hinano: I want to eat that!
Jun: That's no good, there's a ton of calories in fried cheese and potatoes. (writing)
Hinano: Ah, is that so?
Jun: It's like 'darn' ne?
[writing: Darn~]
Jun: It feels like 'dar~n' huh?
[Announcer: So, Matsumoto-kun, what kind of menu will you go with? writing: Exactly what kind of menu are you
thinking of?! Whereupon...]
Jun: Ah this is good, let's go with this! (writing) How about this? Mince plum bowl. (Minced) Sasami! (high quality
chicken breast) Cause there's no fat at all. (writing) And it's meat. Ah, this is great.
[Announcer: Matsumoto-kun has decided on Chicken breast plum bowl. writing: Matsumoto's dinner menu, minced
chicken breast plum bowl. Announcer: Meanwhile Ninomiya-kun is checking the fridge for ingredients. (writing)
Nino: Jun-kun...there's only meat! (writing)
[writing: Loves meat<3]
Nino: What should we do?
Jun: Why is there only meat in this house?
Nino: Why is there only meat?!
[Announcer: Furthemore!]
Nino: Jun-kun. (writing)
Jun: Yes?
Nino: There's only chocolate! (writing) Seriously. The firdge is set-up like these two are the couple. (writing)
[writing: Chocolate princess, meat prince]
Nino: There's only meat and chocolate!
[Announcer: Mm, leave thinking about the ingredients for later, first you have to decide on a menu! writing:
For the time being, decide on a menu. Announcer: Ninomiya-kun, what are you going to make?]
Hinano: Do it clearly.
Nino: I guess let's make hamburgers. (writing)
Hinano: Yay yay.
[writing: Eh! Meat?]
Ryuuta: Yay.
Nino: Hamburgers?
Ryuuta: Yay.
Nino: All right.
[Announcer: Although the kids are happy, Ninomiya-kun hamburgers are definitely meat! Is this really okay?]
Nino: There were some kind of tofu-type hamburgers right. (writing)
[Announcer: I see, if it's tofu hamburgers then they'll be low calorie ne. writing: Ninomiya's dinner menu,
tofu hamburgers. Announcer: Which is to say, these are what have been decided for today's menu. writing:
Jun, minced chicken breast plum bowl, Nino, tofu hamburgers. Announcer: Both of them seem low calorie and
good for your body. Or so you would think but, Ninomiya-kun, you don't know how to make tofu hamburgers?
(writing) What are you going to do? writing: Cooing begins.]
Nino: So, please clean up the upper curtains.
[Announcer: Here Ninomiya-kun heads outside for some reason. Is it okay not to be cooking? writing: Ninomiya-
kun heads to a neighbouring house?!]
Nino: Eh! Is it okay to just open it on your own like that? (writing)
[writing: trespassing?]
Nino: Is it okay to open it? Hello.
[writing: A neighbourhood woman, Yamamoto Minako-san.
Minako: Yes?
Nino: Umm...
Minako: Yes?
Nino: Umm...
Minako: Yes?
Nino: Have you ever made tofu hamburgers? (writing)
[Announcer: Ohh, he's come out with a plan to ask a neighbourhood woman for a recipe. (writing) I see ne~]
Minako: Strain the tofu and compress it, put in diced vegetables, (writing) put in potato starch,
put it into a mixture of eggs and potato starch, and grill it. (writing)
Nino: Is it okay like that? (writing)
Minako: It's good like that.
[Announcer: Meanwhile Matsumoto-kun, who is making the minced chicken breast plum bowl, is...]
Woman: Yes?
Jun: Good evening. Good evening.
[writing: Neighbourhood woman, Shitawaki Naomi-san]
Jun: Please pardon me.
Naomi: Good evening.
Jun: DId you cook dinner?
Naomi: Ah, right now...
Jun: Ah, I'll help, I'll help.
Naomi: No no no!
Jun: Ah, I was kind of thinking I'd like to see your fridge- (writing)
Naomi: No way no way no way! (writing)
[Announcer: It looks like he's gone out to borrow ingredients from the neighbourhood. He just forced his way
inside. We're sorry ne~.]
Jun: Ahhh! There it is!
[writing: Treasure ahoy!]
Jun: This is...chicken breast. This is chicken breast. So you have (minced) chicken breast! (writing)
Naomi: ...yes...
Jun: This is what I wanted. (writing)
Naomi: Ah! Then..go ahead. (writing)
Jun: Eh! Is that okay? (writing)
Naomi: It's fine.
Jun: Eh, is it really okay?
Naomi: Ah, go ahead, go ahead. Yes.
Jun: Afterward, afterward umm...please charge Ryuuta-kun's mother. (writing)
Naomi: Yes. Understood, yes.
Jun: By all means. There's nothing at all in that house! (writing)
Naomi: Ah! Is that so? After all... (writing)
Jun: Nothing came out of that house but chocolate and sausages... (writing)
Naomi: Right ne~! (writing)
[Announcer: Ninomiya-kun is also searching for ingredients in the neighbourhood. (writing)]
Woman: What do you want? (writing)
Nino: How about carrots, and onions, and tofu? (writing)
Woman: We have tofu too. (writing)
[Announcer: People of the neighbourhood, we thank you for your cooperation! writing: A bumper crop!]
Jun: I partook of some (Minced) chicken breast and pickled plums! (writing)
[Announcer: Just as Matsumoto-kun breathed a sigh of relief after getting hold of the ingredients a terrible
reality comes across... (writing)]
Jun: Ne, do both of you hate pickled plums? (writing)
Ryuuta: We hate them! (writing)
Jun: You should say that sooner! Won't you just try eating some pickled plums? (writing)
Hinano: No way!
Jun: The sweet ones? (writing) You probably always eat the salty ones-
Hinano: Boo~. (writing)
Jun: Don't say 'boo'. Just eat this, it's tasty.
Nino: He said try eating it.
[Announcer: Matsumoto-kun is desperately trying to get them to taste test them. writing: Evacuation]
Jun: So so just eat a tiny one...
Ryuuta: it's no good today!
Jun: Why are you so irritated? (writing) This is kind of sweet.
Nino: Eat it.
Hinano: You hate it?
Jun: What are you doing?
Hinano: He hates it.
Jun: No good?
Nino: His tension's gone done an incredible amount.
[writing: Nose dive]
Hinano: I hate it... (writing)
Nino: Time?
Jun: You don't like it that much?
Hinano: Yes.
Jun: Now I've done it...Ok, I understand.
[Announcer: Matsumoto-kun is back where he started. His menu is undecided. writing: Matsumoto, Worried at not having
decided a menu. Announcer: Ninomiya-kun is also worrying about something. writing: One more worried man.]
Nino: Is it okay with silk? The tofu (for making the hamburgers). (writing)
[Announcer: Here is the question~. When making tofu hambrugers which do you use, cotton tofu or silk tofu?
(writing) The one used often is cotton tofu. writing: Let's use teh cotton tofu with the scant water content.]
Jun: Eh, what, what- what kind of flavors do you like?
Nino: It's cotton isn't it? (writing)
[Announcer: Bingo! Correct Ninomiya-kun! However, there is still something he doesn't know... (writing)]
Nino: She said I have to strain the tofu... (writing)
[Announcer: When you're making tofu hamburgers you need to strain it. writing: The way to strain tofu.
Rest the tofu on a paper towel. Squish the tofu up finely. Announcer: If you don't do this the finished
product will be all gooey. writing: Heat for 2 minutes in a microwave (500w). Announcer: If you use a microwave
it's really simple...but Ninomiya-kun, do you know how to strain it? writing: Completed! Point; heat in the
microwave without plastic wrap. Announcer: Um, when you're strain the water from tofu with a microwave you
can't use plastic wrap. On top of which, it would have been better to squish it first!]
Nino: It'll be like 'vvvt, ding!'?
[writing: trickle trickle]
Nino: Isn't this kind of questionable? To what extent should I strain it? Yamamoto-san... I have no idea...(writing)
[Announcer: the greatly perplexed Ninomiya-kun squishes the tofu to pulp this time. Next he uses paper towels
to wring out the liquid with his fingers but...is this okay? By the way, Matsumoto-kun, have you decided on
a menu?]
Jun: Hmm, soy sauce and mirin in the sake...
[Announcer: Matsumoto-kun puts soy sauce, sake, mirin and ginger together, then applies it to the chicken breast.
(writing) No matter how you look at it, it appears that he's making Grilled ginger chicken. And...is it already
completed?! (writing) writing: However. Announcer: But, there' in aspect to this menu that he just can't grasp.
(writing) In the end Matsumoto-kun pores over the cookbook to consider his menu one more time. (writing)
Ninomiya-kun is in excellent form. He dices the onions he'll mix with the tofu.]
Nino: You're happy when I put my utmost effort into making it huh. (writing)
Ryuuta: Uncertain. (writing)
Nino: Hey! You're happy right? Hina. (writing)
Hinano: I don't know... (writing)
[Announcer: So, Matsumoto-kun, have you decided on the menu?]
Ryuuta: I've heard of that.
Jun: You haven't eaten it?
[Announcer: One way or another it seems that he'll be doing battle with a menu that neither of the paier have
ever eaten before. (writing)]
Jun: I've decided. I've decided.
[Announcer: He breathes a sigh of relief at having decided on his menu. For the composed Matsumoto-kun a new
tribulation occurs...]

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Jun: Ow!
[writing: Surprise attack!]
Jun: Ow~! I don't believe this... (writing) I don't believe this!
[Announcer: Ninomiya-kun and Matsumoto-kun' dinner preparation.]
Jun: The mother?
Staff: An email from the mother...
[Announcer: At this point, an email from the mother... (writing)]
Jun: 'There was something we forgot to tell you! Please teach Hinano multiplication!' (We ask for your favor!;
[Announcer: Their new request is that they want them to teach Hinano multiplication, since she's not good at
it. (writing) Without delay, multiplication studying with Hinano-chan. Howver...]
Jun: Let's do it. Let's do it. It would be good to do one table. Just do one. Wouldn't it be good to say [I
at least did this today]? (writing)
[writing: Escape. Announcer: Hinano-chan still only has the 1st and 9th table memorized. For the time being
it's only one today. He desperately persuades her to memorize the 7th table. (writing)]
Hinano: Seven and five, thirty~...seven?
Jun: Miss.
[Announcer: For Hinano-chan, who is nad at math, it seems the 7th table is especially difficult.]
Hinano: I quit.
Jun: Don't you give up~! I guess you have to have the usual feeling of wanting to memorize it...
[Announcer: Well well, Matsumoto-kun, have some patience ne~. Meanwhile, the preliminary preparations for
Ninomiya-kun's tofu hambrugers are done. Now he makes the egg and potato starch mixture. (writing) One by
one he fine-tunes the size, all that's left is to grill them. Over here Matsumoto-kun and Hinano-chan are
still in the middle of intensive training on the 7th table.]
Hinano: Seven and nine?
Jun: Seven and nine.
Hinano: Sixty~
Jun: Yep.
Hinano: Mmmm....three!
Jun: Oh, there it is~! The 7th table is done! (writing)
[Announcer: You did it ne, Hinano-chan! However very soon it'll be dinner time...]
Ryuuta: You know, the ones (MMA) you see on TV, the kids are a lot more trouble for Arashi... (writing)
Nino: Everyone of them! Like that!! (writing)
Jun: It's fine, you don't need to be troublesome... (writing)
[writing: Adult proposal. Announcer: By the way Matsumoto-kun, you deliberated on various things, but what
menu did you decide to go with?]
Jun: Ne ne ne...Ryuuta...isn't there any honey in this house? (writing)
[Announcer: Eh? Honey?! (writing) What are you planning on making using the honey? (writing)]
Jun: If you soak the meat in something like this (honey) it'll make it delicious! (writing) In the past-
what, what meat was it? I wonder if it was pork I did it with? I've made soemthing like this before.
And since it made it so delicious... (writing)
[writign: Point; If you soak pork in honey it will get tender. Announcer: Certainly, we're told that if you
soak meat in honey it will get tender. This time Matsumoto-kun is trying it with chicken breast. Will it
go well? writing: Grilled honey chicken breast, grill the honey-soaked chicken breast]
Jun: Uwa, this is extremely tasty-looking. Meat is meat, but you know this is extremely low calorie! (writing)
[Announcer: Ninomiya-kun is also on the last step, beginning to fry the hamburgers. But, isn't it a little
low on color? Ah, that's it, a tasting.]
Nino: Ah, I'm going to give it this flavor. I guess it's sauce after all~. For this kind of thing it's sauce
I guess.
Jun: I kind of mixed sauce and ketchup...Hina said she likes this kind of sauce. (writing) So that would
make it easier to eat.
Nino: I think this might be better! (writing)
Jun: She said she's hungry. Are you hungry?
[Announcer: Hinano-chan, just wait a little longer ne? writing: Tofu hamburgers, grill the hamburgers in
such a way that they don't lose their shape. Announcer: Ninomiya-kun's hamburgers are well-cooked. That's a good
color! He made so very healthy tofu hamburgers. Finally, by putting on Hinano-chan's beloved sauce they're
completed! writing: The low calorie healthy menu is completed! Announcer: The cuisine the pair worked their
utmost to prepare is this. The one Matsumoto-kun made after worriedly deliberating is this, the grilled honey
chicken breast. (writing) Ninomiya-kun is doing battle with the tofu hamburger recipe he was iniated to by
a neighbourhood woman. In the end, will it suit the palates of the children who like meat? writing: Time to eat!]
Nino: Yes, so, let's say 'thanks for the food', ready, and-
All: Thanks for the food~.
[Announcer: First is Matsumoto-kun. The appearance is very appetizing, the grilled honey chicken.]
Jun: How is it? Big bro? (writing)
Ryuuta: It's pretty delicious.... (writing)
Jun: Pretty delicious?
[writing: Solicitude?]
Ryuuta: If it wasn't burnt it would have been more delicious. (writing)
[writing: His real inentions are revealed... ]
Jun: Sorry.
[Announcer: Huh? The children's response is not very good. Next are Ninomiya-kun's tofu hamburgers. writign:
Hinano: This is super unpleasant. (writing)
[Announcer: Uwa...Ryuuta-kun and Hinano-chan's faces have gotten clouded. On top of which, they said it was
'super unpleasant'...]
Nino: It's been a while since I was at such a gloomy dinner table. You, eat some more (tofu) hamburgers! (writing)
Ryuuta: Cause they're even less delicious than I predicted. (writing)
Nino: Surely it's not even less delicious than you predicted.>< (writing) Right?
[writing: Judgement. Which was more delicious? Announcer: Ryuuta-kun, Hinano-chan, despite this, pick one of
the cuisines ne? writing: Judgement, raise your hand for the one whose cooking was the most delicious.]
Jun: Which one of the cuisines was most delicious...I won't say delicious anymore! Which one of the cuisines
are you still able to eat. Please make your decision on that. That's what I think. People who think the
tofu hamburgers that Kazunari-kun made were most delicious, raise your hand!
[Announcer: Which means that...]
Naomi: Both;P
Jun: Thank you very much.
[writing: The grilled honey chicken breast, Matsumoto's victory!]
Jun: We really weren't able to make them happy today.
Nino: Yeah.
Ryuuta: It wasn't hamburgers! (writing)
Jun: Ahh, I'm glad.
Nino: Ow!
[Announcer: Ninomiya-kun's tofu hamburgers are a complete failure. writing: The losing Ninomiya-kun does the
Nino: It's not even funny.
[Announcer: Although it looked fairly delicious huh. But, it doesn't suit the children.]
Yuuji: We're home.
Nino: Welcome back.
Jun: Welcome back.
Nino: It was a little tough...
Yuuji: How was it?
Jun: Which was better?
Ryuuta: This one was more delicious.
Jun: You should be a little more honest.
Nino: Huh, me? Mine was?
[writing: Arashi's Assault! Children's Dinner. Iwamoto Household. "I wonder how this could be. I didn't win.
They were solid. The carrots... Thank you very much!" - Kazunari. Grilled ginger chicken breast. "I myself
thought it was delicious... But in the end they told me they wanted to eat soumen." - Jun. Next they're assaulting
your home! Announcer: We're really sorry about today. We'll work hard next time ne.]
Jun: We went... (writing)
Nino: Yup.
Sho: That's all you're going to say?
Nino: That's how it is.
Sho: Why are you so low tension?
Aiba: Eh? Now you've done it...
Nino: They told both of us that it was unpleasant... Sorry... (writing) But this is us 'screwing up' ne?
Aiba: I see ne.
Nino: This time we'd like to hear everyones accounts of 'screwing up' this, or 'screwing up' that okay?
[writing: The members' 'ah~ I screwed up' episodes]
Aiba: Once when I was with Captain, when were doing karaoke, we were with Tokio's Matsuoka-kun right?
[writing: The time when they went to karaoke with Tokio's Matsuoka-kun]
Ohno: Ahh, we did ne.
Aiba: At that time this guy screwed up.
Jun: What did you screw up?
Aiba: Ne? This guy screwed up. Matsuoka-kun said 'okay, I'll sing'.
[writing: Matusoka-kun himself sang Tokio's hit song [Flower Song]]
Aiba: Just for fun. [Flower song].
Nino: Ah, [Flower Song].
Aiba: Ne? The one that goes lalala, right? So while he was singing that Captain said "This is unpleasant,
whose song is this?!". About Tokio's song. I was thinking "Ahh!'. I thought he was being deceptive, but
Matsuoka-kun's veins started throbbing, and he jumped up and said [I'll give you a lesson!]. He got mad
at me. He did it, but it came to look like I'd done it!
[writing: After the customary Johnny's Jimusho visit to the temple, they all went for udon.]
Sho: Um, after Johnny's Jimusho went for the first temple visit, we go to a kind of tiny udon shop. Everyone
got into their own little groups to look at the menu, and put in an amazing order. But midway through,
[writing: News, Kanjani 8 went home after ordering.]
Sho: -the News guys, and the Kanjani 8 guys left early.
Jun: After ordering?
Sho: After ordering.
Jun: Even though they ordered.
Sho: Even though they ordered.
[writing: Employee [The person with the 'moon-viewing' udon?]]
Sho: The employee went 'The person with teh 'moon-viewing' udon?' There was no answer. (writing) 'The person
with the 'moon-viewing' udon?' And when I said 'Didn't they go home?', Mori Mitsuko-san (looking hungry)
said, 'It's mine...' (writing) This guy's just shaking with laughter.
Aiba: I was thinking this guy screwed up, so while hiding my face I was like 'You've screwed up now~';P
Nino: The drama that I'm appearing in [Dear Father] is currently airing at 10pm on Thursday nights. (writing)
Please watch it everyone.

Wow, it's funny how those kids said they didn't cause as much trouble for Arashi as on other episodes, but they both managed to physically assault the boys at one pointXDD Seriously, what the heck was that girl doing??;P "Oh, you're not entertaining enough, here let me fix that"XDD Good grief...;P And poor Nino getting squashed by Sumo-boy;) Plus, Ohno insulting a Tokio song and Aiba getting freaked out on, poor Aiba, he always gets the blame ne?XDD Still don't quite understand how, some cosmic mix-up maybe...;P Then Sho inadvertently trying to send back Mori Mitsuko-san's food!:D Too funny...ahhh, I love the MMA talks so much<3

Also, I did some short article translations, but what could they be...oh, sorry, I got distracted by the scansXD

The sweet tenjostyle requested a translation of the tiny article in AnAn, and although my eyes kept roving over the Jun's *ahem* bellybutton, I managed it somehow;P I know everyone's already seen these a million times, but for the sake of consistency (and having them here to look atXD) here's the scans too, credits to emeree...I think someone already did a translation of this, but this is my version:3

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

he way to love a man
Being bewitched by Matsumoto Jun's nudes.
Both heart and body are naked, this is what it is to love a man.
A youth, and a grown man. Matsumoto Jun's look, voice, bearing...their equal allure is magnificently harmonious,
enchanting our hearts. Because of the supple yet strong limbs he has revealed for the first time today, we want
to believe in the reality of loving a man.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Writer - Oomori Mika

Once everything has been stripped from his body, it becomes harshly characteristic (indicative) of whether that
man is "powerful" or "a weakling".
Because anything and everything is exposed.
Not just the supple bones and mucles, the facial expression in the moment of undress.
The richness and confidence inside the eyes.
Matsumoto Jun at that time, was overwhelmingly "powerful".
Being more manly naked than with heavy equipment, slightly unfair.
And you come to know.
The firm speech and actions, the bursting smile that sometimes seems to have resolved barriers, this body is
the base, the heartland, the confidence from which this is all born.
Although the stripped down nakedness is easily wounded, show me more.
And don't show it to anyone.
Because this 23-year-old body is cool to the point of cruelty.

Scriptwriter, movie director. As representative works, [Kimi wa petto], [Kaze no Haruka], [My Boss, My Hero].
Next month her collaboration with NHK, [Good Job], is planned to air.

I really liked translating this, even though it was so short and very acclamatory:3 I wonder if you can tell...

Plus, Jun's part of March Duet, credits to lozetteu:)

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Music really stirs my emotions. Occasionally the music I listened to changes the flow of my emotions, there are
also times when I listen to music for the sake of changing my emotions. For example, if it was a movie it would
be 2 hours, if it was a drama, 1 hour, when it comes to that the time varies...but isn't it amazing how one five
minute song can stir your emotions? I think that's also amazing. I love music ne.
I love it<3 Of course, the way that you can seem as if you have sensations you don't have, have experienced things
you've never experienced. I think using my body to express myself is something I have to do ne.
Although, of course, it's not like I like everyone, when taken all together I suppose I like them (laughs). Lately
the person I like is a 10 year old elementary school kid. I super cute one<3 We're friends ne. A while back he
came to see an Arashi concert, he said that I was [cooler than Harry Potter]. That expression is one that wouldn't
occur to me. It's amazing (laughs).
I suppose nature is also something that influences emotions for me. It's the same with the seas, trees, plants.
I have two decorative plants set in my room. Although I've forgotten the names, they're the ones that give off
negative ions (laughs).
Sunny Days
I like them, because they make me feel good. With just that my tension goes up a little. Conversely, rainy days
bring my tension down ne, lately. When it's rainy days one after another my tension drops uncontrollably (laughs).
I have a fundamental liking for Japanese tea, other than that, Chinese tea, herb tea. That time on [Arashi no
Shukudai-kun] when Watanabe Marina-san was the guest they brought out Chinese tea, it was extremely delicious.
With herb tea, I drink the blended kinds often ne.
Lately, it's been seeing a lot of action! Because it's cold I always have it with me ne. Although I have about
5 of them right now, the one I like is the black and white two-tone scarf that I bought a while back. Although
I'm not picky about materials, I liked that two-tone one from the instant I found it. It even saw a lot of action
in New York at the drama locations.
No matter where I go I shoot things... Although I shoot both digital and film, because my digital camera's in my
bag, I guess lately I've been doing mostly digital lately? Though I take pictures of people I also take pictures
of the scenery. At about the same proportion.
Although I've been saying it for quite awhile now, I want a bicycle ne. The reason I want one is it seems convenient.
Also, I feel the allure of the landscape you can see from a bicycle. I think that the landscapes you can see when walking
or in a car differ from each other, and I think the landscape that you can see when riding a bicycle seems good
This is going to look like a generalization ne. Whether it's the parts that appear or the parts you see, I like
the elements in the nature of entertainment ne. Plays, movies, live performances, songs, TV...many things.

Music as a mood-changer, one of my favorite of it's many properties<3 Or also as a way to keep the mood you already have...and I thought it was really insightful of him to point out that while movies and TV can also influence your mood or thoughts, music can do it in such a smaller space of time:3 I never thought of it that way before...
And what kind of plants are those anyway??XD Never heard of that^^; I want to see that scarf, I wonder if it's the one he had with him in the Tiara Girl photoshoot, it sounds like what he's describing:) Too bad we can't see more of those pictures he's always taking, I wish he could have done some of the shooting on that episode of Shukudai-kun with Marie!=) Would have been interesting to see his behind-the-camera take on 'male sex appeal';) But I'm getting ahead of myself;P

Oh, and if you haven't seen this video, you're going to dieXDD Jun+Ohno<3 OMG, it's too perfect, the music, the clips, every time I see this I laugh so hardXDD Please please, if anyone can tell me how to get this or where to download it, I want it so bad!>_< Hehehe, I'll put the rabid fangirl back in her cage now;P

Roses are red, love so sweet, we'll finally see it live this week!XD

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Oh my god. That video makes me so happy.

And thank you for the translations.
Hehe, it's so awesome ne?XD That girl is a genius;P
You're welcome;)
LOL that sumo kid is cute. Thank you as always. Currently I don't have the time to read all of them, but I will sub it for sure (after this deadline's finished. Guhhh *kicks school*). So I will get back to flail after reading them! Thank youuuuuu *giving you.... chocolate XD Cuz it's valentine*
Yeah, Ryuta is too funny...his sister's pretty weird too;P My pleasure, hope you enjoy the rest too=) Good luck with your schoolwork!:D Mmm, chocolate...my favoriteXD
Happy Valentine, nyanchan ^^ Thank you for the translations as always~
Happy Valentine's Day!:D You're very welcome=)
Happy Valentines Day ne,Nyanchan

Thanks for your translation ^_^

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!:D
It's my pleasure:3
ARIGATOU NYANCHAN for the translations. As usual. ogenki ?

Do you know where I could find the videos of the current Arashi shows ?

SUGOI. the live performance is love so sweet is comming out. Sweet. Do you know where it's showing ?

Like wenever you read his responses to questions, he really is Deep and he really does think about the questions. He's like a 3 muskateer bar, hard on the outside, soft on the inside. makes you look past his doS-ness. Also the video made me uber jealous of Ohno-san because he gets to feel Mj like that. I loved the vids.

O daiji ni nyanchan to Happy Valentines.
Dou itashimashite!:D Hai, genki desu, okagesama de;P Anata wa?
Ah, there's a wonderful site that has them all, here, and she updates it quite regularly=)
The one on Friday will be on Music Station, and I'm sure some kind souls will upload the file within a day of it coming out, just keep checking the forums;)
Haha, Jun as a candy bar, there's more good comparisons there than oneXDD Hai, he has a DoD side, but inside he's a beautiful soul<3 And boy did I ever want to be Ohno in that videoXDD
Kochira koso, Happy Valentine's;)
Nyanchan!!~~~~ You're the best!!! Without your translations I wouldn't understand anything! XD Thank you so much, as always, for letting us English-speaking fans enjoy the Arashi goodness! ^______^
Ah, *blushes* iie, I just do what I can:3 You're very welcome, I'm so glad to be able to help!:)
thanks so much for the translation nyanchan ^^
the first time i watched the episode...i thought the oni-chan would really topple down jun and nino whenever he bumps into them ^^'
It's my pleasure!:D
Haha, really??XDD I guess Ic an see that...;P The way he nearly ran over Jun right at the beginning certainly made it look like he was making that his goal ne?XDD I don't know if anyone else noticed, but when Ryuta-kun was in top of Nino, Jun was pushing down on his back!XDD Yappari DoS desu ne~;P
Thanks as always~ *chocolate and more lucky money* Poor nino getting squished by the "little" boy, though after seeing the latest Shukudai, I think maybe nino picked up a few moves from him? =p
Oh, I'm sure you enjoyed translating the AnAn article very much ne? ;D
OMG that video! I want it as well! all i have is a small gif of the, eh, shaking which repeats over and over again ... *dirty thoughts* XD
You're very welcome:D Yay, I love presents!XDD I loved how Nino just lay on the floor in defeat after losing to Ryuta, too funny...but I think you're right, he was taking notes;P
Hai, I loved every second of it...and there were many of themXDDD
Haha, I have the gif too...but the video is so much love, I must have it!XDD I'd never seen that part where Jun and Ohno pretend to kiss before, that was too funny<3
Thank you nyanchan for the translations! Though I think you're working too hard if you are having dizzy spells. Take a break from computer/translating every once in a while and rest your eyes. We want you to stay healthy ne!
JunToshi is love! The DoS can be so sweet to our Riida. XD I want that vid too.
Happy Valentines Day dear nyanchan. I hope you get to spend a day with 5 great guys who will sing love songs to you. ^__^
It's my pleasure!:D Maybe so, I don't know what else it could be...^^; I keep hoping it'll just go away on its ownXDD But I'll try to take it easy, thanks for your kindness:3
Hai, they're my absolute favorite pairing!X3 Their relationship is just too funny, Jun kisses Ohno, Jun slaps Ohno...;P And Ohno wanders around looking dazedXD Too cute<3
Happy Valentine's Day, I wish the same for you!=) Especially if they're half-naked and bearing chocolate;P
Happy Valentines Day nyanchan! I tried to snag the ohno jun vid the same way i get youtube clips but it didn't work. gomen :(
On a happier note, thank you for the translations! When I saw that kid and nino about to wrestle I covered my eyes and prayed for nino's saftey. I guess Jun doesn't like rainy days, I guess I'm weird because I get so happy when it rains!
~gives nyanchan candy hearts that say: "Matsujun be mine," and "momo wuvs nyanchan"~ <3
Happy Valentine's Day!:D Ahh, well thanks for trying:) Hopefully the girl who made it will let us download it someday...>_<
You're welcome;) Haha, poor Nino didn't stand a chanceXDD I vary when it comes to rainy days...actually, I usually love rainy days, they make me feel so introspective:3 But there are times when if they come one after another I start to feel more and more melancholy, so I can understand where he's coming from too;)
Yay, thanks for the adorable candy hearts!X3
otsukaresama deshita!!!
the video is pure love <3

anyone will do this subs? i can do it! xD Jun bangohan (*____*)
thanks for your translation! i love it so much! more lovely! i will reedit my spanish translation ^^-

take care! x*
Doumo doumoXDD
Hai, it's so perfect!XDD If only it went on for another few minutes...and was on my HD right now;P
yuckie_chan said she will sub it, maybe you can share the wwork?;)
You're welcome dear, I'm so glad you like it!:3 Loveliness to go with the lovely picturesX3
Hai, anata mo, genki de ne!:D
the video killed me! so much raburabu!! ahhhhhhhhh juntoshi!! I love this pair, I swear. ^_^

I love how his feelings are in relation to the weather. I don't like rainy days too.. especially if I have to work XD Really dampens my mood. Though it'll really be a different feeling if I'm home and it rains. ^_^

Thanks for translating nyanchan!

Haha, totally!XDD They're so awesome together, and to have all these fanservice moments collected in one clip...*dies*XD
Hai, I love how he looks at everything in such an ethereal way:3 So on days when you stay home and it rains you like rainy days?;)
It's my pleasure!:D
Thank you nyanchan, Happy Valentines day dear
Jun: That's no good, there's a ton of calories in fried cheese and potatoes.
heeheehee, jun is counting calories like a weight obssessed girl. i have never heard a boy saying this. then again, this is Jun, everything is possible.
MMA was great. believed or not, i was so caught in HYD2 world that i totally forgot about it MMA and i just remembered a week ago. but it was so funny and scary at the same time when that girl jumped on jun. poor baby it was such a shock to him. so suddenly. i was shocked myself.
his liked and dislike, the more i know, the more sad i get. me and jun have no or very little common interests. not a tea person at all. specially herbal or green tea but don't mind strong black tea sometimes. not very fund of warm and sunny days. love cold weathers and don't mind cloudy days and rainy ones too. but nature, i love plus taking pictures too. but i am still toatlly attracted to him. because it's jun.
thanks nyncahn
You're welcome!:D Happy Valentine's=)
Haha, I've heard boys say it before...actually, I didn't think it was all that weird, the boys have to watch their food intake carefully...Sho was saying how he tries to avoid carbsXDD I thought that was much funnier, imagining Sho on the SOuth Beach diet;P
You forgot about MMA?XD Well, it's nice to have a lot to watch ne;) Poor Jun, I have no idea why she did that!>_< It looked painful...^^;
Ahh, well, being opposites is not always a bad thing...=) I lvoe tea, especially green tea<3 But I can't handle caffeine very well, so I can't drink it often^^; You like cold weather?? Wow, maybe you should live here, all the cold you could ever wantXDD Sou ne, no matter what he's irresistable:3
Thanks for the translations again! Happy Valentine's Day!

i thought that sumoboy kid was kinda funny..haha..and i agree, his sister was uh..somewhat off.
and poor Aiba for taking the blame all the time! but really..Ohno and his comments really never fails to surprise me! XD

OMG, that nude pic *dies*

i went to that korean blog and watched the video..amazing! she really is brilliant..the music, beat, and how it blended well with the assorted OhnoxJun moments XD The only new clip that i've never seen was the one where they both were wearing black..Jun was REALLY close to Ohno's facing..like kissing him but not really yet..wonder which concert that came from..

Ah, it's my pleasure!:D Happy Valentine's DayXD
Those kids were both a little weirdXDD Ands the music they played whe Ryuta-kun first appeared....man, I felt a little bad;P
I know, I can't believe Ohno said that!XDD I was wondering if he was being facetious...and of course, Aiba gets the blame, I'm really starting to feel bad for that boy;)
Isn't it awesome?!<3 His eyes...in the one where he's lying down, they get me every time<3
Ahhh, that clip is too good...every time I see it I have to watch it like 3 timesXD I haven't seen that part before either, I wish I could find it...well, I want the whole darn videoXDD
jun being affectionate = FTW
thanks as always!!
oh and if anyone links you up with that ohno/jun vid please drop me a line ^-^ i've watched it like five times now;;;;
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