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On time for once!;P

When I started translating I had my own little release schedule and whatnot, and I manged to keep it up for about 3 months...before I kept getting later and later;P This is the first time in a month I've been able to post on time, I'm quite impressed with myself (although that's probably nothing to be proud ofXD) It's Spring!:D I'm so happy, spring is my favorite season, and the snow is melting, the sun is shining, there's a sweet, warm breeze drifting around...the birds have come back and every time I open the window my cat goes nutsXD If only I could live indefinitely in this season, or at least alternate between spring and fall, with a week or two of summer and winter in between;P Because really, I don't like the extremes...they're nice for a few weeks, as a change, but after that they drag on forever^^; The cool, greyness of fall and the warm green of spring are all I really want:3
For those who are not on Vox, I posted some new from a recent Johnny's FC email about the boys:

Arashi's appearances~

[Odoroki (astonishing) no Arashi! Experiment Highlights (temporary name)], Japan TV, March 23rd (Friday) 4pm~4:25pm.

[Odoroki no Arashi! Unepredictable for even the Experimenters of the Century Special 2 (temporary)], Japan TV, March 23rd (Fri.) 7pm~8:54pm.

[Resolving the Worries of the Modern Person! An Urgent Live Broadcast! The Door To Tomorrow! (temp.)], Fuji TV, March 31st (Sat.) 3:30pm~ (1st part 3:30pm~5:30pm (eastern local), 2nd part 6:30pm~8:54pm)

Nino's appearances~

[Haikei, Chichiue-sama Pre-Finale SP], Fuji TV, March 22nd (Thur.) 2:07pm~2:30pm.

[Fuji TV Minute], Fuji TV, March 22nd (Th.) arounf 2:30pm.

Sho's appearances~

[Se ni mo Kimyou na Monogatari '07 Spring Special Edition], [The Talent Ball] (which means apparently a candy that can awaken talent/power in someone, temp.), Fuji TV, March 26th (Mon.) 9pm~11:18pm.

Yay, more baka experiments, and hopefully some new ones as well as the 'unseen' footage:D Most of this is old news I guess, but it's a little more detailed is all^^

Today's main event is the Shukudai-kun from 07.02.12 with Harisenbon and the Sumo battle for Nino's loveXDD

Sho: Arashi's homework begins~!
Ogura: Valentine's is close isn't it?
Sho: That's right ne.
Ogura: So for that ne, how many trucks full does everyone get? (of chocolates)
Sho: Well...we don't get those ne.
Ogura: Eh? You don't get any from other groups?
Sho: No that's weird. That's weird.
Nino: That's weird.
Sho: We don't get trucks of them. Does Ogura-san get them?
Ogura: Well, I got them in the past ne.
Ohno: How many did you get in the past?
Ogura: In the past the ones they gave me, or spoke to me about, was something like 30 or 40 you know? (writing)
All: Eh!! (writing)
Ogura: By and large they were from girls on the staff. Lately even the girls on the staff don't give them. (writing)
Jun: Ah, is that so?;P
Nino: That was an extremely low voice just now;P (writing)
Sho: So then, let's call out our guest without delay. Today's guest is the Harisenbon pair, come on in~!
Haruna: Hi there!
Sho: Please take a seat.
Haruna/Haruka: Yes, excuse us~!
[writing: Harisenbon (means ballonfish); Kondou Haruna (23), 23 years without a boyfriend; Minowa Haruka (27),
27 years without a boyfriend. Announcer: Since it's close to Valentine's, today's guest are the Harisenbon pair.
Although it appears that they both like the samne type of guy from Arashi...]
Haruna: This week, since it's close to Valentine's, since you all aren't given very much ne, we thought 'those poor
things'. (writing)
Nino: 'Poor things'?:p
Sho: 'Poor things'?
Haruna: So today we thought we'd give you some presents of chocolate from us. (writing)
Nino: Oh, thank you very much.
Sho: To both of you.
Haruna: Happy Valentine's~!
Ogura: Oh, thank you! Really, thanks.
Haruka: Happy Valentine's~!
Jun: Ah, thank you! I'll partake.
Haruna: Happy Valentine's~.
Sho: Thank you.
Haruka: Hey, from me. (writing)
Haruna: No, I'll give it to him. I'll give it to him, to Ninomiya-san. (writing)
[writing: Aiming for Nino]
Haruna: No from me!
Haruka: From me.
Haruka: From me!
Haruka/Haruna: Happy Valentine's~.
Ogura: What a melodramatic Valentine;P
Aiba: Ne~, wait a minute. That's fine and all but you haven't given me anything. (writing) What is this tiny gift?
Haruna: That's fine isn't it. Cause it's out of duty. (writing)
Aiba: That kind of pisses me off!
Ogura: The two of you like Nino?
Haruna: Yes!
Haruka: Ah, well yes.
Haruna: So because of that we could change seats ne. (writing)
Aiba: What?
Jun: There's no need for that!
Haruna: Let's make it like a group date! (writing)
Sho: So, this is the homework for Arashi segment~! (writing) Ninomiya-kun.
Nino: Yes, your favor please!
Ohno: Go for it!
Nino: So, today's submission is from Saitama-ken's Windless-san.
Aiba: Windless-san.
Nino: Yes.
Ohno: Windless-san.
[writing: Homework from Windless-san in Saitama-ken (5th grader), see Nino]
Nino: 'Lately our science experiments have been experiments with vaccuum. Since they're so much fun, please try
doing some things that have been intriguing me that we don't see in class.'
Jun/Aiba: I see.
[Announcer: Which means that today's experiment is seeing what will happen when various things are put in a
vaccuum. (writing) This is an experiment done with Arvac's employee Suzuki-san.]
Nino: To start with ne, water. You can see it there ne, the water. Excuse me. This here.
Ogura: I wonder if it will suck it all up at once.
Nino: Right. This is water. If we put water in the vaccuum what will happen ne? (writing)
Haruna: Eh, the water...
Nino: If you put the water into the vaccuum machine, what will happen to it?
Aiba: What will happen ne, with this ne.
Nino: Ne.
Haruka: The water will become extremely delicious. (writing)
Haruna: Who's going to verify that?
Haruka: Like the chalk will be removed. (writing)
Nino: Like the chalk will be removed huh.
Ogura: You think it might get tastier ne.
Haruka: Yes.
Nino: SO then shall we try putting it in and see?
Aiba: Yes.
Haruna: Yes.
Ogura: Does this make it an instant vaccuum?
[writing: It uses a pump to suck out the air in the glass case, creating a vaccuum]
Suzuki: Well ne, um, it's almost instant, it's about 3 seconds til it becomes a vaccuum.
Haruna: In three seconds?
Suzuki: It'll go out rapidly, the air, it'll be a complete change
Nino: Shall we try it and see?
Haruna: Yes.
Nino: Suzuki-san, if you please.
Suzuki: Yes.
Sho: This is cool.
Nino: So, becoming a vaccuum.
Jun: Oh, what will happen?
Aiba: Come on, come on!
Nino: When it becomes a vaccuum...
Ogura: It becomes, in a sense, like it's boiling. (writing)
Ohno: Eh? Why?
Nino: There are bubbles from the bottom.
Haruna: Eh, what's this?
Nino: It appears to be boiling heatedly ne. (writing)
Haruna: It looks that way, it looks that way.
[Announcer: There must be many people who think this result is unexpected. Since a vaccuum reduces atmospheric
pressure the boiling point goes down, so it even boils at room temperature. (writing) Well then, this is...]
Nino: This is what we're experimenting with.
Jun: What?
Nino: Tada!
Jun: Tea? Beer?
Nino: Beer!
[writing: Experiment 2, what will happen if you put beer in a vaccuum?]
Haruna/Aiba: Beer!
Jun: Won't it become carbonic acid?
Nino: This is beer right. If you please, older sister.
Haruka: Ah, it's beer ne.
Haruna: Beer.
Ogura: Since this is malted, I suppose something even more amazing will happen? (writing)
Nino: Oh! I see.
Haruna: That's right, with this ne! I mean, since the water just now was all bubbling up, wouldn't this become
explosively so? (writing)
Ogura: Well, since there's foreign matter in it...what will happen huh?
Ohno: I get it! It'll all become foam. (writing)
Nino: It'll become foam.
Suzuki: I'll start it.
Nino: If you please!
Sho: It seems likely huh.
Ogura: The base is water after all.
Nino: When it becomes a vaccuum...
Ogura: Water and carbonic acid-
Haruna: Ah look, it's already...!
Nino: There it is, there it is!
Haruna: AMazing!
Sho: Look look! It turned out just like you said! (writing)
Ohno: It's turning into foam! (writing)
Sho: Ne!
Haruka: Interesting~!
[Announcer: In vaccuum conditions the carbonic gas inside beer expands and tries to instantly escape, making
bubbles, and in the blink of an eye the bubbles burst. (writing)]
Nino: So, the next one is this! Tada!
Aiba: What is that?
Nino: Ice water.
[writing: Experiment 3, if you put ice water in a vaccuum what will happen?]
Jun: Ice water?
Nino: Well just now we had two of them ne, that expanded or bubbled up. So...if you put in solid items from the start,
what will happen ne? (writing)
Sho: I see.
Ogura: Won't it fly around? (writing)
Nino: Like 'bam!'.
Aiba: Ohh-
Nino: Cool.
Aiba: -Ogu-san's kind of cool ne.
Nino: I kind of, I kind of want to see that ne.
Aiba: I want to see it.
Jun: I want to see it ne.
Ogura: Something like that ne.
Nino: What do the two of you think will happen?
Haruna: Well, since ice has air in it ne...so somehow it'll look like a huge, beautiful crystalization will
appear from the inside. (writing)
Nino: Then? As you would think, it'll explode? (writing)
Haruna: As you would think, it'll explode.
Nino: So, let's try it and see. Suzuki-san, if you please.
Suzuki: Then let's try it, yes.
Nino: Let's make it a vaccuum. This is the ice water.
Suzuki: Yes, here we go.
Nino: Watch carefully. Everyone. Look. What's happening?
Haruna: The water is bubbling ne.
Nino: It's coming out.
Aiba: It's coming out.
Jun: The ice is...
Haruna: That's fast!
Sho: Fast ne.
Suzuki: Very soon a change will occur. (writing)
Nino: Seriously?
Sho: Seriously?
Aiba: Eh, is it okay to get close to it?
Suzuki: It's okay ne. Yes.
Nino: Ah! (writing)
Ogura: Cracks are appearing.
Nino: There it is! (writing)
Aiba: What happened?
Nino: It's solidifying! (writing)
Ogura: It's solidifying?
Nino: Look here, these ones...
Haruna: Ah!
Nino: See, bubbles are coming out.
Haruna: Like the juices in grilled gyoza!
Nino: That's easy to understand, that's the easiest way to understand.
Sho: Eh, so it's freezing? (writing)
Nino: This here and this here-
Ogura: Everything around it's freezing.
Nino: -these are freezing. Here, here.
Jun: It's true.
Nino: Everything around.
Ohno: Eh, why?
Haruna: Eh, ah, amazing! The three of them became one!
Aiba: Uwa, amazing. (writing)
Jun: But why? (writing)
Aiba: Ah, amazing!
Haruka: It's sticking.
Aiba: Ah~, amazing! (writing)
Nino: Shut up! (writing) Shall we take a look at it?
Sho: It went in. (the air)
Ohno: It went in, the sound was nice.
Jun: Oh, it's frozen!
[writing: It's hard]
Aiba: Oh, amazing, this is what we all wanted.
Haruka: Amazing.
Nino: Why? Why?
Jun: Why does this happen?
Aiba: Why?
Suzuki: This ne, as you would think, as the atmospheric pressure drops the boiling point rises. When the boiling
point rises the water begins to evaporate. That evaporation takes heat-
Ogura: Vaporization heat.
Suzuki: yes, vaporization heat. Since the effect of the vaporization heat is fast, by evaporating away from the
ice it instantly takes all the heat and lowers the temperature. So it becomes ice. (writing)
Aiba: Eh? So in conclusion? In conclusion what does that mean?
[writing: A non-comprehending face]
Haruna: He more or less summed it up.
Aiba: That was more or less?
Nino: He just more or less summed it up. Amazing ne. Speaking of which, let's move along to the experiment's result!
Aiba-san, if you please! (writing)
Aiba: It's me again?! (writing) Again?
Nino: Yes.
Aiba: Experiment result! Shocking chestnut chestnut chestnut buns! (writing; a pun on bikkuri (shock/surprise), and
kuri (chestnut)...doesn't translate well unfortunately)
Haruna: Amazing. They didn't even have that at the (Yoshimoto) training institute. (writing)
Ogura: Eh, this is homework from the Harisenbon pair.
Both: Yes.
Ogura: Homework for the audience. Investigate and submit unusual pasta! (writing)
Haruna: Yes.
Jun: Pasta?
Ogura: You like pasta?
Haruna: As you would think girls like pasta ne~. (writing)
Sho: Why are you making such a girly face?
[Announcer: For this homework there were 148 submissions from across the country. (writing) From among those. today
we're introducing a few for Harisenbon to try out. (writing)]
Jun: Today we brought them. All the way from the stores.
Ogura: From the stores?
Nino: That's nice ne.
Ogura: Which means that they're tasty.
Jun: Yes. Eh, first is Kondou-san, from Akasaka studio's [Zen]. (writing) This here that he brought is stone-cooked
pasta, [harmony] seafood. (writing) Apparently he's putting in white dashi soup.
Haruna: Uwa, that's nice!
Kondou: So now you just mix it up, there's egg in there too. If you'll excuse me.
Haruna: Yes.
Ohno: That'll be tasty.
Haruna: That'll be super tasty, it looks delicious!
Sho: This'll be delicious. Eh, then, Kondou-san we're going to let them partake of it.
Haruna: Eh? Is that okay? Like this?! (writing) Like this??
Ogura: Well I thought you were just going to taste it.
Nino: She can't eat it at all like that.
Haruna: AH, please separate it~. (writing)
Aiba: He's getting angry. (writing)
Haruka: If you please~.
Nino: I'm getting angry.
{Ogura tells them to taste it and Haruna thinks its delicious, and creamy;P The parts that are cooked are a little
crispy, and as she's talking about it she spits a bit of food at Haruka. Next is from Itaban in Yokohama, pork
broth and onion soup spaghetti. Sho asks what's different between this and ramen and everyone says it's the noodles.
Ogura says that since the noodles are different it suits this kind of sauce better. Haruna says she thought it
was Italian, but it turns out to be Hakata (cuisine), and everyone laughs at how surprised she is, then some
food flies out of her mouth again and Sho yells at her to stop spitting food outXD Nino says it's interesting
that she does it, but she has to stop. They agree it's delicious and Ogura comments that their eating speeds are
completely different. Haruka agrees that she's slow, she eats the noodles one at a time. Jun says that it'll
get cold. Haruna says it takes her an hour to eat once piece of fried chicken, and it's because of her teeth.
Haruka says that because her teeth stick out so much it's hard to get them to meet when she chews, but Sho says
that must not be the reason;P Haruka says that though she's 27 her chewing will probably be the end of her;P
She's says it's like she's an old woman. The next one is from Nihonbashi, it's gnocci kebabs. They both agree
it's delicious, Haruna says it's all squishy and soft, and Haruka says it's like you're lost in the woods...which
no one understandsXD They agree it's the cheese, and ohno lvoes it too;P
[Announcer: So, from here are original pastas thought up by the audience for Harisenbon. (writing) Starting with
Jun: Tada. It's salted fish entrails. (writing)
Sho: This'll be delicious.
Nino: Uh, it's extremely bad-looking.
Aiba: Yes yes yes.
Haruna: The appearance is disgusting.
Jun: No no no.
Haruna: I normally don't eat salted fish entrails much.
Jun: You don't eat it?
Ogura: Well, because you don't eat it often it might be kind of hard.
Nino: That's right ne.
Haruna: Here we go~.
Jun: Go for it. Huh, huh?
Sho: She looks like an old monk. (writing)
[writing: They're becoming old men]
Sho: I guess it's amazing.
Ogura: It's a miss?
Haruna: It kind of...stinks!
Ogura: Maybe the oil got a little cold. (writing)
Sho: What do you mean 'the oil'?
Jun: Eh?
Sho: What is that? Is there some kind of oil in there?
Ogura: Well-
Sho: What's the oil?
Jun: Sorry ne. It's super tasty. (writing)
Sho: Eh?
Jun: This is super tasty.
Sho: Yes yes, this is superbly tasty. (writing)
Nino: Cause you eat that right now.
Sho: This is superbly tasty.
Ogura: I don't often eat salted fish entrails.
Aiba: This is super super tasty. It's squid ink without the ink ne. (writing)
[writing: ???]
Nino: You don't really have to talk you know.
{Next is small wooden bowl pasta full of playfulness. The flavlor is slightly augmented with consomme soup. The
idea of the small wooden bowl pasta is to be able to eat until you're full}
Nino: Ah, these are for pouring in.
Ohno: That's right ne.
Haruna: At a good tempo.
Haruka: If you please.
Nino: To begin with, why is it us doing this? (writing)
Aiba: They called us up.
Jun: Then, if everything's satisfactory...
Haruna/Haruka: Yes.
Jun: Well then, small wooden bowl pasta begins!
Aiba: All right, go!
Nino: Go!
Aiba: Go Minowa! Go for it! Come on, keep at it!
Sho: This one's fast.
Nino: Go Kondou!
Aiba: Aren't you too slow? (writing) Ne, aren't you going too slow?
Ogura: She's going one at a time.
Sho: Slow.
Aiba: Doing it one - doign it one at a time is no good!
Jun: She's making a face like it's already pointless;P
Aiba: All at ocne, go all at once! I'm waiting for you!
Nino: Yes, go go!
Jun: Amazing!
Aiba: So slow.
Jun: When you get full please close the lid ne. (writing) You two.
Aiba: Yes go! Hurry hurry! Sorry. Hurry hurry! Hey wait a minute! Hey wait a minute!
[writing: Minowa is finished after 5 bowls.]
Aiba: Hey wait a sec.
Haruka: Don't give me anymore.
Nino: Hey, let's both give it to her. Let's go Kon-chan! (writing)
Jun: 'Hey Kon-chan'?;P
Aiba: Here Kon-chan.
Nino: Here Kon-chan.
Ogura: You're going to break her;P
Haruna: You're going fast! (writing)
Ogura: How many bowls did she eat?
Jun: Well, there's a fair amout here.
Aiba/Sho: Kon-chan's amazing.
Jun: 1,2,3,4,...unbelievably, it comes to 56 Kon-chan.
[writing: Kondou 56 bowls]
Aiba: Amazing!
Haruka: Amazing!
Sho: Kondou-san, if you could just give us a comment on this.
Nino: Oh, let it go, let it go;P
Ogura: Harisenbon's image homework. What did you do last night? (writing)
Sho: So, this segment is where we find out what kind of image the audience has of Harisenbon.
Haruna: Ah, yes.
Sho: What did you actually do last night?
Haruna: Last night ne, we did a performance for Rumineza Hoshimoto. In the evening.
Haruka: Yes.
Sho: So after that did the two of you go for dinner or something?
Haruna: Boss here went home right away.
Haruka: Right away.
Haruna: I ne, since my roommate was there we went for dinner.
Haruka: I went home, made udon and went to sleep. (writing)
Haruna: You don't eat it?? You just make it, just make it.
[writing: Submission from Kan-san in Tokyo metro. area, what did you do last night?]
Morisanchuu: Harisenbon can't get by on just being clumsy you know!
Haruka: Haa...
[writing: Bam!]
Morisanchuu: Skill is here! This is where it counts! This is what decides if you can survive as an entertainer!
[writing: Endured a lecture on surviving as a clumsy entertainer from Morisanchuu. Submission from Youko Mommy
in Kanagawa-ken.]
Guy 1: Oh, I'm so happy to be able to have a group date with Harisenbon!
Fake Haruna: Haha, is that so?
Guy1: So hey, say something.
Fake Haruna: Canning Takegawa! (writing)
Fake Haruka: A death god. (writing)
[writing: Wahaha]
Guy2: You're both so interesting ne!
Fake Haruna: Over there master!
Fake Haruka: The station to Egypt...
[writing: Though it was a group date they became a pairing.]
Haruna: What kind of image is that?
Haruka: Morisanchuu-san sometimes take us for dinner.
Sho: Ehh, what kind of conversations do you have?
Haruka: Those times ne, talking badly about people... (writing)
Aiba: Scary ne~.
Jun: Talking badly about people...
{Ogura says that Morisanchuu can't let their guard down because Harisenbon are climbing their way up, the two
say oh no, they really treat us well. Sho asks if anything has changed since they've been appearing on tv a lot.
Haruna says a lot more people talk to them in the city now. For example, ince she was walking alone and a pair
of Yankees (gang) walked up to her, and she was really scared but they said 'it looks like you don't have a
boyfriend, but keep trying!' and really encouraged her;P She thought they were extremely ncie people. Sho
asks Minowa-san and she says that until just recently she was fairly poor. Nino says that it still looks like
they're fairly poor;P Haruka says that now she's become able to buy things she wants, so she's been collecting her
favorite mini-cars. Ogura agrees that mini-cars are interesting andf Nino thinks it's wonderful. Aiab asks why
mini-cars and she says originally she liked big cars like trucks. Haruna says that earth movers used to get her
really fired up;P Ogura asks if a 20-30cc motorcycle isn't enough, and Haruka says that she wants to ride on
the back of the big vehicles. Everyone agrees it's dangerous and weird;P}
Sho: So you don't have lovers? (writing)
Haruna: Right now we don't have one.
Sho: Eh, 'right now' meaning...?
JUn: You haven't had any up until now right?
Haruna: Ge! (writing) Although we haven't had any up until now...
Nino: What was that? What was that?
Haruna: The small wooden bowl noodles from earlier just came back now. (writing)
[writing: You know that well because you are it...]
Nino: You're starting to seem like a little old man;P
Aiba: Why is that? (writing)
Haruna: Well um, when I was in 6th grade I confessed to somebody. So when I confessed though a friend, that boy
liked my friend ne. At which point they started seeing each other, my shutter of love slammed down and
the lock sealed right up. (writing) And I still haven't been able to get that to-
Ogura: Is that so? Um, there's nobody who will open it for you? (writing)
Haruna: That's how it is. So I thought that if there was somebody here who might have that key... (writing)
Ogura: Well then! (writing) What kind of-
Haruna: 'Well then!'? 'Well then'?!
[writing: Ogu-san just cut her right off]
Haruna: That 'well then!' just cut me right down!
Jun: Ogura-san! Today you're just amazing!
Haruna: It was a break like an editing point. (writing)
Jun: Ah, amazing.
Haruna: 'Well then'.
Ogura: Well then, so among these guys, for example Nino, Nino's fine, in what kind of situation would you like
to have a date? (writing)
Haruna: I have some of those.
Ogura: You have some?
Nino: As you would think, you have them ne.
Haruna: I have some of those, cause I'm full of wild ideas. I ne, the two of us on a date-
Nino: Hang on a sec, I'm listening too, and I'm scared of hearing what your 'opportunity' is.
Haruna: It's good! It's definitely good!<3 (writing)
Nino: I've got a really bad feeling all of a sudden!
Haruna: When we're on the date we'd go to a park, and there'd be a stray dog. And seeing the stray dog I'd be like
'Oh, the poor thing!' and just start bawling. Seeing that, Ninomiya-san would be like 'Oh, she's so cute!'
and would embrace me from behind. (writing) I would embrace the dog, and Ninomiya-san would embrace me.
Ogura; -would embrace you.
Haruna: Yes,
Ogura: Is that so.
Nino: See, from the second half on it was 'Ninomiya-san would'. (writing)
Haruna: Yes.
Nino: Not 'him' or something.
Ogura: What about Minowa?
Haruka: When I'd be on a date, midway through it would start raining.
Jun: And you didn't bring an umbrella.
Haruka: With no umbrella. And since nearby there would be a roof, Ninomiya-san would say 'let's shelter from the
rain'. Then, since the roof would be small the two of us would suddenly get closer and just embrace.
Jun: I see ne.
Ogura: You want to try that?
Haruna/Haruka: I want to try that~!
Sho: So, why don't we make a request ne? (writing)
Haruna: We did it!
Haruka: We did it!
Jun: Do it for them.
Haruna: Yeah!
Ogura: You know, because I think it'll be a lot of trouble for Nino with either one of you, (writing) why don't you have
a contest.
Sho: A contest?
Ogura: Have a contest, to find out which one of you will get to do it? (writing)
Sho: I see.
Haruna: Eh? A contest??
Ogura: For example, if the two of you did sumo. (writing)
Haruna: Sumo! Let's go with sumo! (writing)
Haruka: Eh? Hang on-
[Announcer: Which is to say that, in order to determine who will get the delusional date with their beloved
Ninomiya, the Harisenbon pair will compete in earnest in a sumo competition. (writing)]
Aiba: This is scary huh.
Sho: They're complete opposite.
Ogura: A one-shot contest? Ready...
[writing: In the end what will be the upshot of the contest? Announcer: In order to determine who will get the
delusional date with their beloved Ninomiya, the Harisenbon pair will compete in earnest in a sumo competition.
Ogura: Ready! Let's go~! *gibberish*
Jun: They're serious!
[writing: It's serious!]
Ogura: The winner~!
[writing: Minowa is the victor! Announcer: It's been decided that Minowa gets to go on the delusional date with
Ninomiya. Without delay they have a date-set-up meeting, shortly it's time for the performance of the love etude.
writing: Ninomiya and Minowa's embarrassing date.]
Haruka: This park's kind of nice ne. (writing)
Nino: That's right ne. It feels good ne. (writing)
Haruka: The kids are smiling too. Ah! It's raining! It's raining. What should we do? (writing)
Nino: Eh, somewhere, let's go under there. (writing)
Haruka: Ah, yeah!
Nino: Ne.
Haruka: Ah, the roof's small ne. (writing)
Nino: Kind of ne.
Haruka: Hey, you know... (writing)
Nino: Hm? (writing)
Haruka: Do you see me? (writing) Ah, I made a mistake, sorry!
Nino: Ah, you surprised me!
Haruka: Sorry. Do you like me? (writing)
Nino: I like you. (writing)
[writing: It still continues...]
Haruka: Hey!
Ogura: You know, the two of you just decided on your own you were clumsy entertainers, but you're cute ne.
[(writing) If anyone cares, their debut single [Tomodachi no Uta] goes on sale March 7th...;P]
Ogura: I think you're cute, keep working at it from now on too.
Haruna: Ah, yes.
Ogura: Although I don't think I'll be working with you a second time. (writing)
[writing: This week's honours student is... [Small wooden bowl pasta] submitted by Italian Daughter-san in Chiba-
ken. Seeking submissions for information on: delicious, unusual pork cuisine; unusual hamburgers; that you know
of. Image homework, what did you do last night? for Fukada Kyoko, Morisanchuu. Announcer: Both the limited edition
and normal edition of Arashi's new single Love So Sweet will be finally be released on February 21st. I can't wait!]

Wow, cheesiness aboundsXDD Poor Nino, becoming the trophy of those two girls;P And who would have thought Haruka would win!=) And they just completely shut down Aiba, so mean!>_< Poor baby:S Did you see the way Jun's eyes glowed when he got the chocolates?<3 On his radio show he said that he doesn't really get that excited about Valentine's anymore, but you can tell from the way he talks about it (see the inteview below) that in the past it was a big thing for him:3 So cuteX3

And for dessert, some light, fluffy, *sweet* articles;P

memory_angel requested a translation of the 'Backstage Popolo' section of the April Popolo issue (well, really only a summary, but once I get started...^^;;) so I thought I'd post it here too^^ Credit to her for the scan=)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Read from top right to bottom left, like manga;)

Ninomiya-san suddenly intrudes on Ohno-san's shoot?!

In the middle of his interview Ninomiya-san catches sight of a camera boy?!
After finishing some work that took a long time the five boys enter the studio at a late hour. Though it's a given
they must be tired, they commanded the interviews with very high powers of concentration.
While doing the interviews and photoshoots the boys were each operating at their fullest. During that interval,
as part of the [Backstage Popolo] shooting, Ninomiya-san said things like [There's a camera boy~] and willingly
Once their interview had come to an end they sat in on the other member's interviews, those who were leaving the
study first would embrace the remaining members... This month as well there were plenty of harmonious Arashi-like

After being told be the cameraman [Please do a manaic pose], this is the pose that Matsumoto-san took.
This is a maniac?

Today's Word; A wise saying?! Nonsense?!
We'll introduce today's word!
"Even now I still can't properly tie a necktie (laughs)"
Sakurai-san easily handles being a newscaster in his suit. But he's not good at tieing the tie. It seems that at
this point he's in the middle of practicing.

Aiba-sdan laughing uproariously in the middle of shooting. It seems that he's really interested in the words
used by the cameraman to direct him, and for the time being he just keeps laughing.

Matsumoto-san sitting on the sofa reading [Popolo]. That expression is serious.

The one who was the very last at the photoshoot was Aiba-san. But with grins from beginning to end he got everyone


A pose with one leg up please. Repeating [This is embarassing~], Sakurai-san was in quite a state of shyness.

(arrow) Quickly getting along.
Ninomiya-san, who finished his photoshoot first, intrudes on Ohno-san's photoshoot! Together they amicably settled
in front of the camera.

Today's Fashion; the stylist's commentary!
Taking a look at today's outfits!
Ohno Satoshi
A fitting mismatch
A causal bordered cardigan with, fittingly, lame pants that click perfectly and enamel sneakers.
Aiba Masaki
Accent on the feet
A white jacket with ice-blue denim. Since it's a pale tone overall, the camoflage sneakers are the accent.

Today's Food; Tome to eat~!
The release of today's lunch!
Filled to the brim with volume!
Chicken wings and spring rolls, other than that we also readied some rice balls and salad. For dessert we thought
of something healthy, vitamin-filled fuits.

It's so cute how they all hugged each other before leaving, and Nino sat in on Jun's interview (it's an article in an older post) and Ohno's photoshoot<3 Arashi is such a great group, having that level of friendship:3

Also, I translated Jun and Nino's inteview from April Myojo (this post is surprisingly full of Nino huh?O_o) The theme is 'sweet':D Credit to Mori's pdbox for the scan:)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

You want to do it now?
A sweet~ uniformed date

Jun: Free association with [sweet~] is vague!
Nino: For me, honey! It's not just sweet, it has a unique flavor ne. Although I don't usually eat it that much.
Jun: I like sweet things quite a bit.
Nino: I kind of like them too lately. They often provide them with teh refreshments when we're filming the drama,
so I eat them when we're in the studio or on location.
Jun: Ehh, although Nino doesn't really have the image of someone who eats sweet things ne?
Nino: I don't right? Things like senbei right? (senbei is rice and sweet red beans)
Jun: That's right, that's right. When you say Nino the impression of senbei is a strong one.
Nino: Conversely, the senbei with the sugar in it is no good. Because it's rude to say you hate it I don't eat
that much of it.
Jun: In terms of eating sweets lately, wasn't it somehting like someone's birthday cake?
Nino: Now that you mention it, when it was Sho-chan's birthday we all went to go eat dinner with Ogu-san (Ogura
Tomoaki), and we had cake together ne.
Jun: That's right ne. Also, yesterday was a staff member's birthday, so they brought out a cake and we all ate
it together.
Nino: (And here Nino goes) Hey, take a look at this (and opens the March Issue of Myojo to page 131. There appear
Matsumoto's Doumyouji, Nino's chef appearance, and Kanjani8's Yoko...).
Jun/Nino: Uhahahaha!
Jun: Arashi has a lot of range ne. It's wonderful ne, the breadth of our range!
Nino: We have to show it to Yoko-chan too;P
Jun: So, if you were going to have a sweet~ date, what kind of date would it be?
Nino: A uniformed date I guess.
Jun: That's great ne~. Fittingly, right now we wear uniforms too ne?
Nino: That's right, that's right (eh?).
Jun: You know, the other day during some free time from shooting [Hana yori Dango 2] I tried on (Tomiura) Satoshi's
gakuran (black, starched color high school uniform). At first (Matsuda) Shota tried it on, saying [I wonder if it still goes?], so then I tried it
Nino: Could you wear it?
Jun: (Happily) I could wear it! But the sleeves were completely too short ne. I thought "It still works on me too huh!"
Didn't Nino wear one as well in a drama sometime last year?
Nino: It's not a gakuran, but I wore a high school uniform last year too. (for the moving drama [Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi
ga Dekita Ka Na]) On top of which I had the head of a skinhead ne.
Jun: It was influential huh~ (laughs).
Nino: As in, if Jun goes right, I go left? (looking at MatsuJun)
Jun: When Kazu goes right, I go left! (MatsuJun peers into Nino's face, both of the grinning) Trying to do a drama
based on a manga, trying to become a skinhead. Trying to go to Hollywood?
Nino: Trying to love your little sister (laughs). Arashi really does have range ne~.
Jun: If you wanted to have a sweet~ date, then I guess going to the movie theatre to see [Boku wa Imouto ni Koi
wo Suru} would be good right?
Nino: Without a doubt! If you were to see one on a date right now I guess that would be the best. I mean, even if
you go see [Letters From IwoJima], it wouldn't make for a sweet date right. Other than that, if you were
something like a junior high or high school student, cutting class just the two of you...that kind of situation
is sweet ne. It wouldn't matter where you were going. Isn't the thrill of cutting class great?
Jun: This season is where they give out Valentine's chocolate in school ne<3
Nino: Sweet!
Jun: In the past I used to get excited about it ne~.
Nino: When I was in school I didn't have that kind of awkward thing... (his eyes a little distant). But, what would
you do if the chocolates were unpleasant?
Jun: If the chocolates were unpleasant I guess I'd say [they're unpleasant].
Nino: I'd say [they're unpleasant] too. That's not sweet ne (laughs).

Why is this kind of thing in Nino's bag?!

Nino: Do you have times when you're like "I'm still very naive huh~"? For me it was the time when the inside of my
bag got all sloppy. Although lately I haven't had much baggage, by the time I realize it it becomes all
sloppy. What surprised me the other day ne, was when 3 Nintendo DS touch pens came out!
Jun: Why were you carrying those?!
Nino: Exactly! That's where the problem lies ne. On top of that, one that was a different color from the one I
have came out!
Jun: Ahaha. Then, that means you stole them from somebody?
Nino: I have no idea. But you know, it's not like someone would lend them to me right? I don't understand that,
I thought, I'm still quite naive huh.
Jun: Ahaha. I also have a lot of times when I think I'm naive. For example...when I can't be honest. I think that
about romance, or anything outside of that. The me who can't honestly say things like [Thanks] or [I'm sorry]
is still quite naive ne.
Nino: Is that so?
Jun: I'm rigid with other people, because I'm the type who's soft on myself (laughs). Although I think that I
want to be rigid with myself, there are times when I get soft. I contemplate it, thinking it's not a good
Nino: I see. Plus, being sweet and being dependable are kind of different ne. I'm often told that [you're good at
being dependable ne]. Although I don't depend on others.
Jun: For Nino it's not so much being dependable, but entering the other person's heart that you're good at ne.
Nino: When it comes to girls...it depends on the person ne. For the person I like I'm sweet. That is to say, for
the person I like I'll become sweet.
Jun: That's perfect! Ninomiya-san, you just said something really good!
Nino: Although people who are still in their teens may not understand this, when you pass 20 that's the time when
you gradually climb the stairs of adulthood more and more. When it's someone I like, I'll forgive them even
if they say something selfish. But when it's someone I don't like...
Jun: You start wanting to smack them ne (laughs).
Nino: Even though I don't hit them... (laughs). When it's a close friend or someone I like, even if they tell
me something selfish it strangely doesn't bother me ne.

Kyaa~ I want to see Jun in the gakuran again, like in Gokusen<3<3 And it still fits, that's so cute;P And Nino's bag is apparently turning into a magic lost and foundXDD Or, he's a klepto and hasn't realized it yet...;P I lvoe the interplay between these two, they bring out interesting parts of each other:3

I hope you're all getting some nicer weather too, whether spring or fall=)


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Thanks for this! Jun & Nino are so 'sweet' haha.
You're welcome!:D Haha, in more ways than one ne;P
Thnx honey for the translation, so funny XDDD ...but the date to the Shukudai-kun is off, it's 02.12.07. The guys are so crazy hehehe
My pleasure, glad you liked it=) Ah, thanks so much for correcting me, I really am losing track of the days!XD Yeah, they're too funny<3

Thank you again

Nyanchan....... what can I say???? It's been such a long time that i haven't read your translation or writen any post. Totally busy!!! Anyway, just happened to be free now and stop by and will catch up all the others of yours. It's so nice to have your translation here. I always be pleasured every time that I read your translations. Big Hug to you... and yeah for the spring there and yeah for the spring has sprung here too. So many things to say but so little time I have. Enjoy the weather.

Re: Thank you again

Ah, I'm sorry to hear you're so busy, I hope you get a chance to relax soon^^ I'm so glad you enjoy my work, that makes it even more worth it:3 Oh, so it's spring for you too?=) Hope it stays that way, you never know with this crazy weather;P
Thanks a lot!! i like when your "post are surprisingly full of Nino" huhuhuhu ^_________^! lol !! Thanks again and again for you hard work doing all these translations and all!! We, Arashi-fans, are glad to have you in the fandom ^0^!!
You're very welcome!:D Haha, I knew there would be some very happy people because of itXDD It's my pleasure, I'm very glad to be in the fandom!=)
Thank you so much nyanchan!!!!
Ah I'm like you about seasons, but I would love spring so much better if all the pollen in the air wouldn't make me sick >//////<
The part with the fake Nino date made me ROFL once again XDDDDD
And the Popolo part where Sho said "HAZUKASHI" with his leg up made me laugh so much! He, indeed, looks really embarassed on the picture XD~ Like "Don't I look REALLY silly like this?"
Loved the Nino/Jun interview too! (where the hell did all those Nintendo pens came from @_x )
Iie, de rien!:D
Ahh, I'm so sorry the pollen is so hard on you...>_< That can really ruin things ne:S Hopefully this year it won't be so bad^^;
He totally looks like 'don't make me do this please'XDD And he can't tie neckties either, too funny;P
I know, perhaps Nino's bag is becoming some kind of magnet for themXD

Ooops forgot something to ask... ^o^

Sorry to bother you again but is there by any chance that you're happened to have a translation of the song "Tashika nakoto"? Thanks a million...

Re: Ooops forgot something to ask... ^o^

Haha, hai, you're in luck;P It's here;) Enjoy~
Thank you for the translations! I especially loved the Nino & Jun one. They're adorable. :D
You're welcome!:D Yeah, they're so cute together, their moods seem to match really well ne=)
thanks for the translation!!! you certainly made my day......LUV NINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's my pleasure!:D I'm so happy to have helpedXDD
nyanchan!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you *pours you with cookies and chocolate*. I haven't downloaded the episode yet *omg I have so many to catch up!*, when I've downloaded this I'll be sure to comment ;) Thank you!
Hehe, dou itashimashite!:D Yay, more cookies and chocolateXDD Well, I hope you have a chance to watch it, it's really funny;P No problem=)
Thank you! <3
Good job with releasing on time!! =p =p [Now if only my experiments would run on time >_<]
I loved this episode~ Watching Nino being fangirled by the guests is both embarassing and humorous, the poor thing. I wonder if this is what 'normal' fangirls are like~ That's gotta be scary~! *I am not like them, I am not like them...*
And that article with Nino and Jun is so cute~ I can understand Nino's DS stylus issue though, I have 4 for some reason... XD

Thanks again~

*tries to think of a way to sub*
You're welcome:)
Haha, let;s see if I can make it two in a row ne?XD Good luck with your experiments=)
Yikes, I'm not like them either, I swear>_< But it was hilarious to see him squirming like that;P
How on earth did you get four of them?? Are any of them yours?XDD Perhaps you two should start a store or something;P
Sorry the format's so hard to sub, I hope you're able to find some way toa ccomodate it...:S
Aggh, I am ashamed of myself for not catching up on reading and commenting on the scads of translations that you've been producing and you're the busy one here! I have no proper excuse except my putting off things. Anyway, many thanks as ever for the many great translations. Even though the summarised versions are supposed to be shorter, their volume still seems pretty incredible. Are they really less work for you? I hope so, truly.

Anyway, I enjoyed the Jun + Nino interview though I found the accompanying photo kind of weird, with both of them squeezing on what looks like the last chair in some unfortunate game of musical chairs, and Nino kind of looking like a snail crawling up Jun's back. Eeep.

Anyway, I agree that the two bring out something in each other. Jun's answers to these generic idol mag questions always strike me as suprisingly sincere and frank, and he'll often seem to give rather personal answers about aspects of his personality. And Nino, who tends to give generic answers to generic questions, but is at the same time a capricious personality who changes according to the situation, takes Jun's cue and follows him into giving more personal remarks. I also get the impression that they speak to each other in these interviews or on tv shows kind of as "equals" in the sense that there's no more dominant one when it comes to stuff like taking the lead or teasing/making fun of one another. (And I can bet that Jun is the one person in Arashi that Nino doesn't whine to!)
Haha, don't worry about it, they aren't going to disappear anytime soon=) It's my pleasure:3 They are less work...when I do them rightXDD I've been falling into my old habit of doing every word, it's harder to break than I thought, got to be a little more aware of it;P
Hehe, your description of the photo made me laugh so muchXDD I honestly didn't see it like that at first, and I think it's cute they're trying to share the chair...but Nino looks like he's hogging it;P
Jun says that he's not honest, but I think he's a lot more honest than he expects sometimes, when it comes to these kind of things:3 I also noticed that Nino seemed more introspective in this interview, I was wondering if it was Jun's influence or if he was just in a rare mood...I think you're right though, they do seem to be quite comfortable just being on the same level with each other, their relation ship is quite a relaxed one and it's nice to see them get along so well:) B ut really, you think Nino would lose a chance to whine?XD

both are so sweet ne! ^^ I think also they are a little naive ne ^.^ that's sweet xD!

No problem^^
Hai, they're both sugar-sweetXD I think they are naive in a different way than we would normally think, it's interesting they said that...:)
Ja ne=)
three DS pens~ how cute! XDD
jun is sooooooo cute too! XD (feel a little Do S already)
and thx so much for the trans, esp the behind the scene in the photoshoot~
choo kawaii!!!!!
Haha, so if anyone's missing one, you know who to write toXDD
You feel DoS?? Or he does?;P DoS in the uniform...*evil grin*<3
You're welcome, glad you liked it=)
Sweet!! (pun!) I'm not sure what I smile at the most, your actual translations or your adorable little personal intros. They kinda play out in my head like you're doing a voice over on a drama or something XD XD XD

I thought I'd read about the boys and Ogura san going out but didn't realize it was for Sho's b-day. Glad to know that a hentai -- and sometimes crotchity -- old man like Ogura takes a shine to the boys. But then he likes to drink, and we know Sho and Ohno like to drink... ^__^;;
Hehe *groans*;P Ah, I'm surprised anyone reads those..XDD Thank you, you're very sweet:3 (not a punXD)

I hadn't heard about them going out until I read it here, but it's funny to imagine them all going drinking together...just how 'pink' would he get then I wonder?XDD *kowai*;P
Thanks for your hard work!~

Yeah, I do agree with you that the interplay between Nino and Jun bring out some interesting parts of each other. ^_^b Smacking someone on the head...LOL DoS to the max yo!~ XDDD

I got really angry when I saw the shukudaikun ep, and now that I know what they're saying...I'm still angry at them for being rude to our Baby-chan...:T__T: Giving him the smallest piece of chocolate...so mean ne...

And Aiba laughing so much during the photoshoot...LOL
You're welcome!:D
Haha, yeah, they seem to be alike in that respect, wanting to hit someone when they annoy youXDD Although I find it hard to imagine Nino actually doing it, whereas Jun...well, let's just say I've got a pretty good idea;P
Totally!>_< He's such a cutie, and always so nice, they had no reason to neglect him like that...:S Poor Aiba, he can have some of my chocolateX3
I wonder what the cameraman said that he found so funny...*thinking*=)
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