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Oops!:D (genki ippai;P)

Minna, how are you? I hope you're doing well in your various endeavors, please try to find moments of happiness no matter how hard or boring it gets:D I am muddling along in my own way too, one step at a time ne^^
Today...I have a big postXDD Okay, I totally didn't intend to do this, I know I'm always talking about how little time I have and really I do...but I'm seriously hooked on Arashi and translating;P So...instead of starting the next episode (which is already late, gomen>_<) I did all these things insteadXD I'm sorry, I really figured I'd catch up eventually, but I'm probably only going to keep slipping further behind, but I think you'll be really happy with what I have to offer instead:D
I'll put the best part it its own post, I think it deserves it<3 So, here I'll start with the MMA from 07.03.03 where Sho and Ohno get a taste of the high lifeXDD

Ohno/Sho: Arashi's assault, children's dinner! Yay~... (writing)
[Announcer: In place of parents who are busy everyday, Arashi cooks dinner. Arashi's Assault, Children's Dinner!]
Sho: That's the way it is today ne, Satoshi-kun? This is the first time we've done this segment together.
Ohno: That's right, it's the first time.
Sho: Today as well there's going to be a helpful sensei coming. (writing)
Ohno: Yeah, but I don't really need it ne. (writing)
Estuko: You don't need me?! (writing) Huh? But I've already come.
[writing: Today's Cooking teacher, Nami Estuko-san, 36 years of housewife experience.]
Estuko: Surely you have need of me.
Ohno: You were over there the whole time;P
Estuko: I was waiting for it, like 'hurry and call me'.
Ohno: Thinking we're no good;P
Etsuko: That's right.
Sho: But...even without Nami-san's help, I can do it myself.
Etsuko: Then what did I come here for? (writing) What should I do-
Ohno: Then please go home! (writing)
{Today's request is from the Umamoto family in Kanagawa-ken, who want to take a drive in their beloved car. Also, it
seems that their eldest son, who just turned five, is turning up his nose at all but the most expensive tuna,
so they're in a bit of a bind.}
Sho: The house's landmark is the Ferrari parked in the garage! (writing) We ask your favor.
Etsuko: They won't eat cheap stuff.
Sho: If this is how they are at 5 and 3, how are they going to live for the next 80 years??
Etsuko: That's true ne~.
[Announcer: The house's landmark is a completely red Ferrari~! Exactly what kind of home are they going to?]
Etsuko: Ah, there are two cars! (writing)
Sho: Ah, it's true.
[writing: Ferrari Testarossa]
Sho: Two cars-
Etsuko: They've got taste.
[writing: Mazerati Quatro Polti]
Etsuko: Amazing huh.
Sho: Hi there, good day!
{Every greets each other, then the announcer explains that the father is the president of a company in Kanagawa-ken
and a huge local celebrity. Today's location is a 300 million yen house, where Arashi will have to cook dinner
for the kids who live inside.}
Father: So, please go ahead.
Sho: If you'll excuse us~.
Ohno: That's a huge door! And then another door! (writing)
Sho: Door and door. (writing)
Ohno: Amazing.
Sho: If you'll excuse us.
Etsuko: Yeah, pardon us.
Sho: This is unbelievable Nami-san.
Ohno: It looks like an onsen.
Sho: This is an automatci door! (writing)
Etsuko: What is that? (writing)
Ohno: That's the first time I've seen something like that! (writing)
Etsuko: Amazing, an aumotmatic door inside a home.
Sho: Ah, amazing~!
Estuko: Watches are an interest of theirs ne.
Ohno: Amazing, open it~. Really ne.
Etsuko: Ah, I'd want that one. This one, this one.
[writing: Frank Muller Long Island.]
Etsuko: Do you keep wanting more, even though you have so many?
Father: Depending on luck.
Etsuko: Ah, so trendy~. Ah, here they are, here they are. Hello.
Sho: Cute~;P What are your names? (writing)
Kazuhide: Umamoto Kazuhide. (writing)
Sho: Kazuhide-kun.
Etsuko: And...
Nagomi: Umamoto Nagomi-chan. (writing)
Ohno: Nagomi-chan? How much is this? (writing)
Sho: That's pretty-
Etsuko: What is that? Diamond?
Mother: That's Cartier.
[writing: Cartier Charms, 3000$ for the cross, 5000$ for the heart...O_o]
Etsuko: Nagomi-chan, please give one to Auntie~. (writing)
Kazuhide: That's no good ne.
{The announcer introduces the tots, Kazuhide-kun,5, easily elated, favorite food highest quality tuna, and Nagomi-chan,
3, crybaby, favorite food is the tails of deep-fried shrimp. It seems that Kazuhide says that cheap tuna isn't tuna at all
and refuses to eat it, causing them a lot of trouble because they have quite a bit and don't want to throw it
out. The mother says that he can tell the difference, he'll say 'this one's delicious' and 'this one's unpleasant',
so Sho says that they want to make delicious cuisine with cheap tuna that they'll be able to eat. The announcer
says that today they'll be making cuisine with cheap tuna in order to get the kids to be able to eat it, and
now the parents leave the kids in Arashi's care and go out for a drive in their Ferrari. (cue Katamari Damashii
music<3) Now on to the kitchen.}
Etsuko: Ah, there's a lot of it!
Sho: There's a lot of it.
Etsuko: There's a lot of it.
Sho: So there is some tuna.
Etsuko: There's tuna.
Sho: Hey Nagomi-chan, there's tuna.
Ohno: She's making a despairing face. (writing)
Etsuko: It's even coming out her nose.
[Announcer: Five minutes later]
Etsuko: Evidently she's cried herself to sleep. (writing) She's sleeping ne.
[Announcer: So, what are the two of you going to make for these little celebs for dinner? writing: The menu for
eating cheap tuna?!]
Ohno: Starting with me.
Sho: Yes.
Ohno: Tada! Tuna Yukkedon. (writing; raw ingredients on steamed rice) I've always eaten this kind of thing, since
I was small.
Etsuko: So your mother made it?
Ohno: My mom made it.
Etsuko: One of her special recipes.
Ohno: Super tasty.
Sho: Next is this, tada.
Estuko: Eh?
[writing: What?]
Estuko: A rock?
Sho: it's really tuna steak. Lately the most tasty tuna I've had is this tuna steak.
{The announcer says SHo is going to make a tuna steak that he's been really interested in since he had it at an Italian restaurant,
and Ohno's challenging with his household recipe for tuna yukkedon. But will the tiny celebs eat it?! Now it's
time to cook, and Sho and Etsuko head to the fridge. Sho says first the tuna, and pulls it out, then Etsuko asks
what he'll use as a contrast and he says carrots. Then Sho says that the tuna steak he's thinking of is completely
rare on the inside, but grilled on the outside, and Etsuko asks if he means white on the outside and red in the
inside and he says yes.}
Sho: I'm going to mvoe along now.
Etsuko: Yes, please move along. I'll watch and take notes.
Sho: Please watch. A cooking revolution might happen. (writing)
{The announcer says the ingredients Sho's using for his cooking revolution are lean tuna, carrots, garlic, butter,
salt and pepper. First he lightly seasons it with salt and pepper, then he puts tons of butter on the surface of
the tuna, while the announcer scolds him saying that it's not toastXD Then he puts some garlic on top and says
it's done, but Etsuko isn't so sure...XD Sho says just watch and wait, he wants to put some water in....which means
he's going for the ...fish grill;P The writing says that according to Sho men cook fish on the grill, and then he
says you have to cook it at low heat, and Etsuko says it's the first time she's heard that. Then he says that while
the fish is grilling he's going to do something else, he learned that recently, and Etsuko says that he's got
good efficiency at cooking. Sho tries to remember what the sweet carrots are called, and the writing says glazed
carrots, using butter to draw out the sweetness. Meanwhile, Ohno asks Kazuhide to show him around the house.
Kazuhide agrees and Ohno asks what the next room is, Kazuhide says the bathroom.}
Kazuhide: The bathroom...over here is the bathub-
Ohno: Uwa, what is this??
Kazuhide: -and up here are the showers-
Ohno: What is this? Isn't it kind of pointless to have two shower heads?
Kazuhide: This one is mama's and this one is papa's.
Ohno: Ah, this is papa's shower? This is a freaking pool! (writing)
Kazuhide: It doesn't look like a pool at all. (writing)
[Announcer: When they go look at the second floor... writing: Something amazing on the 2nd floor terrace!]
Ohno: Yes, what, what is this?
Kazuhide: This is golf.
Ohno: Golf?? What is this??
[writing: Family use golf practice area]
Ohno: Do you play it? Golf? Show me some of your skills.
[Announcer: Since he's a celeb kid, even though he's five he's taking pro lessons, what is his real ability?
Ohno: I'm so relieved! If you were super good I wouldn't have known what to do with myself. (writing)
{Now Sho is trying to skin the carrots to make his glazed carrots, but he's not doing so well...Etsuko is amazed
at his method of just getting little bits here and there, so Sho says casually that he'd like to see her method.
She proceeds to cut of the edges on top and then skin all the way down, Sho is impressed at how fast she is...
and then realizes he forgot about the fishXDD At first it looks really good, all grilled and tasty, but then
he flips it over and it's completely raw;P So, it's a bust and he decides to try it in a frying pan. The announcer
declares tje cooking revolution a failureXD In the preview for the next part Ohno calls his mom for help and
Sho and Etsuko are astonished;P Now it's time for Ohno's family's secret recipe for tuna yukkedon. Etsuko reiterates
that he's been eating this since he was little, his mom's yukkedon, and he agrees and says it's delicious. Estuko
asks if he remembers how to do it and he says yes. So Etsuko says that it goes on top of rice right, and asks
how he's doing for rice.}
Ohno: Heh! It's okay! (writing)
Etsuko: Eh? It's not cooked! (writing)
Sho: It's something you'd instantly get caught on-
Etsuko: How are you going to make a rice bowl withough rice?! (writing)
Ohno: There's that kind of thing too.
Estuko: Come on, you have to cook teh rice, we don't have much time.
Sho: You're cooking rice Satoshi-kun?
Ohno: Leave it to me. You'll eat something suitably tasty! (writing)
[Announcer: That's right. Today the Ohno household's pride is on the line! (writing)]
{Ohno gets the rice in and Sho says it's Ohno-style cuisine, so Etsuko says that she'd like him to let her learn
so she can take it home. The announcer says it's extremely easy to make: first you slice the tuna into little pieces.}
Ohno: Ah, hello? Mom? (writing)
Sho: 'Mom'?
Etsuko: 'Mom'??
Sho: 'Mom'...?
[writing: Ohno-style tuna yukkedon: call mother]
Ohno: Mom, I'm on location right now ne. Um...I'm making the tuna yukke ne. (writing) Um, like, what choice should I
make for the sauce? (writing)
Sho: 'Choice'?;P
Ohno: That's right, that's right, right now I'm in the middle of working. It's not that early tomorrow.
[writing: What conversation is this?]
Sho: Later please!
Etsuko: We're shooting right now ne.
Ohno: Yeah, later's fine. Okay then, see you, yes, thanks, yes~.
Etsuko: He's just having a normal conversation!
{The announcer says that the ingredients for the Ohno household-stul yukkedon are sliced tuna, onions, sesame
oil, eggs, salt, seaweed, pepper, soy sauce, raayu, mirin and garlic. The base for the sauce is soy sauce, mirin
and sesame oil. Once it's well mixed you add salt and pepper to fine-tune the flavor. Finally you add the raayu
and grated garlic, and the Ohno-style yukke sauce is complete.)
Sho: Ah, it smells super good~.
Etsuko: It smells great. When you put garlic in it really improves it ne.
Ohno: Ah, super tasty~. (writing)
[writing: His mother's flavor!]
Ohno: It's super tasty!
Etsuko: It's fantastic?
Sho: It looks tasty.
Etsuko: It looks tasty~.
Sho: I really want to try this, is it alright if I have one?
Ohno: Ah, super tasty!
Sho: Ah, this is super tasty!
Ohno: It's super tasty, I love it!
Sho: Yeah, I love it!
Etsuko: Ah, is that so?
Sho: Uwa, this is tasty! This is an incredibly good menu, really.
Etsuko: Right? It's easy ne. But if you put this on rice like normal and just cracked an egg on it...
[writing: However!]
{In the preview for the next part it turns out that Ohno has a big problem and the children might not be able
to eat the tuna! But now Sho is making the glazed carrots to go along with his tuna steak. Sho is wondering howe
he should cut the carrots and decides to go with the normal round slices, but Etsuko says that's not the kind
of carrots you eat with steak. So Sho asks how to do it then and she cuts them in an elongated fashion, leaving Sho
asking himself what he's just made...which she says are just regular old round slices. Then Etsuko says that
by bevelling the edges it makes it hard for them to disintegrate, and they soak up the flavor easier. And they
look pretty tooXDD Next he boils the carrots for 1 minute in a saucepan with hot water and two tablespoons of
sugar. Now you have to wait for them to get tender and juicy. Meanwhile, Ohno's tuna yukkedon is nearing the finish
Ohno: Ah, it's eggs! (writing) They're quail.
[Announcer: However! (writing)]
Sho: Satoshi-kun.
Ohno: Yes yes?
Sho: We just got an email. It's kind of a big problem! (writing) "Sorry, we forget to mention this but...the younger
child is allergic to eggs, so please don't make her eat any raw eggs." (writing)
Ohno: What about quail? (writing)
[writing: Please don't use eggs!]
Ohno: So if I can't use this ne...
Etsuko: It's okay.
Sho: The competition was in sight huh~. (writing)
Ohno: If not this then- what should I do? If I don't do this then- ah, this is okay. Something like avocado would
go with it ne. (writing)
Estuko: Tuna and avocado ne. (writing) I wonder if they have any avocado...
Ohno: I pretty much don't know the original shape of an avocado though. (writing)
Sho: Eh? Then there's no point in looking!
Etsuko: It's round.
Ohno: It's round?
Sho: There probably isn't any. Usually you don't put avocado in the fridge.
Ohno: Sho-kun, go buy one! (writing)
Sho: Hah?! You should just buy one yourself! (writing)
Ohno: Please go buy one! Please show some cooperation! (writing)
[Announcer: Which means that... (writing)]
Sho: Why is it I have to go buy it?! (writing) Avocado. There it is! Eh! There's black ones...and green ones.
[Announcer: So Sakurai-kun, which is in season? (writing)]
Ohno: I'm waiting for the avocado! (writing)
Etsuko: Ne. Sending him off like that, the poor thing;P Ah!
Sho: Sorry to make you wait.
Etsuko: Yes~! Thanks for your hard work on this cold night ne.
Ohno: He looks like Santa Claus huh.
Etsuko: It's true.
{Sho says there's two kinds, the black and the green, and Etsuko says that the green ones are a month early but the
black ones are in season. The annoucner says that's right, they should go with the black ones, when you can feel
the tenderness with your finger then they're ready to eat. Ohno takes off the shell and Sho says that if eggs are
no good, then avocado was a good choice. Next he cuts it finely and Etsuko says that after all, when you put soy
sauce on avocado and close your eyes it's like tuna, Sho agrees. Then Ohno checks the rice and it's perfectly
Sho: This ne, I was told that [if you wash the rice in hot water it'll rise], by Mori Kumiko-san. (writing)
[writing: Ignored?!]
Etsuko: Huh? Is he ignoring you?
[Announcer: 6:30pm. Kazuhiude-kun fell asleep from waiting. (writing)]
Sho: Nacchan. Show me your pendant.
[writing: Cartier]
Sho: You know this, this pendant...could you give it to Older Sister? That was an icnredibly tiny head shake;P
[Announcer: About that time...]
Ohno: Ah, it's tasty-looking huh!
Etsuko: That's right.
[Announcer: The Ohno household rice bowl is actually completed. Sakurai-kun is also finally moving on to the
actual steak. writing: Add garlic for flavor, then fry teh tuna in the frying pan.]
Sho: There!
Etsuko: It's layers right, it's layers right.
[writing: Broiled style!]
Sho: I guess I should move on huh.
Etsuko: It's cooking.
[writing: Usurped?!]
Sho: Ah, this is tasty-looking! Alright, it's right now! Ahh, this'll definitely be perfect! (writing)
[Announcer: So Sakurai-kun, did you grill it skillfully? (writing) writing: Beautiful!]
Etsuko: That's the way right? Wonderful.
Sho: Ohhh. This is kind of...good ne.
Etsuko: It's good ne.
[Announcer: Now, Sakurai-kun's special mayonnaise. writing: Stylishly putting on mayonnaise sauce.]
Etsuko: That's way ne, cool~!
Sho: But, compared to the parts on the tuna, there's a lot more on the plate.
Etsuko: But there's that kind of thing too, you use it at the end to dip.
[Announcer: Furthermore!]
Sho: Uwa, it's got an incredibly good smell. Ah!
Etsuko: Tasty?
Sho: Tasty!
Etsuko: With just sugar?
Sho: Just sugar.
Etsuko: Really?
Sho: Well there's no doubt that they're really tasty. Mid-sweet.
Etsuko: Well, that's why you saute them with a butter, a little salt. (writing)
Sho: That's why they're not that sweet.
{The cheap tuna coquest menu is finished, and the dishes are, Sho's tuna steak, which has been grilled only on
the outside so the flavor is firmly trapped inside; and Ohno's mother's secret recipe for tuna yukkedon, an item
carrying the pride of the Ohno household;P Now they go to get the kids, but Kazuhide's not getting up, so they
ask Nagomi-chan to wake him...which she does by roughly pushing him all over the place;P Now it's time to eat, and
Sho decides they'll start with his. He asks them to please eat it and Etsuko chimes in, and they both get theirs forks
in; Kazuhide starts gobbling it down. Both Nagomi and Kazuhide agree that it's delicious and Sho looks happy:)
Ohno says not to eat too much, cause there's lots of hisXDD Then Sho asks if it's more delicious than high
quality tuna and Kazuhide nods his agreement! Ohno says it's about time to change over, and Sho says to try his
stuff now, and again Kazuhide digs right in, leaving them wondering if he's sick, sicne he jsut woke up;P But when
Ohno asks if it's delicious....he doesn't look to happy. Nagomi likes it, but Kazuhide seems to have inhaled someXD
Now it's judegment time...}
Sho: Shall we finally move along to the judgement?
Etsuko: That's right ne~. You want to know the outcome ne, quickly ne.
Sho: Yeah, I want to know ne, because they're eating a lot of both of them.
Etsuko: They're eating a lot~. But, please tell us the food that you really think is the most delicious ne. Okay?
So, between the steak and the yukkedon, which was more delicious?
Sho: Ohh! I did it! I did it!
Etsuko: Who? There's no audience here;P
Sho: Ahh, I did it.
Etsuko: Amazing, amazing.
Sho: Ah, this makes me happy:D
Etsuko: Which one was more delicious? That's it. You're popular with the ladies.
[Announcer: The tots votes are one and one, so please decide Nami-san!]
Etsuko: This time it's Ohno-kun's win!
Sho: Again! Again again again!
Etsuko: Well his mother's secret recipe was so good. As for the flavor they were truly evenly matched.
Sho: I'm not happy at all. (writing)
[Announcer: Sakurai-kun...the usual if you please. writing: Sakurai Sho has been chosen to wash the dishes!]
Sho: There's definitely never been a time when I haven't been filmed here (dishwashing)! What about if you
shot me from this side this time...to give a different atmosphere... (writing)
Etsuko: Ahh~, they've returned, look.
Sho: Welcome home~!
Mother: We're home~! (writing)
Etsuko: Well now, in good spirits~. That's great ne~.
Sho: They did it ne, they did it ne~.
Nagomi: I didn't cry! (writing)
Sho: Eh??
Etsuko: I'm shocked~! I'm shocked right now!
Ohno: I won!
Mother: Ah, thank you very much~.
Etsuko: Ah, open it up, inside is what we made today.
Father: [Thank you Mom!]? (writing)
Ohno: Ah, that was from earlier.
Sho: If you could read it later, yes;P
[writing: Arashi's assault, children's dinner, Umamoto Household. Sho: "I made the tuna steak fairly well. However,
it can't compare to the taste of homecooking. Satoshi-mama, 's delicious! Haa...when will I win... Sho". Ohno:
"I made tuna yukkedon! Kazuhide-kun didn't eat very much, but it looked like Nagomi-chan liked it! Thank you Mom!
Nagomi: Come again<3 (writing)
Sho: Ahh! Little miss, please allow me to enter your prescence again;P
[Announcer: Next they're assaulting your household! (writing)]
Sho: This time, I lost again!! Yayy~! I don't win! I don't win.
Ohno: But, both of them were tasty.
Sho: They were tasty. Although I don't really know the reason I lost, at any rate the house was huge!
Ohno: Huge!
Jun: How much was there?
ohno: It looked like a museum, with two stories and such. There were Lassen pictures...hung everywhere-
Jun: The real thing?
Ohno: Yeah.
Aiba: Amazing ne, they were really rich right?
Sho: They have two Ferraris. They have one Mazerati.
Aiba: And?
Sho: The boy this time, Kazuhide-kun, has something he wants his father to buy for him. A black Enzo Ferrari.
[writing: Enzo Ferrari, currently have a premium attached, we're also told they're more than 100 million yen.]
Sho: More than 100 million yen.
Jun: He said he wants this, -
Ohno: In the world-
Jun: -a five year old kid?
Ohno: In the world there are only 399 of them.
Aiba: I wonder if he plans on buying for him.
Sho: He plans to buy it for him ne. When you were little, was there anything you wanted? (writing)
Nino: Money! (writing) I wanted money.
Aiba: No matter what.
Sho: I ne, you know ne...there was a kind of pitching machine that appeared in [Fuuun! Takeshijou]. I thought
that it wouldn't fire, but the toy that Santa-san brought for me, did fire. That was really happy. (writing)
Aiba: Eh? What's this mean?
Sho: Eh? I wanted it when I was small-
[writing: Please tell a story about something you wanted and couldn't get!]
Aiba: It's about things that you wanted and couldn't get your hands on no matter what!
Nino: Ohno-jiisan is convulsing with laughter.
Ohno: Right now Sho-kun has gotten to look more moronic than me! (writing) Ne.
Aiba: There's a fine line when it comes to bright people;P (writing; meaning, between genius and idiocy;P)

HahahaXDD Poor Sho;P How does he always lose??O_o I'm beginning to think there must be some kind of cabalistic conspiracy at work here, he can't really be that unlucky, can he?;P And Ohno calling his mom, too cute:D Too bad she didn't ask him about what color underwear to buy or something equally hilarious, that would have been perfectXDDD And seriously, did anyone else feel like they were watching Cribs: Tokyo?;P I was waiting for them to open the fridge and find it full of Cristal and AlizeXDD That boy is on his way to becoming a real-life Doumyouji, turning up his nose at regular tuna^^; And what does he need a ferrari for, he can't even reach the pedalsXDD

Next, assorted articles; Jun's bit in May Myojo and Josei Jishin, and the Arajin they all did with Ehara Hiroyuki for that Asu e no Tobira show^^

Credits for the scans to Mori's pdbox and lozetteu!:D First is the little snippet from Josei Jishin^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tears: An incident where I was crying aloud...although I even cry at things like movies, lately I guess it would
be a performance that brought me to the point of crying. In the past, watching Downtown-san's show DVDs, Sakao-san
had such interesting appearances that I'd cry with laughter ne. A behind the scenes incident from the movie [Kiiroi
Namida]: this doesn't leave the room but, I don't appear in it much (laughs). Since I was doing a play while every
was appearing in it. Ah, by the way my bangs are a wig. Lately: Lately I've been continuing to do the filming for
"HanaDan", making preparations for the next drama in a sense. Other than that, the rehearsals for the Dome concerts.
We're doing meetings for the rehearsals. But, in my private life things are kind of not doing well, I've been
caught by the pollen. This year is it's debut. I wear contacts, but I have to regularly put in eye drops ne. Even
though up until last year I was completely fine. Even though up until now I liked spring, it seems like I'll instantly
start to hate it. Josei jishin: There are quite a few writers for Josei Jishin ne. When I entered the studio it
was all females, I was surprised. There are a lot of females among the readers too ne. I think Arashi would like
to run on swiftly with a good feeling, so we ask your favor after this as well!

Ahh, poor baby>_< I have allergies too (though not hay fever) so I know how much it sucks...it would really be a shame if this ruined spring for him:S I hope Aiba can help him get some treatment for it, he sounded so stuffed up and miserable on JunStyle>_< Let's send him get well soon wishes:3

Next, May Myojo^^

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Matsumoto Jun/Tears are something that come out when my heart has been swayed

When I went to see the movie I was moved so much I seemed on the verge of tears...it was a kind of a problem ne.
Because normally I don't carry around things like a handkerchief or tissues, if I happen to cry I wipe frantically
at it (laughs). Speaking of the movie theatre, when I was a kid I went to see [Forest Gump] with my family. And,
although I was so moved it seemed like I was going to cry, crying in front of my family is embarrassing so, unable
to endure any longer I jumped out of the seat and took off (laughs). When I was in kindergarten I cried easily.
The first time I was separated from my parents, going to kindergarten, I was probably scared of the environment
full of people I didn't know ne. I remember crying a lot, until I got used to it. Lately I guess I don't really
cry much. They're something that comes out when my heart is swayed, whether it be something happy or something
sad ne, tears are. Because of that, when I see people's tears, it kind of stings. The other day a person who's
always full of energy was depressed and cried. But instead of specifically trying to comfort them, I simply watched
silently. I couldn't say anything but the required minimum, but what kind of words should you give them at a time
like that ne...

Aww, I can just imagine chibi Jun running out of the theatre to go cry in the bathroom<3 Kawaii:3 But really, what can you say at a time like that:S Everything ends up sounding like platitudes or rehearsed lines....sometimes I think it's better to just be there for someone, a calm and accepting prescence or a caring touch can speak louder than words....ne?XS

Finally, the Arajin where Ehara looks eerily close and all the boys seem a little over-the-top;P

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Arajin #51/Ehara Hiroyuki x Arashi/Let's get energetic~! Japan!

Spiritual counsellor Ehara Hiroyuki and Arashi reply in a live broadcast to the queries of the audience gathered
from across the country! This time, although this means they will be co-starring for the first time, well now,
what kind of show will it become...?!

Ehara: The very first time I met Arashi, the thing that drew my eyes was the strength of their auras.
Nino: Fuu~u...(deep sigh).
Aiba: That's great~, we had one.
Nino: Wrong, wrong, wrong!
Jun: (laughs) We had this conversation once in a concert MC ne?
Sakurai: Whether we have auras?
Nino: Would that be a celebrity aura?
{What Ehara-san's talking about is your auras as people!}
Ehara: That's right. Those are good because everyone has their own different color. With all five of you together
it's an "omnipotent aura".
All 5: Ohh! (getting excited)
Ehara: All of you have it, verging on boldness.
Ohno: Then I wonder who would have the most...?
Nino: (laughs) Like I said, that's enough!
Aiba: Let's stop this, asking these things.
Nino: "Ignorance is bliss" they say.
Ehara: Although on the show I'll be pondering together with Arashi about the consultations on worries that were
collected, when it comes to this show it's not just about giving energy and courage to the people of the
world, I think I would be happy if I could get the shining Arashi to shine even more.
All 5: Ohh!! (delighted)
Matsumoto: My heart's kind of started to beat faster.
Ehara: When I went on location with Ohno-kun yesterday for the sake of saving districts that could be worrying over
unhappy events for the first time I also had a fluttering, fast-beating heart, but I will comprehend the
fears and worries of this world as much as possible. I think the people who oblige us by watching the show
will hold a sense of hope for the future.
Ohno: It's true, after Ehara-san went there, they said those districts appeared bright.
Sho: Ehh~. I'm looking forward to that.
Ohno: It would be great if everyone could become energetic, feel positive, even just a little.
Aiba: For that, first we will become brightly energetic. In a way that everyone will have hope in looking towards
tomorrow. To the door to tomorrow...
Nino: You just want to say that don't you (laughs).
Aiba: (laughs) Let's open it, the door!
Sakurai: Oh!, that's great ne, let's open it.
Ehara: Everyone, by all means, please watch.

The way this guy speaks is kind of weird...overly refined and somewhat old-fashioned...and you can tell Nino isn't buying any of itXDD Smart boy;P I guess I'll have to watch the show to see how it goes, but unless something super fantastic happens I'm betting it's a waste of time^^; Still, he did say they have great aurasXDD

Bonus Game!!:D I decided to relax after all my translating last night, catch up on the month's worth of shows I have yet to see (yes...it's so sad:S) and I started with this Zoom-In Super clip^^ Which, I should have known from experience was a bad ideaXDD Anyway, yadda yadda yadda, I translated it;P

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I got it from this post here, so thank you to yamaperfection for uploading it:D

Tsugiharu: Entertainment, Tusgiharu style~! (writing) Today as the appearance of the popular idol group Arashi.
Hatori: Here they are.
(Sho): A singer, a painter, a manga artist and a novelist. Although the paths we're each aiming for are different,
...well, once this has ended we'll meet again in Kinza or somewhere.
Tsugiharu: [Kiiroi Namida], the movie all five of Arashi are starring in. This movie, using teh backdrop of Tokyo
during the rapid growth period of the 1960s, illustrates the clumsy, continuing struggles of the youths.
(writing) And there- Today it seems like super idol group Arashi will be able to have some interesting
socialisation with their fans! Alright, let's go see!
[writing: An Arashi and fans question rally!]
Tsugiharu: In reality, this is a happy special priviledge where everyone in Arashi responds to the fans questions.
First, a question for Matsumoto-san involving a request for him to act out the proposal scene with Kashii
Yu-san that wasn't depicted in the movie.
[writing: Matsumoto-san makes an unscripted proposal to Kashii-san]
Fan: Didn't (Matsumoto) Jun-kun get married (in the role)?
Jun: Yes.
Fan: Do you have any proposal words? (writing)
Jun: Eh?! (writing)
Nino: Tey it out! (writing) Try it out!
Jun: Shigyu-san...please marry me...if it's us, we can do it! Surely we can do it! (writing)
Fan: What is 'freedom' to Ohno-kun? (writing)
Hatori: That's a good question.
Ohno: It's...okay with me ne? (writing)
Fan: Yes!
Hatori: Ohno-kun's parts like that;P
Fan: By all means-
Nino: Ne, it's good wiht Ohno-san ne? (writing)
Fan: Yes.
Ohno: Freedom is...well, there's a lot of things, umm... (writing)
Aiba: You've drawn up a fair bit of sweat there ne, Ohno-san ne. (writing) You drew that up ne.
Tsugiharu: There were various different questions flying in from the fans, and as you would expect Arashi was
[writing: Overwhelmed~...]
Tsugiharu: Which is to say that, I myself further went on to try asking Arashi some questions.
[writing: Direct interview]
Tsugiharu: Pardon me! This is Zoom-In Super.
Sho: Why are you dressed like that? (writing)
Aiba: You surprised me.
Tsugiharu: Matsumoto-san, please look this way. (writing) Would it be alright if I asked you some questions?
All: If you please!
Tsugiharu: Well, everyone's fashion sense is exceptionally high, but when it comes to women's fashion, where do
you look? (writing)
Hatori: It's starting with Aiba-san?
Aiba: For me it's shoes ne? (writing)
Tsugiharu: Shoes, it's the feet?
Aiba: The feet. I start with the feet. I attack from the feet. (writing)
Jun: The feet?
Aiba: Yes.
Jun: Yeah~, that's-
Tsugiharu: It's not about the method of attack... (writing)
Jun: Erotic ne~;P
Aiba: It's not erotic at all!
Nino: Rather than fashion, people with pretty hands. (writing)
Jun: Bare-handed?
Nino: Bare-handed.
Sho: What about the life-line? (writing) Should the life-line be short or long-
Nino: Well I think it's better to have a longer one than a short one. (writing)
Aiba: That's right ne, as you would think ne.
Jun: What about the marriage line? (writing)
Nino: The marriage line, well-
Aiba: 1 line or two, which is better?
Nino: 1 line is better ne. (writing)
Aiba: 1 line ne.
Ohno: What about the success line... (writing)
Nino: The success line... (writing)
Sho: There's a success line?
Jun: I don't know if there should be one of those or not;P
Sho: So which is it then?
Ohno: This, this.
Sho: This is the success line?
Ohno: This is the success line. (writing)
Hatori: I wonder if that's true...
Tsugihara: Well, I'm going to change questions now. Is there anyone other than Ohno-san who thinks they'd be a
suitable leader? (writing)
All: That ne, there's none of that ne.
Sho: As you would think, Ohno-san is the best ne. (writing)
Aiba: The best.
Ohno: Aren't I! (writing)
Jun: When we're in the middle of doing an interview I feel like it's a shame you have to do it together with us.
Nino: I have no idea how many times you've saved us. (writing)
Aiba: That's right ne.
Ohno: Go forward with a feeling of caution! (writing)
All: Yes, sorry.
Tsugiharu: He's a good patron ne, among the exceptionally close Arashi members.
Hatori: Arashi has nice team work ne.
Tsugiharu: Hatori-san is also a good old friend ne.
Hatori: That's not the case, but I love Arashi. I mean, when everyone was singing ne, they all went to Karaoke
Box and were singing 'A.ra.shi'.
Tsugiharu: I see.
Woman: But the leader, I heard this a little while ago, Ohno-san himself said that he won it, he just won the
Tsugiharu: He won at janken.
Woman: Is that so?;P
Tsugiharu: Well, you know ne, it seems that Arashi watches Zoom-In Super as well.
Hatori: Ah, is that so?
Tsugiharu: They said 'Hatori's gotten big too huh?';P
Hatori: Thank you very much. [Kiiroi Namida] ne, is great.
Tsugiharu: It'll be released on April 14th-
Hatori: It's very close, by all means...
Tsuguharu: Yes, I think we'd like everyone to take a look.
Hatori: Well then, next is the news.

Hehe, Jun proposing againXDD Lucky girl;P That accent's strange ne~^^ I wonder if Ohno ever got around to actually saying what freedom isXDD And Aiba likes feetO_o Really, how could anyone not take that in an erotic way?XP Silly boy=) Just a cute little segment:3

Okay, my excitement has waned a little...but I'm sticking with my original plan of separate posts, so I'll end this one with a baka little idea I thought up while working on something else....it's a poem, the title is, 'I can read your mind';P

Jun rhymes with spoon,
what thought has that brought?XD

I'm very sorry, that was uncalled for;P:)free web stats

バカみたいXD でも、楽しい~:3


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Thanks dear for the translations! what a big post xP

wow~ i was touched with Jun's article about tears.... kya~ it's the topic for us these days ne? that we watched the movie that make Jun cried... (watashitachi mo) and then, yesterday finishing the dorama more tears... hehe~

I can understand that... when you have someone in front of you crying... good words are hard to make... but you know, i have an angel that found the perfect words for me <3 ^^

hya~ thanks for the Zoom in translation! I watched an another news clip that appears an escene of Jun doing the scene... but in zoom in it's better the scene =)

ne~ i want an scene for him that he need to cry a lot...UUU Like Ryo with 1 litre of tears hehehe~ i want to cry with him xP but crying like i did with 14sai... not as 1litre T.T

I have allergies too... but i like spring too =)
You're welcome!XDD Hai, I outdid myself;P Though it wasn't intentional...XD
Hai, I lvoe that he is such a sensitive boy<3 Sou ne, everything is tears latelyXDD
I am so happy, I have found such an angel too<3
Hehe, this is the only news clip I've seen;P Lately I worry if I watch something I'll want to translate itXDD Baka da na~XD
Ahh, that would be really good ne~>_< Crying with him would be amazing^^ Let's hope he gets something like that!X3 *crosses fingers*
Hai, allergies don't mean you have to hate spring...I hope he doesn't start to hate it:S
YAY!~ Thanks for translating all of this!!

I'm really happy that I got to know what was going on in that ep of MMA. Those kids are spoiled rotten ne. Woo~...I still can't believe that they had that kind of door (the automatic sliding one) in their house...sheesh. <.< And yeah~ I can't believe that Sho looses all the time...it has to be a conspiracy or something. I love how close Ohno is with his mom. X3

Jun crying at a movie theater...I've done that a couple of times...<.< But Jun is a sensitive man ne.

LOL I love how Nino isn't into 'spiritual auras'...XD Ah~...

Aiba's a 'foot man'? o.O...that's...interesting. And we all knew that Nino is a 'hand man'...*shakes head*...That little segment was interesting.

Thanks again!~
Hehe, it's my pleasure!:D
Yeah really, I'd hate to meet them when they grow upO_o Seriously though, didn't seeing that door in their house make you think they had a convenience store in there?XDD It's too weird;P He defines the term 'momma's boy', I couldn't have believed it unless I saw it myself=)
I've done it too...but only when there wasn't any in the same row to see meXDD I highly identify with hiding the tears;P
Nino is the voice of reason here, I was hoping he'd tear into Ehara with some of his trademark sarcasmXDD
Those are two of the body-parts I would have least guessed as their 'favorites'XP I mean, Aiba's always talking about 'silhouettes' (oh please, we all get it;P)...
No problem:)
LMAO Aiba XDDD;;; hahaha,he is so childlike sometimes xDDD;

Ahh thank you very much for translating these ^___^!! m(_ _)m
Totally!XDD Btw, I lvoe your icon, too funny;P
You're very welcome:D
Ohno&Sho is love LOLOLOL

When Ohno called his mom .. *melt* he looked sooo cute xD
no wonder he is mother's boy xD

Nyanchan .. thanks a lot for your translation ..

Really appreciate all your hard work!
Yeah, his expression was so affectionate, he's just adorable:3
It's really my pleasure, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!:D
thx for sharing!!!
ah! men who wear pink and cry. WHAT NOT TO LOVE?
No problem!:D
I know right!XDD As long as they don't start watching The View and bitching about bloating we're all good;P
Ohno: Right now Sho-kun has gotten to look more moronic than me! (writing) Ne.

I know I'm simple minded, but this part made me laugh sooo hard! I watched the end of this MMA and wondered why the others were looking at Sho funny and why Ohno was laughing so hard. Now I know!! Thanks again for the transaltion, sweetie!! <333
Haha, me too!XDD Poor Sho, that's a pretty harsh one too;P Hehe, you're very welcome, I'm so glad I could help:3
the part where he jumped out during Forrest Gump is so funny XD

The other day a person who's always full of energy was depressed and cried.

wonder who it was ?

thanks as always, Nyanchan<3
Sou ne~, he's such a silly boy<3
I was wondering that too...my natural assumption was that it was someone in his private life, but then I started wondering if it might be Aiba since we know how he can get going>_<
My pleasure:D
Thanks~ *easter eggs*

There seems to have been lots of talks with Jun about crying lately huh? Or maybe it's just a standard question? Anyways, he sounds like such a crybaby when he was small. Imagine going to the toilet and finding chibi!Jun crying there?? XD
The [Asu e no tobira] thing was a bit freaky. Only watched a bit. Didn't understand that much though. I really don't understand why arashi was involved in such a thing in the first place :/
Ooh, my first easter eggs this year! *so happy*^^
Actually, I probably should have clarified, it didn't occur to me until you mentioned it...these interviews are all accompanying pieces on [Kiiroi Namida], so that's where the 'tears' idea came from;) They even went so far as to make the font yellow in the Myojo one^^;
Apparently he was a chronic crybaby!O_o It seems impossible to believe now, but that's what everyone says...aww, if I saw chibi Jun crying I don't think I'd be able to stop myself from squeezing himXDD
I have no idea how Arashi got involved with that thing either, although Jun apparently likes the psychicO_o Is it worth trying to translate?^^; It seems kind of creepy...
uwaaaa~ chibiJun crying is adorable~ ^^ but to know that he still cries til now is...i dunno...refreshing? Poor Jun has allergies ne? Get well soon! ^^ (or he's probably well now coz interviews are taken at least a month before they're released right? well anyway...)

Thank you so much as always~! ^^
Sou ne~~!<3 And it's somehow really easy to picture...poor dear:3 I'm actually really impressed that he'll just openly admit to it, I can't stand how guys can be so closeted about their feelings^^ Hai, hopefully he's better already, he deserves to be happy and healthy>_<
You're very welcome!:D
Thanks for translating this!

Aww poor Jun! I too have started to get sore eyes so the evil that is the hayfever season has begun. Not to mention I completely understand how annoying it is when you're wearing contacts too and you have to put the eye drops in!

It is always slightly embarassing when you're caught crying in the cinema so i can see why little Jun went to cry in the toilet. *huggles him*
It's my pleasure!:D
Ohh, I'm so sorry to hear that:S I hope it'll pass quickly and without too much difficulty>_< I can sort of understand, I have an eye condition that gives me allergy symptoms out of nowhere, can't even wear contacts anymore really...^^;
More than slightly if you ask meXDD Poor darling, he's such a cutie<3
Yay for the Mago Mago translation!!
I don't have a cute comment to make as I haven't watched this episode yet :(
But I wanted to say thank you before I forget (^o^)
Yay~!=) (sorry, got caught up in itXD)
Aw, I hope you have a chance to watch it soon, it's pretty great^^
You're very welcome, hope you enjoy it:)
thanks alot for translating these <3 <3 <3
"if I happen to cry I wipe frantically
at it (laughs)." <<<< dats just toooooooooo cute
It's really my pleasure!:D
Sou ne, he's adorable~<3 It's probably like when he was in 24jikan terebi, blinking and sniffing and trying to hide, maybe he should start carrying kleenexXDD
Thanks for all the translations! you did a lot!!

so aiba likes feet *looks at feet* :D

Poor sho had to buy the avocados for ohno LOL! It looks like the boys will do anything for their leader XD

You're very welcome, I actually surprised even myselfXDD
That's right, polish up those toes and parade 'em past him!XDD
I know, and he still lost!XP Poor Sho...and it was so funny to see Ohno pull rank on him, he does it so rarely;P
i didn't know jun was already emotional when he was a kid. thanks for the translations. it's been a long time since i read jun stuff. :)
Yeah, apparently he cried at the drop of a hat, it's so cuteX3 It's my pleasure, okaeri;P
Thank you for the translations!!! Ohno was quite cute there while calling him mom. And the part where Ohno yelled at Sho to get some avocados cracked me up! ^^
You're very welcome!:D Sou ne, I was hoping the conversation would go on a little longer...XDD Sho and Etsuko's jaws just dropped;P Poor Sho, he can't win for losingXDD
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