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Tooku hanareta hitotachi no omoi

Well...it's been a week...those pants ain't making it back I guessXD But today I got my JR pass, so looking through the little accompanying pamphlet made me feel a little better^^ They really have a lot of different trains in Japan, and they all have their own namesO_o Here in Canada we have only two major train companies, and it's usually more cost effective to fly, so my only experiences on a train were in Europe. I'm kind of looking forward to it, I lvoe new experiences...but someone at my work advised me not to look backwards out of a shinkansen, apparently that's a great way to make yourself really sickXDD Dou darou na~;P Chotto waku waku shimasu neXD
Happy Birthday Nino!:D Here's to another great year, may your wishes come true:3
De wa, let's move along to this week's action packed post!:D Beginning with, the Oedo Hakkenden MMA from 07.03.31^^

[Announcer: With an old map in hand they are walking the streets of today's Tokyo. There they will find unmapped
legends and armed soldiers! Arashi's Edo Life Exploration! (writing) This is a map from when Tokyo was still called
Edo. The plot of land called Shibuya village before long changed into a young people's hotspot. From this spot
that used to be the ocean, a new city was born. In the end, can people of this era use a map from old Edo to
walk around today's Tokyo? (writing) With Yotsuya as a backdrop Arashi and Shinagawa Shouji fight an earnest
battle! The places they search out from the map leads to an unexpected discovery! (writing) Eh, Yotsuya was full
of Ninjas?! (writing) You can do it too, Iga Ninja secret training! (writing)]
Shouji: They're following me, they're following me!
[Announcer: There they understand the mystery of Hattori Hanzou. Futhermore! writing: Yotsuya ghost stories]
Sho: This is super scary but something's going 'kyu-kyu-kyu-kyu'.
Sano: That could be O-Iwa-san's crying... (writing)
Sho: Ah, is that so? I'm so scared I can't help myself... (writing)
[Announcer: Yotsuya ghost stories, O-Iwa-san's real situation becomes clear! (writing) With an old map in hand they
are walking the streets of today's Tokyo. There they will find unmapped legends and armed soldiers! Arashi's Edo Life
Exploration! (writing)]
{The announcer says that Yotsuya is now, as in the past, a commuter town. The first thing they're aiming for is
the former Yotusya Gate. (writing) Starting from Hanzou gate are Sho and Ohno, today's Arashi members.}
Ohno/Sho: Yotsuya Gate? (writing)
Sho: We don't know Yotsuya Gate from the beginning huh. (writing)
Ohno: Mm, we have to find it. Yotsuya...there it is!!
Sho: We've spotted Yotsuya Gate~! Where is that now?
{The announcer says the Arashi team is aiming for Yotusya Gate from Hanzou gate. Going by the map if they follow
Koushuu highway heading towards Shibuya they should reach Yotsuya Gate. Sounds good;) Arashi's enemies are the
Shinagawa Shouji pair.}
Tomoharu: As you would think, from what you see it's changed quite a bit since that era. What happened? Ah! There's
a temple! A temple! (writing)
Yuu: Sasa Temple. (writing)
Tomoharu: That isn't there...
Yuu: Look!
Tomoharu: It's there? It's come up?
Yuu: Sasa Temple.
Tomoharu: Where's Sasa Temple?
Yuu: Look here.
Tomoharu: Ah, you're right! Uwaa~.
{The announcer says the pair found the temple on the map, they're heading to Yotsuya gate from Sasa Temple. They're
aiming for the destination from the opposite direction as the Arashi team.}
Tomoharu: -if- It's the train station, for sure! (JR) Yotsuya's! (writing)
{The announcer says he's right, the old map's Yotsuya Gate is the present-day Yotsuya train station. Yotsuya Gate
was built in 1636 by 3rd generation Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu to protect the castle. The present-day Yotsuya train
station was a moat at the time! So, how about the Arashi team?}
Staff: Have you for the most part examined the place where Yotsuya Gate is? (writing)
Sho: That's right. (writing) Actually, we have no visual of it at all ne! (writing)
Ohno: Only we've reached Yotsuya train station! (writing)
Sho: Ah, it's Yotusya. (writing)
[Announcer: At which point...]
Staff: The Shinagawa Shouji team are there. (writing)
Sho: Where? (writing)
Ohno: Ah, there they are! (writing)
Sho: Ah, you're right!
Ohno: This is bad!
Sho: It's good that we've come to Yotsuya station, but we have no idea... (writing)
Yuu: So way back when there was a river flowing here? (writing) That's right, that's the place where it came
Tomoharu: Isn't it here? (writing)
Yuu: Yotsuya station.
Tomoharu: Yotsuya station. It's close to Yotsuya station! (writing)
Sano: So, just now some information has come in. It's a close battle. It's information saying they're both very
close. (writing)
Yuu: It's gotta be Yotsuya station! (writing) Huh? It's Sano announcer! (writing)
Tomoharu: He's there!
Sano: Have you realized it? This here-
Yuu: Here?
Sano: This is the (Yotsuya) meeting place. (writing)
Tomoharu: Yotsuya Gate?
Sano: Yes.
Yuu: This is Yotsuya Gate?
Tomoharu: It was the entrance to Yotusya station.
Ohno: Ah, there's Sano announcer! (writing)
Sho: Ehh? Ah, there he is! (writing) It's here.
Sano: Ah, here they come, here they come.
Yuu: You're late! Late~~! (writing)
Tomoharu: Second to arrive.
Sho: Hello.
Yuu: This is Yotsuya Gate. (writing)
Sho: Yotsuya station is Yotsuya Gate? (writing)
Yuu: That's right.
{The announcer says Edo castle was extremely large, it's about 2km from Yotsuya Gate to the inner citadel. That's
big enough that 274 Tokyo Domes could fit snugly inside!
Sano: So! Arashi's Edo Life Exploration's third edition is here, Yotsuya! Your favor please.
All: Your favor please~!
Sano: I'm going to introduce this person who knows anything and everything about Yotsuya.
Sho: Could it be...
Sano: Yotsuya history buff Yasumoto Naohiro~!
Yuu: Yotsuya's expert!
All: Your favor please.
Sano: You say that you know anything and everything about Yotsuya.
{The announcer says the name Yotsuya was given because at the time there were 4 tea shops in the area. There's
also the explanation that there were 4 valleys in the region. In Arashi's Edo Life Discovery this week the Arashi
team and Shinagawa Shouji team will aim for different destinations using an old map. And there they will find a
quiz concerning that location. Then Sano says that the team who wins will get a reward, and everyone is suitably
excited;P This weeks's reward is the Yotsuya expert's recommendation, a Yotsuya sweet 4-piece set. First is
Oosuitama-ya's strawberry bean glutinous rice cake; Wakaba's taiyaki; Taishouseika's 8th lunar month cakes; and
Sakamoto-ya's castella. They look so good~.}
Sano: So, I'm going to reveal the first place you'll be searchign for. In actuality, Yotusya at that time was
famous as a ninja town. (writing)
Yuu: A ninja town. Because there's even Hanzou gate ne. (writing)
SanO: As you would expect ne.
Sho: The Hanzou of Hattori Hanzou? (writing; famous clan leader in Iga)
Sano: That's it, yes.
{The announcer says that's right, where the Arashi team started off was Hanzou Gate. In that period Hanzou was the
leader of Tokugawa Ieyasu's ninja and the gate was so named in recognition of his achievements.}
Sano: Tokugawa Ieyasu, who unified the country, used many Iga ninja to protect Edo castle. Iga's ninja clans
were here in Yotsuya. (writing)
Tomoharu: Ninja clans?
Sano: That's right, that's right. So we'd like you to look for the Iga ninja village.
Tomoharu: The Iga ninja village??
Sano: Yes. Is there some kind of hint...?
Yasumoto: Um...if you head towards Shinjuku along Shinjuku avenue (Kyuushuu highway)...
Sho: Yes...
Yasumoto: If you go there...
Yuu: Head towards Shinjuku along Shinjuku avenue?
Sano: Well then, we'll move along. Arashi's Edo Life Exploration, yo~i, begin!
{The announcer syas the next destination is the Iga ninja village Igamachi. In the end, can you find Igamachi
in the present using the old map? Both teams begin!}
Sano: It passes right through the Iga ninja village.
Yuu: Eh, what did you say?
Sho: They've got it??
Tomoharu: We've found it ne!! (writing)
Sho: AH, there it is! (writing) It's true.
Sano: What's happened?
Sho: That's it right.
Sano: Ah, you've found it.
[Announcer: Which team will reach Igamachi first? (writing) Arashi's Edo Life Exploration.]
{The annoucner says they're aiming for the Iga ninja town Igamachi, where the ninjas used by Tokugawa Ieyasu
lived. The Arashi team hasn't won the Edo Life Exploration trial once, so today they have to win!}
Ohno: I'm looking for temples.
Sho: That's it? That's right, that's how we do it.
Ohno: The red spots, kind of, the biggest one...
Sho: There's a lot of temples here! Close to Igamachi, Houzou Temple.
{The announcer says the pair are following what they learned last time and paying attention to the temples, which
are the red spots on the map. There are actually 33 of them, among which they are paying close attentiong to
Houzou Temple.}
Sho: Excuse me. Is there a Houzou Temple? (writing)
Woman: There is. From here you go to the next intersection, then right in front of the lights you turn down
to your left. Because these temples are all (even now) in Yotsuya. (writing)
Sho: Even now?
Woman: Yes, that's right.
Sho: Is that so?
[Announcer: That's right, the temple places haven't changed. Heading towards Houzou Temple they're searching for
Sho: This is bad! If we keep going like this we'll just arrive like normal. (writing)
[Announcer: At that point the Shina-Shou team is...]
Tomoharu: There are an incredible number of temples in the vicinity of Igamachi. (writing)
Yuu: Around the next one it's left! (writing)
Tomoharu: Shall we try going in to to left?
[Announcer: here as well they're checking the temples. Checking temples on your first time, you're fearsome
fellows! The Arashi team, which is aiming for Houzou Temple is...]
Sho: Ne, what's this? Entsuu Temple! (writing)
Ohno: AH, There it is! Entsuu Temple! (writing)
Sho: Seriously?
Ohno: Entsuu Temple? Oh, this one.
Sho: You're right~!
Ohno: The direction is...
Sho: Entsuu Temple is there right? (writing) It's here right? Then there's Houzou Temple. Ah, we came to far.
Ohno: It's right here isn't it?
Sho: Just one more, just like that.
[Announcer: One way or another it seems they went right past the Houzou Temple they were aiming for. But Igamachi
is right near by!]
Sho: Um, excuse me. Do you know of Igamachi? (writing)
Woman: Igamachi is (extremely) old. (writing)
Sho: That's right, that's right. Are you okay? What is Igamachi? (writing)
Woman: Igamachi is a long long ago (long past) thing you know. (writing)
Sho: We kind of thought you were sporting an Iga-ish look. Just kidding, just kidding.
[writing: A rude compliment]
Woman: That's not funny, I work for a temple.
Sho: Is that so? Sorry for disturbing you.
[Announcer: Meanwhile, the Shina-Shou team is...]
Tomoharu: Where could it be- but, this space as well-
Yuu: I mean, from what the old map says this is Igamachi! (writing)
[Announcer: Magnificent! Uneblievably the palce where the SHina-Shou team is now is the Iga ninja village, Igamachi!]
Yuu: This area is Igamachi? (writing)
Woman: This is not Igamachi. (writing)
Tomoharu: This isn't Igamachi?
Woman: Igamachi is that place ne...the Iga ninja one... (writing)
Yuu: That's right, that's right! (writing)
Woman: I'm very sorry, I'm in a hurry... (writing)
Yuu: Take care. That's an Iga ninja! (writing)
Tomoharu: Wrong;P
[writing: How rude!]
Yuu: She was trying to deceive us. So shouldn't we just say 'it's here' and plant it? Let's go! Tada~!
Sano: You're correct! (writing)
Yuu: Correct! We're correct!
Sano: Yes, this is Igamachi.
Yuu: A female ninja, there was a female ninja.
Sano: There was a female ninja?
Yuu: We were deceived by a female ninja. (writing)
Sano: Is that so?
Tomoharu: That's right, but he's the one who thinks she was a ninja.
Yuu: When we said 'is this Igamachi?' she was like 'wrong'. That kind of thing;P
{The annoucner says that entering this alley from Kyuushuu highway leads to the block that was called Igamachi
up until Showa 18. It's still well-known as the place where Tokugawa Ieyasu gathered the ninjas he used to defend
Edo castle.}
[writing: 10 minutes later]
Tomoharu: Huh?
Sho: Ehh?!
[Announcer: Late by 10min. the Arashi team's eventual arrival]
Sho: We've really arrived? (writing)
Yuu: you've really arrived. (writing) Look, kunoichi! (writing; female ninja)
Tomoharu: Wrong! (writing)
Yuu: This is ordinary Yotsuya. Ne<3 (writing)
Sho: It's not 'ne<3'! (writing) Yuu-san, it's not 'ne<3';)
{The announcer says that at about 400m from Igamachi you can find Sainen Temple, which is where the grave of
Hattori Hanzou, leader of the ninjas, is situated. Since Hattori Hanzou was a spear-wielder he was feared under
the name of 'Hanzou the Spear'. In Sainen Temple you can take a look at that very spear.}
Yuu: Long!
Sano: So, he was called 'Hanzou the spear'. (writing)
Tomoharu: 'Hanzou the spear'...
Yuu: That's conversely cowardly ne. (writing) Going like this-
Sho: You can't cross swords ne. (writing)
Sano: So, also the Iga ninja training methods, for example they did this kind of training that we're going to
introduce now.
[Announcer: Well then, let's have the 4 of them do some secret ninja training!]
Sano: Take this paper and cover half your face-
Sho: Cover it?
Sano: Then run.
[writing: You have to cover half your face with Japanese paper and run for about 4km without dropping it]
Yuu: You can't breathe.
Tomoharu: You run?
Sano: That's right, you run 4km. That's right, that's right ne.
Sho: Shouji-san, you're amazing!
[writing: pass!]
Yuu: Amazing, he can do it, he can do it! You can do it, you can do it!
Sho: We can do it, we can do it!
All: You can do it!
[writing: Fail!]
Sho: I can't do it.
Yuu: He's following you, he's following you!
[Announcer: Here's the question, how many Hattori Hanzou were there? Each person.]
Sano: How many were there? (writing)
Yuu: Ah, I don't know that, I know that he was the second generation. (writing)
Sano: How many generations were there?
Ohno: Ah, there were that many?
Sho: Let's see...
Sano: There were quite a few.
Tomoharu: Eh? There were quite a few?
Sho: I guess about 6th generation... (writing)
Sano: About 6th generation.
Yuu: 16! (writing)
{The annoucner says the correct answer is 12. [Hattori Hanzou] was the name of the head of the family for successive
generations. And in this grave sleeps the most famous Hattori Hanzou of the region, 2nd generation Hattori Hanzou
Sho: So that means 'Hanzou' is a middle name? (writing)
Yasumoto: That's right ne. So no matter how many generations, for example there's a Kabuki actor who is '17th
generation Nakamura Kanjirou'. (writing) That's thw way it is ne.
Tomoharu: It's something like Youko Zettarland ne. (writing)
[writing: Youko Zettarland, former American volleyball representative.]
Sho: That's not it at all!
Yuu: The conversation went so far as Kabuki actors. (writing)
Sano: Now knowing various things, here's the quiz that the reward rides on! (writing)
[Announcer: Well then, the Hattori Hanzou quiz! By hitting the dart on the parts that say Edo Life Exploration
they get a chance to answer! (writing)]
Sano: This is the question: this is concerning the 3rd generation Hattori Hanzou, what did actions did his unsatisfied
subordinates take? (writing) So, what kind of actions did they take? And, here we go! That's no good!
Sho: Ah, it's on there!
Sano: Ohno-kun, let's go.
Ohno: Everyone all threw rocks! (writing)
Sano: That's incorrect!
Sho: What's with that?;P There's that kind of childish rebellion? (writing)
Sano: So, let's do it! Did you get it?
Tomoharu: I got it!
Sano: 'Shameful'.
Tomoharu: Ah, 'shameful'!
Sano: There we go!
Yuu: Alright, here we go!
Sano: It's finally come, the actual-
Yuu: So I can answer?
Sano: Yes.
Yuu: A strike. (writing)
Sano: That's correct~. They all held a strike. (writing)
Sho: Eh, really?
Sano: He would habitually be arrogant with subordinates he didn't like, he wouldn't pay wages-
Tomoharu: Awful ne~.
Sano: -is what they say. Including the subordinates and their families there were over 1000 people striking.
1000 people, all together, expressing their dissatisfaction. So, since the Shinagawa-Shouji team is correct
they get 2 points.
Tomoharu: Alright~!
Sano: Yes, so to speak- Well then, I think I'll introduce the next place you'll eb searchign for. Would it be
alright if you opened up your map... (writing)
Tomoharu: Yes...
Sano: Yes...it's here! (writing)
Sho: What's with that? Point it out for us too! (writing)
Ohno: Point it out!
Sho: Please point it out for us too!
{The announcer says Using his own judgement, Sano has decided that thext destination is the Matsudaira Sado Grounds.
So, can they make it? And after this, the Arashi team redeem themselves?! They're searching for the next destination,
the Matsudaira Sado Grounds.}
Ohno: Teppou Hill? (writing) Ah, isn't it written there?
Sho: You were looking for Teppou Hill, older brother?;P (writing)
Ohno: That...
Sho: This is it?
Ohno: Ah, it's written here too!
Sho: Ah, where where where?
Ohno: Teppou Hill.
Sho: Oh, it's tiny~!
{The announcer says that Ohno has found Teppou Hill, which was so named because back in the Edo era it was the
area where they did marksmanship pratice.}
Sho: Which means that...
Ohno: We can go from here! Like that...
{The announcer says the Arashi team is aiming to get to the Matsudaira Sado Grounds by using Teppou Hill to get
to the present day Sotobori Avenue.}
Sho: Ah then, that's it! (writing)
Ohno: That's right! It's a junior high school!! (writing)
Sho: It's Yotsuya Junior High! (writing)
Ohno: So it's decided?
Sho: Positionally ne.
Ohno: Ah, but if that was the case wouldn't it have to be Matsudaira Junior High? (writing)
Sho: I have no idea;P
Ohno: Not Yotsuya Junior High-
Sho: That's extremely hard to make sense of;P
[Announcer: Here is the Shinagawa-Shouji team with plenty of time to spare.]
Tomoharu: We'll get there right away! Where do we turn right? (writing)
{The annoucner asks if this is yet another magnificent home run? If they turn right at the next corner they will
of course reach the destination.}
Yuu: It's this area right? This is the place it says on the old map ne. (writing)
Tomoharu: I think it's that Liquor store... (writing)
Yuu: Liquor store? Should we try planting it here? There's something that'll make it extremely easy to plant.
Tomoharu: The Matsudaira Sado Grounds are currently, right here!
Sano: You're correct! (writing)
Tomoharu: He's here, look! We did it!
Yuu: So this is where it was, Matsudaira's-
Sano: That's right. But you're quick aren't you, the two of you. (writing)
Yuu: Because we're old map performers ne. (writing)
Sano: Oh, old map performers?
[writing: A new genre?!]
Sano: A new specialty has been created...
{The announcer says this was the Matsudaira Sado Grounds, home to the feudal lord of Izumo Hirose Han. That mansion
has currently become a liquor store. By the way, the Arashi team is...}
Sho: This is the spot... (writing) At any rate.
[Announcer: Certainly, just as Sakurai-kun said, the destination is right by them. Inside the store the SHina-Shou
team is lying in wait. They have no idea.]
Sho: Look at that, the city's celebrating<3 (writing) The Matsudaira-san house is...here.
[Announcer: Too bad! They've been chosen for the punshiment! (writing)]
Ohno: I wanted it to be here... (writing)
Sho: The Matsudaira-san house is...here! (writing)
Ohno: Stop that already! (writing) They said you're wrong! I want to go home... (writing)
Sho: Look at that, there's a liquor store.
Ohno: That's right, it's just like this place.
Tomoharu: They're coming, they're coming.
Yuu: they're here, they're here.
Sho: Alright, we're going to get here too.
Ohno: Alright, let's go.
Sho: Matsudaira-san's house is...the liquor store.
Staff: That's correct! (writing)
[ANnouncer: Correct is correct but... writing: Overly excited]
Yuu: What are you so happy about? (writing)
Tomoharu: You're late~! (writing)
Yuu: You're the last ones ne, to get here.
Tomoharu: Do it one more time. (writing)
Sano: And dedicate it to these two.
Ohno: Dedicate??
{the announcer says this Suzuden liquor store has been around since the end of the Edo era, a 150 year history.
And at this Suzuden store they catch sight of a valuable item.}
Sano: You're the 7th generation...do you have anything that's representative of that history?
Owner: Ah, we do. Um, Akasada Okoshou's unearthed sake bottle.
Sano: You have that?
Yuu: You have that?
Owner: We do.
Yuu: Eh, please show us.
Owner: Um, just...
Yuu: Uwa, they just brought it right out here! Is that okay? Is it okay to just bring out here like that?
Sano: It's remained this clear?
Ohno: Amazing.
Sano: Suzuden. From about how many years ago is this bottle? (writing)
Owner: Um, 100...about 100 years ago! (writing)
Yuu: 100?? That's a valuable item isn't it? Your daughter just brought it out one-handed!
Tomoharu: like, 'here you go!'
Yuu: Ne.
{The announcer says this is Akasada Okoshou's unearthed sake bottle, a valuable item from 100 years ago. From
about 1948 Suzuden also started a bar on their premises, which flourished due to the patronage of people serving
the Ministry of Finance. On a side note, at the time it seems a drink there was 200yen, currently it's 2000yen.}
Sho: Drinking at a liquor store is nice ne. (writing)
Sano: It's good ne, starting with Japanese sake.
Yuu: This bar is unexpectedly good. (writing) Like this, this kind of feel.
Sho: Master, why are these here? (writing)
Owner: I thought let's not waste this moment... (writing)
Sho: Ah, is that okay? So, we're going to have some?
Owner: Yes.
Sano: At this point we're going to have the quiz. So, the team that answers right will be able to drink. (writing)
All: I see.
Sano: So, I'd like to do it like this, yes.
{The announcer says the team that wins the quiz will get to taste 100 year old sake called [Sakura Masamune].}
Sano: You'll be drinking from a bottle that's been through 100 years. (writing)
Tomoharu: You can't get that huh.
Yuu: It's drinking history ne, it's drinking history ne. (writing)
Sano: That's right. This is the question: At the period when they began the 'standing drinking' bar there were
a lot of guests who were craftsmen; what was the action that many of them had in common? (writing)
Tomoharu: I see!
Sano: Well then, let's move along. Begin the roulette!
Yuu: But, that's completely-
Sano: He made it!
Sho: There we go!
Sano: The very first shot!
Sho: Biting their nails? (writing)
Sano: Wrong, wrong. Something a little more related to alcohol. There are certain things you do when drinking
aren't there? Especially for young people.
Yuu: That's it! Got it!
Tomoharu: Okay! Got it! Alright!
Sano: So, there it is! The answer is?
Tomoharu: It's chugging drinks! (writing; drinking the whole thing without a breath)
Sano: That's correct~! Magnificently correct~.
Ohno: I thought it was drinking right from the bottle... (writing)
Sano: That's how it is.
{the announcer says that's correct, that chugging was the craftsmen's way of drinking.}
Sano: Once again the Shinagawa-Shouji team-
Yuu: In the end ne!
Sano: -gets the points, so they have 4 points, 4 points!
Sho: But, if we get the next one it would make it our victory ne?
Ohno: Ne?
Sho: Kind of a bonus chance type thing. (writing)
Sano: Ah, a bonus chance. Well, it doesn't bother me if you create something like that ne. (writing)
Sho: Is that so?;P Well that's-
Yuu: Why?? (writing)
Tomoharu: That's right, that's right, that's messed up.
Yuu: That's messed up! (writing)
Tomoharu: You ahve to ask us about that kind of thing! (writing)
Yuu: Before that, hurry up and bring out the sake! (writing)
Sano: You're drinking? (writing)
Yuu: I'm drinking! (writing)
Sano: You're drinking, is that so...
Sho: 100 years old..that's amazing ne.
Yuu: Kept from a 100 years ago... Well, we'll go ahead.
Tomoharu: Thanks.
Sho: Ah, he chugged it.
Tomoharu: It's easy to drink ne. (writing)
Sano: It's easy to drink?
Tomoharu: Yes.
Yuu: Yesh~, let'sh go to the nexsht place! (writing)
[writing: Team Arashi's big turnaround?! Announcer: The both of you have to work hard!]
Sano: So, I think we'd like to head to the final checkpoint. (writing)
Tomoharu: Alright.
Sano: When speaking of Yotsuya, naturally it brings up the Yotsuya ghost stories ne. (writing) That's a famous
story ne.
{The announcer says when speaking of the Yotsuya ghost stories, it's the main character O-Iwa-san. And there...}
Sano: The place where that O-Iwa-san lived. (writing) Please head there!
Sho: Eh? You're not going to tell us?
Sano: Yes, I won't name the location. (writing)
Yuu: I have no clue~! (writing)
Tomoharu: How would we know??
Sho: There's no way we'd know! (writing)
Ohno: We don't know that!
{The annoucner says in actuality the place where O-Iwa-san lived was the O-Iwa Inari. Will both teams realize
it? The Shina-Shou team is paying attention to the name O-Iwa.}
Tomoharu: Iwa? Is this Iwa? Something Inari. (writing)
Yuu: Hey! It's shrine isn't it.
Tomoharu: This is it!
Yuu: Check it out, when you're doing the Yotsuya ghost stories they say there's always a shrine you have to visit.
[Announcer: Meanwhile, the Arashi team is...]
Sho: Mother, do you know O-Iwa-san's house? (writing)
Woman: I know it! (writing)
Sho: Seriously?!
Ohno: Seriously?
Woman: Well it's Yotsuya. Go straight down here. You go in beside a sushi shop. (writing) Then you immediately
go right on your next right, then from there you pass 11 streets and go right.
Sho: That's the house? (writing)
Woman: That's right! The house! (writing)
Sho: This is perfect!
Ohno: Perfect! We don't need this! (writing)
Sho: We're good without the map.
Ohno: We don't need it.
[Announcer: Hey now, that's something important!]
Ohno: Here, we turn~!
Sho: Left. Ah, this is it. This course is suited for pros ne. (writing)
[writing: Suited for pros?]
{The announcer says the Arashi team are heading for the house where O-Iwa-san lived using their influential
information. Meanwhile the Shina-Shou team is...}
Tomoharu: Ah, are you a local person?
Woman: I am... (writing)
Yuu: Um, excuse me. O-Iwa-san... (writing)
Woman: Ah, O-Iwa-san..you go straight in here. (writing)
Yuu: Thanks!
Tomoharu: Thanks.
Yuu: That's where O-Iwa-san lived? (writing)
Woman: Yes, that's right! (writing)
Yuu: It's right near by!
[Announcer: Here as well they've gotten some influential information. At which point...]
Yuu: Here we go! Ah, look, O-Iwa-san.
Tomoharu: There it is! (writing) Look at that, Yotsuya ghost stories, O-Iwa Yukari's house. It's wailing...
Yuu: A scary sound... (writing) Scary! Scary!
Tomoharu: Excuse me.
Yuu: Alright! This is it!
Tomoharu: Alright.
Yuu: Let's go Shouji!
Tomoharu: Ehh, the place where O-Iwa-san lived is...here!
Sano: Amazing! Fast! (writing) Ah~, you're fast!
Yuu: Fast? That took quite a bit of time huh?
Tomoharu: It did.
Sano: No no~.
{The annoucner says O-Iwa-san lived here until 1636, on the old map it's marked O-Iwa Inari.}
[writing: Sunk. Announcer: Once again they've arrived before them...]
Sho: Fast!
Yuu: You're late~! (writing)
Ohno: Fast huh.
Sho: Fast~. This is it? This was originally a house?
Sano: Originally it was a house.
Sho: Now it's become a shrine ne.
{The announcer says here they'll tell a little bit of the Yotsuya ghost stories. O-Iwa's husband poisoned her
for getting in the way of his womanizing, her hair fell out and her skin became inflamed, and after she died
she came back as a ghost to take out her hatred on him.}
Sano: So because of the effect of that poison she became like this ne, that effect.
Sho: This is kind of super scary but something's going 'kyu-kyu-kyu-kyu'. (writing; the birds?)
Tomoharu: That's scary isn't it?
Yuu: Scary.
Sano: That could be O-Iwa-san's crying... (writing)
Sho: Ah, is that so? I'm so scared I can't help myself... (writing)
Yuu: It's scary huh.
Sano: So that no misfortune will befall us after this, let's all go through purification... (writing)
Yuu: Let's do it.
Sano: Let's do that.
Tomoharu: That's right ne.
Yuu: It's better that way.
{writing: Purification. The announcer says that to ensure that nothing bad will happen they hold a purification
ritual before the quiz. But after that a surprising truth becomes clear... (writing) Then she says that the
Yotsuya ghost stories are completely fiction! It was a made-up story.}
Sho: Eh? What does that mean? The Yotsuya ghost stories are fiction? (writing)
Sano: They're fiction. Yes, that's how it is.
{The announcer says that the O-Iwa-san couple that were the basis for the story were extremely happy, madly in
love, and the real name was actually [Tamiya Iwa]-san.}
Sano: So after this I'd like to hold the quiz that the reward is riding on.
Sho: Isn't it fine not to? Since we'll probably lose anyway.
Tomoharu: Ah, it'll be fine if you win.
Yuu: The circumstances of your actions ne?
Tomoharu: That's right, that's right. If you want to make it so that the person who answers the quiz correctly wins...
Yuu: If you ask properly... (writing)
Tomoharu: Sincerely ne. That includes the expert too! (writing)
Sho: Please! Yasumoto-san please...for our sake, won't you please do it with us? Please give us a bonus quiz!
Yasumoto: Your favor please. (writing)
Yuu: Understood.
Tomoharu: Even the expert bowed his head and asked.
{The announcer says thanks to the Yotsuya expert, and announces the one-shot turnaround quiz.}
Sano: What is the phrase from a famous Yotsuya ghost story that has become a big hit? (writing) Please put your
spirit into it. Begin!
Yuu: It fell off.
Sano: You did it? Sakurai-kun.
Sho: Urameshiya~. (writing; word said by an appearing ghost)
Sano: Wrong. You're wrong. You're wrong.
Tomoharu: It's wrong?
Yuu: Was it close?
Sano: It's close.
Tomoharu: Close?
Sano: In terms of close, well...
Tomoharu: Close?
Sano: ...um, let's see, it resembles a pose ne. (writing)
Yuu: A pose?
Sho: What do you mean by pose?;P
Yuu: What kind of-
Sho: A pose??
Sano: Kind of the 'urameshiya~' pose.
Ohno: This one?
Sano: That's right, that's right. The phrase when you're in that kind of form.
Tomoharu: Alright!
Sano: Here we go!
Tomoharu: Here we go! Okay? It's O-Iwa-san~. (writing)
Sano: You're wrong;P
Sho: That's an awfully cheerful pose ne.
Sano: You're mixing it up with something;P
Yuu: Suddenly it's hard to gather my breath.
Sano: It's green, the dart's here.
Yuu: Who?
Sano: Sakurai-kun?
Sho: Yes. It's the curse of O-Iwa-san! (writing)
Sano: That's correct!
Yuu: Seriously?
Tomoharu: Ah, there it is!
Sano: Correct! They get the one-shot turnaround points!
{The announcer says that for the miraculous winning Arashi team, their reward is the blend of 4 of Yotsuya's
expert's recommended sweets. So eat up!}
Sho: Thanks for the food! That was a close one-
Yuu: What's going on~.
Sho: It was close ne.
Tomoharu: What's happening, we won everything! (writing)
Sho: Uwa~, this is happiness.
Yuu: What the heck~?
Tomoharu: That's delicious.
Yuu: Uwaa~, that's so great~.
Sho: Amazing!
Sano: You've tried eating all of them?
Yasumoto: I have.
Sano: Ah, is that so.
Yasumoto: Um, Sakamoto-ya's Castella is, after all, the one on the corner of the alley. (writing)
Sano: That corner ne? Ehh.
Ohno: Where is this 'alley corner'? (writing)
Yuu: The general alley-corner right?;P The corner is the alley right.
{The announcer says these are the places they went though using the old map, and encourages people visiting
Yotsuya to experience the memories of Edo.}
Ohno: Which means, a one-shot big turnaround!
Sho: We miraculously won our first Arashi's Edo Life Exploration~! The Yotsuya ghost stories, O-Iwa-san...well,
in the end ne, we all experienced a purification. (writing)
Ohno: That was scary ne. (writing)
Nino: It's scary.
Ohno: That shrine, there was a strange noise there.
Sho: That's right, kind of 'ki~'
Ohno: 'Ki~'.
Sho: 'Ki~'.
Aiba: Why?
Jun: What was the noise from? (writing)
Sho: Ah, I have no idea.
Ohno: No idea. No matter where you listened from it was like 'where's this coming from?'
Sho: How did you listen to it?
Ohno: Like this...
Nino: Isn't that getting fun for you? (writing) That's not scary at all.
Ohno: I had no idea.
Sho: Everyone, do you have any kind of spiritual experiences ne? (writing)
Nino: Ah, well that time with Aiba-san I guess?
Aiba: That was scary huh!
Nino: Yeah, that was scary ne.
Aiba: At that pool ne-
Nino: At this natural pool they said there was a man who died ne. When they said that Aiba-san was like...
'I can kind of hear footsteps ne'. He was like 'ah! it's coming, it's coming!'. Well, there really were
footsteps coming to us, when we glanced in that direction...there was some American walking around like
usual ne. (writing)
Aiba: That's right, I was like 'Uwa! He's come! Here he is!';P So, since it was in Okinawa I guess it was kind of
like American-san was doing a test of courage.
Jun: Americans do tests of courage too ne. (writing)
Sho: Ne.
Nino: They do them ne.
Sho: Like Oh! Jesus!;P Like 'Oh my god!' (writing) Like that probably;P
Sho: What's wrong Ohno-kun, that made you so depressed? (writing)
Ohno: Well, yesterday...I had a dream that two of my front teeth fell out. (writing)
Aiba: That made you depressed?
Ohno: Yeah.
Jun: That's depressing huh;P
Ohno: It was an incredible shock. (writing)
Sho: So, for Ohno-kun's sake a special guest has come. (writing) It's that spiritual counsellor Ehara Hiroyuki-san~!
All: Your favor please.
Nino: This is kind of sudden but, is this something that we need to see Ehara-san about?
Aiba: Ah, I don't think it has that value. Just having your front teeth come out ne.
Sho: You saw it one weay or another.
Nino: Though it's just a dream ne. Is there a meaning to something like that?
[writing: The things a "dream about having 2 front teeth fall out" is trying to express are?]
Ehara: Ah, dreaming it ne?
Aiba: That's right.
Ehara: A dream about having your teeth fall out ne, hints that you're being left behind.
Jun: What's wrong?;P What's wrong?
Sho: Is that some worry you're not telling us about?;P
Ohno: Everyone, don't leave me behind ne!
Jun: Well, everyone who's watching, surely there are various things you want to try discussing with Ehara-san.
Aiba: Which is why ne, tonight in a live broadcast you're going to answer the concerns of contemporary people
ne? (writing) Ehara-san ne?
Ehara: Yes.
Aiba: You're doing it ne?
Ehara: Please leave everything to me. (writing)
Aiba: Oh yeah.
Sho: So, tonight starting at 6:30 in a live broadcast, Ehara Hiroyuki and Arashi, solving the concerns of the
contemporary person! An emergency live broadcast special, 'The Door To Tomorrow'. (writing) Captain, as
our representative, the points to watch for if you please.
Ohno: It's a live broadcast so I have no idea!
Sho: By all means please watch~!
Nino: Ne!
Jun: Really, please watch.

Arashi finally won Oedo Hakkenden!XDD It's been a long time coming^^; And really, it's kind of a shabby win...;P But a win nonetheless!^^ And it was really funny how the ghost story turned out to be a complete fabricationXD And Aiba and Nino's 'spiritual' experience is a gas, especially with Sho's colorful description of an American doing a kimodameshiXDD AH, just so everyone knows, I won't be translating the 'Door to Tomorrow' Sp with Ehara-san, I couldn't even really watch it, I kept getting bored out of my mind and frsutrated with that 'spiritual counsellor's demeanor^^; Sorry, but I have to regretfully declineXD

Next, algelic requested a couple clips regarding [BokuImo]^^

The first one is from the 'making of' DVD, but there really aren't any spoilers so don't worry;P I made sure of itXD Boku1
Announcer: March, 2006, the start-up. In the role of the older brother Yuuki Yori, Matsumoto Jun.
Jun: Nothing's coming out. That girl was in a good mood.
Nana: Your favor please.
Announcer: In the role of younger sister Yuuki Iku, Eikura Nana.
Jun: Are you nervous?
Nana: I am a little ne. You're not?
Jun: I'm not anymore ne.
Announcer: In this way the estimated 20 days of filming begins.
Jun: Ah~, it happened in the blink of an eye. I didn't think it would be over this quickly;P
Staff: You were nervous?
Jun: That's right ne.
[writing: Concerning his first starring role]
Jun: There weren't that many things that I was thinking of in regards to that, it was more that I was thinking
of creating something with co-stars and staff while doing it.
[writing: Concerning the original work]
Jun: It's an original work with a lot of shock value to it. Despite that I think I'd like to work hard to make
this a movie with a lot of interesting points. Thanks for you hard work.
Staff: Thanks for your hard work.
Nana: I was nervous ne. Somehow I kind of relaxed.
[writing: Impressions of Matsumoto Jun]
Nana: Every time we film I often see him talking to the director. As you would expect, when it comes to acting
he's serious-minded. It's fantastic ne. I'm really doing my best amid all this nervousness...so please
look on it kindly. I'll do my best!
Announcer: The main set for the movie is the school that both of them attend. The siblings who've mutually
fallen in love with each other, older brother Yori, younger sister Iku.

And also a news clip for AEIOU which is, correct me if I'm wrong, Taiwanese? Boku2
Jun: Playing the role of older brother Yuuki Yori in the movie [Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru], this is
Matsumoto Jun.
Nana: In the role of Yuuki Iku, I'm Eikura Nana.
Host: *Mandarin*
Jun: In the movie [Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru] they let me undertake the role of Yuuki Yori, I'm Matsumoto
Jun. Hi there.
Nana: Hello. In the role of Yuuki Iku, I'm Eikura Nana.
Jun: This time, the role I'm playing ne, is just as the title says, it's a slightly unusual plot where the character
falls in love with his little sister. Having a plot like that, and with such an unorthodox type of love, I
think we can make an incredibly beautiful picture of love.
Jun: Because the original manga this is based on has become so popular right now they are making this movie. Ehh,
it's something amazing ne. I've heard that young middle-school students are reading this manga. Yesterday
ne, I was on a location for a telelvision shoot and I went to a ladies store, and the person I spoke with
said it was so wide-spread that they even had it at home. I as well am looking forward to seeing how we make
use of this extremely popular manga in the creation of this movie.
Nana: This time I'm being allowed to play the lead female role, it was always a dream of mine, this kind of
youthful love story. Since the original is an extremely popular manga I was extremely, extremely happy
to be given the role of Iku.
*part of the movie that I won't translate because I don't want to spoil myself or others;P*
Jun: How is the filming?
Nana: Right now it's proceeding happily and nervously ne.
Jun: I wonder about that...
Nana: For me it's proceeding nervously.
Jun: That's how it seems.
Nana: Yes! When I glance over Matsumoto-kun is always having an incredibly involved discussion with the director.
Jun: Yes. I was doing that ne.
Nana: Yes. I was thinking that it's amazing. As for me I suddenly thought 'what should I do?' and really worried over it.
Jun: Is that so, you were worrying about that? Although it didn't come across. Although I certainly was feeling bad about
talking so heatedly with him-
Nana: No, it's completely okay, um, I thought it was incredble.
Jun: What was?
Nana: I thought it was amazing that before you even stood on the set you'd go over the most detailed things with
him. And after all it was completely different for me ne, I was under an incredible amount of pressure,
but right now-
Jun: Are you saying there's no pressure?;P
Nana: That's not it, that's not it.
Jun: So you're saying that it wasn't that impressive of a set then?;P
Jun: The people in the staff, a lot of the people on set are staff who have always worked on movies, although
Director Andou had things that he wanted to shoot one after another, there were things that up until now
haven't been wanted from a performance I was in, so I was allowed to perform with new emotions. Even I myself
think that I have done a performance that I haven't been able to do before.
Jun: The movie [Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru] will be released this autumn, but right now myself, the staff,
and the other actors are in the middle of doign our best to finish making it, so please look excitedly
forward to watching it.

Now if only they'd hurry up and release the DVD so we could finally see it!O_o

For articles...today I have some stunners<3<3<3 Hujingahou, and...*drumroll please*...Jun's Josei Jishin nosebleed-causing exposureXD

Credit to Mori for the scans!:D

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Beautiful guy worship, when women love men.
Matsumoto Jun
A man hiding unlimited potential

Matsumoto Jun
1983, born in Tokyo metro. area. At teh age of 12 joined Johnny's Jimusho, undertook the lifestyle of a member
of [Arashi]. Attained great popularity in dramas such as [Gokusen] and [Hana yori Dango], took part in plays
like [Night of the Valkyries]. Is starring in the movie [Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru] as well as others, a
continuing succession of appearances. Achieved a record audience viewership with [Hana yori Dango 2]. The movie
he's co-starring with the members of Arashi in, [Kiiroi Namida], is going into wide release at Ebisu Garden
Cinema and others in April.

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Debuted as a member of an Idol group in his teens.
Boasting high ratings in his starring dramas, continuing releases of movie appearances and so on, shining in
various activities, Matsumoto Jun.
His almond-shaped eyes exude a gender-neutral beauty, the single glint of light transforms into a tempting
However, the depths of those eyes are exceedingly serene.
From Ninagawa Yukio, from whom he undertook a performance in a play, to the actors of his own generation with
whom he's costarred in school dramas, he's received stimulation from a great variety of personalites and acquired
his own kind of [philosophy].
For example, when it comes to desires.
Yet again when it comes to enjoying his work.
And he himself talks about the things he feels are beautiful by saying they're [the strength after having understood the weakness].
That it's important to go with the positives after having recognized the negatives.
Though people would tend to think that he has unlimited potential because he is young, he says [There's no age
limit on things. It's only because you try to protect yourself that you narrow your potential.]
It's because of this very way of thinking as he walks this earth that we talk of his potential.

The murmurs of Matsumoto Jun's heart
Q. Do you want to be loved, or to love?
A. Both.
Q. What's your association with the word [woman]?
A. Chest/heart. A sense of roundness.
Q. What word do you associate with the word [man]?
A. Rugged [muscle].
Q. Your favorite word?
A. The kanji for [one].
Q. If you had 10 days to spend your time freely, where would you want to go and what would you want to do?
A. I want to go to Las Vegas.

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From some point in time there has been no more hating people.
These last two years in particular, work has been fulfilling so there's a lot of fantastic people among those I
So, that may be why I've changed to this way of thinking.

Ahh~<3 I love his 'philosophy'X3 That line about only reducing your potential because you're trying to protect yourself, I think that's something incredibly profound, and it's those kind of things I adore about him:3 And it's interesting that his favorite word is 'one'...I think a lot could be read into that^^ And I wonder what he wants to do in Las Vegas...XD Knowing him it's another place he thinks would be a new experience, he has such a thirst for travel:) Pardon me while my heart melts into a little puddle in my rounded chest;P

And last but definitely not least...the shot to end all shotsXD

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Did anyone else notice the little skull and cross bones on his briefs?XDD And it's not what you think, really!XD

Adults that you respect: Doing what they do, playing, people who are broad-minded are good. People who have capacity
are good. I like people who give me a shiver ne.
Adult purchases: In all honesty I did adult shopping more often in the past ne. Lately I buy things that, even
though they're expensive if I buy them I can keep working hard.
Alcohol: There are a lot of people around me who like wine ne. Although I've also been drinking it for a long
time, I've begun to like it... When I was on [Tokyo Friends Park] there wasn't anything that I wanted
to request, so I deliberated and requested the wine cellar, and won it (laughs).
Adult females: Without any connection to age, those who are roughly holding a balance have an adult feeling ne.
Although this is limited to females, when it comes to getting older at a glance they seem to be
fine-tuning the balance. But in actuality, at their core it's not like that at all. That's the
interesting part about connecting with people.
Yourself in your 40s: I guess it would be good if I could think of the 40s as a fun time. The way you're seen
by other people has nothing to do with it. Although I think about wanting to get married
someday, I have no aspiration to get married at a certain age. I just want to make my
descendants flourish (laughs). It's also a life goal of mine, wanting to pass on my DNA ne.

So that's why he chose the wine cellarXDD And that's the same one he was talking about on oshareism ne^^ And he obviously wants kids someday...but probably not anytime soon;P I like that he puts the emphasis on how you feel about your life and not what others think:) He's a person who gives me a shiver...(frisson if you will:)...<3

There's a little more to come, but I will put it separately, not wanting to anger the lj 'post limit' godsXD It's mid June already minna, how is your summer?^^ Mine is just beginning...but it will be the best one yet I thinkX3 Hontou no yume wa itsumo soba ni aru kara:3free web stats



Hehe, you're very welcome, hope you enjoyed it;P

Yeah, that one takes my breath away tooXDD
Jun, stop being so amazing. As always, thanks for your translations :3

I'm really excited about your trip - somehow, when you said you bought your JR passes, i got really excited XD
AND IM SORRY ABOUT YOUR PANTS T_T [that really depressed me XD]
but him wanting to go to Vegas - that's where our family vacation is this year

And no, I didn't notice the skull, although I hassled my friend to buy me that magazine and have stared at all five of them. I did notice his cute little jacket necklace and how..
..how do you say this - angular? his waist is.
..does that make sense?

I'M SECOND TO COMMENT [which is why I rambled at 3 AM :D]
It's my pleasure!:D

Haha, it's funny how infectious that excitement is ne;P I even dreamt about talking in Japanese last night, so funny...
Ah, thanks for your condolencesXD
Mm, don't worry, it doesn't look like he'll have a chance to go this year...his next vacation isn't even until October, poor boy>_<

Man, I was wondering if it was just me...and the only reason I saw it is cause I zoomed in to trad the article, I swear!XD I saw teh jacket too, that's an interesting necklace...and I know what you mean about his waist, it's different from what you normally see ne:3

Oooh, silver star!XD Now sleep;P
Than you so~ much for all your translations!
The Edo episodes in MagoMago were really interesting (*_*)!
I'd love to do the same XD
You're very welcome!:D
They're like living history lessons ne;) And our boys make them so much fun^^ It does seem fun to wander around Tokyo learning about this and that...
hahaha!! the kanji for [one] is the best!!! xDDD well, the most easy to learn! the first step to learn kanjis ^_^

Thanks for these articles! It was a pleasure surprise! ^^
Jun's potential... *____*

I remember the wine cellar =) i like that he talks about something we now, i feel that we are more close to him :3

Thanks for the MMA! It will be more enjoyable thanks to you :3
I hope Jun will appear son in a MMA!! you will be so excited to translate that ep :3 Thanks to translate all the episodes, you're so amazing! hontou ni!!!
Sou ne!XDD I didn't think of that...but it's the beginning of Japanese ne;P Omoshiroi~:3

It's my pleasure!:D He is amazing ne<3<3

Me too!:) It's like we are sharing a little bit of his life with him, like we are friends that know some of his secrets:3

Ah, I hope you will enjoy it=) I hope he will be in one soon too, it's been too long ne~>_< And mochiron it would be fun to translate itXDD Ah, iie, I do what I can dear:3
Thanks for the translation. I love you for using the word "frisson," a word I will forever associate with Meg Cabot's All-American Girl, if you're familiar with that. Such a great word. <3 I love the Q/A section, Jun is so special.
You're very welcome:) Haha, I wanted to use it in the original translation, but I was worried some people might not know it...;P I don't know the reference unfortunately, but I love the word itself, like many words in other languages I think it captures the concept better than we do in English^^ He's an amazing creature ne<3
ehhhhh? Did I miss something? You are going to Japan? HAVE FUN!
(I'm in Tokyo now and it's so much goodness.) So excited for you now! How long will you be there?

(I would type more, but there are people waiting for this computer. ^^;)
Haha, I guess so!XD I mentioned I would be going to Japan for the concerts ne=) Well, I'll be there for 3 weeks in total, so I cna really enjoy myself^^ I'm really looking forward to it, I wish time would pass a little faster...I was dreaming about speaking in Japanese last nightXDD

Oh, you're in Tokyo! Amazing, how long are you there?:D You must be having so much fun~:) I'm so curious nowXD
0_o That last pic of Jun I think I'm still recovering XD

I always loove reading jun's articles I liked how they descreibed his beautiful almond shaped eyes. I have always thought he has such beautiful eyes!

thank you for teh MMA translation <3
Have a great time in Japan!!!
Haha, it keeps me in a constant state of deliriumXD

I loved that part too!:D They really are gorgeous, and their depths are all-consuming~<3 But I especially like that phrase 'almond shaped eyes' they had it in books I used to read...and to find they have it in Japanese too was quite a surprise;P

You're very welcome!:D Thanks, I will!X3
otsukaresama honey!!!
thank you so much for always translating for us even if you have tight schedule ne ^_______^ *huuuuuugs*
It's my pleasure, I love to make everyone happy:3 Ganbarimasu~:)
Thanks for translating:D I noticed the skull and bones too:D haha Does Jun have a scar on his right shoulder/arm? If he does do you know where he got it? Thanks again:D
You're very welcome=) Hehe, I'm not the only one!XD Yes, he does, it's from being hit by a truck when he was in second grade>_< Poor darlingXS
Thanks for your translation ne as always.

Your translation made me think about what is the best way

to shiver Junjun XD.

Have a great time in Japan ne Nyanchan ^_^

It's my pleasure!~:D

Haha, that's a great train of thought neXDD I should think on that more often...X3

Thanks so much, hope you're doing well with school!^^

Thank you So very much

Nyanchan, ohisashiburi...Ogenki desuka? I've been busy but always thinking of you. Ok now I finally found the time to sit down and write a thank you note ne. Thank you so much. You're awesome as always. You're always amazed me and so does he. Full of surprises..... All articles 99% are absolutely interesting. I'm kinda suprised that he wanna go to Las Vegas instead of some kind Vineyard in USA if he has a choice to go the USA. Las Vegas for me I wud go for all kind of shows which I missed last time while I was there... Other than that gambling.....not interesting..... But a couple of years ago Las Vegas was my base for driving to LA...San Francisco and also to Grand Canyon. Totally loved it. Especially Grand Canyon.
He is really interesting guy ne. Who wudn't love him after reading all of these, I wondered????
Congratulation honey...Finally you're going to japan and have got the ticket. 3 Weeks!!!!!Awesome!!!!!Have fun and be safe. Are you going to join Tenjochan at the same concert??? Lucky both of you!!!! I wish I cud be there this year but my schedule is totally tight. Hopefully next year for me if they're having concerts as well.
"The strength after having understood the weakness" I like this phrase ne and it's so true.
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Re: Thank you So very much

Ohisashiburi desu ne~:) Ma, soko soko genki desu...anata wa?^^ Ah, it's my pleasure, really>_< Hai, his articles are so much fun to read ne, I lvoe getting new ones<3 I was surprised to hear that he wanted to go to Vegas too...I would have guessed Paris or London or something along those lines;) Oh, so Vegas isn't that interesting?XD I always thought the same thing...I was offered to go there once, it just doesn't really appeal to me...but the Grand Canyon, now that sounds liek a trip to take:)
I couldn't agree more, to know him is to lvoe him, if you ask me<3
Hehe, thanks!XDDD I will make sure to take care of myself while I'm there, and enjoy every second of it:3 I wonder if we could go to the concert...that would be really cool ne=) I'm sorry you can't come...hopefully next year, or maybe they will have another fuyu concert?^^
It's an interesting way of thinking ne...I like the way he puts things:3
genki de ne=)
Thanks again for your wonderful translations! i'll have to come back again to digest the Oedo Hakkenden one XD. I finally have listened to the 2 news songs (much thanks to tenjostyle!) I really like Oh Yeah! it's got a good beat and feels very "summer-like" which was quite fitting for the C1000 CM.

i did read the articles though and each time..it amazes me how deep Jun is. I enjoy reading about his thought processes cuz believe it or not..it's actually helping me open my eyes and think in different ways. This was so well said from him: "There's no age
limit on things. It's only because you try to protect yourself that you narrow your potential." It's funny cuz just recently i was trying to make a decision on something that i've been thinking about for years now. I've made that decision just a few days ago and then i read this Jun article..it just helped validate my decision. ^_^

The JR pass is the most awesome thing! it really cuts down on the cost of transportation on Japan..however, there are still some trains that are not covered but the fees for those are ok cuz it depends on how far you are going. i'm sure you have or will be doing some research for your trip so you probably have many links, info already..but i wanted to share some links with you that i found quite useful when i was planning mine. Most likely you're probably aware of them. XD

you can map out the route/which train to take using this:
interesting page to just read:
great site to do bookings for accomodation:
tourist info:

to add on to going to Aiba's restaurant..you should check out the JE stores too..haha. They weren't that spectacular though. i was actually surprised. I actually wanted to check out how Keio Univ looked like too (yeah, i know..i'm crazy! XD) but i didn't have the time. I did go to Aoyama theatre though thinking that they will have big posters of Ohno's butai at that time but they didn't have it up yet! T_T it was too early..but i managed to pick up the flyer for it. It was really sad to know that right when i came back..days later Ohno's butai was on. I couldn't really arrange to stay longer..but then again..i don't think i would be able to get a ticket to the butai anyway. T_T

You're very welcome!:D hehe, yeah, Oedo takes a lot of digestingXDD Hmm, I hadn't thought of it before, but Oh Yeah is pretty summery...I like that, I'll have to listen to it again with that frame of reference^^

I totally agree!:D There are times when I read his thoughts and finding myself nodding in astounded agreement, and others where I feel like my worldview may have been tweaked ever so slightly...it's a favorite feeling of mine<3 Hehe, that's such a cool coincidence!^^ I lvoe when life works that way...:3 Glad you are happy with the decision:)

I've been mainly looking at the trains to get to certain places, and only on JR routes, so far I don't think I've seen any that have extra expenses...but I have a little slush fund for emergencies, so if they crop up hopefully it won't be the end of the world^^ But thank you so much for the links, I really appreciate it!:) I like being able to benefit from other's experience and knowledge^^ I'll take a look when I pull out my plans again soon=)

Yes, I must see the JE stores...even if I have to wait forever outsideXDD Keio huh? Now that's a place I hadn't considered going...;) Aww, it sucks that you couldn't get to see his butai, it looks awesome from all the news articles>_< At least you got a flyer, and for free too;)
Yappari, nice people such as Nao-chan are really rare. Sorry bout the pants. Hope you will get one that’s better next time!

I’m so glad they won. I don’t care whether it’s a miracle or not, it was unfair for the previous oedo hakkenden, they gain the points bit by bit but the guest can get many points just by answering last question (sorry for the ramblings. I still can’t get over that loss XD)

The ending talk is hilarious as usual! I was pretty much curious with this, because when I watched it before, I sort of only understand bits about nino saying he indeed experienced scary things with Aiba and ended up wrong cuz it was American. I’m glad that now I can understand fully. I agree that it’s funny, the way nino tells the story and the convince looks in aiba’s face when he nods in agreement, I thought it was a real ghost story at first XD Oh, may I ask what’s the meaning of kimodameshi? *blushes* You mean the “Oh my God” bits ne? Somehow, arashi speaking engrish always leaves a deep impression on me. XD It was usually Aiba’s “Danger!” or “My name is Masaki desu”. Sho’s English was always good so there was nothing to laugh about (although sometimes his words are a bit hard to be understood XD). But now I have “Oh Jesus” and “Oh my God” in my memory XDDDD

Oh, and don’t worry bout not translating the spiritual bits. I must admit I wasn’t interested at all and I even didn’t download it. In fact, I must admit that it was about spiritual thingie. I only saw the promo here and also a page in TV Guide, and they didn’t interest me XDDDD However, I’m happy that you translated the promo bits at the end, cause Rida turns out to be totally dorky there XDDDD No wonder Sho and Jun always be the ones ordering things here and there. Rida has his own place as the priceless baka one. Oh, Masaki-baby may be able to compete with him for the place though XD

Speaking about Masaki-baby, again I noticed the number of sentences ended with “ne” XDDDD He sure says “ne” a lot.

Last, thanks a bunch bunch bunch bunch for the action-packaged translations. Plus the bit about Jun as well (you really did the request! You’re awesome). I think I will sub the MMA as well as the small cut from the making of DVD, since it’s only around 1 minute anyway (unless someone beats me to it, but I hope no one will beat me on the MMA one :p and also odoroki since I almost finish it) and I have lots of free time starting the 25th (I already planned a lot of procrastinating activities XD).

Thank you!

p.s: you’re really good in keeping yourself away from bokuimo spoilers XD I myself can’t hold it and watched the making of DVD since long time ago. But it didn’t cure my curiosity anyway. D:

p.s#2: I hope you can plan out japan trip well. XD I'm sure you would get too excited at times and can't think straight... imagine the drools you will have when you see jun... XD
Yeah, there aren't many people like Nao...they're a dying breed^^; Thanks for your kind wishes:)

Haha, I totally agree, they should have won that one too!:D It's not fair that they work so hard and the other team gets the food^^;

The ending talks are one of my favorite parts of the show, it's like a special bonus treatXDD I thought it was a real ghost story too, and then when the Amercian appeared, I realized they'd fooled me good;P Kimodameshi means 'test of courage':3 You see them often in anime and such^^ I love Arashi's Engrish, it's so much fun to listen toXD But yeah, Sho's words were pretty memorable...;P

Oh good, I'm glad no one's too broken up over it^^ I actually downloaded it, but after 5 minutes I was bored out of my mindO_o The promo was way better than the actual show, and that's sadXD Riidaa likes to be baka sometimes I think, but Aiba's the kingXDD

He loves 'ne'!!:D It's so cute, I lvoe to count how many times he says it in a sentence or speech;P

You're very very welcome!:D I don't think anyone has plans to do them yet, so hopefully you're safe;P Oh wow, you're almsot done Odoroki?O_O That thing's monstrously long ne^^; Ganbatte>_< I'm very happy you've managed to graduate, I hope things go well with teh scholarship too!^^

P.S. I've learned from experience that spoilers usually do just that, spoil it for me;P It's hard at teh beginning, but I can be a real Spartan if I have toXD

P.P.S. Thanks, I'll do my best=) hehe, there are times I can't do anything but dream about it...and seeing Jun, I think I may faintXDD
nyanchan, may I take one of these pic of Jun and post it at another forum? I'll credit you of course...thank you ^^