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Coming soon!XD

Oh boy, the countdown's really on now, I leave on Friday!XD It seems really weird to think that this time next week I'll be in Tokyo:D It's going to be my first overseas trip in 10 years, so that's why it's a little bit more of a big deal for me than maybe it could be;P People at my work keep asking me if I'm packed yet, and I'm thinking 'do I really need to be packed already?O_o' I mean, my apartment's small so I cna't lay everything out, and if I packed now I'd end up un-packing and re-packing before I leave anyway...^^;
if anyone has any tips, caveats, advice, warnings, etc, please don't be shy!^^ I'd be more than happy for a little help:)
**Edit** I just saw the MMA talk, I did my own names for the 'inner brain maker', if you want to see my results (or try it yourself), please check out my Vox!:D I'm happy to translate your results if you like:) Thanks to baka_power for the info!:D**
Anyway, today I have the Shukudai-kun from 07.04.23 with Nankai Candies;P

Ogura: Arashi's Homework begins~! Yes, let's gather up here.
[writing: Today's guest is inside the box]
Jun: isn't it kind of huge today? (writing)
Ogura: It's no huge!;P
Sho: It's huge isn't it, heavy! (writing)
Nino: That's roght, it was kind of heavy ne.
Ogura: MoriKumi! (writing; Mori Kumiko-san)
Sho: Wrong wrong wrong.
Ogura: Wrong?
Sho: 'A bobbed-hair narcissist, and they have a huge chest but no subscription". (writing)
Aiba: Eh? Just a sec, breasts are on a subscription basis? (writing)
Sho: That's right ne.
Jun: In territory, in territory there's a contract-
Nino: There are those kind of people too huh.
[writing: Tits are on a subscription basis??]
Ogura: Eh? This is just one person ne?
Sho: No, it could be two. No, maybe three.
Nino: It was heavy enough for three huh. They're hiding it today.
Ogura: Ah, I have no idea.
Sho: Then shall we take a look>
Ogura: Yes.
Sho: So, let's have our guests for today make their appearance, it's these peplele go ahead- one more time!
One more time, one more time! (writing; flubbed his line;P)
Jun: They saw the guests! (writingv)
Nino: They saw them!
Ogura: I saw them, I saw them.
Nino: Are we going to go one more time? Just now there was a bobbed haircut. (writing) I even saw it a little,
the bobbed hair.
Sho: So, let's have our guests for today make their appearance, it's these people, go ahead~!
[writing: Nankai Candies, Yama-chan and Shizu-chan]
Yama: Not one person's looking at me ne.
{the announcer says today on Arashi's Homework the Nankai Candies are not letting unusual donburi go to waste;
furthermore, Shizu-chan's frustration explodes and Aiba's in trouble! Plus, a project with rave reviews, can
they do an interactive skit wearing headphones ansd eye masks? So let's watch Homework again tonight! Sho
reintroduces the guests and asks for their favor, they reply in kind. Then Sho says Shizu-chan is very big, and
she agrees, then says that she's getting bigger both on top and on the sides, and she's getting a subscription
for her chest... and Yama asks why she's grinning so much, and she says cause it's awesome;P He says she's having
too much fun;P Sho then says that they've heard that Shizu-chan's in love right now, Yama says they're going to step
into that subject are they?}
Aiba: Moe?
Yama: They'd have to stand on the balls of their feet to an amazing extent to reach Shizu-chan! (writing)
[writing: Her love interest is an Arashi member?!]
Nino: Excuse me, excuse me, but that's something you've been constantly thinking about ne?
Shizu: I just kind of feel nervous. (writing)
Jun: Isn't that kind of late?
[Audience: Cute~]
Sho: If it's not too rude Shizu-chan we'd like you to tell us who it is~. (writing)
Shizu: Um...the one I've always liked from way back was MatsuJun<3 (writing)
Ogura: Yes.
[writing: As you would expect from the bambi~no]
Shizu: That's how it is but... (writing)
Ogura: But?
Shizu: But, kind of, lately...um...because a certain thing happened...MatsuJun I'm sorry! (writing)
[writing: Dumped]
Jun: She apologized to me! She apologized to me...
Shizu: A different person has started interesting me! (writing)
Yama: It seems like she's found a new love interest ne?
Nino: In a real way ne;P
Jun: Is that in the same group? (writing)
Yama: Of course they're here! (writing)
Nino: Eh, so that is...
Yama: They're asking you who it is Shizu-chan.
Shizu: Ah, is it okay if I say it?
[Audience: Cute~!]
Aiba: Say it, say it! (writing) This is the time to say it Shizu-chan.
Shizu: Aiba-kun<3
[writing: Taken]
Aiba: You surprised me!
Nino: But, why did it turn out like that? (writing)
AIba: Why, why Shizu-chan? What happened?
Shizu: Well, you see...earlier-
Aiba: Yeah yeah.
Shizu: We went to a location together for [Shimura Doubutsuen] didn't we. (writing)
Aiba: We did!
Sho: Honestly, we have that very clip to show you!
Aiba: You have this?
Sho: I thought we'd like to see it, go ahead.
[writing: Me and Aiba...and sometimes a rhinocerous? Announcer: Shizu-chan and Aiba went to a zoo for a filming
location. While they were washing a rhinocerous this incident happened...]
Aiba: Shizu-chan go! Look, go to the other side! (writing)
Shizu: Really? Is that okay? (writing)
Aiba: It's fine. Like on a vaulting horse... Just hop. (writing)
Shizu: Um, I can't jump... (writing)
Aiba: You can jump. You cna jump, you can jump.
[Announcer: When Shizu-chan was about to mount the rhinocerous so she could clean the other side...]
Shizu: If I go like this...
[Announcer: What a tumble! Aiba stops it. This is the moment when Shizu-chan's love started.]
Jun: When you do it you really do it huh! (writing)
Aiba: You're wrong, you're wrong! It's not "When you do it you really do it huh!"! (writing) You're wrong,
I mean, that's because Shizu-chan was in danger! (writing) Ne, the rhinocerous just bolted off ne? If
I'd just let you fall of it would have been dangerous right! (writing) So I kind of lifted her up like
Ogura: Wrong! I think you were definitely hiding something behind that! (writing)
Aiba: You're wrong! I was properly lifting her up!
Sho: Then, Shizu-chan, now that we know this, please try confessing to Aiba-kun. (writing)
Yama: Look at that, she's a carnivore and he's like bambi! He's shaking!
[writing: A confession of lvoe from Shizu-chan to Aiba-kun]
Shizu: U...m...ehhh...Aiba-kun.
Aiba: Uh-huh?
Shizu: Eh, rather than a rhinocerous, please wash my body<3 (writing)
Yama: What kind of confession is that?!
Aiba: Ah...star- starting where? (writing)
Yama: That's what you're asking?!
Sho: From the front!
Shizu: (please wash) from my heels up. (writing)
Aiba: Going more and more upwards? Okay, we'll do that another day ne. (writing) I'll do it another day ne?
Jun: Eh? Then 'okay' means you're fine with it? (writing)
[writing: Take-out has been decided on]
Nino: So by saying that you've started dating, is that okay?
Aiba: Please wait a minute!
Yama: That's right!
Aiba: Wrong wrong wrong! No no no! No no no!
[writing: Already on night duty?]
Yama: Hey! Hey! Her strength is unbelievable! (writing)
Shizu: It's fine, we're going out. (writing)
Yama: For like 10 seconds, you moron! (writing)
{Sho says they're going to mvoe along to the first homework now, and asks Ogura to do the honors. Ogura reads
the request, which is for deliciously unusual donburi (rice topped with various foods) cuisine. Sho asks if both
of them like it, and Shizu says she really likes it, because she can take in bpoth rice and side dishes in a
very short period of time. Sho laughs at her saying 'take in', saying it's like she's talking about data. The
announcer says the received 190 submissions, from very high class donburi to very homely kinds, so please take
in a lot of them;P Ohno introduces what he calls an extragant item, and Yama says it'll definitely be delicious;
Ohno says the price is 9240yhen (about 92$) and everyone is flooredXD}
Yama: Only Bill gates can eat something like that! (writing)
{Ohno opens it and Nino says it looks tasty, Juns asks what's in it, and Ogura says it's shark fin! The announcer
says that atop the rice sits shredded shark fin, which ends up at a nice round number of 10 thousand yen. There's
also abalone and spiny lobster in it, making it an extravagant item.}
Sho: Shizu-chan, is this going to make you come back to MatsuJun?
Nino: Watch him closely, watch him closely.
Yama: She'll go back.
Aiba: She's watching, she's watching!
[writing: In the process of evaluating]
Yama: Run~! (writing)
Nino: She's fastened on his eyes, she's fastened on his eyes! Why?
Shizu: His eyes are pretty<3 (writing)
Yama: His eyes are pretty huh?
[writing: Purchase now<3]
Nino: Hurry up and mix it!
Yasma: Hurry and mix it, and run! (writing) Wow, with just this alone...
Nino: She's devouring it with her eyes.
Yama: Oh, she's devouring it? She's like a hungry 8th grader right now.
Shizu: Mmm...bewijum.
Yama: What are you saying? (writing)
Shizu: bowimi.
Yama: Eh?
Shizu: Nobimi.
Yama: Boiin? What's boiin? A new kind of water? (writing) What?
Sho: It is water-like;P
Jun: Ah, this'll be tasty ne.
Aiba: Thanks.
Yama: She's come back after all. That's where she'd come back.
Shizu: Here, you guys too. (writing; very impolite form of you)
Sho: That's messed up! The way you're treating us! (writing) What do you mean 'you guys'?
Nino: It was kind of like a mother, 'you punks eat it too'.
Yama: A very awkward mother ne.
Shizu: Hey, you too. (writing; using a very impolite form of 'you')
Yama: Shozu-chan!
Nino: It's not 'you' right?
Yama: You're going to give me a heart attack! (writing)
Ogura: Thank you.
Yama: Ah, this is incredible after all. Ah, it's selling me on the cost.
Sho: This is tasty!
Ogura: Tasty huh.
{the announcer says it still goes on after this, the surprising donburi festival. And, a further shock awaits
Aiba, is this okay? Nankai Candies is not letting the deliciously unusual donburi cuisine go to waste; eat more
Shoizu-chan. Ohno says next it's ramen donburi.}
Jun: Ramen donburi?
Ohno: Yes.
Jun: On top of the rice packed in the bottom is there really ramen, or just the noodles?
Ohno: You're already getting excited right? (writing)
Aiba: Definitely. Definitely getting excited;P
Ohno: Then, we'll open this!
Yama: Ah!
Jun: What is this?
Ogura: It's just the ingredients on top of ramen? On top of the rice.
Yama: This is kind of colorful.
{the announcer says the rice is cooked in ramen broth, and atop it are placed the traditional ramen toppings, in
a dream collaboration. Yama says it's cooked in the broth, and Ogura says it is-}
[writing: Eating with your hands]
Yama: What is this?? Did you think that was a single person's serving???
Shizu: Dewishous. Dwijus.
Ogura: Delicious?
Aiba; Shizu-chan ne, Shizu-chan ne...
Ogura: Shizu-chan, we're going to bring out others (dishes)! (writing)
Aiba: Shizu-chan, Shizu-chan, ne.
Yama: It's like she's just come back from an after-school club. (writing)
Shizu: Dewishous.
Yama: Right, Shizu-chan.
Ogura: Wooo!
Yama: Shizu-chan.
Aiba: Yeah, del-...delicious. (writing)
Sho: It wasn't unpleasant?;P
Nino: If you don't like it just says so, it's like she's your parent.
Yama: I lvoe donburi too ne!
Ogura: You like it?
Yama: Yeah. To the point where I'd get a tattoo of the character for 'don' on my back ne.
Jun: You like it that much?;P
Yama: My, quite pleasant. (writing) This is pleasant!
Ogura: What, so it's like they jsut did a ssingle bowl of ramen rice ne. (writing)
Yama: That's right ne.
Nino: Ogura-san, who didn't eat any, was the easiest to understand. (writing) Why?
Ohno: The next are donburi with impact! (writing)
Yama: Impact?
Ohno: First this one, seafood fritter donburi.
Ogura: Why is it (the box) that high? (writing)
Ohno: That intrigues you ne. So shall we open it?
Ogura: Yes. Open!
Jun: Amazing!
Yama: Incredibly tasty-looking!
{the announcer says the fried treasures of the sea stand a full 20cm above the donburi itself. But, it's hard to tell
how to dig in.}
Yama: How do you go at it?
Jun: How do you go at it?
Ohno: Do you just chew on it the way it is? (writing)
Yama: I'll help you with breaking it up.
Sho: You're cutting it? That's helping?
Yama: You have to take hold of it.
Aiba: She's got quite a bit, she's got quite a bit ne.
Ogura: Why?
Yama: How is it Shizu-chan?
Aiba: Shizu-chan. something's sticking out...
Shizu: Grishpywi dwishas. (writing)
Ogura: Crispily delicious? (writing)
Yama: You understand her well ne!
Ogura: I can udnerstand anything that's unintelligible;P
Aiba: Here I go.
Jun: Don't put it back.
Yama: Don't put it back!
Nino: You're definitely eating that.
Aiba: Ow ow ow! (writing)
Nino: Why does eating fritter donburi hurt?! (writing) Well, tell us!
Jun: That's messed up.
Aiba: It's too crispy, so it hurts. (writing)
Nino: It's not too crispy, you out too much in your mouth!
Aiba: No I didn't...
Yama: Yeash, Shizu-chan kind of-
Jun: Don't just go and eat it! (writing)
Ohno: Ow! (writing)
Nino: It doesn't hurt, you! I told you you put too much in your mouth!
Yama: Fritters are good because there's lots of different things in them.
Ogura: Ahh, I see. I understand how it hurts. (writing)
{the announcer says the next donburi is the heavy grilled beef special, which is 30cm tall and composed primarily
of cabbage, with a few other ingredients; you;re meant to eat it starting with the meat, but can you really
eat it well? Yama says there's too much cabbage and Shizu says if you eat it with the cabbage it's delicious.
Then Sho asks Ogura-san for the next homework, which is Nankai Candies' image homework, what did you do last night?
Sho says they'll soon know what kind of image today's guest, Nankai Candies, has from the audience's point of
view in this segment, and asks for their favor. Nino says he has an image of Yama-chan, from Kanchi-san in Tokyo:
when he was walking around the night before, he made the girl in front of him run away;P}
Yama: Kanchi-san ne?
Nino: Kanchi-san.
Yama: For now I'm going to send Kanchi-san some of the show's special mud. (writing)
[writing: There isn't any]
Yama: He'll open the box and there'll be mud inside.
Nino: How was it?
Yama: Well I'm certainly...hated by women. (writing)
Aiba: That's certainly how it is ne.
Yama: Um, in the Fushimoto Industrial ugliness ranking I took the number one spotby a landslide. Two years in a
row. (writing) The number two spot was 7000 votes below me.
Sho: That's amazing ne.
Yama: It's amazing. There were even a few words in the comments. The most harsh one, which was sent in by a
male, was, eh...my little sister can't smile right after seeing your picture. (writing)
Sho: That makes you unable to smile?XD
Yama: That's really-
Nino: That's not a ranking then.
Yama: That's really scarring!
Sho: Ogura-san, what kind of image do you have of the two of them?
Ogura: I ne, the image of Shizu-chan crying while trying her best to do the hula dance was incredibly great
wasn't it. In Hula Girls.
Yama: I think the fact that Ogura-san has the impression he said just now is because the whole country of Japan
has it. Because Shizu-chan is in this group! (writing)
Ogura: No no.
Sho: Just a minute-!
Jun: You're going into that kind of conversation?
Yama: No really, in the script-like introduction I got the other day they wrote that I was [the instigator of
the Shizu-chan boom]! (writing)
Jun: Ehhh....mine came for Shizu-chan.
Shizu: Yes.
Jun: Ehhh, this is a submission from Kanagawa-ken's Hachibee-san. Shizu-chan idled around in her own room last night,
in men's underwear and a stomach band. (writing)
Shizu: MatsuJun, what kind of underwear do you think I have on? (writing)
Sho: Are you serious??
Jun: Sorry, it's impossible! (writing)
Aiba: You can't imagine it?
Jun: it's not coming to me, it's not coming to me;P
Sho: In terms of images there's the idea of you just relaxing in your own room, but you're fairly active?
Shizu: That's right. That's right, um...
Jun: Why did you enter the entertainment world? (writing)
Shizu: Um...in the very beginning I wanted to be an idol! (writing)
All: EHHH?!O_o
Shizu: I did quite a few idol auditions, -
Aiba: Eh? On a side note, what type of idol auditions? (writing)
Shizu: Um, ne...like Morning Musume. (writing)
All: Ehhh...
Aiba: Morning Musume?
Ogura: Did you sing songs and such? (writing)
Shizu: Yes. I sang, um...
Ogura: What kind of songs?
Shizu: Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi-san's [Fated Love Song]. (writing)
Yama: Why would you sing a Nagabuchi song at a Morning Musume audition??
Jun: There's no way they'd take you ne.
Ogura: So if you hadn't made a mistake on the song ne... (writing)
ShizU: I would have gotten accepted. (writing)
Sho: Ogura-san;P
Aiba: Ogura-san, you like her huh;P
Yama: Ogura-san, you're too nice!
Sho: If you had one now, what would you sing? At an audition. (writign)
Shizu: If it was now ne, um...something like Ohtsuka Ai-chan's [Sakuranbou]... (writing)
Jun: That's a good pick ne.
Nino: It's audition-ish.
Sho: So, shall we have a little audition here?
Ogura: Sakuranbou!
Sho: This is the beginning of the first annual Arashi's Homework Pretty Girl auditions~! (writing)
Yama: Pretty girl huh? Although I think she'd fail from the first evaluation of her application. (writing) Ne?
Sho: Well then, entry number 1, Yamazaki Shizue-san with Sakuranbou, go ahead! (writing)
[writing: Shizue-chan's appearance!]
Shizu: Two people loving e-each oth...two people...
[writing: Well now?]
Shizu: ...loving...Sakuranbou;P When I open my hands it's already been 2 years. (writing)
Yama: Low! (writing)
Shizu: I feel it for real after all ne, I kind of get bashful ne. That's right, I did horrible things, I said
horrible things, a lot of things solidified, it's something very very sweet. (writing) Tearful days
and bike rides and unexhibitable letters, there were lots of them! (writing)
Nino: The tension's going, the tension's going all weird.
Shizu: Two people loving each other, a happy sky. Both beside each other, me and you, sakuranbou. (writing)
[writing: What's the result of the audition?]
Aiba: Alright!
Sho: Ogura-san. How was it?
Ogura: How about you try to get accepted on other tv shows? (writing)
Yama: Go to [The world's most shocking person]! (writing)
Sho: Emergency Project Number 2, can you do a skit while wearing headphones and an eyemask? (writing)
Nino: It's gotten kind of scary huh?
{the announcer says, can the Nankai Candies pair properly match up if they do a skit wearing headphones and
eyemasks? First, they'll show their normal skit}
Yama: Well, that's right ne. It's this pose.
Sho: The two from Nankai Candies, if you please!
Yama: Hi there, we're the Nankai Candies~!
Shizu: bang!
Yama: Ah ne, I'm sorry to all of you for that;P So~, Shizu-chan, is it true you've been doing that lately?
Shizu: Ah, it seems that I'll be appearing in a romantic drama.
Yama: It hasn't happened that they've told you at full strength that it's impossible?
Shizu: Eh?
Yama: Ah, Shizu-chan, can you do it?
Shizu: Yeah, I can do it.
Yama: Then if you can do it let's have everyone here see a scene by you. Ne? Then, the drama's heroine is
cavorting around by the ocean. So, go for it, begin!
Shizu: Ahh~, the beautiful ocean!
Yama: Shizu-chan...isn't that the dance people do when they score a goal in soccer? You did that on purpose
didn't you. okay, unbelievably your hat has been mischieviously snatched by the wind, poof! It makes it fly
Shizu: I've got you covered!
Yama: Cut! Why are you receiving a pass? Why are you receiving a pass? One more time ne? Alright, begin!
Shizu: Ah...take that!
Yama: You've done it now!
Shizu: I;ll make you catch me!
Yama: Wait~!
Shizu: It's a leek!
Yama: You've completely ruined it! Thank you very much.
Aiba: this is going to be difficult isn't it? (writing)
Jun: This is ne.
Ogura: This is a lot of trouble ne.
Yama: It's okay! It's all like breathing to me. (writing)
Shizu: I get the feeling I can do it if I can't see Yama-chan's face. (writing)
Nino: Conversely ne?:P
Jun: Conversely ne?;)
Shizu: I know that I can a slightly troublesome guy.
[Announcer: In the end, will the pair's lines fit perfectly? After putting on the headphones and eyemask it's
right on to the real thing.]
Nino: This is the limit of cosplay for you is it Yama-chan?
Yama: Your hat has been snatched mischievously by the wind! Why are you counting Shizu-chan?
[Announcer: Ah, pathetic huh! (writing) With headphones and eyemasks on can they do a skit in unison? In the
Sho: Can you do a skit with headphones and eyemasks on? If you please!
[writing: Begin]
Yama: Hi there, we're the Nankai Candies~!
Shizu: bang!
Yama: Ah ne, I'm sorry to all of you for that;P
Ohno: Amazing...
Yama: Ah, Shizu-chan, I heard something about you the other day.
[writing: Shizu-chan is silent!]
Yama: Well, I think that's impossible for you, Shizu-chan. Yeah. Well, at any rate Shizu-chan, let's have eberyone
see if you can do a scene or not. Here we go. Okay ne, firstly ne, you're dancing around by the sea, ready,
Ohno: Why isn't she moving! (writing)
Sho: What's wrong with you? Are you sleeping? (writing)
Yama: Shizu-chan...that's a soccer player!
Nino: What was that?
Aiba: It isn't at all, it isn't at all!
Yama: Shizu-chan...Shizu-chan, your hate has been msichieviously snatched by the wind! Why are you counting Shizu-chan?
What kind of scene is this?! Playing around, ready, begin! Uwa! Now you've done it!
[writing: Their timing is perfect?]
Yama: You've completely ruined it!
[Audience: Ohhh! writing: Yama-chan's done the skit]
Nino: Yama-chan, it's not over. Yama-chan, keep running.
Shizu: It's a leek.
[writing: Shizu-chan is now finished]
Aiba: So late~;P It's good, it's good.
Nino: It's okay, wonderful.
Ogura: Ah~, for awhile there your timing was perfect ne. (writing)
Yama: Is that so?
Aiba: It wasn't perfect!
Yama: We showed you ne.
Nino: Shizu-chan, I think one of your lines got lost. (writing)
Yama: What's this Shizu-chan?
Nino: Something along the lines of [I want to be an actress]... (writing)
Shizu: Ah, I forgot. (writing)
Yama: Shizu-chan, sorry, but could you pull yourself together?! (writing)
Sho: There were a few bits where you were in sync.
Nino: Once in a while you were matching perfectly. (writing)
ShoL There were some moments where you matched perfectly, it was amazing.
Yama: Really??
Ogura: It was more interesting this way ne. (writing)
Sho: That's not true!
Yama: Is that so, then I guess we'll do mansai with this ne. (type of comedy)
Ogura: It was fun ne.
Yama: It was fun.
Aiba: Yeah, today was really fun.
Ogura: I didn't think that Nankai Candies would bee this much fun. I thought once more that you're wonderful.
Yama: Uwa, that makes me overjoyed ne!
{the announcer says this week's honor student is Kokki-san who submitted the frittered seafood donburi, they're requesting
submissions of deliciously different shrimp and pickled vegetables, as well as image homework of 'what did
you do last night' for Drunk Dragon, Megumi, and Suzuki Anne.

That Shizu-chan girl is...something elseO_o Poor Aiba, getting chased by her is almost worse than the rhinocerousXDD And Jun isn't quite off the hook either it seems;P but that skit they were doing wasn't really funny either way they did it, although I agree with Ogura that it was more interesting the second way;)

For today's article, July Popolo:D I think I saw another version recently, but I had already started this one so I figured I might as well post it...^^;

Credit to Mori for the scans:)

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This month's Arashi happenings, Latest situation column
Matsumoto Jun
Italian really does intrigue me?!
I know now that "popolo" means "people" in Italian. Although I've appeared in the pages one way or another
for 10 years now, I didn't know that. It's written in the table of contents in every issue? Ah~, I didn't notice
at all. I'm sure it's because I'm following Italian right now that I noticed it ne. If you're going to do it
anyway, please put the phonetic symbols on there too (laughs).

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Part 1, Solo Interviews: [I want MatsuJun to be my matchmaker!]
Dates, weddings, a rival in love...Questions about [If you were going to do XX with a member, then who?] mixed
with various love situations! The selections of these five who've mutually intimately befriended each other!

Sakurai Sho chooses!
Q1. If you were going to ask for help with your love troubles?
Ohno Satoshi
This person won't give a very negative opinion, so it seems like he'd give me courage. Even on a daily basis he
tells me [it's okay, it's okay]. it's kind of soothing (laughs).
Q2. If you were going to have a doule date?
Ninomiya Kazunari
Because If I did a date with any of the other members it seems like we'd be riding roller coasters. Nino doesn't
seem like he likes that. And I don't really like it either ne.
Q3. The one you don't want to make your rival in love?
Aiba Masaki
Because it seems like if that kind of relationship happened he'd say [it's fine, it's fine[ and thoughtfully
let go of his lover. But if that happened it would conversely be really bad ne (laughs).
Q4. The one you would want to ask to be your best man at your wedding?
Matsumoto Jun
I think that MatsuJun is surely really good at that kind of thing. He pays attention to the details, I get the
feeling that he'd arrange it so that everything progressed really well ne.
Q5. The one you'd want to be your child's name-giver?
Sakurai Sho
Because if I asked the other members I have no idea what kind of name they'd give it as a joke. In the end, you
have to take responsibility for naming your own kids ne. (writing)

Ninomiya kazunari chooses!
Q1. If you were going to ask for help with your love troubles?
Ohno Satoshi
He seems like he'd just listen to my story and not give me any advice. On the other hand, that's good (laughs).
Because in the end I think that things concerning love should only be solved byt the people involved together ne.
Q2. If you were going to have a doule date?
Aiba Masaki
If we're going to have a date together then someone who seems fun is good. I think he'd bee good because Aiba-chan
is always fun-seeming. He seems like he'd enthusiastically set up a plan for it right.
Q3. The one you don't want to make your rival in love?
Sakurai Sho
Sho-chan I guess. Although this really a hunch. But, because everyone has a different type I don't think
we'd become rivals in love. In reality this is impossible (laughs).
Q4. The one you would want to ask to be your best man at your wedding?
Matsumoto Jun
This is also a hunch...(laughs). I don't have any interest in marriage so this is kind of hard to imagine ne.
Jun-kun would do it thoroughly, so that's good right?
Q5. The one you'd want to be your child's name-giver?
Ninomiya Kazunari
I'm often mistakenly called [Kazuya] ne. So I want to give a name that's easy to understand. Things like Jun or
Sho or Satoshi are good. But not Masaki (laughs).

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Ohno Satoshi chooses!
Q1. If you were going to ask for help with your love troubles?
Sakurai Sho
If I was going to ask for help...Sho-kun I guess. Because I get the feeling the way he lvoes someone and the
way he thinks about love match up with mine. It seems like he'd understand the love troubles too right?
Q2. If you were going to have a doule date?
Ninomiya Kazunari
Nino seems to also have the same date style as me. I don't do flashy things, I don't go to amusement parks either.
It's a sense like just having a walk together is good ne.
Q3. The one you don't want to make your rival in love?
Matsumoto Jun
This one is hard. MatsuJun's fine (laughs). I just have that feeling one way or another, but our tastes are
probably different so I don't think we'd be rivals in love.
Q4. The one you would want to ask to be your best man at your wedding?
Aiba Masaki
If it was Aiba-chan I get the feeling he'd definitely make the wedding fun. It seems like he'd do sort of unique
productions too. Well, if he could make it fun then that's good enough.
Q5. The one you'd want to be your child's name-giver?
Ohno Satoshi
It's good to name your own children. I don't think I'd rely on the members for that (laughs). Whether the kids
were boys or girls, I think I'd name them myself.

Matsumoto Jun chooses!
Q1. If you were going to ask for help with your love troubles?
Sakurai Sho
I think that if it was Sho-kun he'd properly listen focussedly to my love troubles. On top of which, I also get
the feeling that he'd give me accurate advice concerning those troubles.
Q2. If you were going to have a doule date?
Ohno Satoshi
Because Riidaa is a completely different type of person from ne. If we were to have a double date we'd go to
places different than the usual, make various discoveries, it seems interesting.
Q3. The one you don't want to make your rival in love?
Ninomiya Kazunari
I tried to pick Nino, but now that I've clearly said it I don't really have a reason (laughs). Well, because
the types we like are fundamentally different I don't think we;d become rivals ne.
Q4. The one you would want to ask to be your best man at your wedding?
Aiba Masaki
Because he seems like he'd give me a fun, original kind of wedding concept ne. Ah, but that isn't the best man's
job? I guess I should really rely on a serious person to be my best man...
Q5. The one you'd want to be your child's name-giver?
Matsumoto Jun
I'd think seriously think about this myself. Or rather, I couldn't leave something this important up to other
people. The members seem like they'd say something terrible (painful smile).

Aiba Masaki chooses!
Q1. If you were going to ask for help with your love troubles?
Ohno Satoshi
Because I'm not really someone that asks for help this is difficult ne. But, he is the Leader after all ne. I
think that I'd partake of his older breadth of experience and opinion.
Q2. If you were going to have a doule date?
Matsumoto Jun
Because he seems like decide on various schedules, make reservations and such. I'm not good at that kind of thing,
because I'm the type that goes to the place I want to go ne (laughs).
Q3. The one you don't want to make your rival in love?
Ninomiya Kazunari
Sorry, this is by the process of elimination (laughs). It's not like I particularly don't want to make Nino
my rival in love ne... The types we like are different, so it actually doesn't exist ne.
Q4. The one you would want to ask to be your best man at your wedding?
Sakurai Sho
I chose him based on his image, but it seems like it would suit him right? When you're having your wedding and
such, I really think you should have a put-together person witness it.
Q5. The one you'd want to be your child's name-giver?
Aiba Masaki
I want to name my children myself. Although right now what names I'd like to give them are not coming to mind
... I'd like to think about it by mixing in mine and my wife's names too ne.

Interesting picks...I really would have thought more people would pick Jun as the person they didn't want as their rival in love, or Sho as the wedding planner;P But I think it's funny how they all chose themselves to name their children (who wouldn't?O_o) I love these group articldes, they really are like a window into their awesome dynamic:D

Well minna, there'll probably only be one more post before I leave, I'll try to make it a good one^^ I'm already getting excited, looking up the type of airplane, the trains I'll ride, etcX3 But nothing could compare to the sublime hope of getting to see the boys in concert with my very own eyes>_< This is one dream I really want to come true:3 But, there's 4 more days of work until then, so I gotta keep my feet on the ground, at least for now;P Hope you're all doing well, see you soon^^free web stats



leader is a winner when it comes to love troubles ne~ it seems everyone likr to go to him in this matter hahaha

no rivalry in them ne ~ thats good xD thanks for the translation ^^
I thought it was interesting three of them chose Ohno to confide their love troubles to! You'd think it'd be someone who seems to have more experience...but then again maybe that's a side of Ohno we don't know ne~
love your translations, as always!

I'm often mistakenly called [Kazuya] ne. So I want to give a name that's easy to understand. Things like Jun or
Sho or Satoshi are good. But not Masaki (laughs).

this comment--oh nino.
thanks for the translation! auuaahuah love the answers!
Thanks as always <3
I have to admit, I haven't watched this one yet ^^;; This is the beginning of the comedian patch isn't it?

Travel advice: don't drink orange juice if you feel sick!!! On the way to Thailand once I was motion sick (which happens often) and my mum made me drink OJ, but it made it worse and I spewed on the plane. True story.

Ah! Maybe the secret to Arashi getting along so well is because they are so different! Therefore, they don't fight over girls!
Though, I'm glad they all would name their own kids and not trust the members for it. Actually, I'm not surprised they pick Jun as the best man, coz I would given his organisation abilities, but Aiba....eh, maybe not. I'm not sure I'd like his sort of spontaneous at a wedding ^^;;
[If you were going to do XX with a member, then who?] The first time I read this sentence I did a double take. hehe, I read it a bad way *hentai*

Anyway, if I don't "see" you again before you leave, take care, good luck and have fun!
The love article is soo interesting. Wow. ARIGATOU nyanchan. I'm excited for you I dont know why but I am. Have fun in Tokyo and I hope you exploit it by stalking the boys. Jk. Take care and have a safe flight.
Not enough time yet to read the trans (but you know I will tonight after the K8 concert!) but for packing, you know I travel for work all the time and use the same techniques for liesure travel. You say your place is small, but you should still be able to do this. As you do things in the morning and then again at night (shower, brush teeth, etc) make note of each task and what you use for them. If possible, get small travel sizes of all the same items or just make them using those cheap plastic travel bottles. It's much easier to travel when you have the same items you use at home, as sometimes you just can't find the decent equivelant elsewhere. It makes the routine simple, as well. Next, get some mesh bags or thick plastic baggies (like those ziplock bags) and put similar items together in them (shower items in one, skin products another, etc) -- I even have a small one that has my "sleep" stuff, as in earplugs, lip cream, hand lotion and eyemask -- since it's so quick and easy to just grab the bag you need instead of fishing thru a bunch of things all over the place. Finally, don't worry too much about what clothes to bring yet. But if you think you do want to bring an item, toss it in the suitcase. Just keep tossing things in it whenever you think about it. The idea is to pretty much exhaust yourself of options, and then a few days before the trip, start to filter items out. Once you see everything lumped together, you realize that some things just won't match, or you might take up space with something you'll only use once. You'd be surprised at how quickly you can narrow things down at that point.

Anyway, that's what I do and it's served me well the last few years! XD
thx! another interesting article ne..
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Thanks for the translation... their comments are so funny...
Japan...ooohhh... lucky girl... just make sure you don't wear anything metallic or boots... the security stops and checks may spoil your trip before it starts... ^v^ other than that, enjoy!!
similiar to what nino said about naming children, I'd want to choose names that are easy to pronounce and spell! Jun and Sho's names are nice and easy to spell and pronounce! XD

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Hi! (^^)/
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Well, I like the translation, thank you so much! The Interview thing was very exciting. =) I also expected, that more people wouldn't have Jun for their love rivals, but I was very happy to read him as the best man for a wedding. Ah, end I like it, that everyone says they have different taste. It's so cute of them, they are really a good boygroup =D
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Hi nyanchan!! Thank you for the translations! I was scared for Aiba-chan's safety...that girl...was scary. lol. Then she went after Jun. ^^;

The article was a lot of fun to read. I love that they picked as their love rival the person that they would not be rivals with. lol Arashi is love. <3

I think the best thing to do for packing is to make a list of the things you need to take and the things you want to take. When you cross off the need list, go on to the want list to see if you have enough room in your bag. XD

If we don't get to talk before you leave, please have a safe trip there and back. I will miss you while you're gone. Enjoy yourself lots and lots, and spend spend spend on Arashi goods. XDDD And if you happen to spot Jun on the street, give him a kiss for me. Tell him you're from Canada. He'll forgive you. <3333333
Questions about [If you were going to do XX with a member, then who?]
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It's a nice how none of them would really be rivals in love; their characters really do varies. Thanks for the translation!