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Summer's End^^

Hello Minna, I don't know about where you are but here's pretty darn cold alreadyXD Like, 2 degrees celsius^^; My poor little toes~XD It's funny because today I was listening to the JunStyle from August 4th and a girl who wrote in talked about how it felt like her summer was already over without even having started, and I feel kind of the same...my 3 weeks in Japan was my summer, and right after coming back fall blew right in. But, what can you do right? Good thing I like fall:3
I know I said I was going to do current episodes, and I still plan on it, but I had an unusual number of requests for the Shukudai-kun from 07.05.07 with Megumi(#31)^^; So, since majority rules in this world, I have that to share today^^

Ogura: This is the beginning of Arashi's Homework~!
[writing: inside the box is tonight's guest]
Ogura: Pa-pow.
Sho: So he's completely 'pink' right from the start ne! (writing)
Ogura: Actress!
Sho: It's amazing that they have these 3 points here ne.
Jun: They sing songs as well ne.
Ogura: This 'pa-pow' means that they're a bikini model type person?
Nino: But they have all these points here. Does the fact they're a comedian mean that they have sketches?
Sho: Well, lshall we have them come out?
Aiba: It's a surprise.
Sho: Tonight's guest is this person, come on out!
Ogura: So I was right!
Megumi: May I? (writing)
Sho: Yes.
Megumi: Um, I often do variety shows, but I'm not a comedian... (writing)
Nino/Sho/Ohno: It says comedian on there. (writing)
Ogura: This conversation is already in comedian territory isn't it? (writing)
Jun: That's right.
{the announcer says tonight is a little 'pink', Megumi's 'bosom buddy' lets loose on her private life, *excerpt*, and Megumi presents her special
dance skills. And Megumi is shocked and angered by Aiba's wasteful hand made foods. Something terrible happens to a daifuku (rice cake) in vaccuum
chamber experiments. So, let's bgein. Ogura starts by saying that lately she hasn't really had the bikini model image, and she says people have
stopped calling her one. Sho asks why and she says that guys like new...'winds';P So she says that lately she really feels that guys are saying
'enough of Megumi already' so she herself feels like it's not particularly something she has to do, although it's not like she doesn't want to
do it. Then Ogura breaks in to say that she entertains guys quite enoughXD (writing: Full throttle again today!), and she says that he's erotic
isn't he, which makes him do quite an interesting eye roll;P Sho decides to move on to the homework and Ogura surprisedly reads that it's to research
and submit delicious and unusual pickled vegetables that she doesn't know about. He asks if she's okay with that and she apologizes that it's so
plain, especially for this show, but she really likes them;P The announcer says it's not boring and that they'll bring out both rare and shockingly
tasty foods, as well as Aiba's handmade offerings.}
Aiba: Here I go, here I go. So, to start with this is what we have. 'Eh??! This is pickled food??'
Megumi: What is this~?! (writing)
Aiba: This you see-
Megumi: What is this??
Aiba: This is cake-style pickled food. Chinese cabbage, crab, Chinese cabbage, konbu seaweed, Chinese cabbage, carrot, Chinese cabbage, crab. (writing)
Nino: You'd know just from looking. (writing)
Ogura: It's only Hokkaidou pickled foods. (writing)
Megumi: Is that so...
Aiba: Ah! Correct! (writing)
{the announcer says that as you would expect of Ogura-san he's right, but this kind of combination is rare, and it goes perfectly with rice. Megumi
tastes it and Ogura says that they often mix these ingredients with different things in Hokkaidou, she says it's delicious, and Sho asks if the
flavors mix up with each other, she says not at all, they 'link' properly;P Sho and Aiba are amused by her saying 'link', and she keeps talking about
how delicious it is, Ohno takes a bite and agrees with her (of course!). Aiba asks if it's delicious, if it works out well}
Megumi: Eh, this is Riidaa's max tension? (writing)
Aiba: MAx!
[writing: Max reaction]
Sho: There's nothing greater than this.
Aiba: There's one more. (writing)
Jun: Just a sec.
Megumi: Ah, scary ne, somehow.
Aiba: 'Hey hey, is it okay to pickle something like this Aiba-chan?' (writing) Tada!
Sho: What?
Megumi: Walleye roe?
Ogura: What is this?
Aiba: Fugu ovaries. (writing)
Megumi: Ehhh~.
Ogura: Normally these are deadly poison. (writing)
Megumi: Eh, certainly.
Aiba: They're deadly poisonous, eh, you're well acquainted with it.
Ogura: I guess it's okay because you pickle it? (writing)
Aiba: this is specifically the place where the poison is the strongest. (writing)
Ogura: That's why I'm asking you if, depending on the pickling, the poison will be removed! (writing)
Nino: Thank you;P
{the announcer says that the ovaries of the blowfish (fugu) contain a poison called tetrodotoxin, but after having been pickled in salt for a year,
the poison is removed and it becomes a delicacy among delicacies in terms of pickled foods. Enjoy it with rice;P Megumi says she'll dig in, Ohno
says it smells like walleye roe, and megumi says that it's realyl delicious, very salty. Ogura says 'salty?' and she says it's like dried mullet roe
(according to the dictionary...)}
Ogura: I think this would be good soaked in tea. (writing)
Aiba: He did it.
[writing: it's time for the Bambi~no;P]
Megumi: It's really delicious.
Jun: Yessir! (writing)
Ogura: This'll be good soaked in tea.
Jun: I'm making it myself. (writing)
{Ogura takes a bite and Aiba asks how it is, Nino says it should be good, and Ogura says it's tasty. Megumi says it's delicious isn't it, and Jun
jokes that he's going in for the tea soaked version;P Megumi again says that it's delicious, and Sho says it really does look delicious, Aiba encourage
everyone to eat some. Ohno takes a bite and instantly leans over for the bowl, Nino says this means they all know that it goes well;P}
Ogura: This is definitely how it would turn out huh?
Megumi: Today is your highest tension isn't it. (writing)
Ogura: It's defeinitely good. You don't need words ne?
Aiba: Only, from here on is the real thing. Because now we're going with the Aiba specially made mound-pickles. (writing)
Sho: It's for sure not mound-pickles! Bran-pickles right! (writing; tsuka (mound) and nuka (bran) are close...;P)
{the annoucner says that after this, Aiba's original bran-pickles will create...*excerpt* The homework from megumi-san is delicious and rare pickled
items, and from this point Aiba will introduce the things he pickled specially for Megumi-san.}
Aiba: Here I go~! I wonder what will come out<3 I wonder what will come out<3 (writing)
Ogura: What is that dirty thing?! What are you pickling?! (writing)
Megumi: What is this? Yuck! Eh??
Aiba: A cream puff. (writing)
Megumi: Mor~on! (writing)
Ogura: Just wait a sec! Just wait a sec!
Megumi: I definitely won't like that!
Jun: Why are you putting a cream puff in water?;P
Aiba: I'm washing it!
Ogura: You can't wash it!
Aiba: Why?
[writing: Cream puff cleansing]
Aiba: It's dirty isn't it?? Wouldn't it be better to wash it?!
Ogura: Are you an idiot?! (writing) Who's going to eat that?
Aiba: That's what I'm saying..
Nino: He's going to eat it, he is.
Sho: If you look at it from here, if you take off the skin you can't tell, so wouldn't it work?
[writing: Positive Sakurai]
Aiba: Ah, you make good comments ne.
Sho: It's completely fine.
Aiba: So, let's start with Megumi-chan. (writing) Look, it looks tasty!
Jun: Ah, it looks tasty huh~;P
Aiba: Use it, make use of it.
Megumi: Well, there's not much smell to it in the end ne.
Jun: Ah, is that so...
Megumi: Here I go, ugh...
Aiba: Just one bite-
Megumi: It's terrible~! Super bad! (writing)
Nino: Confirm it, confirm it.
Aiba: Yes, I'll confirm it.
Nino: Confirmation in progress.
Jun: Confirmation in progress~.
[writing: Confirmation in progress]
Aiba: I'm cofirming it.
Sho: Yes, confirm it.
Aiba: Yes, the confirmation is done, it's terrible. (writing)
[writing: Conclusion, it's terrible]
Megumi: It's terrible ne.
Aiba: Yes, it's terrible.
Megumi: It was terrible, the cream puff was no good.
Aiba: Then, I'm going on to the next one. (writing)
Ohno: There's still something in there? (writing)
Aiba: That's right, the last one, the last one.
Megumi: The last one'll be delicious ne. (writing)
Aiba: That's right!
Megumi: Ne!
Aiba: That's why I did it. The last one is this here.
Megumi: Oh, what is this?
Aiba: A hamburger. Hmm? What? Should I wash it?
Ogura: Don't wash it! You can't wash it! (writing)
Megumi: If you pickle it you can't wash it.
Aiba: I can't wash it?
Ogura: Only...why is there a need to purposefully go and pickle a hamburger?
Aiba: But ne-
Nino: What did you come here for?
Aiba: Kind of a new meat broth...
Megumi: You know, you have something wrong with you that you come up with these ideas ne? (writing)
Aiba: I do not!
Megumi: You do!
ogura: You do.
Megumi: They're weird!
Jun: The appearance kind of looks like that fugu from earlier ne.
Ohno: There's cream puff on it.
Nino: There's cream puff on there.
Aiba: because there's only one knife.
Megumi: Just a little ne.
Aiba: Just that little bit?
Megumi: I'll eat it if it's delicious. But I think it won't be delicious. Ah~, it stinks ne, it stinks. (writing)
Aiba: It stinks doesn't it.
Megumi: It stinks.
Aiba: That stink is good isn't it? How is it?
Megumi: I'm really sorry ne. It's f***ing terrible. (writing)
Nino: The end.
Sho: Yes, the end.
Megumi: It doesn't go well at all. (writing)
Aiba: Is that so?
Megumi: They're fighting with each other (the flavors). (writing)
Aiba: So, should we check it?
Jun: Check it, chekc it.
Aiba: Yes, check it, check it, checking in progress~.
Sho: Check it.
Aiba: Yes, Matsumoto-san. (writing) Check please.
[writing: Matsumoto confirmation in progress]
Jun: That's huge!
Ogura: Do a small one, a small one.
Aiba: No, eat the big one.
Nino: Why? You eat it!
Ogura: You're that slow to-
Jun: This is super tasty. (writing)
Ogura: You're kind of...weird-
Megumi: Weird!
Ogura: This is weird!
[writing: Ohno confirmation in progress]
Megumi: Ah, here it is!
ohno: Ah! It's a normal hamburger! Those who like hamburgers should eat it! (writing)
[writing: Loves hamburgers!]
Aiba: Hey, quit that!
Jun: You, quit that!
Aiba: You like hamburgers don't you!
Jun: You have hamburger bentou don't you!
Nino: I mean, it's not a normal hamburger. It's a cheeseburger! (writing)
[writing: A barley-pickled hamburgetr = cheeseburger]
Megumi: Weird. Weird.
{Sho says it's time to move to the next homework and asks Ogura to do the honors, Ogura reads that it's 'what did you do last night?' for Megumi.
The announcer explains it's where the audience sends in their image of Megumi, and then the discussion moves into her private life, as well a secret
beauty will make an appearance. Ohno reads the first one from Moe-moe-Poo-san, who says she gathered her office kouhai together and had a Megumi party.
She says that's an unpleasant image, Aiba says that it definitely exists, she's surprised, and says it's an unpleasant image. Nino says it's kind
of as if she deliberately made her kouhai hang out with her, and Ohno asks if she doesn't visit her kouhai, and she says she doesn't work with them
too much, but sometimes when she goes to the office she sees them, but they have such a cute aura abou them she doesn't know how to treat them. She
doesn't want to say something rude and hurt them, so she ends up speaking in keigo (polite speech) and saying things like 'hi there, are you doing
your best?'. In that kind of big flowery meeting she tends to slip out if she can. So Nino says she really doesn't have Megumi parties, and she says
no. Ohno asks if she has a lot of male friends,a dn she says that although she has some female friends too she has a lot of transvestite friends.
Sho is amazed, and she says there's a lot of them, and she goes to visit them;P Sho asks if she has a lot of opportunities to hang out with people
like that and she emphatically says she does. She says that she forgets that they're gay, among her drinking friends there are a lot of them who are
her best friends. The announcer says they called upon one of her best friends, a trans-sexual she hangs out with almost every day...and they ask a
lot about Megumi's private life;P}
Haruna: Hi there~.
Aiba: You're a trans-sexual-?
Haruna: I'm Haruna.
Megumi: This is Haruna Ai-chan- (meaning 'spring love')
Haruna: Yes!
Megumi: -but what was your original name again?
Haruna: I'm Oonishi Kenji, yoroshipi~!
Sho: You often hang out together? (writing)
Haruna: We're together a ton of time in the mid-summer. (writing)
Megumi: We go to onsen and things too-
Haruna: We do ne~.
Ogura: You go in together?
Haruna" We go in together (to the onsen). (writing)
Megumi: We're completely fine with it ne.
Haruna: That's right. Usually she's extremely manly, so I kind of pull her towards being more girly ne. (writing)
Megumi: You stop seeing her as a guy huh.
Haruna: Thank you.
[writing: Real name: Oonishi Kenji]
Jun: In the make-up room I had no idea.
Haruna: Is that true? I guess I'm kind of like a girl with a gravelly voice huh. (writing)
Jun: That's right, that's right, that's really how it is. (writing)
Haruna: I'm so happy<3 Ypu've told me so many happy things:)
[writing: Locked on to Bambi~no]
Nino: She's completely locked on.
Sho: She's completely locked on Matsumoto-san;P
Ogura: Your chest is quite filled in ne. (writing)
Haruna: Ah, that's right. Ans you would expect (from Ogura). Yes, um, 260 cc in there. (writing)
Nino: We're not focussing o that at all. (writing)
Haruna: That's how we talk about them. (writing)
Jun: Ah, is that so?
Haruna: Like 'do you have ccs in there?'
Ohno: Is that on the heavy side?
Haruna: Um, that's fairly on the heavy side, 260.
[writing: Ogura is very happy]
Jun: Though you say 260 ccs we have no idea ne~.
Nino: With 260 ccs in there what cup does that make you? (writing)
Haruna: Um, at any rate, A B C D E, it's F.
Ogura: F?
Aiba: F?
[writing: F cup]
Aiba: Is that tender? (writing)
Haruna: Oh, oh, it's bouncy bouncy bouncy. They're bouncy bouncy nouncy ne;P
Nino: Aiba-san's the only one who's tension is going up. (writing)
Megumi: Aiba-kun~!
Jun: Pull yourself together. Pull yourself together, you're an idol. (writing)
Nino: Haruna-san was talking.
Megumi: You're wandering.
Ogura: I was talking about something important just now. (writing)
Aiba: Ah, I'm sorry, really.
Ogura: But Megumi-chan has more than an F ne, that conversation. (writing)
Haruna: That's right ne. But, as you would think, when she goes shopping her bust is the size you see here right? (writing) Clothes and things right,
there's nice clothes ne? (writing) But when she tries them on like normal it usually ends up like [when I wear these clothes it's kind of
like a breast festival huh~]. (writing) Isn't that right? You say it's like a breast festival.
Megumi: You like it don't you, every time I say it.
haruna: What does that mean, 'breast festival'?
Jun: Breast festival?
Megumi: Like a- like a breast company. (writing)
[writing: (ltd) Breasts General Respresentative]
Sho: Company??
Megumi: That's how it is every morning. Sorry everyone.
Ogura: Your body's so slim, but with your bust standing out like that it must be hard to find clothes ne. (writing)
All: That's right ne.
Haruna: That's right.
Megumi: That's right isn't it.
Ogura: The Japanese clothing is no good isn't it, in terms of sizes.
Megumi: That's right ne, it's kind of like, everywhere else is fine, but just right here it gets hung up ne. (writing)
Haruna: Again everyone, she's proud of it isn't she? We went to go get mud treatments in Korea ne. When you're there for the most part you're lying
on the esthetician's table sleeping, getting rubbed down like this. Even though I was lying facing upward the breast of Megumi, who was
lying next to me, were in my line of vision. (writing)
Sho: Seriously?
Haruna: Lying beside me flipping all over the place. (writing) That was astounding.
Nino: That as well is already a breast festival ne. (writing)
Haruna: Is that it?
Megumi: A very skilled way of using it. Your way of using it is perfect.
Sho: A conversation emerged where she's a very together manly type person, but how is she in reality? (writing)
Haruna: Mm, that's right ne. It's to the point where I think it would really be better if we swtiched. For example, when you go over to someone's
house you use their bathroom right? She has no toilet paper in her bathroom! (writing)
Sho: That's weird!
[writing: Megumi' secret, she has no toilet papaer at her house]
Haurna: That happens sometimes with guys doesn't it, where there's no toilet paper at home. That happens a lot with her.
Megumi: That's right.
Aiba: Which means that you don't wipe? (writing)
Megumi: I wipe~. (writing)
Aiba: You don't have any toilet paper right?
Megumi: Sometimes I don't have any, in a separate room I have a, kind a toilet paper room kind of thing. (writing)
Aiba: Liar! You're a liar!;P
Sho: In your profile ne, it says that one of your special skills is English. (writing) Can you actually speak in English?
Haruna: She can't speak English at all. (writing)
Sho: You can't speak it! (writing)
Megumi: I went to New York ne.
Haruna: You did ne.
Megumi: And at that time I wasn able to do it one way or another, but after I came bak there wasn't much opportunity to use it so you gtradually
forget it right? But when I first entered the entertainment world it as like you could write down anything as your special skill, so
thinking that there really wouldn't be any work where I had to speak English I wrote it down. Then a travel show came to me ne. They were
like 'Megumi-chan can speak English, so host it ne, and you can interpret at the same time'. I was thinking 'this is bad...'.
Aiba: That's bad huh.
Megumi: It was right around when I debuted so I thought I couldn't turn it down, so I said [Of course! I'll do it!]. (writing) There were times when
the show got extremely out of hand ne.
Sho: Why did you go to New York? (writing)
Megumi: Good question.
Sho: Ah, thank you very much, please favor us with the answer.
Megumi: I had the dream of becoming a singer and I really liked Black music, Gospel music, so when I was in high school I decided to learn it, so
I went there.
Jun: How long did you go for?
Megumi: About nne year total.
Jun: That much?
Ogura: So how did it work?
Megumi: There was a gospel church in Harlem, and every day if you paid two dollars they'd let you learn, they had that kind of system.
Ogura: How was that in terms of results? (writing)
Megumi: In terms of results I put out 6 CDs, but they didn't make it to world distribution.
Nino: But you did put out 6 CDs ne.
Megumi: That's right ne, I did put them out.
haruna: but although she sings songs with somewhat of a rhythym, when we went to dance lessons together recently-
Megumi: You;re going to say that?
Haruna: I am, I am, let me say it. The dance lessons-
Megumi: You said that!
Haruna: -lately everyone's kind of doing the hip hop thing, with steps like this and stuff. Right?
Sho: I'm sorry, what kin of steps are those? (writing)
Haruna: Ah, like, 'yo! yo!'.
Nino: Ah, they do have that ne.
Haruna: We went to that kind of thing together. We went to lessons, but her dancing is still terrible.
Nino: Do it now, do it now. Do the 'yo! yo!' from just now. (writing)
Sho: Do the yo! yo!.
Megumi: Here we go...applauding makes it harder. Um ne...yoo! (writing)
[writing: Dance??]
Nino: Stop stop! Yeah just stop, sorry. That's a train wreck. That just now is a complete train wreck. (writing)
Megumi: it was a train wreck?
Nino: That just now is a complete train wreck.
Sho: That was completely summer festival style...
Nino: Yo! Yo! A complete train wreck.
{Sho says it's time for the first homework for Arashi in a long time, the announcer says that because there were a lot of people saying they wanted
to see the vaccuum experiments again they're doing it one more time. It's the same guy from Alback machines too;P First of all, for Megumi's sake,
they're going to do the same beer experiment as last time. Sho wonders what will happen and Megumi says he's already done itO_o Aiba says they have
done it, and Sho says the bubbles were the thing to watch for huh...Nino and Aiba tell her to watch, and everyone is awed as it bubbles over again;P
Ohno says it's grossXD Sho says it's like a transient dream;P The announcer explains that when the carbinated gas inside the beer reacts to the vaccuum
by expanding all ayt once it turns into bubbles and disappears. So, what will happen if you put a raw egg in a vaccuum? Ogura says that since the air
maintains a balance with the skin the egg will explode, Nino says 'wonderful, what'll happen??' and ogura says it'll go splat;P Sho and Nino wonder
what will happen, and Aiba asks if it's floating? nino says to watch closely, and bubbles appear and Megumi says it's just like the beer. Aiba tells
it to keep going, Ogura laughs and says it is going. Aiba yells at the yolk a little (yolk! yolk!XD) and Nino says the liquid all ends up like that,
ogura repeats that thensays only the yolk stays clean? Nino says speaking of the yolk, time to turn it off. Ogura says that this maens the yolk went back
to the way it was before? Nino says to open it up, and Jun asks what would happen if they did it only to the yolk. Nino says to try with just the
yolk and tells everyone to watch closely, then says when you do it to only the yolk this is what happens...after a few minutes Ogura asks why the
yolk doesn't react the same way as the white of the egg, Megumi asks the worker what would happen if you made a hole in it. The guy says it would
change, Ogura says that;s because it would become a liquid, just the same. Then it explodes and Aiba says 'it broke!'XD Ogura asks if she saw it
and she says she did, and it broke;P The announcer says that although the air inside the yolk is trying to escape the surface of the yolk is stronger.
But in the end it loses out to the air pressure and breaks, sending yolk everywhere. Next is a daifuku rice cake, inside there's sweet red bean paste,
so what will happen? Nino asks eveyrone what they think will happen, and tells them they can take a look;P Sho says he can't imagine it at all, Ogura
asks if it's going to suddenly esplode;P Jun interrupts to say that since daifuku is folded over, and there's bean paste inside, then there's air
inside, so won't it try to escape? Megumi says that it'll take some time but it'll explode. Nino says 'naruhodo, let's try it';) Ogura starts to
say that an unexpected change might happen...and the announcer says you've never seen a daifuku like this;P Nino says let's try it, and Aiba asks
if it's mashed red bean paste, Jun laughs and says it makes no difference;P nino says whether it's mashed or not- and Megumi interrupts to ask if they
need that kind of informationXD Aiba says she's unexpectedly cold;P Ogura pities the poor daifuku and then it swells up just like Jun thought, then
it breaks. And Ogura says it became a breast festivalXD He then says that in the ned they ultimately break and Nino agrees and says to stop it, and
it deflates, and Sho says it looks like his mother's;P The announcer says that as the air inside the daifuku tries to escape it causes the skin to swell.}
Nino: So, let's move on to the experiment's result! Aiba-san, if you please! (writing)
Aiba: The experiment's result! (writing)
Sho: Yeah!
Aiba: In vaccuum this segment also hearts your heart. (writing) How is it?
[writing: Swing and a miss]
Sho: How indeed...swing and a miss.
Nino: Let's move along to one more. (writing)
Megumi: We're going to do one more? If you please~.
Nino: Which is to say, the experiment's result, Aiba-san if you please!
Aiba: The experiment's result!
All: Yeah!
Aiba: Megumi-chan, go ahead! (writing)
Megumi: This is the worst. (writing) This is the worst.
Nino: So, Megumi-san. the experiment's result if you please.
[writing: Pinch-hitting: Megumi]
Megumi: Um, into thin air~! (writing)
[writing: now you've done it]
Jun: You, you're just walking all over the guests!
Aiba: Her eyes are scary! Her eyes are scary!
Megumi: I slipped quite a bit there...>_<
[writing: After this, another breast festival!]
{the 'honor student' of the week is yuuberi-san who submitted the Hokkaidou pickled cake. They're seeking submissions for salads from each country in
the world that you can eat in Japan and rare and spicy ethnic food. Also 'what did you do last night?' images for Kokubun taichi and Suzuki Ann.

Aiba's been getting cheeky with the guests lately, it's really funnyXD And I think Megumi deserved it, she's a little too egocentric if you ask me;) But really...who puts a cream puff in barley??XD And the new-half going after Jun...that expression was priceless;P There, I hope everyone's satisfied^^

Also, a few articles, Ginza and TVPia from 0905=)

Credit for the scans to Mori!:D First, the TVPia lovefestXD

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I did the questions for all the boys, but not the dialogue in the middle (no time:S). But I wanted to post some of these pics cause they're just too awesome<3 To start with, some Aiba-Jun loveX3

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anyone notice Jun's necklace looks like a noose? Reminds me of Pirates...but I wonder if that's really what it's for:3

Concerning "Time"
Commonality Questions

Q1. Please tell us about your XX Time!

Jun: I guess lately my daily routine is going home and watching the tv shows I have saved on my hard drive ne (laughs). It's relaxation Time,
through and through. I record and watch various things, like [Yamada Tarou] and variety shows.

Aiba: Lately it's extremely long baths. Half-body bathing doesn't satisfy my anymore, so I'll take full body bath and be in there for about an hour.
Conversely, it makes me feel tired, but the kind of sense of achievement is fun (laughs), it's refreshing Time.

Ohno: Lately it's always the live shows, other than that...sleep Time I guess. When I feel like sleeping I have the kind of constitution where
I can sleep anytime, but the other day I was surprisingly able to do 2 live performances on only 2 hours of sleep (laughs).

Nino: In the case of dramas it takes about a week to create one hour of fun, but concerts have the best value for having fun in their 2.5 hours right.
Both thinking about that and doing it is fun Time.

Sho: What Time...would the concerts be huh. Refresh Time I guess. In the middle of doing other work having a one day concert is extremely refreshing.
Working up a sweat, fun for the heart too.

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'Nino...I think you might want to get that thing on your back checked out, it looks like it's getting bigger...'. 'What thing?'XD

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Ouji-sama smile;)

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Q2. What's a [Hey Time!] thing you've sweated about lately?

Jun: The moment the 8 months of drama period ended I was thinking about seeing lots of friends, but I had an unexpected amount of trouble with
schedule modifications. In terms of [hey wait] it's [hey wait for me] ne (laughs).

Aiba: There's hasn't been anything lately ne~. If I were to talk about a long time ago, when I was in high school when I was in the bathrooms stall
at a farm a woman came in, I thought [oh crap!] and was sweating over whether to hide my crotch or my face! That was [Time!] ne~.

Ohno: When we're doing the staging/rehearsal ne, if I space out for one second I'll miss hearing the arena changes (laughs). I feel like [hey wait]
but then I decide it would be better to ask the other members later<3.

Nino: Eh~, nothing huh~. Even when doing the cosplay for the drama it was the people watching saying [hey wait] rather than me. When I'm in a drama
I basically make it so I don't have excess emotions (laughs).

Sho: When I Nino and I are at the drama set we joke around by saying [Woah!], and the Yamada family kids got hooked on it so before everything we
do it gets really noisy with them going [woah! woah!]. Sorry (laughs).

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Ohno: We sing the new sing with force. We want the people who are listening to run on as well ne.

Sho: That's right ne. It has a morning feeling. Milk in one hand, bread in the other...

Aiba: Eh, it's an 'every morning have to go or I'll be late' song?! (laughs)

Jun: At the drama set the two of you for sure have a "Arashi pair version" ne.

Nino: Yeah. But for the people around us it makes it seem hard to get along with us apparently (laughs).

I love the pic where Jun is pinching Aiba's nipple and Aiba's just like 'huh?'XDD Oh man, this photoshoot is too good, there's something for everyone<3 And someone Sho's talking about food again...XD And Aiba just has to bring up that bathroom incident again, he seems so proud of that embarrassment!O_o I like that what Jun does when he gets home from work is the same thing I do;P Mmm, and what a smile~X3

Next, Ginza, only Jun's portion^^

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The cool pince is thoroughly dligient in both llove and work.
Matsumoto Jun

Q1. A few words concerning [I am a XX guy].
- An unpleasant guy. I don't think that I'm a good guy, and even if I did think it I couldn't say it. But I don't think that, really (laughs).

Q2. What is your weakness?
- I'm not a morning person. I don't wake up. I can't think about anything.

Q3. Your strong point?
- Whether for good or for bad, I'm stubborn. Because when it comes to work there are a lot of times when inspiration will come to me when the pressure's
at it's highest.

Q4. What's the thing at work that you treate preciously?
- Motivation. No matter what the work, if you decide [I'll go this far] then you only becom able to go that far, I don't want to be satisfied with that.

Q5. What is the one thing you can't let go of, whether it be at work or in the way you live?
- I can let go of anything. Because even the things that I can't stomach, I'll do them even though I don't want to. In the past I wasn't able to do
that though ne. When the things you want to do and the things you're being requested to do are different it can't be helped if you do the things
you want to do right?

Q6. At what point do you feel like 'I guess I've fallen in love with this person'?
- When our eyes meet and there's a strange moment where neither of us looks away.

Q7. At what point do you think 'they've fallen for me huh'?
- I don't think 'they've fallen for me huh' (laughs).

Q8. Are you the type who likes to do something for the person they like? Who likes to have them do something for you?
- Wouldn't it be both? Should I talk about what I'd want to do? No thanks (laughs). I don't do anything in particular. Rather than that it's more
fun being together right.

Q9. What is your current modest dream?
- I want to increase my book-reading speed.

Q10. What are your aspirations?
- Isn't talking about aspirations overwhelming? But, I guess I'd like to do something interesting with people my own age.

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I like this article...I liked the pics better when I was reading the magazine in Shinjuku though, now I wish I'd bought it^^; Oh well...I still like his answers, they don't fit neatly into a little box like some answers I've seen, he always puts thought into them and that comes across:3

Lastly, some assorted tidbits of info from various sources;)

First, I was listening to the JunStyle for July 28th (yes, I'm behind, I was gone okayXD) and he was talking about how whenever he plays a high school or university student he thinks wistfully about going to school too...and what would he take?;) Literature of course!XD Mmm, imagining him in his glasses, studying in the library, suddenly makes me want to visit the library more often;P I wonder if he ever will go back to school, he seems like someone who would really enjoy university^^
On another note, a dear friend sent me the link to Utada Hikaru's post, specifically this post where she talks about what happened backstage with Jun during the first Music Station appearance...XD
She says she got a lot of questions about what happened between them during the commercials and she says they didn't even exchange words, just stared at each other in silence...so, now she must explain;P During the rehearsal when all the artists were there The Cromanions did a skit where they end by facing the camera and blowing their nose, and everyone laughed. Jun said [that's nice ne~] and Hikki suggested he do it for everyone during the real showXD But then he said that if she did it first he'd do it to, and she kindly suggested he go first, and back and forth even during the real show;P Then, right before the commercial the camera focussed right on her and he said [look, here's your chance!] and she as like [eh? right now?? but the people at home have no idea what it;s all about, it's impossible!] so he just stared at her silently, pressuring her that way the whole timeXDD (DoS~<3) She describes him as having a manga-character style face with his unique eyebrows, and says that she felt like a mouse caught in the gaze of a snake and was stuttering [ah...ah...]XP She goes on to say her heart was beating like a drum, the camera was facing her and she was thinking although she should do it if she did she would lost way mroe than she would gain, but here was her chance to make Matsumoto Jun burst into laughter with one little gesture, on top of which he's glaring at her with the manga-character eyes...XD And while this was going on the CM started and he said to her 'I thought if I made a surprised face it would be easier for you to do it'XP And she writes [Ah, I see ne, if you make a surprised face I'll be able to naturally face the camera and blow my nose you moron~~~~!]XDD (and includes a little arienaitsuuuno care of Makino;P) She then says that in the ending talk he really did it, as he was saying that The Cromanions were really good he blew his noseXDD She says [amazing! Even though he's Johnny's! So cool~!]X3 Then [I lost...] So funny:3 What a cute little scene, picturing it makes me laugh so hard, Jun you're just the best<3<3<3

Also, I'm starting to try to upload my trip photos (all 2100>_<), and if anyone is interested here's the link: Japan. I left som instructions on the front page, I'll try to keep uploading more whenever I get a chance^^

Take care, I'm sure I forgot something but my brain is running on empty so...too bad for me I guessXD Have a great week~:)free web stats

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thanks alot <33
the episode with megumi sure its very intresting ne, i will watch again after i read this hahaha

and tht pics is very nice as well
My pleasure^^
Hope you enjoy it again;P

Thank you~

"I thought [oh crap!] and was sweating over whether to hide my crotch or my face!"

Is this idol syndrome? To cover up your face above all else-- even if you're naked! :D

Lovely photos of Japan, it seems you visited a lot of shrines!
You're welcome:)

Apparently yes!XDD At least, that's the only thing that makes sense;P But Aiba doesn't really need to make sense does he...XD

Thanks!:D Yes, a *lot* of shrines and temples...it isn't until the end of the trip that I started seeing more pop cultural parts of Japan, you'll see those ones eventually;)
Hahah! Great translations as always ;)
(And I love how Jun looks in most of the TVPia pics...)

Us Japanese-illiterate fans are in your debt *bows*
(me too...*drool*:3)

Ah, I'm very happy to be able to help^^
I read about that Jun and Utada Hikaru bit about Music Station and started cracking up XDD asd;lfkj THE POWER OF JUN'S STARE! Instead of surprising her into doing it, she froze. Really Jun, you should have known this XD

But those Ginza question.. sigh~
I'm going to have to play the staring contest with him if ours eyes EVER meet XPP
Yeah, totally!XD He knows the effect he has on people...what a silly boy;P

Oh, you and me both honXD
Thanks a lot for always treating with your wonderful translations!! :D
You're very welcome!:D
And thank you for all the translations!!!
And I can so picture Nino and Sho being dorks on the set of YamaTaro and making the kids all laugh (must be so pretty to see *0*)
And as always I just love how MatsuJun is answering the questions ^0^
And that tibits with Utada hikaru was hillarious XDDDD
Yay~!XD There's still more to come, tanoshimi ni shite ne;)
It's my pleasure^^
Sou ne, Jun is always gorgeous, and Nino and Sho together must be super funnyXD


Hi Nyanchan!
I'm new to LJ but I'm a huge Arashi-addict and I came across all the translations/subs done by you and Yuckie-chan. Anyway, it might take me awhile to get my own blog up and running, since I'm computer-challenged, but for now I'll be watching your blogs with lots of anticipation! ^_^ I thought it would be silly to post thank-you notes for every episode I've been downloading this weekend, so I just thought I'd write one here to say thankyouthankyouthankyou and that I think you guys are absolutely amaaaazing. Yoroshiku ne! <333


Re: hajimemashite

Welcome to the fandom;) Hehe, we'll try not to disappoint you;P You're very very welcome, we'll keep doing our best, yoroshiku onegai shimasu~=)
"I thought [oh crap!] and was sweating over whether to hide my crotch or my face!"
Oh, Aiba~ Such a dilemma for your poor little logic. XD

"I'm not a morning person. I don't wake up. I can't think about anything."
But in Iza DVD Jun was way too bouncy in the morning. Lol!

Thanks for translating this! Much love~
Yes...and he keeps bringing up that little dilemma over and overXD

Yes, I'm sure being on camera has something to do with that, he's an interesting boy<3

My pleasure!:D
yaaay! shukudai-kun <3 i haven't watched this episode because i was waiting for soft-subs and yaaay for your translations! thank you always :)

arashi~ arashi~ oh yeah! XDDD
Yay~!XD Well, I hope it was worth the wait then;) You're welcome^^

Too much utaban?XD
Thanks for the Shukudai-kun, i can't wait that you watch the MMA with Jun x Ohno (a lot of them! xP^) a lot of nice work for you! ^^

I didn't ask any of my request, since you always choose the best to translate!!! hihi!! Thanks thanks!! ^_^

hehe.. i remember how he blew his nose! Jun is the best deshou!! :3 and you have tons of pictures! I am trying to decide the best, to print them! ^^

I still have to listen all the JunStyles :S Thank you to explain about 28th one... i feel that i want to visit the library more often too! >////< and i feel better to go to classes... they are so hard.. how are you? I sent you an email, i am worried! Keep smiling dear, you're strong! *hugs*

p.s. new avatars! ^^ i feel that i have to make some new icon too, at least, one from happiness and one from time con! xD
It's my pleasure, I can't wait to watch that one eitherXD Hopefully soon...>_<

Ah, glad to know I'm doing a good job;P

It's hard to pick the best out of the pics ne...even I can't choose...:S

My classes are hard too, but I enjoy them so it's okay^^ I replied to your email, thanks, genki de ne=)

Yeah, Happiness is too good not to have one...<3
laughing so much at your comments ne XDDDDD
esp the regarding the rabu rabu pics XD

thanks so much for the translations ^________^
Hehe, glad you liked them!XD
I was feeling rather inspired...for some reason;P

You're very welcome:3
Qn:At what point do you feel like 'I guess I've fallen in love with this person'?
When our eyes meet and there's a strange moment where neither of us looks away.
My goodness~ We are soo totally alike! I mean, that's my idea of falling in love! Sigh, makes me love him even more...thanks for the translation!
It's interesting how he thinks himself as an unpleasant guy....Dun worry Jun, no matter what, you'll always be the hawt pleasant guy of my life!
Hmmm, it makes me love him more too...just imagining it<3 It's my pleasure:3
I often wonder about that too...but I like to believe Aiba, who says he's incredibly nice<3
thank you for translating megumi AnS.. i still cant believe that Fcupped gurl is actually a male??? i dont understand.. >_< she'sss sooo sexy!!
and thank you for translating the cool articles... ooooh. love. arashi.

wow. ive read about the utada hikaru blog too. good thing you translated it,.

wow again for the 2100 pictures... isnt that too much?? hehehe.. nope!

You're very welcome^^ Haha, *he's* doing a good job then I guess;P
Nope, there's never too muchXDD I actually wanted to take more...^^;
awww, he wants to increase his book-reading speed... i don't know how he does it always but i really adore him more and more.... i love reading books as well!
I love reading too, and I have to say I'm pretty fast....but I think anyone who loves books wants to be able to read faster:3
I thought [oh crap!] and was sweating over whether to hide my crotch or my face!
Oh Aiba! XDDDD

I want to increase my book-reading speed.
That, I want to do too. lol.

Thankyou as always for the translations ne! <3 ^^
Aiba's always giving us smiles neXD
Me too...maybe we should start a training group;P
You're very welcome!^^
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