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I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to have anything to offer this week, I was in Edmonton for a work conference from 5am Wednesday to 6pm Friday and though I had fully planned on getting lots of studying done during that time...yeah, I got stuck on a math problem for a couple hours and spent the rest of the time hanging out with my co-workersXDD And since I have a math test on Wednesday and a paper due tomorrow I was freaking out quite a bit, but thank goodness I got both Saturday and Sunday off from work, I was able to spend all Friday eve. and Saturday playing catch up^^; Which left today free to translate:)
That was my first time in Edmonton as an adult, and while I love flying and seeing new places it wasn't the most interesting city^^; But...I did ride a rollercoaster!XD This is West Edmonton Mall the second largest mall in the world, and it has the world's biggest triple-loop indoor rollercoaster;) It's called the Mindbender, and boy does it ever live up to its nameXD I was kind of wanting to try a slightly milder rollercoaster for my first ride of my life, but a co-worker suggested it and...I just had to try it;P The first stretch wasn't bad, but when we got to the top (which is apparently as high as the Statue of Liberty, although it really didn't look like itO_o) I seriously wondered how crazy I must have been to say yesXDD But oh man was it fun~X3 I cna understand why Jun likes them so much, I had a blast:3 Although, my glasses fell off at some point and I managed to grab them before we went upside down again, or else I would be effectively blind right nowO_o And going through the loops really hurt my neck, I must have a weak spine or something^^; But what an experience!X3 Ah~, next time I'd like to try that with a certain someone~<3
Other than that, boring meetings, one of the crappiest 4-star hotels I've ever been to, and very very little sleep is all the impression I have of the whole trip...glad to be back;P And I heard about Arashi's new show...but I like MMA!>_< It's cute and different every week, and Jun was just starting to appear more often...and easier to translate;P Oh well, let's see what they have in store for us this time ne:)
Speaking of which, today I have the Shukudai-kun from 07.09.03 with the unaired footage^^

Ogura: Arashi's Homework is starting~! Today's kind of quiet huh.
Sho: Today ne...it's light today. (writing)
Ogura: Light?
Sho: Incredibly light. So it must be someone very small, or a slender woman. (writing)
Aiba: The tension's rising ne!
Ogura: Is that so? (writing)
Sho: Huh?
Aiba: It's not rising?
Ogura: Tada. "Today is the Summer Break Homework Things Not Yet Done Special". (writing)
Jun: Which means...?
Ogura: Ding ding! This.
Sho: "Homework for Arashi is coming from the audience". (writing)
Ogura: We'll have you do the things that haven't been done yet.
{the announcer says this means that Arashi will respond to the homework that has been sent in by the
audience. Will they be able to dance and sing in unison with headphones and eyemasks on? Ah, you didn't
want to see this Arashi huh... As well, it's fully loaded with previously unseen clips. And a big presentation
of the 'backwards drama' with Ueto Aya. So, Arashi's homework begins. First, they handle love problems in
this unseen clip}
Ogura: This is the 'Tell me Arashi!' segment~! This is a love problem from [Come spring]-san in Tokyo;
'As of Arpil I'm a first year student who commutes to a university inside the city. The truth is,
I fell in love at first sight with a girl who works at a convenience store near my house." (writing)
Sho: that's spring alright!
Ogura: "Although we've talked a little at the register I really haven't been able to ask her out on a date.
So, everyone in Arashi, please teach me some exquisite date invitation phrases." (writing)
Aiba: She's the employee of a convenience store. So, some words that will destroy that connection ne. (writing)
Nino: It's because of that that they can go on a date!
Drunk Dragon: I think it's a bad idea to destroy it! (writing)
Ogura: So...is there someone who's got one?
Aiba: Yes, yes! Yes!
Ogura: Well then, words to invite out a girl who works at a convenience store, Aiba-kun!
Sho: Who are you communicating with?;P
Aiba: Ah, this please. -Ah, this ne? Yes.
Sho: Original!
Nino: That's original, original...
Aiba: Yes...ah! Shall I wamr up this lunchbox for you? (writing) -No, it's okay. (writing) Um...please warm
up my heart. (writing) Ah, it would have been better to say 'please microwave my heart' huh.
Sho: Ah, that's it!
Jun: That's it~, that's it~;P
Aiba: The ending was weak, the ending was weak.
Ogura: Well then, here's the judgement, go ahead!
[Announcer: It's awkward and unskillful, but it has an unexpectedly good response. Next is Ninomiya.]
Nino: Here. Ah...although convenience stores are open 24 hours...I'm 24 hours too! (writing)
Drunk Dragon 1: What does that mean?!
Drunk Dragon 2: I don't get it!
[Announcer: No one gets the meaning of 'I'm open 24 hours too!'...as you would expect, it's a low grade.
Next, Ohno]
Ogura: Here we go.
Nino: Yeah, Riidaa!
Ohno: Ah...um....I'll give you my change, so next time please go on a date with me! (writing)
Drunk Drgon: Why?!
Aiba: Why?!
Nino: It's kind of...
Drunk Dragon: It was probably small change too.
Ogura: This one's good ne, well then, the judgement, go ahead!
Drunk Dragon: Amazing! The ones who came today are extremely money-grubbing aren't they! (writing)
[Announcer: So, it's Matsumoto who's always in completely serious mode.]
Jun: By the way...this is pr-pretty normal. (writing) Um, it's not like a gag or anything.
Drunk Dragon 1: Oh, it's a straightforward one.
Drunk Dragon: Oh, that's good ne, that's good ne.
Sho: That's fine, that's fine. Matsumoto-kun, that's fine!
[Announcer: So, Matsumoto's answer is... After this, more heaping helpings of previously seen clips, and
an indulgence of the backwards-viewed clips. And, will they be able to dance and sing in unison with
headphones and eyemasks on?]
Ogura: Words to invite a girl who works at a convenience store out on a date, MatsuJun!
Jun: So, this please. Yes, this is all for today. Um...I think this is kind of rude because it's sudden, but
...um, I'm going to buy the things in this store in order one by one, hile I'm doing that I'll be talking
a little, so if it's okay with you please become friends with me. (writing) That kind of thing.
[Announcer: Next, Drunk's Tsukaji.]
Tsukaji: In my case, I have a pattern of unknowingly confessing, (writing)
Nino: Show it to us clearly!
Tsukaji: Ah, is it okay if I get some oden? Um, I'll have chikuwabu, hanpen, I love you. (writing) Isn't
that good?
Suzuki: That's good!
Tsukaji: That's good isn't it?
Ogura: This is good.
[Announcer: And the decoy is this person here.]
Ogura: The unskillful Sho-kun will... (writing)
Aiba: He's unskilled ne.
Ogura: It's always no good. Yes, words to ask a girl who works at a convenience store out on a date.
Sho: Um...could I get a receipt? Yes. Do you have a pen? (writing) Thanks. Um, this is my phone number,
if you'd like, please give me a call. (writing)
Nino: Face forward. face forward when we're talking to you.
[Announcer: This hopeless response gets the lowest rating. In reality Sakurai is the worn-out champion
of this plan. At this point he's never come out with a response that went over well. For example, the words
that he used to go along with the present to give one' girlfriend for her birthday....]
Sho: Today is the first birthday ne. If that's the truth then this would be the point where I want to congratulate
you, but...I was thinking that I should be expressing my gratitude to your father and mother who gave
birth to you. Father, mother, thanks. (writing)
[Announcer: Rather than for the girlfriend these words were completely for the parents, only 7 points. Furthermore,
for the topic of words to use when making up with your girlfriend after a fight...]
Ogura: Sakurai-kun, go ahead!
Sho: We were both constantly getting mad at each other...is- is it okay if I do it one more time? (writing)
Aiba: Why??!
Jun: Why?!
[Announcer: Nothing would come to mind, so in the end he gave up. For this worn-out champion...tonight a 'Tell
me Arashi!' homework has come from the audience.]
Ogura: This is from [Theatre worker]-san in Tokyo, [Theatre worker]-san is good ne, homework for Sakurai-kun.
All: Yes.
Ogura: "In the 'Tell me Arashi!' segment Sakurai-kun is always worn-out and doesn't participate at all. So
this time Sakurai-kun, please tell us properly. I play the leader in a kid-friendly hero group show, and I've
fallen in love with the only female hero in our group." (writing)
Jun: I see.
Ogura: "I have no idea what would be the best way to ask her out on a date. By all means, please tell me a good
way to ask her out on a date!" (writing)
Jun: This is unique isn't it?
Sho: Hey now, are we okay with that interpretation of me as 'worn-out' ne? (writing)
[writing: No self-awareness?]
Aiba: But that's what we think, it's just Sakurai-san after all who gets an overwhelming large number of
x's when the audience decides with x's or circles ne. (writing)
Nino: So because it's always like that, this time for the hero show, what should Red do to ask out Pink, is
how it is. (writing)
Sho: I see, I see. Okay.
Nino: Oh, then we'll get you to do it.
Ogura: So, only Sho-kun will undertake this one.
Sho: Although it's always shaking hands with tots...this time, it's a handshake with me! (writing)
Ogura: Haa? It's over? (writing)
Aiba: That's the first time Ogura-san has said 'Haa?' to this segment. (writing)
Nino: Just ne, already ne...
Ogura: Thta's asking someone out on a date? (writing)
[writing: Ogu-angry]
Nino: That's getting him into a fight;P
Ogura: You're Red right? So that's asking her out on a date?
Nino: How are you going to end it with a handshake? (writing)
Aiba: You haven't asked her out, have you?
Nino: This is the phrase to use when Red asks Pink out on a date.
Sho: how many other people are there? There's another 3 guys ne. (writing)
Nino: There are ne. Blue and Green and...Black ne.
Jun: Well, it could be Yellow.
Sho: It's Yellow ne, probably. (writing)
Aiba: It's Yellow ne.
Sho: Yellow is-
Nino: It's Pink, the one you want to ask out.
Sho: Okay, okay.
[writing: Take Two]
Sho: It's always Green and... (writing) Yellow, ...ah! There's also Blue is there? (writing)
Jun: He's forgetting about Pink;P
[writing: This doesn't look good...]
Sho: They're there.
Ogura: They're there.
Sho: So we can't have a nice relaxed conversation, but...the truth is, I like you Pink. (writing) When Green and-
Aiba: Long! It's too long;P
Sho: -Yellow and...Blue aren't around, why don't we make a brand new squad just the two of us? From Red.
Aiba: This one's a letter?! A letter...;P
Nino: The art staff are shocked.
[writing: the art staff are disappointed too.]
Ogura: Only, 'Our friends are always around so why don't we go on a date?', that was all it was about just
now ne?
Aiba: That's right ne.
Ogura: You can't feel even an atom of consideration for the other friends. (writing)
Nino: It's an intersection between the two relationships-
Jun: But, he has to communicate that he likes her ne.
Ogura: Let's quit already! (writing)
Sho: Please let me do it just one last time. (writing)
Jun: Can you do it?
Sho: My reception for the friends wasn't enough.
Jun: Can you do it? (writing)
Sho: Leave it to me. (writing)
Ogura: 'Leave it to me'...??
[writing: Where is this confidence coming from?]
Jun: We can't leave it to you;P
Ogura: Because it's up to him ne.
[writing: Take Three]
Sho: Green is...Green is incredibly strong. (writing)
Nino: Hey, this guy is probably going to explain the individuals in the squadXD (writing)
Sho: Blue is...incredibly fast. Yellow loves curry no matter what. But Red loves Pink. (writing) From Red.
Nino: It's no good;P
Jun: Let's quit. (writing)
Nino: Let's quit. Just, I understand the reason why Ogu-san got pissed off. (writing) Right now this guy,
in regards to that effort, is making a face like [I put that together pretty well huh]. (writing)
[Announcer: Let's leave that Sakurai alone, next is some previously seen clips of the Reverse Scenes! Reverse
Scenes are where everything, including the acting and lines, are filmed backwards. Then, you view it in
reverse to see if it looks normal, that kind of incredibly silly project. On a side note, you can't just
read the words backwards, you have to transcribe them into romaji and then read them backwards.]
Sho: What are we going to start with?
Ohno: One of The Touch's one-shot gags. (writing)
Nino: In order ne. (writing)
Sho: That's right ne, so that we can see how it would be normally.
Nino: Yes.
[writing: Normal version]
Nino: One-shot gags. (writing)
Both: Hey, hey hey. (writing)
Nino: Ow ow ow! Ow ow!
Ohno: Out-of body experience. (writing)
Jun: This looks kind of interesting. This looks like it's going to be interesting very soon.
Sho: The rythym for that [Hey, hey hey] looks incredibly difficult ne. (writing) The Reverse Scene version,
if you please!
*backwards talking...*
Nino: Cut!
[writing: Did you do it right?]
Ogura: Will that just now really turn out right?
[Announcer: Well then, let's try playing it in reverse]
Nino: One-shop gags.
Both: Say, say say.
Sho: 'Say'...
Ohno: Uryuutairiatsu....
[Announcer: And from here on it's unseen footage. It's a gag where Ohno plays a drunk husband looking after
his family, the roles are as you see here. (Ohno = Drunk Husband, Aya = Mother, Sho = Son, Ogura = Grandpa)
In the end...]
Sho: First of all I think we'd like to do it normally, Ohno-san, if you please~.
Ohno: I just got home~. (writing)
Aya: Welcome home Father. You smell like alcohol~, did you go drinking again? Grandpa, Sho, help me
carry Father. (writing)
Grandpa: You idiot! (writing)
Sho: What a pain~. (writing)
All: And up we go, up we go. (writing)
Ohno: I cna't drink anymore~. (writing)
[writing: Practice in progress. Announcer: At least that's the way it was planned, but since there's a lot
of lines it seems hard huh.]
Aya: This is hard~, I don't like it. (writing)
Nino: Don't abandon it! (writing)
Jun: Do your best.
Aiba: Do your best!
Aya: Ninomiya-san, please tell me how to say this. (writing) He just told me [I don't know that, just do
whatever works]. (writing)
[Announcer: Learn it and do it]
Jun: Ready, begin!
Sho: The atmosphere really makes it seem like it's going to be no good huh!
Ogura: It's no good huh.
[Announcer: Will this go well?]
Ohno: I just....
Aya: Oh, amazing.
Ohno: ...got hooome. (writing)
Ogura: Amazing.
Nino: Amazing.
Aya: Welcome home. Did you go drinking aken? jifdss father bsfgsio helllp.
Sho: Ah, wamapain~.
Ogura: you ideeot!
Aya: oh, amazing!
All: Up we go, up we go, up we go.
Ohno: Oh, I can't drink anymore~.
Aya: Amazing!
Jun: Wasn't that perfect, in Ohno-san's part?
[Announcer: Next, this unseen footage from when Eikura Nana-san was a guest. Eikura-san showed us the shamisen
she specializes in.]
Sho: Coool!
Nino: So cool!
[Announcer: Since she was there Arashi had her teach them the beginner-oriented [Sakura].]
Nana: 4, 4, 6...
Aiba: Matsumoto-san, Matsumoto-san follow her, please follow her.
Nana: Kind of, not like that, like this, put it kind of diagonally...
[Announcer: Eikura-san kindly did her utmost to teach them but...]
[writing: Pyong~]
Sho: Could it be that Matsumoto-kun is tired of this;P
[writing: Hates practicing]
Aiba: That was fast!
Sho: He's completely tired of it.
[Announcer: Well then, let's show the results of the practice.]
Sho: That's good ne.
Ogura: The sound is good ne. As you would expect, those raised at Kaburazaka are different ne.
Nana: Ah, but he's amazing.
Ogura: Yeah, it's going well ne.
Sho: Matsumoto-kun, show us.
Ogura: You're crushing the sound;P
Sho: That's it? (writing)
Nino: Amazing!
Jun: This is where I got tired of it. (writing)
[Announcer: Next, Arashi's persistent Ohno]
Nino: Ohno-san.
[writing: Huh? Announcer: So, once again, some homeowkr for Arashi from the audience.]
Ogura: So, well then, this is what's next.
Jun: Oh, there's still more?
Ogura: This ne, I'm thoroughly looking forward to. This is a homework from Tokyo's [Gocchi]-san. "I always
crack up at the segment where you have entertainers put on eyemasks and headphones and do comedy or
short skits. Couldn't Arashi do that too? If you put headphones and eyemasks on will your singing and
dancing match up? by all means, please try it and see!" (writing)
[Announcer: Just like previous, can you do a well-coordinated skit with headphones and eyemasks on? In The
Touch's case...]
Sho: Ready, and- go!
Kazuya: This is The Touch's short skit!
Takuya: Hello~, we're The Touch~! The Touch's short skits.
Kazuya: Twin boxing.
Takuya: Twin boxing.
Kazuya: Ow ow ow!
Takuya: Ow ow ow!
[Announcer: M1 champion Halfway Real tried it too...]
Sho: This is the Halfway Real part, go ahead!
Fukui: Hello~, we're Halfway Real. So you know they have those 10 times 10 quizzes ne.
Tokui: That's nostalgic ne.
Fuki: Then let's do one for old time's sake.
[Announcer: At first they were perfectly coordinated but...]
Tokui: What do you think when you see that?
Fukui: Thank you very much~. (writing)
[writing: Fukui's done his part. Announcer: In the end their cues were ultimately all over the place. So,
what will happen to Arashi with this project that many others have tried?]
Ogura: How about it?
Sho: Ahh, how indeed?
Jun: Well, but...
Aiba: How will it be?
Jun: Doesn't it depend on what it is?
Sho: It depends on the song ne. um, our debut song [A.Ra.Shi] is a song that we've been continually singing.
Nino: There isn't a concert that we haven't done it in ne. (writing)
Ogura: Oh, there isn't ne? If it was [A.Ra.Shi] it would be okay? (writing)
Sho: Well, I think it would be okay.
Aiba: It would for sure be okay. (writing)
Sho: Since we've done it so many times?
[Announcer: Which means that they're going to attempt it with their song [A.Ra.Shi] which they've been continuing
to sing since their debut. So, will it turn out well in the end?]
Ogura: Although I'm sure the fans in the audience know it well, this is the usual version of [A.ra.Shi].
Arashi: Laugh it up yeah! Honestly is good! That's why just a little heaviness is boo! That's all right!
Despite that we'll go to the end of the era! That's right, we're Super Boys! We are 'cool'!
Even if something unpleasant happens we'll be somewhere trying to look good. We do it and get it
done, isn't that okay? Isn't it okay to just have a dream? You are my soul soul! Always right beside
me. I won't give you away, no one can get in the way. Gather the wind throughout your body, call it
up, Arashi, Arashi, for dream.
Ogura: He~, I wonder if you can do it, if this will go well. (writing)
Jun: It'll for sure be perfect! (writing) How many times have we done this?
Ogura: The part where you first come out and line up, I think that will be a lot of trouble to begin with ne.
Sho: It's okay.
Ogura: It's okay?
Sho: That's what I think, really.
Nino: Let's try it and see!
[Announcer: So, with headphones and eyemasks on will they be able to dance and sing well?]
Ogura: This is extremely noisy! (writing)
Nino: It's extremely noisy ne.
Ogura: This is extremely noisy! Is that 1000 times amplified?
Aiba: It's a 1000 ne.
Sho: Is it okay if we get started? Uwa, shut up!
Ogura: Check your starting marks everyone. Okay okay, it's good. Alright, then~
Jun: *voice check*
Ogura: Okay, here we go! And~...begin!
[writing: Crash]
[writing: Direction is weird]
[writing: Crash]
[writing: Finished ahead of everyone]
Ogura: Here they are, everyone's final positions. (writing)
Jun: It was perfect right. (writing)
Nino: Huh? Why are you over there? Huh? Who's the center? (writing)
Sho: I'm the center. (writing)
Ogura: It was only the beginning (where you matched up). (writing)
Nino: Are you serious~?
Aiba: Ah, is that so? I kind of want ne, to see this ne. What could have happened?
Sho: Uwa, it was that different..
Jun: In this, all 4 except me were matching up ne. (writing)
Sho: In the rap part ne.
Ogura: MatsuJun's tempo was kind of different.
Jun: I alone was kind of fast huh.
Ogura: You were fast huh.
Sho: Ohno-kun was interesting huh~, tottering all by himself going 'ha! ha! ha! ha!'
Jun: You have to properly face forward after all ne.
{the announcer talks about the new single's release date and encourages everyone to buy both versionsXD Then
the image homework for Nakagawa Shouko and Cunning Takayama is 'what did you do last night?' as usual.}
Sho: I'm Red right.

Hahaha, oh man, Sho just can't help himself ne?XD And that letter came just for him too...X3 Poor boy;P And Jun was too fast for the othersO_o That sounded like it was kind of a shock to him too^^; But it would explain why he got tired of the shamisen so fast (although he may just have had enough of NanaXD)...but I loved him trying to do slides on itX3 Honeslty, I haven't seen any of the episodes they replayed in this one, so it was all nwe to me!;P I like this format, less talking to guests and more pranks, let's stick with this ne;)

Plus, I did the group part from November Popolo^^

Credit to Mori for the scans!:D ...which is normally a compliment but, today I found, to my dismay, that the edges of the pages were cut off>_< There are bits I wasn't able to translate cause they're just gone, I'm really sorry, but I tried my best:S

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The conversation doesn't leave the room! A round-table discussion.
The members prove it! The intriguing unmasked faces backstage at the concerts!!
[Aiba-chan's shower temperature is seriously too hot!]
We had to investigate Arashi backstage during the live performances, we stumbled upon the (secret) unmasked
faces of each member. In the uproarious talk where we had them name each member 'XXX man', it was full of
'beware of how you handle him' in-jokes (laughs).

During the Lives Ohno Satoshi is A Man Among Men
Manliness that isn't agitated by accidents either

Sho: After the Kagoshima performance we went to eat black pork shabu-shabu. There, Captain silently threw
meat into the pot and divided it up between us ne.He was kind of father-like.
Aiba: Yeah. That was manly.
Ohno: Was the condition of the meat good enough?
Sho: No two ways about it, it was tasty!
Ohno: That kind of thing is my specialty ne (laughs).
Jun: Speaking of Riidaa, the accident in the Live's solo segment was amazing! When the song was over the
set just suddenly came falling down (laughs).
Nino: Then, I was suprised at him unperturbedly walking straight ahead!
Ohno: That's acting (laughs).
Aiba: Manly acting (laughs)!
Ohno: No, it really was unexpected, so I was surprised after all (painful grin).
Nino: Even if it was an unforseen development, that pretense of tranquility was just what you'd expect (from
Jun: The set fell right when the solo song's "ka-n" sound-effect played. That timing as well was exquisite
ne (laughs).
Aiba: Other than that, there was a time when Riidaa and I were doing the MC with just the two of us, when I tried
asking [Do you have anything to talk about?] before we went on stage he immediately replied, without
any hesitation, [Nope!].
*can't read this line>_<)*

[Matsumoto-san, for some reason when it become summer his hair gets longer ne!!]

Jun: Even when it's just the two of us doing an MC together he doesn't have anything to talk about. Then suddenly
Riidaa says [Let's do Sumo!] (laughs).
(All laugh)
Sho: That happened ne~! (laughs)
Nino: Sumo in the MC!
Aiba: Choosing Japan's national sport, that's manliness after all.
Ohno: When it was over the Jimusho people shockedly said [I don't get the meaning] though ne.
Nino: If you'd said [There is no meaning!] there then you would have been more manly ne (laughs).

During the Lives Ninomiya Kazunari is A Delicate Man
The guests are burning up over his fresh new glasses appearance?!

Sho: I was thinking about this at the restaurant where we had the black pork shabu-shabu, Nino's pretty delicate
when it comes to sensitive.
Aiba: When it seems like the condiments are about to run out he calls for the server without delay ne.
Sho: Just when I'm saying [There's no condiments huh~], as if to cover that last [huh] he's like [excuse me~] (laughs).
Aiba: other than that, Nino has started taking showers after the concerts. He's sensitive.
Jun: Even though before he'd just go back to the hotel as is. Why?
Ohno: That ne...
Sho: Hey, Riidaa's answering?! (laughs)
Ohno: That's because he just wants to go to sleep as soon as he gets back to the hotel. Ne?
Nino: You got it!!
Sho: Amazing, you two really seem to understand each other. (I think, the end is cut off...>_<) Why do you understand
Ohno: Because I love him.
(all laugh)
Sho: Clearly announcing it and getting it right is manly ne (painful grin).
Jun: By the way Nino, Did your eyes go bad? When you were doing your solo at Sendai you put on glasses ne?
Nino: The piano keyboard is hard to see because it's dark. I wonder if I'm tired?
Aiba: It's because you're sensitive huh~.
Jun: Although it was an action that made the guests go [Moe~] ne (laughs). It was fresh for me too.
Nino: Then I guess I'll wear glasses from now on. Although I've been wearing them at meetings when we're
reading the script for awhile now ne.
Ohno: (can't read...>_<...something about having seen him in glasses before)
Sho: And, what did you think?
Ohno: Incredibly awesome.
(all break into painful grins again)
Jun: In terms of manliness, at this point it's become disgusting (laughs).

During the Lives Sakurai Sho is A Man with excessive Strength of Will
An incident occurred in the first shared room in a long time?!

Sho: Once again, going for black pork shabu-shabu (can't read...>_<)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(???): ...this time Sakurai-san's will is strong (laughs). the Live MC was also fairly strong-willed.
Aiba: Truly. He often runs wild in the MC ne. Because we're giving out timely help.
Jun: Other than that, his impressions are fairly violent ne~.
Aiba: Besides that, Sho-chan's teeth-grinding is amazing (laughs). There was a time when Riidaa and I and
Sho-chan were in the same room, I thought the 'wheeen! wheeen!' was a cellhpone ring (laughs).
Ohno: I've started worrying about his teeth not meeting.
Sho: Right now they're okay!
Aiba: Nut, if it's like that then it'll get bad from here on out ne.
Ohno: Do you realize when you're doing it?
Sho: Yeah, a little. It kind of looks like that happens when I'm tired. My mother's been pointing it out
for quite a while now (painful grin).
Aiba: Like [Sho, you're going 'whee~n whee~n]? (laughs) But aren't you not tired because you're sleeping?
Sho: Nope~, honestly I'm tired ne. (with a slightly serious look) Because I'm scared of sleeping.
Nino: Saying something like with a straight face is scary. (I think...>_<)
Aiba: But occasionally having a shared room is nice and fun ne.
Sho: I'm fine with it every time though. I'll sleep with you.
Ohno: No~, give me a break (painful grin). I'll be lacking in sleep everyday.
Aiba: It would have been better if we'd fallen asleep first ne. Because it was Sho-chan we couldn't because
we told scary stories.
Sho: Those were seriously scary!
Jun: I see. Even though you must have been that scared, somehow you fell asleep first ne... (laughs).

During the Lives Matsumoto Jun is A Heated Man
He got into this burnt condition from a tanning salon?!

Nino: At any rate, Matsumoto-san is a heated man ne. Because even in his seat near the shabu-shabu he was
talking seriously about the future.
Aiba: That's right, that's right. [This is what I want to do next year. What should we do for our 10th anniversary?],
he was heatedly talking about that ne.
Nino: Even though we were constantly talking about things like [I want to eat vegetables] (painful grin).
Aiba: Also, shortly before the tour began he went to a tanning salon ne.
Nino: For Matsumoto-san the definition of summer = black skin ne.
Aiba: But he over-cooked himself. In 2-3 days his skin started looking like a tongue.
(all laugh uproariously)
Jun: At the Osaka performance I was in burnt condition (laughs). It seemed like just once wouldn't do it,
so I ended up going in several times (I think...>_<)
Nino: Even though going in once would have been enough, going in twice is heated.
Aiba: After that he was smearing on aloe vera lotion saying [ow, ow] ne.
Sho: He's a heated man to the point of burning himself huh (laughs).
Nino: Other than that, when it becomes summer Matsumoto-san's hair (depending on the extensions) gets longer
ne. When it's summer do you want to make it longer?
Jun: It's not because it's summer, it's because I kind of feel like my hair is too short.
Ohno: Uh-uh. I don't really understand that sensation. Or rather, my hair is much much shorter!
(all laugh)
Sho: Speaking of which, when I was going to take a shower in the dressing room of the Yokohama Arena there
was a bundle of MatsuJun's hair that had fallen into the drain. That was fairly shocking.
Jun: It looks like at some unnoticed point a number of the extensions got torn out ne.
Sho: Trying to make yourself look good even in that kind of way, that's heated after all (laughs).

During Lives Aiba Masaki is A Heat-Sensitive Man
More than just on stage, he's bathed in sweat in the dressing room

Nino: Aiba-san's a heated man too ne. But it's a different quality of heatedness from Matsumoto-san's ne.
Ohno: Rather than heated, more like heat-sensitive.
Sho: Aiba-san's sweat is no small thing ne. During the MC he alone goes to change his outfit.
Aiba: Hey, doing the MC in my soaked outfit would make me catch a cold right. If that happened then I'd be
causing trouble for everyone else wouldn't I?
Sho: Was it when we were doing the Kagoshima performance? Before we even went on stage he was bathed in sweat
Ohno: No, to be correct it was before we were even about to go on stage. Coming out of the bath saying [hot~
hot~], he worked up more sweat than the live performance (laughs).
Sho: When you shower after Aiba-san it's seriously hot! At exactly what temperature do you always shower?
Aiba: I like it hot. The temperature is always around 43-45 degrees (celsius) I guess~.
Jun: That's got to be hot.
Sho: But being bathed in sweat even though just had a shower, if you think about that it's pretty strange!
Nino: Because after the shower you'tre always incredibly tired ne.
Aiba: I'm tired~. Because the bath is a battleground ne.
Sho: As well, in the live there's a part where we all strap rubber around our shoulders and bounce around right.
For some reason only Aiba-san is the one weirdly and roughly spinning around in circles ne?
Aiba: With that if I spin around once I don't stop ne~.
Ohno: But, Aiba-chan at those times really looks like he's having fun ne. As you would expect from a
heat-sensitive (?) man (laughs).
Aiba: But if I do that too much I feel like I might be sick. You have to be careful with that ne (painful grin).

So Aiba takes baths and showers so hot he sweats (which I admit, I do too...I *love* really really hot baths and showersXD), Sho likes to sleep with a friend so he can keep them awake with his teeth-grinding, Ohno's just completely random, Jun baked himself like a potato and Nino is 'sensitive' because he orders condiments!XD What a group ne~;P But I nearly cracked up when I read that Sho found a huge bunch of Jun's hair in the drain, for some reason imagining it is so funny to me...XD Ah~, I love these group bits:3 But seriously Jun, no more tanning!XD At least get a real sunburn at the beach...but you have gorgeous skin, what's wrong with being pale?;) I know I avoid the sun like the plague when I can...XD

Also, Jun's article from October Duet:3

More credit to Mori;P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Live** It was fun this time too. From the first day in Osaka we did it without any particular later alterations.
I guess that means that the things we imagined doing and the things we actually did were close. On a yearly
basis more than just having a mutual understanding and intention with the staff, even if you don't tell them
the details they understand. In Hokkaido or Osaka, in the middle of the MC it was mine and Riidaa's turn but
I was surprised because we had nothing to talk about. When that happened Riidaa suddenly spoke out and said
something incomprehensible like 'let's do sumo'. Although I won (laughs). In my solo song this time I walk
in midair, this time that came from a conversation with the flying staff, and then it became 'let's do upside-
down walking'. Everyone is doing the normal kind of flying, that alone would be boring, since I wanted an
individual concept that's how it turned out. Because it's a lot of trouble to get your balance without acutally
doing it I practiced for about 10 days. One other thing, the flying I do with everyone, at first I talked
about how it would be nice to be able to do it much more seriously and impressively, but after it all, I was
like 'I'm not going to be impressive~' (laughs). With that, because I leave it to the staff I cna't control it.
My armpits and such hurt a heck of a lot. But, I do it (laughs). The Dome even has an add-on performance,
based on that area I'm thinking of something else again. Walking upside-down? I have no idea if I'll do that
ne (laughs).
Life** At home I'm tidying my room. it's not like it's cluttered, but I bought a new computer, and various
other things. Other than that, I went to the beach. I drove along the side of th beach on the car, stopped midway
and just lazed around for a bit. I made preparations to go surfing too, but the waves weren't giving me the
feeling I could ride them. At any rate, I wanted to go to the beach. In the end I guess I sat on the beach for
about an hour. Other than that, I went on location for Mago for the first time in 8 months. I went to a beach house
with Riidaa ne. Constantly helping out, when I got hot I'd just jump into the ocean. It felt like it was my
first part time job. Making yakisoba, hot dogs, shaved ice you know. It was incredibly~ fun. Grandpa began
drinking halfway through, we drank too because he recommended it (laughs), it was a location and although
there was work too it was like we'd just come to play at the beach like normal. Speaking of which, that
pillow I made in Arashism recently. It's pretty good. Although it was already pretty easy for me to fall
asleep, I fall asleep right away (laughs). The emraceable pillow may have been a little big. But, I'm enjoying
my life of pleasant sleep.

(What's the food that you often ate during this tour?)
It's because I was in the middle of [Bambi~no!], but for breakfast I ate cornflakes. Even when I was at Yokohama Arena,
I bought some the first day and I'd eat them everyday after I got to the hall.

Mm, yappari ne, he had to go over the top and choose flying upside down;) But I'm sorry to hear that it makes his armpits hurt...he does a good job of not letting it show:3 And I'm glad that he was able to enjoy his time at the beach on that Mago location, it must have been like a mini-vacation for himX3 Too bad he couldn't go surfing though^^; There's that noose necklace again...it really makes me curiousX3 And if you were wondering about the pillow he's talking about....here it is!XD

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In the September Arashizm he went to a sleep store to choose a pillow, there was even a device to measure the curve of your neck to choose the best one (his is 3.32cm apparently;P). But he ended up choosing this pillow (embraceable pillow, or body pillow) and another, and boy does he ever look....happy...hereXDD Seriously, I'd like to trade places with that pillow please...>_< I'm glad it's working out for him though, I wish I could get one of my own, that's such an interesting shape...^^ *dreams of being a pillow...*XD

So, wish me luck with that paper (I wrote it, but I'm a perfectionist and I won't be able to relax until I get it graded>_<) and the math test;) I hope you enjoyed this week's installment=) And thanks to everyone who commiserated over me computer crash, I'm afraid I still haven't had a chance to watch BokuImo for the reasons I stated above, (and because I'm a little scared it'll crash again despite the new HD;P) but someday!:D Take care minna:3free web stats



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Ah! Thanks for the translations! I love reading about the group together. It gives me warm fuzzies. ^_^ It's lovely seeing that they spend time together outside the enforced time during concerts or photoshoots or television filming. It's just ... nice. \(^^)/ I will float on a happy cloud today, thanks to the magazine article. XD

And good luck on that paper! I'm sure you will do well. ^__^

You're very welcome!^^ Yeah, when they're all talking together it's really a sweet feeling<3 I think it's adorable that they go out for dinner together so much, I wish I could be a fly on the wall at one of those occasionsX3 I'm so glad you enjoyed it:3

Thanks, I did my best!>_
Good luck trying to relax before you get that paper back!

You pretty much just made me want to go to that mall and try out the roller coaster XD I really want to ride one that scares me and yet I'm afraid... XD

*stares at the picture of Jun and the body pillow*

Haha, yes, I'll need it;P

It's pretty terrifying, but I kinda wanted to ride it again afterwards so...maybe not too badXD
Lol!! Thank you so much for the new episode translation!!! Hahaha poor Sho. He just can't get give that good advice sometimes...XD. Love the article for Jun too!! <3

Good luck on your math test!!!
You're very welcome:D Yeah, he's getting really fed up with that segment I thinkXD

I'm glad you got to ride one so soon. I wonder who you could want to ride it with *grins* That roller coaster sounds scary (0_0) I usually don't mind the loops so much as the terifying drops! I once went on a huge steel coaster that had a giant drop and just for kicks they had the carts running backwards so that you went the whole ride facing the opposite direction.

I laughed when jun brought up the sumo in the mc because I just saw the fancam of that earlier today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gX7nAfjxrg
I guess for ohno when in doubt sumo XD

* makes nyanchan jun's gives nyanchan jun's pillow*

good luck on your test and paper ^_^
Yeah, it's a mystery ne...XD It was really scary at first, and halfway through I was wondering when it was going to end, but after I got off I kind of wanted to ride it again;P I don't think I could handle going on one backwards though, you're braver than I amXDD

That's so funny, I've never seen that!:D Thanks so much for sharing the link^^ And you could tell how competitive Jun is, he was playing to win;P


Thanks, take care:3
Itsumo arigatou gozaimashita ne :)

I remember watching this one and I could only understand half of it (I couldn't understand the "blue, green, yellow, pink" stuffs and I gave up afterwards XD) Gah! I really need to fix my japanese XD

Talking about Nana, I wonder if Jun is in good terms with her? XD He doesn't look excited at all seeing her in the shukudai few weeks ago :D
Iie, dou itashimashite^^

Well, it's pretty good that you could understand half of it, keep at it and I'm sure someday you'll get the whole thing;)

Yeah, I heard he didn't have a very good opinion of her on set...^^;
Thank you for the translations! I love that photo of them in a circle, its my background at the moment!

Oh Jun, you shouldn't go to tanning salons! Its real UV rays, so you can still get skin cancer from it. >
It's my pleasure:D It's so cute ne~<3 They look so happy:3

Really?:S I hope he quits, I prefer his pretty pale skin>_
thanks so much for the translations! love hearing about arashi eating shabu-shabu and all their cute talk.
You're very welcome^^ Hehe, they kept saying shabu-shabu over and over, made me hungry...;P
First: THANK YOU for the translations

Second: Shukudai-kun
Yea, I think having his internal tempo about 2 bars ahead of everyone else kinda shocked Jun. His expression was like "I did that..? Huh?"
Poor boy. Don't worry. You're still cool *pats MatsuJun's head*

Third: the magazine bits
Arashi is just so fun to read about! The way they talk in their interviews... hahahah...
I wonder why Jun wanted to go tan himself. I'm fair and so darn happy to be fair. I don't mind getting slightly tan once in a while (usually due to outdoor activities - but that was mostly in my schooldays) but overall I like being fair. And I like that Jun - and Sho! - are quite fair too. XP

And that pillow really does look interesting... Like an odd inverted S-shape... (I bet a lot of us want to trade places with the pillow)

Fourth: I do so ♥ your translations - and you for all the splendid effort! :D
It's my pleasure!:D

He's such a perfectionist too ne, he'll probably be watching himself extra closely in rehearsal for awhileO_o Poor baby:3

I love their group interviews, they are just too much fun to read<3 I guess he thought it would look good?^^; I dunno, I've never really understood the attractiveness of a tan...I like that they're fair too, it's just gorgeousX3

Haha, that pillow would be sold out if we could get our hands on it I betXD I know I want one...;P

Ah, I'm so happy that you enjoy them, I'll keep doing my best:3
Thank you for translating! It was really fun to read and the last picture of Jun with the pillow... so cute!! X3
You're very welcome!:D I'm so glad you liked it, and he's just too adorable for words neXD
waaaah. *U* nyanchan. thank you ever for another great translations!!

yey.. u translated the special first.. poor jun.. he felt like he failed somehow... 8 years of dancing that debut song and yet.. tsk3x.. anyway, he's still the best..
*please also translate the episode with kokubun taichi.. >_
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waaaah. *U* nyanchan. thank you ever for another great translations!!

yey.. u translated the special first.. poor jun.. he felt like he failed somehow... 8 years of dancing that debut song and yet.. tsk3x.. anyway, he's still the best..
*please also translate the episode with kokubun taichi.. >_<cos i have the video. ee~*

ahhh. jun tanning?? i didnt notice... and the group translation was fun too.. all heat related.. haha..

and the pillow.. i wish i were the pillow too.. somehow, i love the picture of jun holding the pillow tightly.. he's very happy and overjoyed.. i wish me the pillow..
THANK YOU nyanchan.... more.. hehehehe >_<
It's really my pleasure:3

Yeah, he really felt disappointed about that, especially after being so cocky about it ne;P But I'm sure it will just spur him on to do it even better in the future^^ Uh...which date/number is that one? I don't know if I can, but I'll take a look...

I noticed that he looked rather dark during that episode with Morisanchuu, but not after that...must have been short-lived;P

Hehe, that picture with the pillow makes me grin every time I see it, he looks positively blissed out there<3 *dreams of being a pillow*;)
oh and goodluck with the paper.. it's expected you'll do very well.. and the math test.. ganbatte!~~
you're too smart to fail.. hehe... sorry about the computer crash.. glad you got a new HD anyways... ♥
Ah, thanks;P Ganbarimasu~!XD
Oh! Good luck with the test!!!
ne, that popolo interview seems so interesting, i am so glad that you translated it!!! Thanks for all the translations! Take care!
Sou ne, I like this article:3 You're welcome, genki de ne=)
awww, thank you so much for the translations!

i guess i want to have a pillow like that too, would be niiiiice ne~? he seriously looks happy *cute*cute*

did you listend to his last jun-style? i read the translations and i was very worried... he was ill? poor baby and no one called him... he felt so lonely...

anyway... did you saw the pj's-shukudaikun? this one was funny as well, so if you have a loooot of freetime... do this episode es well...

Ganbatte for your math-test!!
In a few days there will be subs for BokuImo *yay* Although i already watched it (so sad...)

take care, satsu
It's my pleasure:D

Yeah, having that to sleep with seems like funXDD

No, I haven't listened to the most recent one, now I have to find it, I'm worried about him...>_<

No, which one is the Pj's one? There are quite a few I haven't seen lately:S I don't know if I'd have time, but if it's one that was aired in Sept. I might be doing it anyway^^

Ah, well I'm sure it'll be even better with subs;)

Mata ne~
Why do you understand Nino?
Ohno: Because I love him.

Nyaaaa more OhmiyaSK ♥~!!!!!!! great ^____^!!

Nino with glasses is..
Ohno: Incredibly awesome.
I agreed *nod nod :3*

Thanks a lot for all thoses translations ^____^!
Haha, that's such an awesome answer ne;P Trust Ohno to be that cute;)

You're very welcome^^
Awww, I just started to really enjoy MMA everyweek (sounds like a beginner ^^;;) I will miss it! ..wonder what show GBA is?

*going back to your translations*
Oh, you haven't been watching it much?;) Yeah, I wonder too...although if it's hosted by Aiba I hope it means more baka experiments:D
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