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Nearly 1 year old;)

Believe it or not, it was one year ago on October 13th that I posted my first translation here^^ Somehow it doesn't feel like a year though...like way more than a year or way less, but not exactly a year;P The reason I'm talking about it now is it's Thanksgiving weekend and I get two full days off in a row, so I had the time to do a lot of translating:3 I wanted to have a little mini-celebration of the one-year anniversary, and who knows if I'll have a chance this time next week;P Besides, in a 'thanksgiving' sense (though I don't really celebrate the holiday), I'm thankful for the great friends I've met in this one year, and the opportunities I've had because of this journal:3 Thank you all, and yoroshiku for the coming year as well^^
So, let's get started!:D For the opening act there's the MMA from 07.09.15 with Jun and Ohno cooking veggies;)

Ohno: Arashi's Assault, Children's Dinner!
Jun: Yay!
Ohno: Yay. The cicadas stopped;P (writing)
Announcer: In place of parents who are busy everyday, Arashi cooks dinner. Arashi's Assault, Children's Dinner!]
Jun: Somehow, by the time I realized it, we've come to a an incredible today ne.
Ohno: We did ne.
Jun: Ne.
Ohno: We have to do our best ne.
Jun: We did our best that other day ne.
Ohno: We did ne.
Jun: Let's work hard again today ne.
Ohno: Yes, we'll do our best.
Jun: So, shall I read the email?
Ohno: Yes.
{the announcer says this time the request's from Yokohama-shi's Shima-san, who says the kids are extremely
picky and she wants them to fix it somehow.}
Jun: So, I think I'll introduce our guest. (writing)
Ohno: Yes!
Jun: Here is today's guest! (writing)
[writing: huh?]
Jun: Ohno-san, where's today's guest? (writing)
Ohno: Well, I didn't call anyone... There's something there though. (writing) A telegram.
Jun: That'll be easily understandable.
[Announcer: Why is there a telegram instead of a guest? What are the intriguing contents of this telegram?]
Ohno: 'You don't need a cooking instructor anymore!' (writing)
Jun: 'Kousaka Miyuki-san'.
Ohno: 'Don't be relying on us forever!' (writing) 'Mori Kumiko-san'.
Jun: 'Do your best ne! I'll be cheering you on!' (writing) 'Takata Mayuko-san'. Today it's just the two of us?
Ohno: Well, they're telling us [Don't be full of yourselves...] (writing)
{the announcer says that since there's no cooking instructor today they're going to be competing in earnest,
what will happen? Today Ohno and Matsumoto are having an serious cusine battle, they head for the home of the
client, Shima-san. Jun and Ohno both says hello, and Jun says they've come to cook dinner and asks for their
favor, which Ohno echoes. Then Jun asks how olf the two kids are. The girl says she's 5, and Jun asks her name,
she says she's Shima Yuzuki; the boy says he's Shima Nozomu. The announcer says that Yuzuki is a bit of a
cry-baby, and 3-year-old Nozomu is a bit wild. Jun says that it seems the two of them have an unbalanced
diet, and the mother says that although they happily eat lots of meat as soon as a vegetable goes in their
mouth they spit it out. Jun summarizes that they hate vegetables and Ohno asks if they hate all vegetables,
and the mother says that once they're aware that something's a vegetable it's over. Which means that the
mother's request is that they use the vegetables the kids hate to make dinner;P The parents leave for a date
and Jun tells them to have fun, once they leave Jun suggests they go back to the house. The announcer says
right after this, Ohno and Matsumoto are beign rushed off their feet....will the food be okay? They're
having a vegetable battle, but now that the parents have left the kids are in tears.}
Ohno: What a cute crying face.
[Announcer: For Nozomu-kun, who won't stop crying, Ohno-kun...]
Jun: He's totally continuing to cry!
Ohno: Stop crying~!
Jun: Ohno-san, you're having the exact opposite effect;P (writing)
Ohno: Ah, you're making a great face huh~.
[writing: Cooking begins. Announcer: Matsumoto-kun leaves the kids to Ohno-kun and begins cooking.]
Jun: She said they hate vegetables ne~. Hmm.
[writing: Wahhhh~]
Jun: Riidaa. Riidaa, they're crying. (writing)
Ohno: It's best to just leave them alone ne. (writing) No matter what you do it's no use.
Jun: Riidaa is completely unable to do anything;P (writing) Ah, this kind of thing would be good ne. If
I were to make them all croquette-like, and the vegetables smaller, it seems like I'd be able to
deceive them doesn't it. (writing)
[Announcer: Matsumoto-kun is going to do battle with vegetable-filled croquettes!]
Ohno: That's no good! Don't stop crying! (writing)
Yuzuki: Why?
Ohno: Because right now I'm drying his crying face. (writing) Why are you quitting crying? That's right,
that's right. Ah, he smiled. It's like this, look look. There, it's finished.
[Announcer: just as you would expect from Ohno-kun. With his caricature he's instantly shortened the distance
between himself and the children.]
Jun: That's great ne, after all, being able to draw pictures like that for the children must make them happy.
The problem is what happens after he makes the food ne!;P There's a possibility that I'll destroy
everything... (writing)
[Announcer: Don't say that kind of thing, right now just concentrate on cooking. First, to make the potatoes
easier to mash he warms them in the microwave.]
Jun: Alright. Alright, next.
[Announcer: Next he dices carrots, peppers and onions.]
Jun: So it's done then. Crap, this is hot. Whta is this?! (writing) What, you should make use of it! Alright,
although I'm in the process of doing something else, I think I'd like to mash them now~. Ah, I can mash
them easily. Amazing ne~, microwaves are awesome aren't they. It's done in the blink of an eye.
[Announcer: After mashing and setting asdie the potatoes he continues with dicing the carrots, peppers, and
Jun: It's about how finely I can do it ne. This is probably really huge huh~. (writing)
[Announcer: Thinking of the children, Matsumoto-kun cuts them even more finely. writing: Machine gun!]
Jun: I wonder if I should do more... I wonder...
[Announcer: No no, I think you've chopped it fine enough. He then simmers those veggies.]
Jun: Plop.
[Announcer: When the meat has been heated he addds salt, pepper, shoyu, sake, and sugar. it appears his
plan is to combat the bitterness of the veggies with a sweet seasoning.]
Jun: Take that!
[Announcer: once the seasoning has permeated throughout he mixes it with the mashed potatoes.]
Jun: I wonder if I'm doing okay... sort of ne~ the carrots were easy to cut small, but the peppers were
hug huh~.
[Announcer: So, how's the flavor?]
Jun: I think it's incredibly delicious, but you can kind of recognize the bitterness of the peppers. (writing)
[Announcer: it appears that it's still a little bitter for the kids; so, he adds even more shoyu and sugar,
some mirin and raw cream]
Jun: Mm! It's gone! (the bitterness; writing)
[Announcer: As you would expect from Matsumoto the chef]
Jun: Yummy! (writing)
[Announcer: Ohno-kun, what are you doing??]
Jun: It's a lot of trouble ne, taking care of kids... (writing)
Staff: Matsumoto-san, are you of the type who would make dinner after getting married? (writing)
Jun: I wonder what I'd do after getting married ne...wouldn't I do it? (writing) Hmm. It's not like I
have a problem with cooking itself at all ne. (writing) You see, I don't know, I can't relaly imagine
doing it every day. (writing)
Staff: Riidaa probably won't cook ne? (writing)
Jun: Well, he'll cook won't he, at least cha-han;P (writing)
[Announcer: now he puts the rounded balls into the fridge to chill. Mm, very professional. And, now he makes
the sauce.]
Jun: I get the feeling that this will decide everything ne. Can I get you to move out of the way? (writing)
[writing: Excuse us...]
Jun: Takoyaki sauce. I might be able to use mayonnaise too ne.
[Announcer: There are 9 types of ingredients that Matsumoto-kun has chosen for making his sauce. (takoyaki sauce,
worcester sauce, mayonnaise, pepper, raw cream, okonomi sauce, ketchup, citrus shoyu, sugar) In the end...?]
Jun: This is no good! (writing)
[Announcer: Ehh? this time the mother's request was that they use the children's hated vegetables to make
dinner. Matsumoto-kun is remaking his sauce. This time he's mixed chuuno sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise and
sugar, I wonder if it will turn out well? ]
Jun: Ah, this is pretty good! (writing) Isn't this good?
[Announcer: here the cooking switches from Matsumoto-kun to Ohno-kun.]
Staff: Ohno-san, what are you going to make? (writing)
Ohno: Cha-han! (writing)
Staff; We knew without you saying it...;P Just like you promised.
Ohno: Cha-han until I win!
[Announcer: At the last bangohan location Ohno-kun said...]
Staff: What are you going to make next time? (writing)
Ohno: Ah, cha-han! I'm going to do cha-han until I win! (writing)
[Announcer: The earnest Ohno-kun, just as he promised, is going to do battle with cha-han! First he dices
peppers. At which point...]
Yuzuki: I want to cut them. (writing)
Ohno: Cut them? You shouldn't, you'll hurt yourself. (writing)
Yuzuki: It's fine. I want to do it. I want to do it~. (writing)
Ohno: Yuzuki-chan, will you cut them?
Jun: What happened?! Eh?! (writing)
Ohno: I don't get this anymore. (writing) Will you cut them Yuzuki?
Jun: What are you making her cry about? (writing)
Ohno: I'm not!
Jun: Look.
Ohno: You're the one who's kicking me the most! (writing) So, will you cut them? Yuzuki-chan, will you cut
them? What do you want to cut? (writing)
Yuzuki: I want to cut onions. (writing)
Jun: Onions ne;P
Ohno: You'll cry even more! (wriitng)
Jun: You're going to cut onions?
[Announcer: She's a girl after all (I don't like that implicatrion>_<) From here on Yuzuki-chan wants to
help out. She dices the onions and carrots. Be careful ne.]
Ohno: You're really good!
Yuzuki: look how small it is.
Ohno: Yeah, that size is fine.
Staff: What are you doing to that right now? (writing)
Ohno: The flavor is too strong so I'm diluting it. (writing)
Staff: That's original cuisine ne;P (writing)
Ohno: It's original ne. I want to put it in no matter what. (writing)
Yuzuki: You want to put it in that much? (writing)
Ohno: Yes. I've never won when I've put this in.
Yuzuki: It's good when it's this small.
Ohno: That's right, that's right. It's already small.
[Announcer: Yuzuki-chan the solid assistant. Thanks ne.]
Ohno: Shall we make vegetable cha-han? (writing)
Yuzuki: Yeah. Although I don't like cha-han that much... (writing)
Ohno: Yeah... I've kind of lost my will to cook anything somehow. (writing)
Jun: Oh, Riidaa, what are you doing?
Ohno: Kuzu sauce cha-han. (writing)
Jun: Ah, you're making Kuzu sauce. Wow, you're kind of making something simple huh. But it's cha-han.
Ohno: It's cha-han.
[Announcer: Next, Ohno-kun makes the Kuzu sauce with fish broth, salt, shoyu and sesame oil. Then he puts
in the veggeies that Yuzuki-chan diced up.]
Ohno: There we go. Is it okay? These are going in. Thanks.
[Announcer: Next he adds thickness with canned crab meat and it's juice and potato starch.]
Staff: Is it okay not to take the foam off? (writing)
Ohno: The foam is the base... (writing)
[writing: Men's cooking]
Staff: Ah, it's the base?
Yuzuki: Foam base?? (writing)
Ohno: Well i don't know either way. That's giving off a good flavor! (writing) Really.
[Announcer: Finally he adds the finishing touches and it's finished! At that moment, a tragedy for Matsumoto
Jun: She kicked me is the face. (wriitng)
[Announcer: Specially for those who may have missed it, one more time!]
Jun: She kicked me is the face. (wriitng)
[Announcer: Not the face! Please only the body! So, Ohno-kun's on the home stretch. he simmers some garlic
...and for some reason adds salt and pepper?! ]
Ohno: I kind of thought that it would be good to add it. (writing) It's good, it's good, garlic... if food
has garlic and sesame oil in it then I think anything's delicious. (writing)
[Announcer: He adds the tuna and crab meat, heats it, and puts in the rice.]
Jun: How's it going? There's no one here today. (wriitng)
Ohno: It's better without anything... (writing; yes, I heartily agre!XD)
Jun: You're putting in lettuce again? There's nothing else you could use?! (writing) Seriously?
Ohno: I want to win! (writing)
Jun: I'm telling you you can't win that way!
[Announcer: ohno-kun wants to win with cha-han no matter what. Now he puts in the lettuce that was such
a hit last time. But the kids hate vegertables, is this okay?]
Ohno: Yes, it's done! It's done! (writing) That was fast ne~. Should I do cha-han again? Ah, I was wrong.
It's this! (writing) I'll put it in here.
Staff: Make cha-han please.
Ohno: I'm making cha-han~.
[Announcer: ohno-kun's 'I'm making cha-han~' refers to the plating ne.]
Ohno: Oh. It's cha-han 'returns'.
[Announcer: After putting on the Kuzu sauce at the end, Ohno-style Kuzu sauce cha-han is completed! So,
Matsumoto-kun is also finishing up. When they're well-cooked to a golden brown Matsumoto-style vegetable
filled croquettes are finished!]
Jun: I've won! You think I'm going to lose to that guy who's been making cha-han for weeks! (writing)
[Announcer: Arashi's specially-made vegetable-conquering cuisine is what you see here: Ohno-kun is competing
with Kuzu sauce covered cha-han. He's added kuzu sauce to his preferred cha-han. Yuzuki-chan diced the veggies
for him. Meanwhile, Matsumoto-kun's is vegetable-filled croquettes. he made them bite-size for the children.
Inside there are lots of vegetables that have been chopped so fine you can't tell what they were to begin
with. writing: Time to eat!]
Jun: Sorry to keep you waiting. So, shall we dig in?
Ohno: Ready-
Nozomu: Thanks for the food. (writing)
Ohno: Thanks for the food~.
Jun: Thanks for the food~.
Jun: First are the croquettes ne. How about it?
Nozomu: Delicious. (writing)
Jun: Delicious? What about Yuu-chan?
Yuzuki: Delicious. (writing)
Jun: Delicious? Does it taste like vegetables? (writing)
Nozomu: Uh-uh. (writing)
Jun: Not at all?
Yuzuki: It doesn't taste like vegetables. (writing)
Jun: Really? Dicing them had an incredible effect huh~. (writing)
[Announcer: Next, Ohno-kun's Kuzu sauce cha-han.]
Ohno: Delicious? (writing) Yay~! Really?
Jun: You're okay with the fact that there are that so many vegetables? Oh, amazing.
Ohno: Amazing.
Jun: So you can eat vegetables. (writing)
Yuzuki: We can eat them if they're small. (writing)
Jun: Woah, he's really wolfing it down ne~.
Ohno: Oh, I'm so happy ne~.
Jun: He's wolfing it down!
Ohno: This is the first time I've seen this kind of image. (writing) Wolfing it down-
Jun: So if you keep making cha-han you can get them to eat it ne. (writing)
[Announcer: Well then, here's the decision. Yuzuki-chan, Nozomu-kun, take care of it ne!]
Jun: Yuu-chan, between the cha-han and the croquettes, which was the most delicious?
Yuzuki: Cha-han. (writing)
Jun: Cha-han?! Oh my. Oh my!
Ohno: I did it!
Jun: *whisper* What what? What what?
Nozomu: I can't hear you~. (writing)
Ohno: Cute.
Jun: Nan-chan, between the cha-han and the croquettes, which was the most delicious?
Nozomu: Croquettes. (writing)
Jun: The croquettes? Yay~.
Ohno: Hey, you were eating a ton of the cha-han just now!
[Announcer: Too bad Ohno-kun, this time it's a draw;P]
Father: We're home-oh! I dropped them.
Mother: Thank you very much, thanks for your hard work!
Jun: Well, at the beginning we were really wondering what was going to happen ne. At the beginning both of
them were full-on crying.
Father: Sorry about that.
Jun: So, here's a report on who made what today.
Father: Ah, thank you very much. Ah, this is amazing ne!
Mother: Amazing!
Nozomu: Look!
Ohno: I get the feeling that I was finally able to get my cha-han recognized!
Jun: These are the first croquettes I've made in my life. The children-oriented flavor was delicious.
[Annnouncer: Next they're attacking your house!]
Jun: We went to go cook dinner! Riidaa's cha-han was finally rewarded! (writing)
Sho: Oh, amazing ne! (writing)
Nino: That means that he mastered cha-han ne. (writing)
Aiba: There's a lot of varieties ne! Of Riidaa's cha-han. (writing)
Ohno: Tuna cha-han, nattou cha-han, vegetable cha-han. (writing)
Nino: And today's was?
Ohno: The vegetable cha-han was rewarded~! (writing)
Sho: What is this?;P
Jun: This time ne, the children were crying-
Sho: Oh, that happens, that happens.
Jun: -and then Riidaa drew pictures of their crying faces and because of that they'd change to smiles.
Sho: That's amazing huh.
Aiba: Amazing ne.
Jun: Which I guess means that he's got a method for converting them to smiles doesn't he! (writing)
[Announcer: So this time it's the first annual crying fact to smiling face championship! First we'll start
with Sakurai-kun.]
Sho: *singing* Please~ don't cry~ in front of my grave~!
Aiba: Your grave?? Grave?
Sho: Ah, that was perfect. I decided that today I'd go with just that one thing! As far as I'm concerned
work is over;P (writing)
Nino: Hey, quit that~. Well, I guess I have no choice. Tap-tap on your pee-pee! Look! He quit crying didn't
he. (writing)
Jun: How was that just now? (writing) In terms of comforting children?
Ohno: Well, if it was a boy then it would be the best. (writing)
Aiba: Because girls don't have pee-pees ne.
Nino: It's that pattern is it?
Aiba: Ah, got it. I get it, I get it, I'll show you some impressions! Ne? Ne? Wa-wa-wa-washoi! Ne? Hey!
Ne? Look, look. That's got nothin' to do with it, that's got nothin' to do with it! Opa! hey! Hey!
Nino: Wa-wa-washoi!
Aiba: oh? Hey!
Nino: Do it.
Aiba: Wa-wa-wa-washoi!

I can't believe they replayed that part where Jun got kicked in the face so many times!XD I mean, I had to watch again so I rewound a bit, and then it does it like 5 more times;P Seriously, not the face, he's an idol!XD And Ohno's 'cook it til you win' strategy seems to have paid off...sort of;) And that part at the end where the boys try to stop Ohno from crying is priceless<3 Ohmiya really has no shame anymore huh?XD

The second course is the short talk from the Music Station performance on 07.10.05=)

Tamori: Next is Arashi, your favor please~.
Arashi: Your favor please~.
Mariko: If you please~.
Tamori: Among those you saw on the VTR just now was there a song that piqued your interest?
Jun: um~, it would have to be V6's 'Take Me Higher' ne.
Tamori: Ah.
Jun: We're always dancing to it. Recently ne, in our dressing room, Riidaa brought a V6 CD so we're always
listening to it. We listen to this song as well, I think it's great.
Aiba: It's youthful ne.
Ohno: Youth ne.
Aiba: It's youth ne.
Nino: It brings our tension up.
Tamori: I see.
Nino: Yes. When we were really right in the middle of being juniors, at that time- well, we were in that
VTR you just played as well, but there were more juniors than there were uniforms ne. There weren't
enough uniforms.
Mariko: He~?
Tamori: Ah, is that so?
Nino: Yes. So since I was in charge of acrobatics I was one of the people who only came out at the send-off
Tamori: Yes yes.
Nino: So until I entered the studio I was naked from the waist up. Then I'd get a uniform from one of the
people who done their acrobatics and then go jump wearing that.
Mariko/Tamori: Ehhh?!
Nino: This is what's realyl shocking though, the rehearsal went well but when it was time for the real
performance the junior who was supposed to give me his uniform got really worked up from doing the
performance and just went home.
Tamori: Ehh?!
Nino: So I had to jump naked right? Well, just naked from the waist up ne. So, without jumping, I just watched
V6 the whole time.
Aiba: So that meands you were just a spectator that day ne.
Nino: That's right ne.
Aiba: Cause you didn't appear ne?
Nino: So I watched Tamoshi-san, I watched V6...
Tamori: You watched them?
Nino: ...then I went home half-naked.
Tamori: That's an 'acrobat' in a certain sense of the word ne.
Aiba: That's right ne.
Tamori: That kind of thing happened?
Nino: It did ne.
Tamori: Not having enough uniforms...
Jun: I mean, right around there we did an incredible amount of changing.
Tamori: You definitely did change.
Jun: At the back of the stage.
Tamori: You changed over there.
Aiba: And when the lights hit you it was hot, because we were naked! Like 'hot hot hot!' That happened ne.
Nino: It was a lot of trouble ne. When thinking about that period...
jun: It's nostalgic ne.
Nino: Yeah, that's youth ne.
Tamori: Uh, Takki-san, did you have times when you were troubled by rushing when you were a junior?
Takki: It was that way with me too, the same ne. After all, when I was on stand-by a completely different
junior would take it and I wouldn't have anything.
Jun: Everyone has had times when they've been worrying about that.
Takki: We were stealing them from each other, really.
Tamori: Did you end up going out naked?
Takki: Nope, I took one from a different guy.
Tamori: So in the end you were relying on someone else ne.
Arashi: That's right, that's right ne.
Nino: All of that luck came to me. All of those kind of incidents happened to me ne. Yes.
Tamori: You've suffered a lot from uniforms ne?;P
Nino: I have ne.
Jun: Yeah, we wore raincoats.
Tamori: Wearing raincoats.
Nino: Ne.
Tamori: And the raincoats getting clouded from sweat.
Jun: Yes, exucse us, sorry, really.
Tamori: And inside the sweat's pooling;P You don't want to take responsibility for that ne. So, please go
over there to stand by.
Arashi: Your favor please.
Mariko: If you please.

Wow, I didn't know that...from seeing all the hundreds of costumes that Arashi wear I never would have imagined in their junior days there was such a shortage (um...Johnny-san is a cheapskate?O_o). But...that does explain those raincoats for [A.Ra.Shi]XDD if only we could get them to do that again, maybe for the 10th anniversary~X3

Next up are Jun's articles from Nov. Myojo and Oct. Potato:)

Credit to Mori for the scans!:D And there's a cute little quiz at the beginning of Nov. Myojo that I thought I'd reproduce for everyone;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Are you good with Arashi's basic profiles?
The boyd parts question is quite a head-scratcher!

Question 1: Rank the 4 magazine covers on the left from oldest to newest.

Question 2: Among the members of Arashi there is only who has blood type AB. Tell us which one.

Question 3: Among the members of Arashi there are 3 people who have older sisters. Name all of them.

Question 4: Each of the photos on the left is of an individual member's body part. Tell us what belongs
to who.

Well, think it over a bit, don't peek yet...;P


They're really not that hard huh?^^;


Okay okay, here we go:

Answer 1: The correct order is 2 - 4 - 1 - 3. 1 = Oct. 05 issue. 2 = Sept. 03 issue. 3 = Aug. 06 issue.
4 = Sept. 04 issue. Were you able to separate them based on the slightly different hairstyles
and such? The reason nino has such short hair in 3 is because he'd jsut come back from Hollywood.

Answer 2: The correct answer is Aiba Masaki. So, the other 4 are all type A. Although their personalities
seem completely different, their blood types are the same ne. Furthermore, Aiba alone has Chiba
as his birthplace, the other 4 are all in Tokyo. It kind of seems like he's the only one being
left out huh?

Answer 3: Ohno Satoshi - Ninomiya Kazunari - Matsumoto Jun are the correct answers. All 3 of them have one
older sister, Sakurai has a little sister and little brother, and Aiba has a little brother. On
a side note, going in order from oldest to youngest it would be Ohno -> Sakurai -> Aiba -> Ninomiya
-> Matsumoto. Now that's basic!

Answer 4: 1 = Sakurai Sho. 2 = Matsumoto Jun. 3 = ninomiya Kazunari. 4 = Aiba Masaki. 5 = Ohno Satoshi. Sakurai's
mouth, Matsumoto's eye, Ninomiya's hand, Aiba's ear is a trademark?! after that, by the process
of elimination, Ohno's nose. If you got them all right then you're decidedly a pretty big Arashi

That one line at the end effectively ruins the whole thing, but other than that I had fun doing it;P Next, the real thing^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Words really express the you of that moment, on top of whih they have an extremely direct, raw energy. Because
of that they provoke emotions that change your impression of someone ne. The ones that make me happy when I
hear them from people close to me are [Thanks] and [Do your best ne], those kind of casual phrases. When
people tell me [do your best ne] although there are times when, as a joke, I'll reply [I'm doing my best!]
or [If I do any more I'll die (laughs)], if I at least have the composure to shoulder the feelings of the
people cheering me on it really gives me an incredible boost ne. Kin-chan said it on [24 hour TV] too. Even
if it's just one or two words, if they're issued from the heart of the other person those words will enter
without any trouble ne. I think those should be preciously accepted and preciously given back. I mean, you
wouldn't say [Do your best] to someone you could care less about would you. Although, when it comes to me,
rather than being told [do your best] I prefer it when people tell me [let's do our best together!] ne (laughs).
When I made an appearance at the birthday party of the kid of someone I know the other day the words that
the father had for the son left an impression on me. [Don't think that right now is your happiest moment,
always think that the happiest moment is in your future and please live happily every day] is what he told
him. Somehow, I really felt the father's affection ne. Not only were the words themselves good, I thought
it was really great that despite being in front of all those other people the father unembarassedly said that
seriously to his son. It was a wonderful, love-overflowing situation.

I really enjoyed the depth of this article, as usual his insights were very striking to me<3 And the words that father said to his son are amazing...they really resound for me, and even when I read them over again I still feel really inspired...that really is the 'power of words':3

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Plus, Oct. Potato^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Today we asked about the theme of [emotionally moving]. For each of the five they have their own kind of
[emotionally moving]. What is the [emotionally moving], heart-touching thing that the 5 talked about in
the middle of their concert tour?

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Lately, getting choked up when listening to music...
For this whole year...including the Asia tour as well, we've been constantly doing concerts at the change
of each of the seasons ne. So, since the summer concert tour means we get to go around the whole country
for the first time in a year, we're doing it with the consciousness of wanting to show what we've done
during that one year in a special staging. We're doing live performances for a long stretch of time so I
think that I myself, in a certain sense, am satisfied. But since for the guests this is their first chance
to see Arashi live in a year I thought quite a bit about what kind of substance to present to those guests.
Although the theme of [the power of words] was decided well in advance it took a while give it form. But,
even after the dawning of the first day, for the most part there weren't any changes or revisions in the
production itself, that makes me think that there probably weren't any gaps between the point of view of
the guests and the point of view that I myself am sketching out.
I take a lot of time to think about how much it will satisfy the guests, who mouch it will move them, during
the planning stage ne. Once that's complete all that's left is just the expression when we appear. This time
we focussed on the connections of the members positions, rather than just being conscious of the response
of the guests we had a strong consciousness of what we ourselves were putting across ne. So I think there
is a feeling of enjoying the live performance even more.
Lately it seems like my awareness of music has gotten incredibly strong. There are times when I'll get the
sensation of getting choked up when listening to music. It's not just lyrics that I can empathize with, I'm
moved just by the phrases themselves... Although it's not something that I've never felt before, because
I think that I should properly face the lyrics and music one more time that sensatin has gotten even stronger,
even when I sing them myself I'm moved (laughs), no matter whose solo I'm listening to I get choked up (laughs).
In our live performances we do a song called [Be With You], when I hear Riidaa's part especially I get
tearful (laughs). In that way, I think it's exactly because my sensitivity to music has heightened that the
lives are more even more fun ne.
Arashi's new single [Happiness] is about there being something waiting for you as long as you earnestly
move forward, and the accompanying [Still...] is incredibly good both for its lyrics and melody. It ephemerally
depicts the break-up of a guy and girl, but it's positive...it's a very good song.
Emotionally moving is putting it one word, but I think that the form of emotional movement will change with
the changing of one's likings and environment. I think it would be good if you could take that occasional
emotional movement and rest it upon the alignment the two of you are facing in a timely fashion.
I was even moved by the interview of Nakamura Kanzaburo at his New York concert in a certain magazine. What's
amazing about that person is that even though he has such fame that it wouldn't be strange for him to be
under protection his usual attitide towards achievements is [I did it because I wanted to do it], it's attaining
that simple way of thinking. On top of which, I think that he's a person who, regardless of age, has a heart
that is honestly emotionally moved. Since Shichinosuke (Kanzaburo-san's son) and I are friends Kanzaburo-san
has come to one of our concerts too, and cried. But I don't think that's being emotionally moved, I'm sure
that's being a parent (laughs).

This is the second time he's said he really likes Still...:3 Aside from my personal attachment to this song, I winder if he likes it because of his own experiences in that realm. I suppose everyone has their own sad story though, and we can all identify with it in our own way...
I guess that means that Shichinosuke is a junior??O_o Not...really familiar...with the juniors unfortunately...*hides*>_<

Wow, on a side note, my brain is just not functioning right today, if my writing sounds like that of a 3 year old please just chalk it up to eye fatigue^^; Gosh this is frustrating...>_<

Also, since people seem to like my little descriptions of Jun's radio show I thought I'd expand them a little, on an experimental basis^^

I was listening to the JunStyle from 07.08.25 and I really wanted to convey some of what happened, so I wrote down some bullet points;P I'll elaborate as much as I can but apparently eating chocolate peanut butter cups dumbs me down like you wouldn't believeO_o
8.25 - He talked about how he tried to go without using the AC as much a possible, and live with just an electric fan to keep his body condition good, but he still woke up cold;P
- He played a live version of Eric Clapton's Layla, which really rockedXD
- He was really impressed when he saw an interview with Yellow Magic Orchestra during their Live Earth performance where they said that they didn't think just appearing in the concert would change anything, but maybe by them and all the other people being there they might all turn their gaze towards the issues at hand and have a bigger change that way.
- He played Raideen by YMO, originally heard it as a ring tone and was surprised, but really likes the complete version.
- He talked about how it was his last week as a 23-year-old;P
- He talked about the announcement of HYD Final (the movie), went in to do narration, Mao, Shun, Jun, Shota, then Abe, in that order; felt
it was like he hadn't seen them in ages when it had only been 6 months, this time he had to do it alone so he found it weird to have everyone telling him it should be more like this, remembering how it was before.
- the whole crew somehow got the impression they were all going drinking, and hefelt he couldn't turn them down, he called Shun down too and they talked a lot about how the movie would be, and various other things
- He was fairly drunk but at some point he gave one of his 3 rings to Shun, woke up the next morning and remembered
it, called to ask for it back and Shun said he didn't give him one, he said he did, and then it turned out
that Jun had said something along the lines of 'take it, take it', when Shun was trying to turn it down, and
then the next morning he asked for it back;P In the end Shun says he'll take good care of it. (I love these drinking storiesXD)
- HYD Final is filmed in January, released next summer
- loves Still, by Tada Shinya, says he likes Happiness as well, but this is good too. (that's the first time he said it, for those keeping countXD)
- He read a letter from a girl who got kicked in the back of the head by a crow while riding her bike, fell off and scraped
her arms, afraid of birds since being attacked by a chicken as a child, never wants to go through it againXDD (there are a lot of crazy girls writing in latelyO_o) He says that apparently May-June is crow breeding season, so they get agitated^^;
- talks about how they always seem to poop on people's cars even though a few seconds later it would have missed, feels like it must be some kind of warning; was once riding his mountain bike and stopped at a light, noticed
something about him to the right and something fell and it was bird poop. if his hand hadn't been there it
would have fallen on the bike's handle and gotten it all dirty, only 5cm over and it wouldn't have happened, leaves you've feeling
less like 'yabai' and more like *sigh*, bad luck, tension down^^;
- Mentioned again that he was 'man of the year' (year of the Boar;P) and that there were a lot of others who were on there 1st, 2nd, or 3rd 12 year cycle and he'd like to work hard this year too;)

Haha, the ring part and the bird part were hilariousXDD I just kill mylsef imagining a drunk Jun forcing Shun to wear one of his rings, and his expresion when the bird poops on his hand...XP Cute stories^^ Then I learned from various sources that he talked about sick last week and I had to listen...>_<
- He says it's a good time of year for BBQ (really??O_O)
- Lately he's been reading 'moral education courses', finds them easy to read.
- He knows they've been around for awhile but he found websites where he can buy books and get them within a couple days, it's annoying when hecan't find the book or DVD after going all the way to the store, or if they're out of print, he's thinking of buying them online now. (mmm, I love how he's a book worm too<3)
- He was thinking 'why when people catch colds do they become physically and mentally weaker'; he recently caught a cold, was thinking aboyut that; he gets home and yet doesn't want to go anywhere. He was filming from January to June, then doing confcerts, wasn't able to see anyone during that time and
couldn't get together with people much because of concerts in the summer; they wouldn't call him, and he wouldn't call either. When he was sick not a single person called him, only his manager once in a while for work, as well, when you catch a cold the time you normally spend doing other things you don't want to do anything:S (poor darling>_<)
- So, not getting any calls, he felt like he wasn't needed at all; that made him think about how when your body gets weak your mental state gets weak too, so to bring his mood up he wanted to get some exercise, but in the middle of
doing that he didn't have enough energy and had to go home^^;
- he thought anew about how important it is to take care of one's health, doesn't want to make excuses or empty talk, wants to take care of himself better.
- every year around the end of the year, on the 30th he's really healthy, on the 31st although he's mentally able to do things he's in incredibly bad shape, for several years now, not particularly a cold, his body just feels heavier
- there's always the countdown concert, he feels he has to do his best but he really feels the wear at that time of year, last year as well he was in terrible shape so he's thinking he's going to try his best this year.
- a girl wrote in about how she realized she forgot her overseas cellphone when she got to the airport, talking with someone in the flight lounge they gave her one and it really helped her out, she wanted to know if he'd ever completely forgotten something like that; he said no, but when he went overseas with 2 friends one of them realized when they met at Tokyo station that he'd forgot his passport at home;P He had to go home to get it and really only made it back at the last secondXD Jun once rented an overseas cellhpone but didn't use it even once, waste of money^^;
- A letter from a girl who listens to JunStyle on top of the roof because it's hard to receive radio waves in her mountainous area, fell 4m off the ladder and hit her head badly and had a dream that she was desperately trying to cross a river. On the other side were Arashi wildly waving their hands at her, the current was very fast and she was looking very hard for a place to cross, finally found one and just as she reached the other side she woke up, later realized the side she was on was the world of the dead, if she hadn't crossed the river she would have just remained dead. Now she listens on her
cellphone in a nearby park cause she's scared;P She asked about him and he said he's never had an experience like that, but glad she woke up and that Arashi was there waving at her;)
- he said he's often heard of people saying they woke up from people calling their name in those kind of situations, it's a strange phenomenon.
- he said their president had an out of body experience once, he saw himself sleeping and tried his best to wake himself up but couldn't...( sounds like sleep paralysis to me;P I've had it, it sucks>_< yuckie_chan has too ne?)

What an amazing experience (well, except for the almost dying part^^;;) But really, it's like a storybook...although frankly, she's a moron for getting herself into that situationO_o And I felt so bad when he said that no one called him when he was sick...but the way he said it wasn't complaining, it was more matter of fact...I think he still felt a little sad about it, but didn't want to be a whiner:S *hugs Jun* I'm sure there are lots of people who would have called had they known>_< You *are* needed:3

Finally...more for myself than anything....I translated La Familia:3 This was the first song I ever heard Jun sing, right about this time 2 years ago, after getting hooked on Gokusen and needing more<3 I'm sure there's other versions out there, but translating something yourself makes it that much more precious:3

Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful mind...

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subete wa Hawaii de hajimari Arashi Arashi for dream
haado no mainichi ga tsuzuku naka de minna to kawashita akushu
chikara ga nakute jibun ga nakute fuan bakari kakaeteta
sore demo mienai michi wo mite hitasura hashitte ita

Found a reason to be strong
you are the one always in my heart my friend
everytime you call my name
I will be there no matter how far, we are friends

jibun no koto wa wakatteiru, doko ni iru ka mo wakatteiru
hito wo shinjirarenai toki wa mawari ga mieteinai toki
jikan ga kakaru koto mo aru wakatteitemo dekinai koto
jibun no ashi de fumidashi ima iza kabe wo koeru
go nen ga tatte hitori ja nain da to hibi kanjinagara aruiteiru
tomo ni kurushimi tomo ni warai mainichi tanoshiminagara
mawarai ni kansha shinagara jibun no michi wa jibun de erabu
ore no ashi wa chi ni tsuiteiru (ore no ashi wa chi ni tsuiteiru)

Found a reason to be strong
you are the one always in my heart my friend
everytime you call my name
I will be there no matter how far, we are friends

go nen go dou natteiru? mainichi wo tanoshindeiru?
ima yori mo jibun mo hito mo shinjirareru you ni natteiru?
soko de matteiru waratteiru go nen go no mirai ga matteiru
dekireba subete todoketai tegami ni kaita negai
koko kara tsukutte yuku michi minna ni todoke nagai michi
hitori de hashiru toppu rannaa ga yoko ni narande hashiru michi
sono toki dare ga soba ni iru darou? kitto go nin de iru darou
mawari wo mireba ima datte, anata ga iru minna ga iru

Found a reason to be strong
you are the one always in my heart my friend
everytime you call my name
I will be there no matter how far, we are friends

Found a reason to be strong
you are the one always in my heart my friend
everytime you call my name
I will be there no matter how far, we are friends

sono toki dare ga soba ni iru darou? kitto go nin de iru darou
mawari wo mireba ima datte, anata ga iru minna ga iru
sono toki dare ga soba ni iru darou? kitto go nin de iru darou
mawari wo mireba anata ga iru
sono negai, omoi wo koko ni tsuzu


Everything begins in Hawaii, 'Arashi, Arashi for dream!'
exchanging hanshakes with everyone amidst the ongoing hard day to day
having no strength, having no self, holding nothing but anxiety
even so I was seeing the unseen path, running it earnestly

Found a reason to be strong
you are the one always in my heart my friend
everytime you call my name
I will be there no matter how far, we are friends

I understand myself, I also understand where I am
when I can't believe in people is when I can't see what's around me
there are things that take time, things you can't do even if you understand them
I step out on my own two feet, right now I overcome that wall
five years have passed and I walk on feeling daily that I'm not alone
suffering together, laughing together, while enjoying every day
while being grateful to those around me I choose my own path
I have my feet on the ground (I have my feet on the ground)

Found a reason to be strong
you are the one always in my heart my friend
everytime you call my name
I will be there no matter how far, we are friends

what will happen 5 years from now? will I be enjoying every day?
will I have become even more able to believe in myself and others than I am now?
I'm waiting there, smiling, the future five years away is waiting
if I can I'd like to reach everything, the wishes I've written in letters
the path that I'm creating from here on, the long path that reaches everyone
running alone, the top runners are beside me on the path I run
at that time who would be beside me? surely all five of us would be there
if I look around me even now, you're here, everyone's here

Found a reason to be strong
you are the one always in my heart my friend
everytime you call my name
I will be there no matter how far, we are friends

Found a reason to be strong
you are the one always in my heart my friend
everytime you call my name
I will be there no matter how far, we are friends

at that time who would be beside me? surely all five of us would be there
if I look around me even now, you're here, everyone's here
at that time who would be beside me? surely all five of us would be there
if I look around me even now, you're here
I write those wishes, feelings here

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I don't think my words could adequately describe the level of happiness I feel when I listen to this song<3 There are nights when I need something to soothe my agitated mind, or ease my lonely heart, and I watch the video clip and by the time it's done I want to drift into dreams with those sights and sounds as the last thing I seeX3 Jun loves Arashi, that much we all know abundantly well, but to what extent and why is so clearly and carefully recorded here, it's something precious^^ I'm so happy that he is part of Arashi, that they have given him that ability to have faith in himself and others, and his positive hopes for the future:3 Arashi de yokattaX3 And because this picture is to die for, I'll end on this note:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Take care this week minna, find the things in your life that make your heart soar and never let them go:3free web stats



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You.. worked so hard~

Ah, but sleep paralysis.. My sister and I had it at the same time during the night - same dream and all! We both could see the ceiling and felt like we were drowning and trying to move an arm but couldn't. It was the first time I've woken up with a jolt. >_<

Ah, I understood his feelings about the no one calling thing.
It's that time you just get so busy for so long and everyone just kind of gives up..

Happy almost 1 year old birthday~ :D
Yikes, that's even more freakyO_o Hopefully it's not a recurrent thing:S

Exactly! it's not really anyone's fault, it just happens...I feel like it's happening to me, I wish there was some way to avoid it^^;

Haha I didn't think you read the long rambling post... I dunno why but I surely tend to make one rambling post per month XDDD A compilation of bad days. Ah well...

But your translations make today's happier! I will definitely sub both fastly, I'm in need of some kind of amusement XDDD

I was styling + hardsubbing the old softsubs yesterday, and surprisingly, I think my Japanese has increased a bit, I can add a bit sentenced to the part you summarized XDDDD I do hope they are not wrong though :p

Happy almost 1 year old anniversary!!! I was thinking the same thing too... When you were at Japan I was craving for your old Utawara translations and saw the date, and I thought "wow one more month and it'll be a year". And as for me too, I started subbing around 3 weeks after you started translating XD If there is something that I am most thankful for, it's the friend I've met during this past year. Including you of course ^^

ja... :D
Of course I read it;P Besides, all my posts are super long so don't feel bad...I think we're all entitled to a little rambling now and then^^

I'm so glad they brightened your day a little:D Don't work too hard ne!XD

It's awesome that you can see your improvement in Japanese, it's such a great feeling ne:3 Well, don't worry about it, I'm sure you're not far off^^

Thanks!:D Wow, so you knew...I feel kind of moved by that:3 And of course you're one of the friends that I'm most thankful for as well, let's be happy this year as well ne<3

mata ne~^^
Happy 1 year!!! :D

We are all very thankful for all the work you do translating. THANK YOU!!!

I'm very happy to be able to help, it's my pleasre:D
happy anniv!!

and as usual, thanks for all the wonderful translations you work so hard on.

You're very welcome:)
ah happy aniversary!! *gives a cupcake with a candle I don't think you usually get a wish for an anniversary... but since its nyanchan you get one* XD

Jun has gotten so much better with kids :) I'm glad because it looked like it made him sad when the kids wouldn't respond to him or would run away ;p
but the poor boy got kicked in the face XDDDDDD I rewinded the video too and I cracked up even harder when they replayed it 5 times anyway LOL

La familia was I believe the first arashi solo that I heard and I fell in love with it right away.

And those pictures with jun and aiba
that last one is killing me if I ever got a look like that from aiba chan I might just implode (♥_♥)

have a great week ^_^

Thanks~X3 A wish too!XD hmm...what shall I wish for...;)

Yeah, I was really impressed to see him carrying them around, he's getting really paternal seeming<3 It must have been really frustrating when they ran away, I'm glad it's working out now;P Although...that does mean the occasional kick in the faceXDD I did the same thing, it was like some kind of compulsion on everyone's part to see it over and over;P

Ah, you too?;) Wow, there are so many of us...^^

I know...I have to say, in that picture Aiba really dominates, and I'm not immune from implosion either~<3

You too, takwe care!:D
kya!!! thx again!
i can't stop laughing at this part:
[Announcer: Specially for those who may have missed it, one more time!]
and that there were encore of jun's pain!! XDD
the comic effect in MMA is soooooo awesome, i can't believe there's no more!
*cries a river*
and i really wanna beat myself for getting jun's eyes and ohno's nose mix up.. i knew that eye doesn't look like ohno's... but i was so sure that wasn't ohno's nose.. ohno has what i could call an eagle's nose? that's a bad pix in bad angle (excuse excuse excuse! xD)
and shun/jun/ring incident. omg. jun would actually call to get his ring back that he has given to a friend? that's tooooo hilarious!!!!
but *high5* shun for keeping it! muhahahahhah!
Hehe, np!XD
Yeah, seriously, that was so funnyX3 I'm really sad the show's ending...and I can't find the last two episodes anywhere, so I can't even see how it ends!>_< *cries*
Wow, really??XDD Ah~, I knew that was Ohno right away...;P Maybe you just didn't want him to have that nose ne;)
Jun and Shun are an awesome pair, I want to hear more about their escapades:3
That little quiz was fun, but a little too easy ;D Jun have such pretty eyes, look at those eyelashes *envies* :P

afraid of birds since being attacked by a chicken as a child
LOL! That sentence was amusingly hilarious XDDD It's kind of mean, I know D:

It seems like a lot of people have had sleep paralysis huh? I've had it too and am really glad it has stop, cuz yes, it sucks.

La Familia <3 My vision blurred as I listened to the song while reading your translation *haha feels lame*

And ah happy one year anniversary! Thank you for all the wonderful translations!! :)
Yeah, it seemed a little cheesy at the end there didn't it;P Those eyes are to die for ne~<3

Haha, I laughed at her too, it can't be helpedXD

Yeah, I didn't realize how many until I made that commentO_o I'm glad you don't suffer from it anymore, it's so scary~>_<

Ah, I'm so glad you enjoyed it:3 It really is a beautifully moving song ne<3

Thanks, you're very welcome!:D
wahh~~ almost a year ne, nyanchan?? HaPPy ANNiveSARY! that also means you are almost a year in all Arashi's fans heart for sure...keeping us happy with all your translations...!Arigatou!thank yOU!

i think this also means that it is almost a year too i've been in arashi fangirlsm.... ;)
Yeah, very close to=) ThanksXD Ah, it's my pleasure, yoroshiku ne^^

hehe, congrats to you too then=)
happy one year!! congratulations...

thank you soo much for the one year of lovely translations...

you worked so hard...
how can you manage to be cool, awesome and hardworking at the same time?? \(^o^)/

Take care this week minna, find the things in your life that make your heart soar and never let them go:3

thank you for this last statement.. it made me think.. it inspired me really.

good for you, you've reached your dream in seeing them perform..
i guess i wont be able to.. but i'll try...(gosh im soo poor ;c) >_<

looking forward to more....


You're very welcome:) Haha, you flatter me *blush*>_<
Ah, I'm so glad you liked it:3 I really do believe in that kind of philosophy, and I know it helps me, so I want to give everyone that feeling of hope tooX3

Yes, one dreamed has been reached...but that doesn't mean I will stop dreaming^^ And you never know what the future might bring, you may be poor now, but anything's possible so don't give up ne:3
You're the best Nyan-chan!! <3 Doing all of this despite having school and work. Happy anniversary and thanks for making it so easy to follow this fandom!
Ah, you're too kind>_< Thanks, it's my pleasure^^

Thanks as always~ ♥♥♥
So much to read~ :D

I always thought sleep paralysis was fairly rare, but heaps of people seem to have it ne? I'm just lucky I've never experience it myself.

Take care :3

You're very welcome~:3 Have fun, don't go blindXD

I know, I didn't even know what the name of what I'd experienced was until yuckie_chan posted about itO_o I thouhgt it was astral projection or something...*baka*

Be well, enjoy everyday:3
if this person is the right nakamura shichinosuke, wow. maybe he went to horikoshi too :)

aww jun~ ♥♥

thank you always for translating ne~ <3<3
Ohhh, it all makes sense now;) That's the guy who let Jun stay in his cabin in Arizona last year^^ So...not a jr. then^^; *embarrased*

It's my pleasure:D
...mmm.. just scrolling through and realized you've translated La Familia too ^_______^

Jun is such a loner in the group. I bet those people who don't know much about Arashi would've thought he can make it on his own without the other four. He'll still be popular but he won't be as lovable as he is in ARASHI. I love him for writing La Familia. So beautiful.

Thanks and take care :)

Happy almost 1 year anniversary!
Happy nearly-one year anniversary! Thanks for all the hard work you do :D
Thanks!:D It's my pleasure=)
So it's nearly your personal anniversary? Congrats! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you for always doing such wonderful translations. They're invaluable for people like me who otherwise would miss out on nearly everything those guys say. I haven't commented on all of translations yet that I read, because I often think I should leave a better comment with actually referring to the content rather just leaving a thank you, but then I sometimes don't get around to doing it right away. I shall better myself and improve in that respect. XD Thank you for everything, and I hope you'll keep having fun. ♥ :)

You're very welcome^^ Don't worry about it, I know how easy it is to forget these kind of things;) But thanks for visiting:)I'll do my best from now on as wellX3
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