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Yowasa dake

Ah~, I wish I had something exciting to say this week...oh! I got my AAA Dome DVD, finally!!XD Haven't had a chance to watch it yet though^^; Hopefully after I finish posting I'll have time... I wish I had those slippers already, I seem to have caught a cold:S Last night I started getting a dry cough, and today it's well on its way to becoming a fine upstanding illness;P Hopefully it will go away as quickly as it came, no matter how sick I am I can't take a day off work until Thursday, and I have an assignment due on Friday>_< It's just like Jun said, when your body gets sick your mind/spirit gets weak too...I've spent all day feeling floppy and spineless, and frankly even I'm getting tired of itXD But, since I didn't have anything to do today I got quite a bit of translating done:3
But, first, Omedetou Arashi~:D Here's to many more years!<3
First is the second last MMA *cries* from 07.09.29 with Jun and Ohno^^

Ohno: Where could today's grandkids be~? (writing)
[writing: Alone?]
Ohno: Do something stupid! (writing) Hey, do something silyl! Read the cue cards! (writing)
Jun: What is it you want to do?
Ohno: No no no...
{the announcer says today they're in Chiba-ken, Minamibousou-shi, a soothing town surrounded by an abundance of nature, mountains
and forests. This time the request is from a nrighbour of grandma and grandpa, who says that they're lonly because their grandkids
don't come by much, so make some good summer memories with them.}
Ohno: Well, that means that lately their grandkids haven't come by.
Jun: Yes.
Ohno: So it's like [Let's have fun today!] (writing)
Jun: To grandma and grandpa.
Ohno: Yes.
Jun: That's right ne. Then...
[writing: Riidaa, some enthusiasm!]
Jun: If you please.
Ohno: I'll show you how I get grandma and grandpa to have fun! (writing)
[Announcer: Though they want to see their grandkids, they can't. (writing) There isn't a successor for the family
business and the work is a lot of trouble (writing). The members of Arashi go get involved with those Grandmas and
Grandpas, Arashi's [Grandkid for a day] (writing).]
Jun: Here are today's grandkids~.
Ohno: Here we are.
Jun: Which is to say, today we've come to Minamibousou. (writing)
Ohno: Did everything we did before get cut? (writing)
[writing: Slashed!]
Jun/Ohno: Hi there~.
Jun: Today we've come to be grankids.
Grandpa: Yes, your favor please.
Jun: Your favor please.
Jun/Ohno: Ah, grandma! Hello.
Jun: What's going on grandma? (writing)
Grandpa: She slipped a disk ne. (writing; back injury)
Jun: You slipped a disk??
Ohno: Are you okay grandma?
Grandma: I'm okay. (writing)
{the announcer says today's grandpa and grandma are Itou Tatsumi-san and Kayoko-san, they had an arranged marriage in Showa 28, they
gave birth to 3 children and have 3 grandchildren, but for about the last 20 years it's just been the two of them by themselves.}
Ohno: Grandpa, Grandma, your grandkids haven't been coming much lately...?
Grandpa: That's right ne. Although they always came for the Obon festival or New Year's, when they got bigger
they stopped coming... (writing)
Ohno: That's lonely isn't it? (writing)
Grandpa: That's how it is. (writing)
Ohno: Well today we're your grandkids! (writing)
Jun: Yeah, we're your grandkids today ne.
Ohno: So what should we do today?
Grandma: Well it's already time for lunch, so I'd like to have you work towards eating. (writing)
Ohno: Dinner?
Grabdma: There's the polishing of the rice. (writing)
Jun: Wouldn't it be good to get Ohno-san to try doing it? Your special Cha-han. (writing)
Ohno: I'll get it done!
[writing: His prided Cha-han spirit]
Grandma: If you would be so kind.
{the announcer says they have to let grandma have it easy, so the grandkids will make lunch. First they all
head for the kitchen, at which point...}
Jun: Ne, grandpa? Why are there fireworks there? (writing)
Grandma: We often had them waiting for when the grandkids came. (writing)
Jun: Fireworks?
Grandma: That's right.
Grandpa: Oh, that's nostalgic huh.
{the announcer says grandpa says that when the grankids would come for summer vacation they'd always have
fireworks ready for them; today they readied them for these two.}
Jun: Then shall we all do the fireworks together today? (writing)
Ohno: Let's do it, since they went to all this trouble.
Jun: If it rained that would be the worst huh... (writing)
[writing: Probability of precipitation 70%]
[Announcer: Hey hey Matsumoto-kun, don't say that kind of thing! First, preparations for lunch]
Jun: Riidaa~!
Ohno: Yes?
Jun: What are you going to put into the cha-han? (writing)
Ohno: For the moment, everything that's on hand. (writing)
[writing: At random?!]
Ohno: I'll put in anything. That's what I always do! (writing)
Jun: Ohno-san, that's dangerous. (writing)
[Announcer: At any rate, make something edible ne?]
Jun: Grandpa's already disappeared. (writing)
Ohno: There's a possibility...
Jun: Riidaa, you do that. Grandpa's here ne?
Staff: Yes.
Jun: There you are grandpa! Oh my! Isn't that a little early grandpa? Sake already? (writing)
{the announcer says that grandpa says he loves to drink sake with his food, which means...}
Jun: Yes, it's a rather fast development today isn't it;P Thanks a lot. You like sake?
Grandpa: I do. (writing)
Jun: You have it every day?
Grandpa: It's pretty much every day ne. (writing)
Jun: You drink it without fail?
Grandpa: That's right ne.
Jun: Does grandma normally drink too? (writing)
Grandpa: Grandma doesn't drink. (writing)
Jun: So that means you often drink alone?
Grandpa: Yeah, alone ne... (writing)
Jun: Ah, is that so...
{the announcer says he always drinks by himself, but today he's doing it with his grandkid.}
Grandpa: I'm happy that you grandkids have come. (writing)
Jun: I'm glad. (writing) Well, today relax and enjoy yourself. Ne.
[Announcer: In the middle of preparing lunch with grandma, Ohno-kun is...]
Grandma: Do you like cooking? (writing)
Ohno: Some light stuff...at work.
Grandma: But, you know those cooking shows...I devotedly watch the one on channel 10. (writing) It's interesting
[writing: Aichi TV's program?]
Ohno: Channel 10 huh... You don't wtch channel 8? (writing; Fuji TV, this station;P)
Grandma: Channel 8...I've never seen it. (writing)
[writing: Fuji TV too please]
Ohno: Ah, grandma, when did it happen? Your slipped disc. (writing)
Grandma: it's been about 4~5 days. But with slipped discs you know, you should just be calm and gentle
with it. (writing)
Ohno: Sit down on a chair or something. (writing) I'll do it.
Grandma: That would be nice if there was a chair ne. (writing)
Ohno: You don't have a chair? (writing) Grandma, you don't have chairs?
Grandma: Over- over there there's a blue chair. A blue chair ne.
Ohno: Ah, this?
Jun: What's up?
Ohno: I thought I'd get grandma to sit down in a chair. (writing)
Jun: Ah.
Ohno: Damnit, he's drinking sake. (writing) Here.
Grandma: Yes, thanks. Sorry.
Ohno: Are you okay?
Grandma: Up we go. Yes yes, thanks.
Ohno: is that a little easier?
Grandma: Yes. Sorry ne... (writing)
Ohno: I'm not going to say anything. (writing)
[Announcer: Yes, please make some cha-han so delicious it will make grandma jump up. Matsumoto-kun is doing
a commemorative photoshoot with his camera, his specialty.]
Jun: Yes, I'm taking it grandpa. Are you nervous? You don't take that many pictures? (writing)
Grandpa: Cause I hate taking pictures. (writing)
[writing: (Hates taking pictures); (Loves taking pictures)]
Jun: Ah, then I'm troubling you ne;P
[Announcer: Well, today you're with your grandkid...]
Jun: Yes, okay, right there. I wonder if it took one. Can you see it?
Grandpa" That's good.
[Announcer: Yeah, it's a fantastic shot. So, it seems that Ohno-kun's special cha-han is finished. It looks
pretty good, but what matters is the taste...]
Ohno: I don't really know... (writing)
[Announcer: Here's today's lunch: the Ohno's special 'don't really know the flavor' cha-han and grandma's
prided potato salad]
Grandpa: It looks delicious ne.
Ohno: It looks delicious doesn't it. It's super tasty. So...
Jun: Thanks for the food.
Ohno: Thanks for the food.
Grandma: Yes, thanks for the food.
Jun: I wonder if it will suit you ne. How is it grandma? (writing) It's gotten kind of solemn ne... (writing)
Ohno: Why would you be staying silent ne... Isn't that new? (writing)
Jun: What is?
Ohno: I make lunch and people get quiet. (writing)
[writing: A chef who invites silence]
Jun: It kind of might have beem better if there was a little more flavor huh.
Grandpa: A little ne... (writing)
[writing: The real opinion spills out]
Jun: Your real opinion came out grandpa;P
[Announcer: However, there's also a big problem with grandma's potato salad!]
Jun: Shall we go to the potato salad next? You can clearly taste the potato. (writing)
Ohno: Ne.
Grandma: I forgot to put that thing in ne. (writing)
Ohno: Hmm?
Grandma: Mayonaise. (writing)
Jun: How would you forget something like that?
Ohno; Right ne;P
Grandma: Ne.
Ohno: It's not in there at all?
Grandma: That's right, there's none in there at all. I'm completely forgot about it. (writing)
Ohno: Well, it was fun though ne? (writing)
Grandma: that's right... (writing)
Ohno: Though you look bored ne! (writing)
[Announcre: Well, get your spirit back, with this segment.]
Jun: The grandkids want to hear this story... (writing)
Ohno: A long time ago grandpa and grandma were young! (writing)
Jun/Ohno: Lovey-dovey talk~! (writing)
[Announcer: The grandkids unearth everything about grandpa and grandmas love story]
Jun: How many years ago did you get married? (writing)
Grandpa: Um, well, about 4~5 years ago was our 50th anniversary (gold wedding anniversary) ne. (writing)
Jun: So about 54-55...about 54 years? (writing)
Grandpa: That's about what it would be ne. (writing)
Jun: That's how much it would be.
Grandpa: That's right.
Jun: When you were how old (did you get married)? (writing)
Grandpa: When we got married? 24 years old. (writing)
Jun: 24?
Grandpa: Yeah.
Jun: At that time how old were you grandma?
Grandma: I'm older. (writing)
Jun: Ah, you're older grandma?
Ohno: Eh, how old are you right now? (writing)
Grandma: 80. (writing)
Ohno: 80?
Grandma: I've really come that point huh. Yes, it's okay to die at any time! (writing)
Jun: Eh, by the way, when was your birthday? (writing)
Grandma: Yest- the day before yesterday. (writing)
Grandpa: They looked surprised huh.
Jun: Today's the second day ne. It was two days ago. You didn't have some kind of (celebration) for you
80th year? (writing) Like 'congratulations on turning 80'.
Grandma: I didn't. (writing)
Ohno: Grandpa didn't kind of...
Jun: There wasn't anything like 'happy birthday'? (writing)
Ohno: No 'Congratulations'?
Grandma: Nothing like that.
Ohno: If there was at least something like 'congratulations'... (writing)
Jun: Bringing out a cake and saying 'happy birthday', you don't have that kind of thing? (writing)
Grandpa/Grandma: Nope. (writing)
Ohno: is that so?
Grandma: When our kids were small we often had that kind of thing, they'd buy me things like aprons ne.
They also brought out things that were 'for Mom'. That wasn't an every year kind of thing ne. (writing)
Jun: Hmm, I see.
[Announcer: Seeing grandma laughing and saying 'a brithday at this point in time...', the grandkids have
a certain emotion...]
Jun: Should would do it again? Riidaa's special surprise. (writing)
Ohno: Grandma has a slipped disc ne. (writing)
Jun: That's right, herhips looked bad ne. It looked painful to walk too. (writing)
[Announcer Due to the pain in her hips it's even a lot of trouble for grandma to stand up.]
Ohno: Something she could rest her hips on... (writing) There was just one chair. It was quite dirty.
Jun: Ah, this means Riidaa's going to make something special huh.
Ohno: Shall I make a chair or something? (writing)
[Announcer: They want to do something for grandma. The grandkids are on the move! Getting tired over lunch,
grandma's in the middle of an afternoon nap. At that time the other three are...]
Jun: It's okay without a back? (writing)
Ohno: That's right huh...
[Announcer: For grandma's birthday they want to give her a handmade chair. They thought up the design.]
Grandpa: Ah, we cna make a good seat. (writing)
Ohno: We can do this? (writing)
Grandpa: Ah, well, I can't drill the holes and such like a craftsman would ne. (writing)
Ohno: If it's sturdy then that's probably fine! (writing)
[Announcer: Grandpa, you don't have to worry about it! Because today the grandkids are here. writing: Searching
for wood without delay]
Ohno: Um grandpa...there's a lot over here. (writing) Ne.
Grandpa: Is there anything we can use?
Ohno: We cna use this part. (writing) Is it okay if I cut it?
Grandpa: Ah, it's okay if you cut it. I have this thing here. I wonder if it can do it...
[Announcer: making a chair so grandma can have it easier, ohno-kun is completely focussed. Meanwhile, left
to himself in the house, Matsumoto-kun appears to be making a birthday cake. Speaking of which, he made a
fabulous cake the other time ne?]
Jun: Milk. Margarine. There's ice cream. This looks incredibly melted. There's nothing at all...(writing)
[writing: No materials]
[Announcer: He's trying to make a cake but there's no materials! Chef Matsumoto, what will you do? He wants
to make a cake for grandma's birthday; however, he doesn't set eyes on anything that looks like it could
be an ingredient]
Ohno: There's nothing...?
Jun: There's only eggs and milk. There's no cream at all. Other than that there's some ice cream.
Ohno: Ice cream?
Jun: Vanilla ice cream.
Ohno: There's nothing around here ne. (writing)
Jun: Hmm...grandpa, are there neighbours living around here? (writing)
Grandpa: Where?
Jun: In this area.
Grandpa: Neighbours, over there it's an empty house... (writing)
[writing: Empty house]
Jun: An empty house huh...so there's no help from that ne.
[Announcer: Without focussing on the anxiety-provoking situation he goes to the kitchen once more to search
for ingredients. And then...]
Jun: Oh...wait a minute. There's pancake mix. I guess I could make a batter from this. (writing)
[Announcer: As long as he has this he has the strength of a hundred men. Matsumoto-kun, please show us the
skills you've practiced on the bangohan locations!]
[writing: Burned black...]
Jun: It's okay. I'll take the bottom off.
[Announcer: After this, finally grandma's birthday party! The present for grandma, with her bad hips, is a
handmade chair. Strength enters the hands of these two as well.]
Ohno: You;ve never given grandma a present for her birthday? (writing)
Grandpa: Never! (writing)
[writing: Immediate reply]
Ohno: You don't say 'congratulations' either?
Grandpa: No, I don't.
Ohno: Poor grandma. Eh, on the other hand, does grandma say it to you? (writing)
Grandpa: No, she doesn't. It's mutual. (writing)
Ohno: It's mutual;P
Jun: So, are you thankful to grandpa? (writing)
Grandma: That's right. Because I'm selfish I just say what I want more and more. (writing)
Jun: Ah, but, that's pretty good isn't it. Like, those kind of things ne...what you want to say, not putting
it into words like you grandma.
Grandma: But it would be nice if I could just say it honestly. It's because I'm not forthright... (writing)
Jun: You're not forthright either grandma?
Grandma: That's right...I'm not. (writing)
Jun: Ah, is that so...
[Announcer: The fifty-four years they've walked together...though they are grateful, they can't say it honestly.
They're very much alike.]
Ohno: Say it today. (writing) Since she's 80. 'Congratulations Grandma'. (writing) Say it for her.
Grandpa: Shall I resign myself and try saying it? (writing)
Ohno: Eh? You're going to try saying it?
[Announcer: The first 'congratulations to grandma from shy grandpa]
Jun: So, it's gotten dark ne. Eh~, shall we get started then?
Ohno: Let's get started.
Jun: Yes.
Ohno: All the preparations are done. Ne, grandpa.
Grandpa: That's right ne.
Jun: Then I'll go get grandma ne.
Ohno: Yes.
Jun: Yes.
[Announcer: They want to see grandma's smile. It's certainly not luxurious, but the three of them put their
heart into preparing it.]
Grandma: Where are we going?
Jun: Here's good.
Ohno: Come here grandma.
Grandma" Okay. Ah...this...
Grandpa: The grandkids made it.
Grandma: Well look at this...it's wonderful ne. (writing)
[writing: It's a little different from the initial plan, but it's the chair that Ohno-kun and grandpa made
by pooling their strength.]
Grandma: It would be a waste to sit on it, it'll be a study desk. (writing)
Ohno: Thanks.
Jun: That's right ne, it kind of looks like desk doens't it.
Ohno: You can use it for either ne.
Jun: Then, from grandpa to grandma...
Grandpa: Grandma, happy brithday. (writing)
Grandma: Thanks.
Grandpa: I'm truly thankful. (writing)
Grandma: Thank you.
Grandpa: Try sitting on it. (writing) You can use it.
Grandma: It's okay if I sit on it? Here we go.
Ohno: Ah, it's perfect.
Grandma: Ne.
Ohno: How is it?
Grandma: It's great. Thank you. (writing)
Ohno: Easier?
Grandma: Yes, easier.
Jun: And from me, a cake I made just a little earlier from pancakes. So, grandpa, feed it to her, since we
went to all this trouble.
Grandma: I'm going to be eating it?
Jun: Grandpa, get closer. Congratulations grandma.
Ohno: Congratulations grandma.
Jun: Shall we all do fireworks together?
[Announcer: Fireworks with their grandkids for the first time in years]
Ohno: They're pretty ne, grandpa.
Grandpa: Yeah, they're pretty.
Grandma: It's great that the grandkids came ne.
Ohno: That's great ne~!
[Announcer: The last day of summer that they've spent with the grandkids. The time they've casually spent
together has a different surrounding than usual. The emotions that they couldn't convey, today they were
able to put them across. And...]
Jun: Both of you be good to each other ne, from now on as well.
Grandma: Yes.
Grandpa: Thanks.
Jun/Ohno: Thank you very much.
Jun: it was fun.
Grandma: Thank you very much. Take care ne.
Jun: Thank you. Be well ne.
Ohno: Thank you ne.
Grandma: Well, the two of you take care ne.
Jun: happy birthday!
Ohno: Congratulations.
Grandma: Thank you.
Jun: Bye ne.
Grandma: If you ever have a chance again ne...please come.
Jun: Thank you!
Ohno: Bye bye.
Jun: Bye ne.
Grandma: Thank you very much.
Jun: We were grandkids for a day again today ne. We were good grandkids ne. How was it?
Ohno: Ah well...the cha-han ne...it's too bad ne.
Jun: Well, it was too bad for me too (the cake);P But it was good ne. Thanks.
Ohno: Thanks.
Jun: So, shall we both go home then?
Ohno: Let's go home, yeah.
Grandpa: They really made a chair that was quite unexpected. (writing)
Grandma: This, this table will be a desk too. (writing) Ne. They put a lot of thought into it ne. (writing)
[Announcer: Next time is grandpa's birthday ne. After the commerical, a very important announcement from
Arashi, don't miss it! Urgent announcement, on October 20th MagoMago Arashi will undergo a renewal! And its
name will be...GRA, Golden Rush Arashi! The regulars joining will be Matsui Kazuyo and Yanagihara Kanako.
Together with the guests Arashi will learn various things related to their tastes/hobbies.]

Ah~ it really is almost over>_< *sigh* I still haven't watched GRA (as I've mentioned many times, I generally don't watch things until I translate them) but this little clip alone dulled my expectations considerably^^; I mean, I'd heard what everyone said, but I still had a faint hope of recovery...nopeXD Oh well...at least it wasn't just cancelled ne. But Ohno's silence-inducing cha-han and 'chair' were hilariousXDD Seriously, who actually thought that was a chair when they first saw it?;P It was quite ambitious I have to admit, and it's a really great looking...tableXD But not only that, there's also Jun's pancake-cake...yeah, it probably tasted good, though it looked a little weird;P Nice try guys, E for effortXD Why is it so many people of that age group completely ignore special occasions??O_o I don't get that...I'm the type who likes to go all out for celebrations, the times when people forgot my birthday were sadly quite a disappointment to me;P At least it's mutual as grandpa said though^^; Okay, enough rambling...;P

Hmm...next will be Jun's article from December Myojo^^

Credit to Mori for all the scans:)

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There are experiences and changes, the excitement that continues the group

With the members...I can't put it into words, I get the feeling that it's a combination of various things ne.
If someone asks me [Are you family?] I think we're not family, when someone asks [Are you friends?] I don't
think we're friends. But elements of friends and family are incorporated into it ne. There are things that
we can do because it's us five, there are also things where it's turned out this way because it's us five, if
it wasn't us five we couldn't have done it!...there's that as well. It's because it's us five that it's become
this kind of atmosphere, lately I really think that. A loose kind of atmosphere, for example if it wasn't
us the flying in [Fight Song] at this summer's concert probably wouldn't have turned out like that. Because
it's a full energy, full-body gag in the encore ne~. Other people probably wouldn't do that kind of stupid
thing ne (laughs). That loose atmosphere is by no means in a negative sense, I think it's "Arashi-ish". Although,
speaking frankly, I myself from time to time don't do well with that loose atmosphere (laughs). Speaking of
which, when I'm doing my own work I hardly ever have the loose tension like when it's all five of us ne. Only,
the loose feeling when I'm with Arashi, lately it's come to feel really good. It's sort of resignation, sort
of getting used to it (laughs). Right now I've become able to think that it's not a bad thing ne.
I think it's still developping, but the five of us are each gathering our painting materials while saying
'let's complete a drawing on one sheet of paper', I think I've become able to wait until we're able to complete one
drawing as a group. Then, when things are bad I think [This is completely no good]. That's also a looseness,
but up until a few years ago I wasn't laughing at it being no good ne. Normally I get impatient right. My becoming
able to laugh at that might be because of the experiences I've had up until now, and being able to get serious
and say things are no good when it's bad. Those kind of changes might be the excitement that continues
the group ne.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So they're not friends and not family, but a little bit of both...it's a vgue description, but it feels understandable to me. It makes me happy that their relationship isn't purely work-based, that though they aren't the best pals ever they have something unique that defines their connections:3 I can see why for a prefectionist like Jun that 'looseness' would take some getting used to, but it's good that he can finally recognize the good parts of it^^

What else...let's see, how about December Popolo?:)

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Love Manual, Matsumoto Jun's Case

Aiba Masaki's advice: You have to listen carefully to Matsumoto-san's conversation!
In Matsumoto-san's case, a girl who would be able to hang out with him even though dinnertime goes really
long would probably be good ne. At that time, you have to listen carefully to Matsumoto-san's conversation.
Because if you space out and miss listening to things he'll suddenly shake you by saying "So, what do you think about
this topic?" (painful grin). Speaking of which, a while ago he spilled wine on a white shirt that I was
wearing huh. I was really nonplussed at that (painful grin). If you're going to eat dinner with Matsumoto-san
I recommend that you not wear white clothing.
Ninomiya Kazunari's advice: You have to pay attention to fashion!
At any rate, Matsumoto-san is fashionable. He even changes his hair a lot, it looks like he likes clothing
and often goes shopping. I have no interest in fashion so I'm not really sure, but I think he's surely dressed well
in a lot of different types of clothes. At home as well there's an unbelievable amount of clothing huh. Because
he's like that, surely he'd fall for someone who naturally pays attention to fashion right? You might also
go shopping on dates, it would definitely be an advantage if you liked clothing.
Ohno Satoshi's advice: You have to become his manager for a day!
If you anticpate the things that MatsuJun seems like he wants to do he'll be incredibly happy. In other words,
someone who's very perceptive, I think that someone who can look at the situation and be perceptive
of various things in that way would be able to capture his heart. Conversely speaking, he himself is a person
who can be considerate like that ne. Specifically, knowing what to do in certain situations. I can't really
explain it in detail... If you were to become his manager for a day I think you'd probably be able to learn
the points of being "considerate" (laughs).
Sakurai Sho's advice: You have to folow the directory of movie stars very closely!
Because MatsuJun often watches movies ne. On the day we went to Osaka for the C1000 event as well, he told
me he got up early and saw a movie. I think he likes them quite a lot. When you have a conversation like
[This was good about that movie] or [that actor's performance was good] he'll get worked up without a doubt.
Also, it looks like he's quite absorbed with pasta. He told me [My napolitan (that I make) is seriously tasty]
so people who dohn't like napolitan, please overcome that! (laughs).

The person himself talks about it! Matsumoto Jun likes this kind of girl!
A person who can act beyond just reading the atmosphere.
When I'm with someone I'm interested in what that person will do ne. I think good taste is needed to read
the atmosphere, because I think that's the moment when your character comes out. For example, when you're out
eating all together and the plates are empty, I think it's not cleaning away the plates that's important, but
the timing of when you do it. If that sense matches up with mine I get the feeling that we'd be able to go
out for a long time.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hmm...so one has to be a fashion-loving non-white-wearing movie-going considerate good listener;P Oh, and know when to clear the tableXD That's quite a line-up!;P Poor Aiba, I sincerely hope Jun paid his dry-cleaning bill or something...^^; Hmm...I could definitely see being a good listener as a good quality for Jun...I bet he'd also like someone who can hold their own in a conversation. I wonder how much Jun agrees with what the others picked out for his mate...XD But that last part intrigues me...just what is the good timing to clear away dishes? I know he means it as an example, but it made me think about it a little more than I usually would^^; But I suppose that 'matching' should be natural...which is maybe why he left it so vague^^

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Arashi's Happenings
Matsumoto Jun
In the middle of fully enjoying his bicycle life
I got my hands on the bicycle I'd been praying for, so I'm always going around on it. I ride as far as places
that take 30~40 minutes one way. Although I'm always bathed in sweat because I peddle like mad (laughs). There's
no traffic jams, I don't stop very long so it's quite pleasant.

He finally got a bike!!O_o How long has it been now, a year and a half??^^; Good grief, are there no bike shops near the clothing stores he frequents?;P It must be nice to feel the wind in your hair like that...I miss my rollerblades^^; That would be quite a sight though, a swaet-soaked Jun racing through a backroad~X3 I'm glad he finalyl had his wish granted^^

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A diary of memories from the Japanese national tour and a speedy report from the Final performance.
[Aiba-chan yelled out "I'm glad I'm in Arashi~!" (laughs)]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

14 locations across country, Arashi's tour diary. Instant playback!
1. Osaka, Aiba Masaki; A feeling of relief at the success of the Wave on the first day.
I was fairly nervous because it was the first day. No matter how many times I've done a tour I always end
up getting nervous on the first day ne. But there was no trouble and it finished safely. I was also worried
about whether the wave would go well, but I'm glad it was completely successful.

2. Hokkaidou, Sakurai Sho; The evening dinner party turned into a huge launch party.
Evening though the tour had just started when everyone went out to eat genghis khan (mutton and vegetables)
at night it turned into a lot of excitement like a lanuch party. Just like always we went back to the hotel
calming Aiba-kun, who was yelling out "I'm really glad I'm in Arashi".

3. Kanagawa, Aiba Masaki; Invited Kanjani's Yokoyama and went to dinner
After the performance I went to eat charcoal grill with Nino. Midway we met up with Yokoyama as well. I've
known Yokoyama for a long time so I know his temperament, we got all worked up with idle chatter. I made a
promise to go to Kanjani8's Tokyo Dome concert ne~.

4. Nagano, Ohno Satoshi; We were reunited with Murakami-kun!
Murakami-kun, who was the youth who ran a marathon in his wheelchair that we met when Arashi were being the
personalities on [24hour TV], came to our dressing room. When I heard that on this year's [24~] he's trying out
rock-climbing I received some power as well.

5. Ishikawa, Matsumoto Jun; The route to the airport was far?!
On that day Riidaa was definitely the only one that was late to ride the planned flight. However, it wasn't
because Riidaa overslept, it looks like the route to the airport was extremely congested. In the end, there was
a small happening where the other four of us flew on ahead.

6. Hiroshima, Matsumoto Jun; Establishing a new theme, a staging for departing anew.
Because it was the performance right in the middle of the tour inside myself I stood on stage and established
a new theme. Live performances are alive so they're different every time. But for me that became a staging
that materialized remarkably. What theme it was is a secret (laughs).

7. Fukuoka, Aiba Masaki; A few hours after the performances heading to the Mago location
It's the same for every region, but the uchiwas in the regional dialect caught my eye. The performance
worked me up to the highest, but the next morning was a Mago shoot from early in the morning, a lot of
trouble. A few hours after the performance I was doing agricultural work on a kampyou farm huh~ (laughs).

8. Kagoshima, Matsumoto Jun; An unforseen development at the first show?!
The Kagoshima performance began. Although right beforehand we were worrying because we realized the moving
stage wouldn't fit into the hall, to make up for not using it we used our own feet to run around the hall.
That was refreshingly interesting in it's own way~.

9. Aichi, Ninomiya Kazunari; Shocked at the staff's happy news!
At night we went to eat chicken wings. There I was surprised to hear from the choreography staff that one
of them became a father for the first time. He really seemed like he was at an age to already have kids, so it was
unexpected. After that, I was surprised a second time when I heard it was born during the tour.

10. Miyagi, Ninomiya Kazunari; Also shot the commercial to be used for the C1000 event.
The night that we stayed at the boarding house we had a barbequeue. While there we also shot the "Our CM"
to be played at the c1000 event. Only the people who come to the event will know what kind of fun CM it is

11. Shizuoka, Sakurai Sho; Here's the dandy Matsumoto!
We celebrated MatsuJun's birthday with cake at the first show and giving him presents at the second show.
The presents were a dressing gown and wine glasses, a cigar and a cat stuffed animal. When he put those
dandy goods on himself he was most certainly the dandy Matsumoto (laughs).

12. Niigata, Ohno Satoshi; A cheer for all the disaster victims!
To give even a little bit of courage to the victims of the Niigata open sea earthquake we wrote a message
and left it at the hall. Also, we made a shower room in the dressing room that wasn't there last year. We
made use of it without delay~.

13. Osaka, Ohno Satoshi; After the concert I lazed around with a friend.
Although it's a personal memory (laughs), after the concert I went to visit the house of a friend in Osaka.
We went to the pool together, it was fun~. I regretted not being able to fulfil the promise I made with that
friend to go fishing in Tokyo, but I was completely satisfied with playing in the pool.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

14. Be with us on our dream from now on as well!
The last performance was like a summer evening skyrocket.
The Tokyo Dome concert that was added on to the summer tour. Up until now we've been constantly drawing out
the summer, but unexpectedly Arashi's summer is over. The last performance had a feeling like a skyrocket to
announce the summer's end. It was a little bit sad, but it became and awesomely fun memory. From now on as
well I want to sketch out a bigger, more fantastic dream with everyone.

What an interesting collection of anecdotes...^^ My favorites are Sho talking them all pacifying the overly happy Aiba (read: drunkXD) and Jun's secret new themeX3 Aiba's so cute, I cna picture him staggering down the street on someone's shoulders yelling that in his squeaky shouting voice<3 And jun, that boy just loves his secrets neXD I felt the same way about my last concert...well, I was more than a little sad actually>_< But it really did become an amazing memory...and I like how he compared the last night to a firework, one last bang before the night closes in^^ I sincerely hope that DVD they may have been filming will come out in the near future (what a great xmas present for oneself, no?XD), from what I've heard it was an amazing, heart-rending performanceX3

Lastly, well...I've bene toying with the idea of translating some of my old favorites of Arashi's songs for awhile now. I really like song translations, I start to miss them...I got spoiled with the album this summerXD And there was a hint towards this song, although none was needed because it's one of my all-time favorites and lately it's been all I can think of:3

Kotoba yori mo Taisetsu na Mono<3

kiritotta merodii kurikaeshita, wasurenai you ni
kotoba yori mo taisetsu na mono koko ni wa aru kara

muri shite warau ni wa riyuu ga nasasugite, tsuyoi kaze no naka da
hikisakareta mama rojou ni chirabata, ibitsu no yume no kakera
sameta furi shitemo tsutawaru ai de donna uta wo utaun darou?
saa ikou our life

sukitootta merodii mune ni himeta nakusanai you ni
kotoba yori mo taisetsu na mono koko ni wa aru kara
woah woah woah
woah woah woah

doushite mieru no ni furesou na no ni demo tooi risou to ka
tsui kuchippaku natte yowasa ga itakute mirarenai you ni naita
ima wa sore ga dou shinrai no sugao de donna ashita ni kaette miyou
kibou to iu our life

haruka na sora ni yume wo nagete namida wo nugueba
kotoba yori mo kokoro no hou ga kotae ni naru kara
woah woah woah
woah woah woah

yes yes, you know the deal, word up
tatoeba no hanashi senritsu kanadete
ano toki no asahi shimatte futari wa hanarete
'mata ne' te kotoba wo nokoshite wakarette ittemo
tashika na kono natsu dake wa kimi to tomo ni

utagau koto naku tabi suru kumo ga subarashii kyou mo
anata yori mo ookii na ai wa doko ni mo nain da yo

kiritotta merodii kurikaeshita, wasurenai you ni
kotoba yori mo taisetsu dakara anata ni todoketa
woah woah (come on) woah (everybody stand up)
woah (what what) woah (say what) woah


I replayed the cut-off melody so that I wouldn't forget it
because there's something here more precious than words

there's far too little reason to force yourself to smile amidst the strong winds
scattered along the road in shreds, the fragments of the distorted dream
even if you feign disinterest, what kind of song will you sing with the love that comes across?
come on, let's go, our life

I hid the fading melody in my heart so it wouldn't disappear
because there's something here more precious than words
woah woah woah
woah woah woah

why is it that though things like ideals are visible, seem tangible, they're so far?
unintentionally complaining, my weakness hurt me, I cried so no one could see
right now let's see what kind of future we can change it into with an honest face
the hope we call our life

if you wipe away your tears and cast your dreams into the disant sky
more than words, your heart will be the answer
woah woah woah
woah woah woah

yes yes, you know the deal, word up
hypothetically speaking, playing the melody
the sunrise on that day the two of us separated
even though we part leaving the words 'see you again'
without a doubt only this summer is together with you

the doubtless travelling clouds are wonderful today as well
nowhere is there a love greater than you

I replayed the cut-off melody so that I wouldn't forget it
because it's more precious than words I conveyed it to you
woah woah (come on) woah (everybody stand up)
woah (what what) woah (say what) woah

This is one of those songs that, no matter when I hear it I can't help feeling a little uplifted, even exuberant<3 It's actualyl kind of bittersweet when you listen to the lyrics, but that's my favorite kind of song:3 But honestly I think it's because it is something more precious than words that it's become a perennial favorite of both fans and Arashi's kouhai...<3 And who can forget the video, Jun and his Momo hair, flowers and ramen, lots of happy anticsXD This is the best way I could think to finish off the post...there was more to the December Popolo article but I overestimated my energy levels...they've been dropping steadily throughout the day, and now I just feel like sleeping for a week~>_< I'll see if I can get the rest done for next, gomen ne~^^; But have a great week everyone, take care not to get sick too!XD For those in NA, don't forget daylight savings;P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I love his smiles<3free web stats



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hey girl! have u been blocking me in msn!? i haven't seen u online since like forever~ haha~
yike~ hope u feel better soon!~ i hate getting sick! argh~ but if getting sick means arashi will come over to my house and take care of me, then pls... pass me some of ur bugs~ hahahah~
as always, thx for ur translation.. jun got a bike? how cute~ he's setting a good ex of being environmental friendly ne~! haha~
and what's w/ the exclusive fun drink CM? argh~
ok girl. pls take care of urself! get well soon!!!
No no, just hiding~XD
Yeah, being sick sucks...especially when you get laryngitis like I didO_o I can't even order food, it's pathetic!XD But yeah, if I can get Jun to take care of me I'll stay sick all month;P
Np~=) I wonder if he was even thinking of the environment when he got it...^^; How's your skateboarding going?;P
I know! I was so mad when I read that>_< I want to see too~XS
Thanks, you too:)
Thank you very much for the new translations!! Ohno's so silly XD!!Waaaahhh!! It's the second to last Mago Mago Arashi!! I really love the translations for Kotoba Yori Mo Taisetsu Na Mono. I love the PV as well!!

And woot for daylight savings time!! We all get an extra hour of sleep!!

I'm really sorry that you got sick!! Hope you get well soon!!
You're very welcome:D Ohno's adorable neXD I'm glad you like the translations:3 The PV is just awesome, it never gets old<3

Well, at least in theory...I wish we never had to go backO_o

Thanks, ganbarimasu~=)
Do get some rest. You don't have to tire yourself too much. Listen to your body this time. :)

I can imagine drunk Aiba as well. Seriously adorable that guy.

Another interesting summer wraps up for the boys. I do hope they release a Time con DVD by Christmas. It would be an excellent gift for myself :)
I spent most of Sunday in bed>_< Mostly cause I couldn't get out...^^; But apparently now my body refuses to let me get any sleep at all to compensate, so I'm really not sure what it's telling me knowXD But thanks^^

Drunk Aiba would be the best drinking buddy ever!XD

Yes, I
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yey. Another translations. thank you. very much. again.

so sorry about getting sick. get well soon please. it's really hard if your body is in pain.

i love the scans. thank you for translating and sharing them.

merry christmas..!! ^___^
It's my pleasure^^

Thanks, I hope to be back in the saddle by next weekXS

I'm so glad you like them, my pleasure=)

Haha, so earlyXD
It's really interesting to see what each of the members think matsujun's perfect girl would be like!
you have to listen carefully to Matsumoto-san's conversation.
Because if you space out and miss listening to things he'll suddenly shake you by saying "So, what do you think about
this topic?" (painful grin)

hmm learned from experience maybe? XD

I was pleasantly surprised to see the song translation ^__^ Kotoba yori mo Taisetsu na Mono is probably my favorite song =D

And aiba chan shouting "I'm glad I'm in Arashi!"
That boy is even sweet when he's drunk XDDD <3

I hope you feel better soon *gives soup lots of fluids and a matsujun plushie in pjs* <3
Oh, I'm sure Aiba's fully aware of just how bad it is to ignore Jun...XD Sounds like good advice to me;P

Oh, that's great!:) You know, I don't think I can choose just one favorite, but this is definitely among the top tier<3

Ah~, it warms my heart to imagine that scene~X3 So cuteXD

Thanks, but I think I'll stay in my pjs with Jun a little longerXDDD
OMG your fave all time song is Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono? Mine too!! Am just surprised cuz not many people have that as their all time faves. Um, I think XD

Thank you for all the translations, though I haven't read them all, but will do when it's not 2AM ^^;;
Mm, I really can't pick just one favorite, but I really do love this one:) But I think it's fairly high on most people's lists....^^

You're very welcome, hope you enjoy them=)
NYANCHANNNNN *cries cries cries* I actually have subbed the previous MMA since days ago but my connection fails!!! *kicks kicks kicks and throwing tantrums* Currently trying to set up own connection at home, but finding one that has balance between the speed and price is very hard T.T I feel like I have a loan to you T.T

I also haven't watched GRA. I have the same tendency like you, I don't watch MMA / GRA until I sub it. Feels like it's more entertaining when I watch it with your translations!

Anyway I will drop by again, but just to let you know, I'm still subbing your wonderful translations as always ;) Thanks ne *chuuus*

(and that link for Japanese grammar is highly useful. Now some things started make sense for me xDDDD ---but japanese skits still doesn't make any sense... yet)
Ah, that sucks!>_< I'm so sorry your internet is always letting you down, good luck finding a good one of your own:S No no, no loanXDD Daijoubu dakara, shimpai shinai de ne:)

Hehe, I'm not the only one?:D Wow, that's a nice feeling...I'm always feeling left out, it's nice to know there's someone who hasn't seen things too:3

Thank you so much, ever since you first asked to sub them you've done such a wonderful job, I admire your determination and perseverance:3 I'm glad you came^^

Oh I'm so glad! Yeah, I don't know if the skits will ever fully make sense...I'm still waiting for that dayXD
So many translations this time round! You're fantastic ^^

I love Jun's smiles too... ♥

He looks a bit sheepish in that last pic. Kinda like "Eheh.. heh... What am I laughing at?" XD
Ah, I do my best:)

They're radiant ne~<3 Like the sun=)

You're right...it's super cute when he reverts to a little bit of the dork he has inside himX3
I love the Myojo interview the most nyanchan ^^ we're witnesses on how cool he can be and yet be such a kid when he's with his fellow members. :D

Arashi's kouhais love Kotoba yori mo Taisetsu na Mono huh. I saw Ueda and bunch of juniors' performance at youtube and it feels different without Sho's rap. I love this song too, never thought it has a bittersweet meaning. I guess I'm a person who's drawn more with the melody first than the lyrics, not to mention that I'd be needing translations to understand ^^;

hope you're feeling better, and take care of yourself ^_______^
It's really interesting to hear his take on the other members ne:3 I lvoe that being around them lets him cut loose, it's so much fun to seeXD

Yeah, I saw some of those performances on Youtube, I still think no one can beat Arahi though (biased):3 The meoldy can be deceptively upbeat, I like how the lyrics combine to give it depth<3

Thanks, you too^^
Wow! That was A LOT of translating! But really, all of those made me so happy, Jun is so... cute! lol I can relate to him where in situations I tend to be a little more high strung but when I'm around other people that are being silly I can relax too and it's nice. I think it's cute that he openly admits to being uptight haha.

As far as the girl he would want.. hmmm those are some big shoes to fill! I have no clue about fashion but hey, they say opposites attract huh? What about you, do you fall into that category of girls he would date, hopefully so! ^_^

I loved allll those pictures of the guys, thanks so so sooooo much!!!

And yes, when you get sick you tend to overall just feel like blah, so make sure you don't over work yourself and drink some nice warm tea to make you feel better ^_^
Hehe, I got carried awayXD I'm so glad you enjoyed them^^ Well, it's not lik he can hide it, he's pretty mercurial in his moods neXD

Well...I am a great listener, I like pasta, I love movies, and I can be considerate when I try...unfortunately I'm only a novice at fashion>_< I'm trying to change that though, lately I just lvoe clothes for some reason;P

My pleasure!^^

Well, I think I overdid it cause I got laryngitis...:S But thanks for the suggestion, I'm having lots of nice tea:3
Thanks for all the translations! ♥
I know I say this all the time, but I'm really gonna miss MMA! I want MMA back! TT__________TT
I love Kotoba Yori Taisetusna Mono as well! I think it's one of those songs that can get everybody! But seriously, those catchy melodies really differ from the lyrics. I think bittersweet is the perfect description for it.

Hope you're feeling better soon~ I really admire your spirit to translate still while feeling sick coz all I'd do in that situation is watch anime and sleep ^^;

Take care and keep warm ne!

I think I understood what you wrote at the end! And I know you're older and all, but can I just say how cute you are?? XD I don't think there is never a "time for colds" no matter how long it's been since the last one! ^^;
You're very welcome!:D
I want it back too~!>_< Why did they have to change it...why...*cries*
I agree, it's hard not to fall in lvoe with this song:3 It's quite a contrast thought, if you didn't know the words it sure seems high tension ne;)

Thanks~, I hope so too:3 Hehe, I'm a bit of an over-achiever unfortunately...^^; But today it's just funX3

Stay cool!:) Hope you get some nice warm rain soon^^

Haha, is that weird?XD I dunno, I just felt like it was about time to get it out of the way;P I almost went 8 whole months without getting sick, I was starting to wonder...of course, now I want to go another 8 monthsXDD
oh no i hope you feel better! getting sick is the worst, but i'm glad it doesn't happen very often :) this is pretty random, but how did you learn kanji? was it just kind of an over-time process? i'm trying to study for 2kyuu and i'm soooo behind on my kanji, it's terrible. >_< i wish kanji weren't so difficult for me to learn! i must have a bad memory for it or something. haha. anyway, if you have some tips on what helped you learn them, i'd be very grateful!

kk thanks for translating MMA, all those fun articles, and the song even though you're sick! Good luck on your assignment and お大事に!
Thank you, I hope to be better soon>_< No, I don't get sick often, but when I do I go down for the countXD Oh, I found this site several years ago, it helped me a lot because it makes it fun^^ Hopefully this will work better for you, it's better than flashcards imho=)

It's my pleasure=) Thanks, you too^^
It's been so long since I last spoke to you!

I just scrolled back and saw those slippers you want and I hope you get them 'cause getting sick isn't fun. I've been sick for awhile too T_T First it was a runny nose, then an itchy throat, and now it's the aftermath of hacking coughs and mucus! D: I hate that feeling like I'll never recover!

SO hopefully yours won't develop into that! Or be as long lasting as mine is -_-;;

sdflgkj I'm sure you'll enjoy the DOME DVD! I just watched it yesterday on our big TV and my sister and I were pretty much rocks on the couch for 2 hours XP (with random blips of giggling)

It's been ages ne~^^

Oh, I'm so sorry you're sick too>_< I hope we'll both be back to our old selves in no timeX3 Take care, drinks lots of fluids and rest:)

I still haven't had a chance to watch...or rather, I'm saving it for when I'll really enjoy it:3 I cna't wait!XD
thank you for the translations~
I was dying like mad when they had that loooong awkward silence after tasting Oh-chan's cha-han xD
I hope you feel better, or that you'll get better soon, I too was sick this weekend with a stomach virus, haven't really been able to eat anything.
You're very welcome^^
Haha, pooor Ohno, his cha-han seems to be very hit and missXDD
Thanks, I'm sorry to hear about that>_< I hope you're on the mend by now:)
poor nyanchan~..feeling sick is no good..have a good rest ok?hope u'll feel better soon!and wish u get the slippers asap.. =)

as always, thanx 4 the translation~
and there's more pic of matsujun in this post..like matsujun's last pic, really nice smile ~

Yeah, being sick sucks...>_< Thanks for your kind wishes, I hope to be better soon:3

It's my pleasure^^ Hehe, I'm trying to see how many I can fit in one postXDD So dreamy~<3
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