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3, 2, 1-!!

For those of you who have already celebrated the new year, Happy New Year~!:D May 2008 bring you all the happiness, all the love, and all the waking dreams that you could ever wish for:) For those of you like me who are still a few hours away (and already too excitedXD), let's have some fun~;P *cranks up Lucky Man*

First up on the playbill is the boys' TV Guide article for this week:D

Credit to mori for all the scansXD

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Passing Storm, Coming Storm
Holding an urgent Thank-You Party and Group Discussion!
The Triumphant Return Concerts, the first Solo Dome concets, the summer tour, the release of 3 singles and an album...those are the energetic
activities that Arashi completed. Looking back on '07, the members' indiviudal 'thank yous', and Arashi's ambitions for '08 are...?!

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The Year 2007, from member to member, Arashi's [Thank You]
We're bringing you the individual members' own 'thank you' messages, looking back on '07, in relay format. Arashi's own brand of super 'hot talk' is the

Ohno Satoshi, '80/11/26, born in Tokyo. Sagittarius. A blood type. In '07 he made a guest appearance on [Yamada Tarou Monogatari] (TBS). Ohchan
says [When I remembered the movies we all used to do back in the day it was really nostalgic].

Sakurai Sho, '82/01/25, born in Tokyo. Aquarius. Blood type A. In '07 he appeared in the House of Council election special [Zero X Election 2007] (JapanTV),
[World Cup Volleyball 2007] (FujiTV). In '09 his movie [Yatterman] will be released.

Ninomiya Kazunari, '83/6/17, born in Tokyo. Gemini. Blood type A. In '07 starred in [Haikei, Chichiue-sama] (FujiTV), and [Marathon] (TBS). His
co-starring with Sakurai Sho in their starring drama [Yamada Tarou Monogatari] (TBS) was much tlaked about.

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Aiba Masaki, '83/12/24, born in Chiba. Capricorn. Blood type AB. In the middle of appearing regularly on [Tensai! Shimura Doubutsu-en] (JapanTV).
In '07 he gave a good performance as a youth living in silence in his own second starring play [Wasurarenai Hito].

Matsumoto Jun, '83/8/30, born in Tokyo. Virgo. Blood type A. In '07 he starred in [Bambi~no!] (JapanTV). Trying his hand at period pieces for the
first time in the movie [Kakushi Toride no San Akunin] (release: May 10th, '08). [Hana Yori Dango Final] is planned to be released June 28th.

From Ohno Satoshi (Ohchan) to Sakurai Sho (Sho-kun): [Thanks]
Thank you for Okinawa (laughs). Please give me more stimuli ne
This year I got a vacation and went to Okinawa's Miyakojima, but coicidentally Sho-kun came too. While we were travelling we were sending each
other pictures on our cellphones (laughs). After I'd get an email from Sho-kun saying [This is where I am now] I'd go there, take a pciture, and send
it abck saying [I came here too]. I also coincidentally ran into Sho-kun at the Tenjin Festival before in Osaka ne. Though Sho-chan's that kind of
fated person, I respect him because he's doing things I can't do, like being a news and volleyball caster, I want to run along more swiftly.

From Sakurai Sho (Sho-kun) to Ninomiya Kazunari (Nino): [Thanks]
I get the feeling that it was because Nino was there that the atmosphere on the set was able to be created quickly
'07 was a really full year huh. As an inidividual there were a lot of new things I tried, like the House of Council Special and being a volleyball caster.
Even amid all that I was really there with Nino ne. Because when we were doing [Yamada Tarou Monogatari] it also overlapped with the summer
tour I think that Nino, as the star, had even more of a hard time than me. But because Nino was there the atmosphere on set was able to be created
fairly quickly, it was easier for me too ne. I'm going to work hard so that we can work together again, so when that happens please favor me (laughs).

From Ninomiya Kazunari (Nino) to Aiba Masaki (Aiba-chan): [Thanks]
He's not a person to whom I formalyl say 'arigatou' ...?!
Thank you to Aiba-chan?! It's not that kind of relationship (laughs). Since being with the members is a given, in exhange for not fighting we don't
formalyl show gratitude... Geez, I don't even know what I should be saying 'thank you' for, it's embarrassing. Naturally, after work the two of us go for
dinner and talk on occasion. The subjects at that time? If it was me with my favorite girl I would make sure not to forget it, but with him...it's not
like I'd remember that (laughs).

From Aiba Masaki (Aiba-chan) to Matsumoto Jun (MatsuJun): [Thanks]
I can't really express it, so why don't we go drinking?
It's my intention to be in touch with the feelings of gratitude I have towards the members on a daily basis. Because I love all of them. Because in '07
I had a lot of solo activities like the play when I was back among Arashi again I felt "comfort". That's why I feel this even more. Only, that's just
how I feel, I can't really say it out loud. Even though I'm always saying to MatsuJun 'let's go drinking', it hasn't become reality. Whether it's with
the other members or just the two of us it would be great, so let's go. Under the influence of alcohol I might be able to say it?!

From Matsumoto Jun (MatsuJun) to Ohno Satoshi (Ohchan): [Thanks]
Riidaa's unchanging gentleness is a relief
I wasn't able to be with the other members much in the first half of the year ne. But, to make up for it we had a lot of chances to go eat dinner
all together in the local regions huh. We went to ramen shops, yakiniku restaurants, we had a barbequeue with the staff. When I go to those kind
fo Arashi locations I feel relieved on seeing Riidaa's face. No matter when we meet Riidaa doesn't change, I really calm down when I touch that
gentle atmosphere. Thank you for always letting me feel 'it's Arashi~'!

Urgent Group Discussion
Arashi's Ambitions for 2008
Now that they've looked back on '07 and expressed their 'thank yous', we're holding an urgent group discussion on the Arashi of '08! Arashi's
ambitions are...?!
Sho: I'd like to talk about '08 using the theme of Arashi's ambitions. I'm Sakurai, and I'll be hosting today.Your favor please.
All 4: If you please~! (clap)
Aiba: But, it would be great if we could have a great number of stage performances in '08 as well after all ne.
Jun: '07 was the hightest ever right?
Sho: The guests as well, they came from France, Italy, germany, lots of countries. Nino said it before but we're fairly popular in France anre't we?
Nino: That's right, that's right, we're very popular in Paris.
Sho: Then, should we do Paris in '08? So how many people would gather again?
Nino: ...mm, about 700 people. But 700 people is very popular! I told you it wasn't an overwhelming number, are you snickering at me?
Aiba: We're not (laughs). But they definitely said 700 people? It might be a lie you know.
Nino: ...the cable tv person said it.
Aiba: Uhaha! Is it okay to believe them ne?
Jun: It's not just that person likes Arashi or something?
Nino: That person probably likes us ne (laughs). Riidaa, what do you want to do in '08?
Ohno: I want to constantly be doing live performances after all ne.
Aiba: Are there places you want to do them or something?
Ohno: (thinking) Don't you want to do Koya?
Jun: Ah~, that would be nice ne.
Ohno: Because it was so small and fun at the Kagoshima venue, somewhere smaller.
Sho: We'll get you to do that by yourself.
Ohno: Huh? Don't you all want to do it?
Nino: Well, I'll go with you!
Sho: (laughs). How about you Matsumoto-san?
Jun: I want to do new things with all 5 of us again ne.
Sho: Which means that Matsumoto-kun wants to do a musial in other words.
Jun: No, not a musical.
Aiba: All 5 of us (laughs).
Jun: I haven't said that either?
Nino: It's the same with the musical but, there are people who say they still want to see more even if we just do concerts ne.
Jun: If there weren't we'd break up.
Sho: Can it be that in '08 we're quickly in danger of breaking up?!
Nino: No no no. We'll do concerts as long as everyone says they want to see them.
Sho: That's right ne. So, to end off with, our plans for '08 from Ohno-san, if you please.
Ohno: We'll set up our plans for next year in the first month.
Nino: Hey you, we're doing that right now.
Ohno: That's the first plan.
Nino: Ah, the very first part ne? Which means that next time we'll need a plan for January.
Ohno: Let's having that planning meeting at the very end of '07 and begin thinking of the plan for January there.
Aiba: Which means that right now...?
Ohno: We're setting up our plans, setting them up.
Other 4: (uproariously laughter)
Nino: What a pain~! So, what's the plan's name?
Ohno: 'The Plan'!
Sho: (laughs). Thank you very much!
Jun: Please favor us in '08 as well!
Ohno: (Ending cleanly) Favor us!

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I'm extremely happy that I can play Doumyouji again!

[Hana yori Dango] is at it's final at last. [HanaDan] was the first time I did a sequel to a serial drama. Doing it again for 3 months with the same cast was
interesting ne. I remember really looking forward to seeing how much everyone had changed in a year. Since the end of part one we'd each had
various experiences, everyone including myself thought about how to deliberately bring that out in the end result. It's been another year since that
impression of part 2. Although I meet up with people in my private life as well it's a really happy thing to be gathering together with everyone again
and 'making one single creation' ne. I'm already looking forward to the filming from here on! Because I haven't gotten the script yet I don't know
what kind of story it'll turn out to be, but I guess it'll be something that goes along with the flow of part 2. Because this will be the last glimpse, personally
I think it would be great if it were a story where everyone ends up happy. At any rate, since this time the movie feels like a festival I want to have
fun on the set. What do I like about Doumyouji? I guess his silliness (laughs). But I think that Doumyouji's unwavering parts are extremely cool.

At the graduation prom Makino Tsukushi (Inoue Mao) accepted Doumyouji Tsukasa (Matsumoto Jun)'s marriage proposal. At about a yaer after that
Tsukushi gets tangled up in a certain incident. What does Tsukasa do? We can't keep our eyes off the original story movie with the [HanaDan]-like
thrilling love comedy in the fans' eagerly awaited sequel!

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Love that last picture<3 And the one where Jun has his scarf wrapped around OhnoX3 Ohno and Sho both were in Okinawa?? How did that happen?XD But that's so cute, like phone pic tag;P (I want to try that someday, I need a better phone...) Sho thanks Nino for making things easier for him, Nino turns around and says he doesn't need to thank Aiba, Aiba says he loves everyone and wants to go drinking with Jun (me too me too!XD), and Jun loves Ohno...<3 And this plan for next year...well, I'll let you watch what happens with that later;P

Second billing goes to TVPia:D

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Friendly Arashi's Fun New Year
Happy time spent with Arashi
Without ceasing their variety and drama shows they had 3 hit singles, the release of their movie [Kiiroi Namida], a packed-house first Dome concert,
calling attention on all fronts in '07. A big step to fulfilling ambition!

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Super idols that are aware of their fans well before their fans are aware of them
- We acknowledge that looking back on the last year doesn't suit Arashi, but what kind of year was the Great Leap Forward '07.
Sho: It was a full year ne? Beginning with the concerts in the new year...we were even able to have 2 Dome concerts that year.
Jun: It was great ne. It's really like, who would have thought that Arashi would be doing the Dome with this kind of timing ne!
Nino: Because even we ourselves didn't think it ne (laughs). Well, it's not like we originally had doing a concert in the Dome as our final goal.
Sho: How about you, Prince Nail Cutter (looking intently at the nail-cutting Aiba).
Aiba: Just wait a bit, I've only got my pinky left (laughs).
Jun: Then go back to your nails.
Aiba: (confused) I mean, we were able to do the Dome twice this year right?
Jun: We just said that!
- How about you Ohchan? Have you been increasingly noticed when you're out in the city.
Ohno: No, conversely I'm remembering the faces of the fans. When I went to a cafe the other day I'd seen the employee somewhere before. I
was like '...ah, this girl came to the concert!'.
As one: He~~?!
Nino: Eh? Did you tell her? Like, 'you came to my concert'.
Ohno: I asked her.
Jun: And then? What did they say?
Ohno: (showing signs of embarrassment) She said 'yes'.
Aiba: Uwa~, amazing! But isn't that flirting?!
Ohno: Flirting.
Aiba: Uhahahaha!
Sho/Jun: What are you doing! (laughs)
Ohno: That was a joke (laughs), but that kind of thing happens a lot.
Aiba: I'm no good. I don't remember that much~!
Sho: I don't know about 'popularity', but I certainly feel like we're being nationally 'recognized' ne. Although I had a lot of regional work in the form
of the volleyball and [Kinminsei SP], I was talked to a lot in the various places.
- You also had a lot of television appearances, but what was particularly memorable?
All 5: What indeed...?
- Though the different colored skinny jeans on [Music Station] were extraordinarily memorable (laughs).
Aiba: Ah~, we get told that a lot ne. The five-colored ones. I was red was I.
Jun: You often get told that (laughs)?
Sho: For me it would be the special with Ehara-san (aired in March, [Ehara Hiroyuki & Arashi, Solving the Worries of the Modern Person! Live
Broadcast SP]). All five of us, live, on top of which during primetime, I think that was a new challenge for us,.
Now we can understand each other even if we don't talk about important feelings
- Right now I'd by all means like to ask anew. What is Arashi's appeal?
Sho: Sleeping lion Satoshi-san, please talk about appeal, sooner than later!
Ohno: ....Arashi ne....
Nino: Arashi ne (complete mimicry).
Ohno: It's harmonious ne.
Nino: It's harmonious ne~.
As one: (laughs).
Sho: It certainly is harmonious, really ne.
Ohno: I don't know about anything else, but Arashi has an unstrained harmonious atmosphere right. Lately I've been thinking how nice that is ne.
Aiba: It's something that never changes ne, really.
- You say it doesn't change, although you appear to get more and more friendly with each other.
Ohno: Yes, we're getting more and more harmonious.
Nino: Wouldn't that be Riidaa's group unifying character coming out after all?!
Aiba: If Ohno-san was someone extremely scary...
Ohno: Everyone might be scared.
Jun: Arashi's appeal huh. In a good sense wouldn't it be how we're all diverse? I think that it's amazing that personalities this diverse are properly
collected into one... (to the reporter) is that no good? Like that.
- No (laughs)! Only, although at a glance you may appear diverse, the effect of everyone fixing their eyes on the one point they must aim for makes
you feel an unparalleled unity.
Sho: Well, we are always together ne~. Although we don't talk like that much lately there's already points where we can understand without having
to talk about it ne.
Aiba: That's right ne!
Sho: Because we're 'connected by the C' ne. (trying to practically apply the lines from the C1000 CM)
As one: ........
- (laughs). It was a lso a year where Sho-kun brought out an unexpected side of himself ne (laughs).
Sho: As a news caster ne? (a little arrogantly)
- No, rather something opposed to that.
Sho: Eh!
Nino: Yeah, I think that's it ne (laughs). But you know, it was just that the world wasn't seeing his funniness. We've been seeing it for a long time.
Aiba: For a time, when [News Zero] was beginning, he tried to restrain himself a little. But he couldn't keep it hidden after all ne.
Nino: I think that this year Sho-kun got even bigger than before.
Arashi's appeal is how they exhibit their true worth when all 5 are together?!
- Well then, conituning on with Arashi's appeal, Arashi's No.1 fan Ninomiya as well!
Sho: Oh, you're a fan? I'll sign something for you. (beginning of small act)
Nino: Thank you very much!
Jun: Since when are you a fan?
Nino: Ah, well, I've been always cheering you on since the time when you debuted! It may be preumptuous of someone like me to say this but,
after all Arashi's appeal is..."being vaguely dissatisfied with it as an individual" ne~!
As one: (uproariously laughter)
Sho: Hey! That's messed up (laughs)!
Nino: Well~, regardless of the sense of unity and shiny sparklingness when all 5 of us are together, when you get on your own (dropping head)
feeling not quite satisfied...that gap is great ne<3

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Aiba: Meaning that the refining it still further is still ahead ne?
Nino: That's right, that's right.
Sho: We've already been doing this for 8 years, let's get it refined already!
Nino/Aiba: (laughs).
- Does remaining unchanged for 8 years mean that by now there's no recent newly discovered sides of the other members?
Aiba: None I guess~. Ah, something like Sho-kun's teeth-grinding I guess. (The incident where, at the tour's first boarding house Ohno and Aiba were
sharing a room with Sakurai and weren't able to sleep because of his teeth grinding)
Nino: Would that be a 'discovery'? A 'reconfirmation'? I mean, Riidaa was in the same room as Sho-kun at the beginning (when they were formed).
Or could it be that at the time you were in such a deep sleep you couldn't hear his teeth-grinding.
Ohno: I didn't know back then.
Aiba: It might have started recently.
Ohno: That sound was really shocking!
Sho: (to Aiba/Ohno) Let's sleep together on the tour next year too. I'll sleep with you. It was great ne.
Aiba: ...mm, no, I think I'll pass next year... I'll turn over Sho-kun to Nino and MatsuJun's room. Ne?
Sho: Then, next time it'll be 2:3 like that.
Jun: It might be 1(Sakurai):4 (laughs).
Nino: But, didn't it start out that Sho-kun slept right in the middle of the two of you because he said he was too scared to sleep alone (laughs)?
Sho: That room is scary~!
Daring to have an election! Arashi's '07 MVP would of course be that person
- Well then, we'd like to choose the person who rendered the most distinguished service among this year's Arashi!
Sho: (immediate reply) That would be me!
Jun: No, that would be me (laughs)!
Nino: No no, that would be me (laughs)?
Ohno: .... Sho-kun I guess.
As one: (laughs)
Nino: Ah, Yes! So, then, Sho-kun (laughs)!
Jun: Riidaa, go with the flow (laughs)!
Aiba: I vote for Sho-kun too.
Jun/Nino: Everyone's in agreement!
Sho: This flow is messed up (laughs).
- Congratulations on winning the MVP, Sakurai-san.
Sho: Thank you very much. Well, that's right ne, it's because I had the help of the other members that I'm able to win this award. With this spirit
I'd like to shine as the best MVP that no other can follow next year as well. Thank you very much!
Other 4: Thank you very much.
Sho: You all do your best too. Work at aiming for the MVP!
Other 4: You got it (laughs)!

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Next year you should live to your heart's content - Ohno
At any rate we'll be the moronic Arashi next year as well - Sakurai
Next year we'll work at an average rate - Ninomiya
Year of the mouse, it's the year of the mouse, year of the mouse - Matsumoto
Next year as well we'll do our best to find an opportunity to prey on you - Aiba

So...Ohno is remembering fans' faces??O_o Hehe, I'd like to think I'm memorable...XD But what a lucky girl! And what a clever way to pick up a girl (somehow I get the feeling Aiba has/will use this...XD) Poor Sho, he's going to be sleeping alone for a long time...;P (I think I see a couple of volunteers over here, winky, CK?XD) I lvoe the year-end haiku they have at the end here...Ohno's is beautiful (sasuga:3), Sho's is hilarious, Nino's is very Nino-ish (;P), Jun's...took less thought than anyone else's (XD), and Aiba's is confusingly amusing;P

Third act is 'The Television'...^^

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Accelerating at the point where it seems like the 10th anniversary is in arms' length! Arashi, a good economic effect!
The New Year 3rd J model group, Arashi made an even further breakthrough in '07! Johnny's foremost friendly 5 grin in a train pose<> You can't
stop the acceleration of the Arashi train!

It was thickly packed in, Arashi, '07 was a great leap forward ne~.
Jun: Ah, it was really full. We're over-using those words.
Sho: When '07 opened we were quickly beginning concerts, the first Dome concert, the summer tour, and the 2nd Dome concert. It was a summer
that all 5 of us together were able to spend with a lot of people huh.
Nino: That's the kind of summer we were able to have, it was a good year, '07.
Aiba: Thanks to all the fans who were saying 'I want to see more Arashi concerts' addition by addition the summer got longer. In the end, the final
Dome concert was in October.
Sho: We accepted the voices of the fans, the scope grew gradually larger and larger, that was '07's new form ne.
Ohno: It was gone in a flash. I no longer have any memories of summer.
Sho: That's memory loss (laughs).
Jun: That's not good.
The single [Love So Sweet] had the brilliant achievement of reaching the number 4 single spot for the year! That's amazing.
Sho: That's certainly amazing!
Nino: (looking at Sho, who's wearing gold clothing) is that why... You've kind of become nouveau riche huh~.
Aiba: It's unpleasant clothing huh.
Nino: You change when you get famous huh. After all, 8 years since the debut. The feeling is there was no mistake in what's accumulated up is it?
Sho: Ah~, it was a toddling mistake-dotted 8 years ne. But it's great ne. Speeding up at the point where it feels like the 10th anniversary is within
arms' reach.
Jun: Up until now I felt that the 10th anniversary was close, but from going through '07 I get the sensation it got further away ne. That as full as it
was from now on it'll get even thicker.
Aiba: That's right ne~. Although I certainly think things like the Dome are amazing, we haven't particularly changed ne.
Jun: The more you say it the more you really feel that you haven't changed huh.
Sho: Even though we ourselves thought earlier that we were 'coming up'. Were we wrong.
Aiba: There have been people who were saying that Arashi's 'coming up' for a long time ne?
Jun: Though it wa the minority ne (laughs).
How about taking this time to honestly compliment each other on Arashi's efforts in '07?
Sho: MatsuJun worked hard on [Hana yori Dango 2]! Arashi's sales chief!
Jun: I was the sales chief?
Nino: Chief ne...
Jun: Don't say chief (laughs).

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Nino: It's thanks to chief offering his body up and doing the Doumyouji role that we have [Love So Sweet] ne.
Aiba: [We Can Make It] in [Bambi~no!] too.
Jun: I worked hard huh~.
Sho: Nino and I are the sub-section chiefs huh.The two of us worked hard on [Yamada Tarou Monogatari] and were able to put out 1 single.
Nino: Aiba-san too, for the first time in 2 years? We got him to work hard at his play. He's also in good condition on his variety shows!
Aiba: The play was fun.
Ohno: Sho-kun also worked hard as a news caster and at the World Cup Volleyball, he's getting more breadth ne.
Nino: Reporting on the House of Council too ne.
Jun: I want to compliment Riidaa. The fact that he continues to unchangingly be Riidaa. I don't know what would have happened if he got bored
midway through.
Ohno: Although part way through it was pretty bad actually.
Jun: You got bored (laughs).
Nino: I'm glad that Riidaa somehow managed to wait for us~.
Conversely, in '08 what is it that's like 'YOU, fix this'?
Sho: There's nothing (declaration)
Nino: You spoke well, Sho-chan.
Sho: If there was something to fix then we would have fixed it much sooner. If you hadn't realized it by this point that would be extremely painful.
There's nothing to fix anymore.
Ohno: If we fixed it Arashi woul change.
We have big expectations for the unchanging Arashi in '08 as well.
Sho: The other day Ohno-san said something wise. The 9th anniversary is more precious than the 10th ne?
Ohno: Because the 10th anniversay will automatically get exciting. If we don't preciously make it exciting then the 9th anniversary will be pitiful.
Aiba: That's right ne. We have to be like 'wasshoi wasshoi' and make it exciting ne.
Nino: Then, how should we make the 9th anniversary exciting, Ohno-san?
Ohno: Planning meeting. Around the beginning of the month.
Sho: Excuse me, Ohno-san (laughs). Aren't you mixing in what you just said into various other magazines ne?
Nino: It's fine. It means that he's finally got his thoughts together doesn't it?

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Aiba: Riidaa's comments today are deliciously to the point!
Ohno: But since it's a plan I won't say what it is today.
Jun: Hey. The more you say it the more diluted it's getting~ (laughs).
Nino: In '07 the fans worked hard huh. They couldn't have helped spending money on the releases and concerts.
Sho: Arashi, a good economic effect!
Nino: Ohno-san, what do you think?
Ohno: What's an economic effect?
Nino: Since Arashi was very busy it resulted in the fans being made to spend money too ne. Are you thinking of an event in '08 that won't cost
Ohno: Yeah. I'm thinking about it a little.
Nino: He's totally all talk (laughs).

Mouse New Year's Cards from Arashi

A fantastic everyday this year as well. A happy year! - Jun M.
Despite being quite reluctant, [Do I absolutely have to draw a mouse~?], it's a cute illustration<3

Happy New Year! I was highly obliged to you last year! Please favor me this year as well! - Ohno Satoshi, Heisei 20
The overly large teeth and singlasses on Riidaa's mouse are hilarious!

Happy New Year. I was obliged to you last year. Please favor me with your guidance and encouragement next year as well. - Aiba Masaki
Aiba-chan wrote this while confirming the characters for [guidance and encouragement] with the staff.

A happy new year!! I was highly obliged to you last year. I will continue to do so in the present year. I humbly ask you to favor me please. - Sakurai Sho
It's Sakurai with the number one refreshing smile, but the mouse is quite far from refreshing... (laughs).

Happy New Year. It's 2008 ne. It's auspicious ne. May it be a good year... - Ninomiya Kazunari
...mouse? Rabbit? (laughs). At any rate, the drawing was also an extremely cute Nino<3<3

Aw, Sho is MVP=) A real 'golden boy'XDD *nudge* Ohno's losing his memory and doesn't know exonomic terms (??) Nino wants to give us a free lunch!:D (I can offer a few ideas there...;) Aiba...didn't talk much:S And Jun really loves Ohno's lack of change^^ Okay, I was going to make a train joke here, but as I;'ve had too much choclate I think it's prudent to avoid humor at this point...and it's too easy;P

Now as an intermission, let's take a moment to reflect...

While we're looking back at a year filled with Arashi hilarity and smiles, I suppose some of us are already thinking up some resolutions and ambitions for the new year^^ For my part...I'm still thinking;) See, what goes hand in hand with my introspective personality is a tendency to stubbornness, so when I make a resolution I pretty much have to stick to it. Last year's resolution was to go back to school, go to Japan, and make it the best year of my life...and frankly, it was:3 And while I'll doubtless resolve to make this year even better (I think I already have, in my heart I'm already putting everything into thatX3), I need to think about what else...so, as kind of food for thought and a way to close one year and open another with a few words of wisdom, I decided to upload some pictures I took of proverbs and poetry in Japan:3

These first ones are from Higashi Honganji Temple in Kyoto, and they're originalyl Buddhist proverbs, but I think they can apply to anything if you think about it^^ Also, its a tradition in Japan to visit the Buddhist temples at the end of the year to atone for the previous year and prepare for the next, so this is a kind of secular version;)

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When I think of that person, I live, when I forget that person, I am lost - Kaneko Daiei (from the Kaneko Daiei excerpts)

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If you can realize you are truly a fool, then your heart will be able to listen to the teachings of others - Akegarasu Haya (the Hougo calendar)

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Human beings pass through life not to become someone, but to become themselves - Nakano Ryoushun (the Hougu calendar)

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Both the old and the young, both men and women, live by relying on that which is not to be relied on - Harano Osamu

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Human beings are born embracing death, and grow by being able to embrace death - Nobukuni Atsushi (the Hougo calendar)

Somewhat austere, but there is that grain of truth. The last one seems dark, but I think it's more apt than you might believe...by being aware of the existence of death we can more fully feel alive, like by having a shadow the light seems more bright by contrast:3 My favorite, the one that inspires me, is the one about going through life to become yourself...X3
The next ones are from some statues that have local poetry in Kurashiki, near Okayama:)

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You needn't force yourself to keep going as long as you are aiming for a pure heart

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Happiness begins from the moment you felt you were happy

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If you always have the heart of an angel then you will be able to meet people who have the smiles of angels

Here again, they're deceptively simple...but very meaningful if you look closely^^ Maybe that's why our boys have such beautiful smiles...:3 Words to live by...for me at least^^ Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful beginning to the new year, and that for you as well it will be the best year ever:3

And finally, the closer...in Josei Jishin the boys want to party too=)

Welcome to the Arashi New Year's party~;) Just leave your coat on the bed and your shoes at the door, don't worry if you didn't bring a gift cause everyone's too busy having fun to notice^^ Lucky Man is playing and it's hard not to dance along, especially when Jun and Ohno start swinging their hips in unison to the beat;PBut since they've been dancing so much they're behind on preparationsO_o Sho hand Aiba some balloons and puts him in charge of decorating, seeing as he's so good at blowing bubbles through strawsXD

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He just wants to let go and watch it fly around the room though, giggling like a kid;P Ohno's ahead of the game, he's handling the food...as in, actually handling it, under the guise of 'taste testing'XD

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Nino wants some too, so he'll probably make Ohno give him a few licks;) But then he has to get around to the entertainment! He's learning some of Sho's magic tricks because he says he can do way betterXD

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Is this your card?;) Jun laughs at how Ohno's pouting because Nino ate the whole lollipopXDD Jun starts to feel bad so he goes to pour Ohno another drink, it's time for everyone to get nice and drunk so the real fun can begin=)

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But of course, he's a courteous host, so what'll you have?^^ With a full glass of champagne in hand and a pleasant buzz going you wander over to see what Sho's doing...he says he's watching to see the people lighting the fireworks so that he'll know the best vantage point when the clock hits midnight=)

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He then mentions that you can also see what the neighbours are doing from here and gives a naughty smirk;P Want a look?;) But it's time for the countdown...3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!:DDDD

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Find that one who makes your heart beat faster and sneak in a kiss for a good new yearX3 Then it's time to turn up the volume, Te Agero comes on, then Yes?No?, and everyone's drinking and dancing until the wee hours of the morning~:) 2008 looks like it will be another wonderful year, it's time to make more happy memories and new friends...^^ But first, who's going to clean up this mess??O_o

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*everyone looks pointedly at you*XDDD Happy New Year everyone~!X3 Let's all have even more fun this year than last year...find smiles in every day...learn something new about yourself...reach for the future that glitters so brightly ahead...and above all, laugh until your heart is free again:) I'm going to go have some more fun now, hope you're all enjoying yourselves somewhere in this big wide world^^ Mata ne~X3free web stats

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the first one to comment..YAYY!!thank u for the translations..you really work hard on them..

OMG..all of the translations are so awesome!!it's like i cant wait to get my hands to scanlate them!feel like i wanna scanlate them right away..=)

there's awesome japanese calligraphy you have..i like them as well..such a beautiful words..

"find smiles in every day...learn something new about yourself...reach for the future that glitters so brightly ahead...and above all, laugh until your heart is free again"

i like this..really :D

you too, happy new year..i hope you have a nice journey of life this year..be well ne ~
Haha, gold star!XD You're very welcome, I do my best:3

Now you know how I feel when I see a good episode/article...;P

Thank you, I'm glad they didn't seem out of place...I was a little worried it might be odd^^;

Aw, thank you>_< Happy New Year, and take care~:3

hi, thank you for the translations


I have been reading thru your posts, as eve_aida scanlates them...

I just want to thank you for the translations, from the arashi summer concert to the this...(it would be really long to enumerate them all)

Hope you enjoyed your holidays~

Looking forward to 2008 with a lot of high hopes, unheard prayers and big dreams!

Happy New Year!

thank you for your amazing translation and your kind heart of sharing them...

Re: hi, thank you for the translations

Ah, I see^^

It's my pleasure, I hope you enjoyed them:)

yes, I had lots of fun, thank you:3

Let's make it a good one! Happy New Year;)

Ah, I do what I cna...>_
Ah, you're very welcome, and I hope this year brings us many more wonderful things:3 Happy New Year, may you have that much and more:)
Thanks for another great lot of translations!

Sho-kun's MVP ne... Good for him! XD

The mouse new year cards were cute (Jun's looked more like a cat or a teddy bear with whiskers though ^^; ) and I loved the comments that came along with them! Like the one that tells us that Aiba was checking his kanji with the staff XDD

Hope you've a happy new year! :D
It's my pleasure!^^

Haha, he's got to win something...XD

Yeah, they were all pretty weird looking O_O But the comments were perfect, cause I was relaly impressed that Aiba knew how to say that, then I find out he had to ask for help...XD

Happy New Year!:D
wow, another great translations batch! Ohno's comments stuck out to me throughout all these interviews... so priceless! Riida! <3

and I really loved that you shared the proverbs with us. reading such great quotes really puts me at ease.

thanks for everything!
Haha, lots in this one;P He's so adorable ne~ I lvoed when Nino was making fun of himX3

Oh, I'm so glad to hear that:3

you're welcome, happy new year=)
Well It is officially 2008 now
Happy New Year :)

The translations were delightful :DDD I adore sho for mentioning the rainbow pants That was a highlight in the year ;D Those red pants will forever be engrained in my mind XD

The New Year's picture story was so creative and unbelievably cute
but there's no way I'm cleaning up after arashi *shakes head* although I don't think I have the willpower to resist puppy dog eyes xD

hmm and for the first bribe of the new year *a loose tipsy Jun*
Happy New Year
Yup, Happy 2008!:D

Oh, thanksXD Haha, actually it was the reporter who mentioned them...I guess I didn't separate those parts well enough...^^; But yeah, those skinny jeans were pretty,....memorableXD

No??XD Not even for Arashi...;P I'd do it, but only for certain 'conditions'...*looks pointedly at Jun and smiles slowly*XD

Damn, you're good at bribesO_o *drags Jun away*
Happy New Year!:D


Happy New Yr~

just my thought..that
i'd drop you a little "thank you" note
just so you know it's more than saying thank you but i REALLY mean it!!
thank you for all your hardwork..
may health, happiness and good times greet you each day of the new year
(i end up my fay by checking out your journal every night
i appreciate it),

Re: Happy New Yr~

Ah, you're very welcome:D Thanks you very much for your kind support, may you have all that and more:3
Thank you for the wonderful translations to start off the year, you're truly a life saver xD May your 2008 be filled with happiness and prosperity~ And thanks for that fun little RP party at the end xD
It's my pleasure:D May your every dream come true:) hehe, glad you liked it, I had so much fun making itXD
Happy New Year!
I'd like to thank you for your work until now, and wish you the best for 2008, in every aspect of your life! <3

...uwa, they talked about doing a concert in France! This small bit place this new year under the better augures! =D
Happy New Year!^^
Ah, you're very welcome, I wish you the same:)

Hehe, hopefully it's more than just talk!=)
Thanks so much!!! AHh the New Year interviews this time are so fun XDDD

Sho hahaha MVP haha
Omg they are going to Paris!! I can feel the world tour for sure!!XD

Oh so those were Haikus..I can only imagine how Riida's sound like in Japanese :P But Sho's haiku..what? lol

Those proverbs. One of them especially made me want to cry ne.

Happiness begins from the moment you felt you were happy.
I love this so much. T_T

(Can I use your picture for this proverb? I want to make a post about it :P)

OTSUKARESAMA!!! Thanks so muuuuch!! And Happy 2008!! ^___^

It's my pleasure!:D

Ahh~, I certainly hope there's a world tour in the making~>_< That would be a dream come true:3

Yeah, they don't translate well unfortunately (or I'm not skilled enough>_<) Sho's haiku is just...Sho-esque;P

Sure, go ahead, I'm very happy that you liked it:3

Iie, doumo~:D Happy New Year!^^

Happy New Year right back to you! ^________^

Thank you for those wonderful translations!

This is one of the first posts I read this new year, and it makes me really happy, because I believe what Arashi say in those interviews. I know that they often give pre-rehearsed answers to questions like those, and that those answers often won't reveal much about what they really think - but somehow, a lot of what they said during those interviews here rang very true to me.
Things like Nino being a fan of Arashi - however jokingly he meant it; or Aiba simply loving Arashi (and thank you, Aiba, for being such a wonderful and amazing and warm-hearted person, there should be so many more people in the world like you! *___*); or all of them laughing out loud at something another member says - I do believe that those things are true, that they don't just say that to please the fangirls.

Some of the things Jun said also struck me as being very much about his real feelings. Especially the way he described Ohno - he's mentioned before in an interview that, when he needs someone to listen to his worries, he'll speak to Aiba, and it just fits really well with his personality that the two people he feels most comforted by in Arashi are the two who are the least competitive in the group (I was so amused by Ohno and Aiba refusing to enter their mock "I'm the best!" competition, because it's so very much like both of them to just not bother with that kind of stuff XD) and the ones least likely to let the pressure from the world they live in dictate their lives.
To me Jun is the kind of person who isn't only competitive by nature (though he, of course, is that too), but who is also very aware of the kind of pressure an idol is under. With his perfectionism, he wants to be the best idol he can be, so he puts himself under the pressure of competing at the highest possible level. Aiba and Ohno don't do that (though they, of course, both have a sense of competition, they will often choose to do things that make them happy rather than do things that will give them publicity - just like Ohno, being more impressed by the small venues that allow him to be close to his fans, than by the big, prestigious ones like the Dome, for example) and so I can very much imagine Jun feeling comforted by their presence. He loves all of Arashi, of course, including Nino and Sho; but Nino and Sho fight on very much the same harsh grounds as he does (or so it seems to me), so he won't have the same kind of comforting feeling as he has with Ohno and Aiba. I imagine that with Ohno and Aiba, he feels like they are his shelter from the rough weather of the rest of his work - and he loves them endlessly for that.
(Btw, am I making sense here? I've been up for 25 hours by now, I'm getting kinda wonky. I hope I got my meaning across! ^^")

There were some really lovely other things in here, too - stuff like Ohno's answers in general (and especially him calling the plan for January "The Plan", because how else should you call a plan?! XD) and Sho mentioning the musical yet again. (It seems to me that Sho really wants to do an Arashi-musical, the way he's mentioned it twice already, but hasn't managed to convince the rest of Arashi yet...XDD I wonder what kind of musical that would be! ^______^)

Randomly, I, too, noticed the way Jun put his scarf around Ohno's neck - and the way he's holding onto Ohno's scarf as well! He seems to be kind of afraid that Ohno will run away if he lets him off the leash...^^" It very much reminds me of an old, Swedish folk-song, where the girl captures a boy and keeps him by tying a golden ribbon around his wrist...XD

I also loved your little story for the pictures! XD Though I kind of wonder about the lollipop that Ohno has in the last picture again - did Jun decide that Ohno was finishing off his glasses of alcohol way too fast and gave him another lollipop to keep his mouth (and brain) otherwise occupied? XD

Re: Happy New Year right back to you! ^________^

You're very welcome=)

I agre, what they say in these group interviews feels very natural to me, and that's why I lvoe them so much<3 Aiba truly loves everyone, and it's so touching to se, while Nino says he's the biggest fan because he watches everything the other members are in:3

I understand what you mean:) It made me think about it, and it's true that Aiba and Ohno are the two that he's most comfortable with, whether it's because they are the least competitive or because they are the warmest and most soothing hearts out of the bunch. I'm sure Jun feels like he can just relax and be himself around them, which is very specialX3

Haha, well, he could call it something like 'project fangirl nosebleed' I guess...XD Sho seems to like the idea of a Tarzam musical...O_o I'm up for i, if they're all wearing nothing but animal skins;P

Aw, that's a cute folk song, and Jun really does want to keep ohno near ne, no matter how unpredictable he is:3

ThanksXD I'm sure Jun couldn't bear for Ohno to be hungry~;P
wow! so much to read.

AKEOME Nyanchan! btw, if you're wondering, it's me afterglowmegami. I just switched to a new journal. Well, anyway, I have a transcript I would like you to try translating. Do you still use the same email? I'll mail it there soon!
Well, hope you enjoy it^^

Happy New Year. Um, I don't think I'll have a chance to do anything else right now though, I am alread so behind on what I'd planned to do in this break and I start school again on monday>_< But thanks for thinking of me;)
Happy New Year!!!

Thank you so much for the translations of all these articles! I really enjoyed them all! Nothing like starting the new year with Arashi. I want to thank you for all your hard work translating. :) *HUGS* The New Years picture story was super cute. I really liked the Buddhist temple pictures proverbs.
Happy New Year!^^

You're very welcome:D I'm so glad you enjoyed it all, I hope this year will be just as awesome as last for everyone:3
Thanks a LOT for those translation!! You did a lot o__O; That's great!!!

"Nino: That's right, that's right, we're very popular in Paris.
Sho: Then, should we do Paris in '08? So how many people would gather again?"

Oh yes please, come to Paris \o/ !!! huhu~

"Aiba: Uwa~, amazing! But isn't that flirting?!
Ohno: Flirting.
Aiba: Uhahahaha!"
Hahah Ohno is such a playboy ne~ ^__~!

Thanks for all your translation during this year nyanchan we really appreciate them...And I wish you the best for 2008 of course ♥!! *love*
It's my plaesure!:D I do ym best~;)

Hehe, you're already planning something ne?XD

And Aiba too!!O_o

Aw, thank you for you support>_< best wishes for 2008!:D

You're really on a roll aren't you? Thanks so much! ^__^

I remember Ohno talking about how he can remember fan's faces! Does that just mean that I need to make a memorable uchiwa and go to a couple of concerts and he'll remember me? :P
And I wonder what Ohno is planning for 08 if he's mentioning it in different magazines?

haha, I had so much that I wanted to say but by the time finished reading and got here, I've forgotten most of it! ^^; But! I just love that the boys themselves seem to prefer smaller venues!
Happy New Year!:D

Haha, it's hard to stop when you're having this much funXDD You're very welcome:)

Really?? Mmm, it's worth a shot!XD yeah, it's got me intrigued too, I wish they would spill a little already, at least a hinyt;P

Haha, ah well, then it means that you were diverted by reading it at least^^ I wish Johnny would let them do smaller places too!>_< More Hamamatsu, less Dome I say;P
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