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Jun for me and you

So, I've been translating a lot of stuff lately (and I wonder why I can't sleep;P) and I thought I'd share some:) They're all word-for-word (I'm a perfectionist:3), and all concerning Jun is some way (of course!). I hope you enjoy:)

First a translation of the Fall Utawara Special about Jun's trip to Taiwan I did for Tenjostyle;) I used a 18min version I got off someone's clubbox (only the Jun part), I think it's the whole thing but if something doesn't match up let me know. I was so impressed with his air of leadership in this one (chou kakkoii:3), and you can tell I like him in those glasses...;P

Jun: It starts now, the big fall Utawara festival!
Ayaya: Up next is this. Causing a storm in Asia! Matsumoto Jun's 23rd year Challenge
in Taiwan:D
Ako: You went as far as Taiwan right? What did you go to do?
Jun: In the beginning we, Arashi, went for an overseas performance.
Ako: Wonderful! [writing: Arashi - First overseas performance. Completely glued to
Matusmoto Jun!]
Jun: It was to do our first live performance in Taiwan. And the Utawara staff were watchin
everything from behind the scenes. And the side of me that you aren't able to see in the
studio I think you might be able to see here.
[writing: Arashi heads for their first overseas performance! Anouncer: In formation seven years
our Arashi proceeds to also expose themselves overseas. Tonight Arashi's first live performance
in Taiwan will have you glued to Utawara. Also behind the scenes footage will be shown. And
therein the risky act that Jun has dreamt of for 5 years, a joyul live performance with many
surprising truths. As title, Matsumoto Jun's 23rd year challenge in Taiwan. On a certain
day in september at the Taiwan international airport where countless fans were waiting those
five made their appearance. Their album [Arashic] is being sold is 5 countries! Due to
their immense popularity they aer doing their first overseas performance. Directly from the
airport they head to their performance to do the actual show as they are due to a edge-of-the
seat schedule! On that day the 23-year-old MatsuJun is keeping some special feeling in his
Jun: You know, I joined the Jimusho in 96, and in 96 when I was asked "What are your aspirations
for the future?", "Do a concert overseas" is something like what i wrote.
[writing: actual age, 13, from the dec. 1996 vol. of Johnny's Jimusho Directory. Announcer: Still
remaining from a younger time, the long-sought-after dream. writing: "Debut, try to do a
concert overseas". Announcer: Succeeding from that ten-year-old self MatsuJun was looking
towards this day.]
Jun: Being able to do now what the me from ten years ago wanted to do gave me this incredible
feeling inside, thinking "isn't that great?"
[writing: Taipei arena. Announcer: The stage for Arashi's first overseas performance is here,
the Taipei arena. With a capacity of 15000 people, Taiwan's largest ~]
Tsuyako: What the? What are you guys doing?
[Announcer: At that time..]
Tsuyako: What? You came to Taiwan? Hey, hey, hey.
[writing: Japan's song world's Imperial palace's Tomochika Tsuyako! Announcer: However, even
overseas, why is Tomochika Tsuyako here?]
Tsuyako: What's with you guys?
Staff: We came to Taiwan for an Arashi concert.
Tsuyako: Hey, did Matsujun come? To Taiwan? Oh, I'll introduce you, this is Yan. He's
my henchman.
Staff: What are you doing here Tsuyako?
Tsuyako: I'm doing a dinner-show!
[writing: Tsuyako's dinner-show place.]
Tsuyako: I came to take the stage in Taiwan. Yeah, that's how it is, but MatsuJun's impressive
huh? He's gotten really big, that boy. But hey, it would be impossible to cheer him on right?
{Jun: That's fine, that's fine}
[writing: Cheer on MatsuJun!? Announcer: Support for MatsuJun??]
{Jun: what's that all about?}
Tsuyako: Cheer him on secretly.
{Jun: What is this?}
[writing: secretly!? Announcer: Secretly?]
Tsuyako: If you say "Tsuyako-san's here" everyone droops you know? If they don't know they just
keep going straight ahead. Then, after, you fully understand my appreciation. That
Kind of arrangement!
[writing: A sudden chnge in plans! Announcer: And so, a sudden change in plans! Matsumoto
Jun's 23rd year challeneg in Taiwan which Tomochika Tsuyako is stealthily cheering on. writing:
Tsuyako running wild in Taiwan! What is MatsujUn's fate!? Announcer: {see writing}]
[Announcer: Matsumoto Jun's 23rd year challenge in Taiwan which Tomochika Tsuyko is stealthily
cheering on. Knowing nothing of this, MatsuJun is in rehearsal preparations.]
Staff: Of the three of you coming through the audience to the stage, two will be in floral.
[Announcer: At that time Tsuyko is...entering the site through a one-person photo-pass.]
Tsuyako: Keep up the good work!
[Announcer: First up is to stealthily infiltrate the backstage when...worried about being
revealed by one of the VIPs they run for cover! They definitely cannot be exposed.
writing: Tsuyako's support; in order to keep the members from getting nervous they absolutely
cannot allow themselves to be seen.]
Ninomiya: What are you going to do?
Staff: Do you know him?
Tsuyako: It's Ninomiya-kun.
Staff: An aquaintance?
Tsuyako: I know him! I took him to dinner....Aiba-kun? I went to a movie with him.
[writing: 2:30pm, beginnin of rehearsal. Announcer: And the rehearsal finally gets underway.
From the middle of the rehearsa MatsuJun is waiting to mark it off. writing: MatsuJun
marking off the performances. Announcer: Thinking of the Taiwan fans they came up with a very
special staging.]
Jun: Be on time!
[writing: Not one exception or compromise will be allowed. Announcer: {see writing}]
Tsuyako: MatsuJun's there! So in this interval let's go to the break room!
[Announcer: The start of the stealthy plan! writing: Tsuyako and Yan infiltrate Arashi's
break room! Announcer: {see writing}]
{Jun: Those flowers were there!}
Tsuyako: This is some bitter tea that I purchased!
[Announcer: In reality this is the mixed Chinese traditional medicine with dried seahorses that
Tsuyako bought at a Chinese medicine shop earlier. The taste and smell are both very intense.]
Tsuyako: It's kinda like the taste of an old community centre. And it stays forever, ne. It
stays forever.
[Announcer: And this...for the sake of keeping them healthy and happy the kind-hearted Tsuyako
has introduced into his drinks. writing: Tsuyako's support; stealthily concealing the body-healthy
bitter tea. Anouncer: MatsuJun's drink set is now completely finished.]
{Jun: That bitter-smelling one!}
[writing: solo stage rehearsal. Announcer: During this MatsuJun is in the middle of checking
out the solo staging.]
Jun: When I'm sitting raise the volume a little!
[Announcer: Furthermore, Tsuyako stealthily signs the guests' sign-cards herself! writing:
Tsuyako' support; their feelings are always together<3 Announcer: Farther away, after the end
of rehearsals MatsuJun heads back to the break room...Tsuyako and Yan are in a jam!]
Tsuyako: We're running away, Yan!
[Announcer: An unthought-of near-miss!]
Tsuyako: Is he making hamburgers or something? Is he putting air in the hamburgers?
[writing: 3:30pm, interview in the break room. Annoucner: After returning to the break room
MatsuJun is in the middle of a live interview taping, while nearby is the bottle that had the
bitter tea poured into it! writing: bitter tea. MatsuJun is undergoing a fake interview.
Announcer: First, MatsuJun talks directly like in a normal live interview. After putting the
juice back once a much more heated discussion begins. And in the man's hands we can see the
bottle of bitter tea! Will he drink it? Will he not drink it? Somehow he keeps just spinning
it around. The contents are getting very well mixed up. Oh, Jun's fingers aer starting to
unwind the cap!]
Staff: Do you get nervous?
[Announcer: He stops for a quesion, and then grabs a cup. MatsuJun once again unwinds and takes
off the cap.]
Jun: Although sometimes people ask me why I space out over a lot of things....
[Annoucner: While calmly replying to the question he pours the tea into the cup! Pour it MatsuJun!
Slowly turning the cup, will he drink it, won't he drink it? Well, drink it, drink it...he drank
Staff: How is your enthusiasm?
Jun: My enthusiasm? My enthusiasm is-
[writing: removing a bad taste. Anouncer: The Cool MatsuJun goes ahead and cleanses his mouth.]
Jun: It's done for the sake of others. (?)
[writing: 4pm, rehearsal resumption. Announcer: And, while the intense aftertaste lingers in
his mouth he goes through the once-in-a-lifetime rehearsal. writing: MatsuJun will receive a
massage. Announcer: This time, after calling up by cellphone he's beginning to receive a
massage. A real under-foot massage has put him completely asleep. And the boastful Tsuyako
is... writing: And there goes Tsuyako...Tsuyako's support; writing a charm on the underside of
his foot praying for a successful live. Announcer: {see writing}]
Jun: I got sleepy.
[writing: Tsuyako's support; always being at MatsuJun' side <3. 5pm, gathering of information
by the Taiwan media. Announcer: Furthermore, the real gathering of info by the media. Even here
Tsuyako is... writing: Sending Yan as a fake reporter to mix in with the others. Announcer:
{see writing} Sending him to get a certain performance during the live show. writing: Tsuyko's
aim is to get him to do a certain performance during the live. Announcer: And that is...]
Jun: A Kung-Fu strike-kiss? What is that? Is that fashionable in Taiwan?
Yan: It's fashionable! Right now.
[Announcer: yes, when you say Taiwan you think of Kung-Fu! Making MatsuJun do a Kung-Fu
strike-kiss in the middle of the live as a plan to show love for the fans. writing: {see previous}
Announcer: It's Tsuyako's warm open-heartedness. writing: 5:45pm, the opening gets underway.
Announcer: And directly the opening Tsuyako was with the local fans.]
Tsuyako: Let's all practice together. MatsuJun, cool, MatsuJun, cool, MatsuJun, strong (as in
densely featured or darkly colored) face!
[writing: Tsuyako's support; exposing MatsuJun's strong face to each nation in Asia. Announcer:
Lecturing the Taiwanese fans about interesting things about MatsuJun! writing: 6pm, opening.
Annoucner: And finally the opening. The local fans who have gathered to wait file the hall
in large numbers! And now the dreamt of performance is beginning.]
Jun: Alright! Everyone come over here. Going from here I think we'd like to do a good live.
Let's go!
[writing: Creating a storm throughout the world. Announcer: {see writing} With those words at
heart the comrades did just that. writing: The curtains open on the dream performance
pictured since childhood. Announcer: The performance written about so long ago will now be
splendidly seen. writing: The dream overseas performance starts, stay glued to MatsuJun's
moving reflection. Tsuyako's support further overheats, an unbelievable on stage!?]
Jun: Let's go!
[writing: Creating a storm throughout the world. Announcer: {see writing} With those words at
heart the comrades did just that. writing: The curtains open on the dream performance
pictured since childhood. Announcer: The feelings that MatsuJun has been trusting in his heart
since he was small...are now stepping out onto the big stage! Arashi's first concert in Taipei
starts! In the middle of the opening their debut song A.RA.SHI. One after another the favorite
songs are brought out by Arashi. In their first trip abroad the feeling of joy flowing off the
stage to the fans is complete. And MatsuJun with the others responded with the best smiles.
And seeing this Tsuyako...]
Tsuyako: MatsuJun, strong face! MatsuJun, strong face!
{Jun: Hey, I said I didn't like that!}
[Announcer: And once the moving stage transferred from Japan was introduced the image that the
place was filled with onlooking princesses was complete. Of course Tsuyako also - wait a minute,
she's not there! Exactly where...? writing: Tsuyako disappeared! Announcer: However without
minding that fact the live went on to the live MC corner. writing: Live mid-stage, the mingled
translation and talk-time. Announcer: This is where the spirited talk segment with translation
for the fans was planned but...]
Jun: This is Kou-san the translator.
Nino: Yayyyy.
Sho: All you of Taiwan, sorry to have kept you waiting!
[writing: the mike isn't working! Announcer: Huh? The translator's mike isn't working. What
Sho: Kou-chan's mike isn't working.
[Announcer: And there...to exchange mikes a suspicious personage covertly appears.]
Tsuyako: Sorry.
[Announcer: Could it be? Could that person be...? writing: Naturally it's Tsuyako! Announcer:
{see writing} writing: Doesn't notice at all. Announcer: MatsuJun completely didn't notice.]
Tsuyako: We did a collaboration! I was on the same stage as Arashi...it's a hoot!
[writing: Tsuyako's support; with the intuition from her long years of personal experience she
heads off the trouble before it happens. Announcer: {see writing} As expected from a bigshot!
And then, MatsuJun's powerful solo performance overwhelms the Taiwanese fans! Finally, to include
their thanks for the Taiwanese fans who have waited such a long time, a moving surprise of
singing in Mandarin. writing: {see announcer} Encore. Annoucner: And, encores! For the sake
of the Taiwanese fans who waited to long the members have sign-cards in their hands. Of course,
MatsuJun's has the signature the Tsuyako stealthily wrote on and fled. writing: Tsuyako's mark.
Announcer: Will this sign-card be thrown to the waiting guest-fans? The premium sign with both
MatsuJun and Tsuyako's signature, exactly who will be lucky enough to receive it? And MatuJun's
last one...and seeing this Tsuyako... writing: {see announcer}]
Tsuyako: Aiba-kun please <3 Over here! Over here!
[writing: Complete devotion to Aiba. Announcer: It was complete devotion to Aiba! writing: Live
ending. Announcer: And, so the first overseas live is finally behind them...speaking of which,
what about that Kung-Fu kiss? writing: The Kung-Fu kiss? Announcer: Ah! He did it! As you would
expect of MatsuJun! writing: {As you would expect!}]
Tsuyako: He did it.
[Announcer: After the best live they share the joy with their support comrades. This is Arashi.
The five of them bound despite amazing scars (?)]
Staff: How was it?
Jun: Wow...it was the best!
Staff: It was amazing wasn't it.
Jun: It was super fun...after it's all white...it was amazingly fun:D
[Announcer: After putting all that pressure on himself for the dreamt-of overseas performance
he was supported by the warm confidence of his comrades and the encouragement of the fans...
writing: {see announcer} Announcer: And, the dream of that 13-year-old has finlly become reality.
Tsuyako: "And I love Karasumi (?) and Peking Duck"
[Announcer: Tsuyako's dinner-show has safely ended. writing: next morning. Announcer: And the
next morning...]
Tsuyako: Good morning.
{Jun: Huh?}
Tsuyako: Right now it's 6am in the morning. At MatsuJun's hotel.
[Announcer: In Tsuyako' hands is a giant rose bouquet. writing: Tsuyako's last support; taking
teh trouble to come to the room uninvited to deliver roses. Announcer: Just as you see, she
came all the way to his very hotel room, key and all!]
Tsuyako: Well, I'm going in. Sleeping huh? Are you sleeping? Even though you're sleeping you
still have a strong face!
{Jun: Shut up!}
[Annoucner: For the sleeping MatsuJun, facing his dreams of youth under the moon, she takes
heartfelt trouble.]
Tsuyako: (?)
[Announcer: And...]
{Jun: What are you doing?}
[Announcer: Great work, MatsuJun.]
Tsuyako: That's the best, huh?
[Announcer: Fall, 2006, MatsuJun, 23 years old, Arashi's first overseas performance is a great
success! writing: MatsuJun, 23 years old, dreamt-of overseas performance a great success.]
Tsuyako: You were great! MatsuJun. You're cool, MatsuJun. Great work.
Ayaya: All the staff from the Jimusho and the other members, they all knew about it!
[writing: The Arashi members other than Jun and all the concert staff knew about this prank]
Ayaya: So just MatsuJun didn't have a clue;P
Jun: Seriously, don't play around Tomochika.
Tsuyako: Hey, that's Tomochika Tsuyako-san to you. Or Tsuyako-nee-san. And you were the most
calm about it of all the members.
Jun: I'm not calm! After all this stuff.
Tsuyako: Everyone was fluttering about, even Higashiya-san.
Jun: I had no idea!
Tsuyako: But you know, everyone there knew the songs in Japanese, they were singing with you
the whole time, I thought it was amazing.
Jun: What are you talking about?
Tsuyako: At the event, at the event.
Ichirou: And you wrote a charm on the bottom of his foot!
Jun: About that, about that, when I was spinning around water spilled off of me and my foot
was dyed all black! I was thinking, what is this?

Haha, I wonder if he even noticed the apple with the bite out of it...

I also did a translation of the JunStyle from September 9th, 2006 for another girl, he talks a lot about surfing and the beach, and there's an interesting reader letter.

Good morning, it's Sunday the 9th of September, just a little bit of summer left, I'm Matsumoto Jun:)
All the students out there are starting the second semester now...wow, the second semester,that's
like ancient history when you turn 23. It's about five years ago now isn't it? Wow...semesters
are kinda nice huh, semester after semester...I'm kinda jealous. And also the 9th of September
is my friend's birthday, so felicitations Take-chan, congratulations. Heh, although it has absolutely
nothing to do with this...using a high-frequency broadcast to have fun huh? Anyway, today, hmm,
since I've been into surfing lately I was thinking I'd like to do a Jack Johnson special~.
Since I'm not making any alterations, by all means stay at ease. Yes! Well then, though it's still a
fairly hot summer, please stay with me, Matsumoto Jun, for the alotted 30 minutes. So Jun-Style
[Jack Johnson song]
Once again, good morning, this is Arashi's Matsumoto Jun. You just listened to the first song by Jack Johnson
titled "Better Together". Somehow, when I listen to Jack Johnson, I get the feeling of talking
comfortably like this, in a way. It's great. Hmmm, well, it's about surfing right? This is going
back a ways but I've been surfing with Tokiyama Yamaguchi-kun lately. From about 6am in the morning
there are already people at the edge of the inlet, tons of them, saying 'let's ride the waves', the
really good ones coming on the really big waves, already doing really amazing things. It's good
if it's 6 or 7 am, but by 8am it's the worst, there's way too many people, and somehow it's like
people can only ride the wave they're riding on. There's too many good people or just people in
general, the situation becomes one where if you wouldn't say let's ride a little longer you would
just think 'come on, it's impossible'. So you stop, then about 7:30 or a little past 8, just when
it seems like people are everywhere Gussan (Yamaguchi) arrives. Then, all dressed, gripping his
board in his hands, with the cord wrapped around his neck he gives off a 'alright!" kind of feeling,
mm. The really good people go right from 7 to noon, and in order to keep out of their way we stay
in the much shallower area, but even there it's dangerously fun. Then they'd say 'shall we go somewhere
else?' together in their husband and wife way, and it seemed really cool because, Gussan and Kou-chan would
come out of the shallow end in unison and turn towards the sea and say "Thank you", and I thought
'that's really cool'. Kind of a 'they're being my sempais' feeling inside of me. Then, when I was
talking with the people we were with, Micro-kun came up, and he's really good, he's been doing it for about 15
years now and while we were driving we were thinking if he quit doing live shows he could be a
pro-surfer. Then Shen said, when it was time to return from Hawaii, during their first real
break of any kind, Micro-kun said 'let's go surfing', so they went surfing somwhere in september,
something along those lines. But yeah, somehow surfing is really wide-spread...on the day that I'm
talking about the staff were there too, the tv show staff, and that was the first time I went ith
the staff, it was really interesting. They were different from the normal 20s-30s people but somehow
we all felt fine just talking and surfing the waves together with Gussan, it's interesting huh?
It was nice to spread surfing to other people and see how it went...well then, this is Jack Johnson
again with "Never Know".
[Jack Johnson song]
You just listened to Jack Johnson's "Never Know".
[taped intro - Broadcast by Arashi's Matsumoto Jun, this is Jun-Style, please stay with me to the end]
[taped intro - Arashi, Jun-Style]
[Jack Johnson music]
Broadcast by Matsumoto Jun, this is Arashi Jun-Style. Well then, here we have, from a while back
I said I'd like to see everyone's pictures of the sea and asked if you could send them in, and
after that lots of emails and letters with pictures have come in, thank you very much:) And while
there were those who sent emails, the ones who took the trouble of putting the pictures in an
envelope and sending them I'm very grateful to. The amazing ones were...well, there were a lot
of them, and some of them were older and they gave a kind of nostalgic feeling, beaches and the like
and of Australia, there were a lot from Australia. And out those there was one that I really wanted
o go to, here it is. This is the first time I've seen this, it's from a Korean person, it's the
Korean sea. It's extremely beautiful, I thought 'the Korean sea is this pretty?', it kind of moved me.
I'd like to read the letter from this person too, here we go: 'Jun-kun, hello, I'm Kim Surugi
from Korea. Your single 'Aozora Pedal' came out, I'm very happy, I've been listening to it
non-stop. When I listen to it it seems like my heart feels warmer. Today is really hot, huh?
It hasn't been a good summer for me. By the way I love the sea, but I haven't gone there yet...
next week I'm planning to go the sea, and it would be good if you could go the sea soon too. I'm sending
pictures of the sea liked you asked for.' In Korea they might have a different way of writing, and here
she's written using the 'kai' of 'toukai' for 'umi' (海 can be pronounced 'kai' or 'umi', the girl probabl
mistook the character and he figured it out while reading). Wow, Korea's sea is this pretty...it's
really beautiful. Umm, the sand is white and the sea is sort of water-colored, not really
emerald but bluish, it's a blue color. It's like a travel brochure for the country almost. The
sandy area is very wide but jsut above that is a very green patch, from the green patch spreads
the sandy beach, and from there the blue sea, it's a gorgeous spot. In the background you can even see an island, it's a
really beautiful picture. Wow, Korea is this pretty, it's the first time I've seen this.
And Taiwan is also a good place for wave-riding, yes. And, in that time when I went there for the
audience, when we went to visit all three countries around the break in April, I had just started
surfing recently so I was talking to people in Taiwan about it, asking how the waves were there,
that kind of thing, and they said there was really great place to go that the people in Taiwan
who went surfing all went there, it was kind of surprising. And seeing this I thought 'oh, I
want to go see that'~ Anyways, I was thinking I'd like to take all this data and put it in
the next wink-up so that eveyone could see it; although they might not come out very well, the
pictures I'm holding might be a little hard to make sense of because of all the white, but
I think if we keep at it we might be able to get it to work:) Thank you very much for sending
so much mail...pictures of teh sea are great huh? I think I'd like to make a book of sea
pictures or something...and there again I'm wishing for something huh?;P And here I'd like
to play another song, this is Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancake".
[Jack Johnson song]
You just listened to Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancake". This is Arashi's Matsumoto Jun broadcasting
Jun-Style. Well then, now I'd like to read an email. It's from eastern Tokyo, penname 'Suika'-san
(which means watermelon): 'Matsumoto-san, hello.' Hello:) 'On the net I found a prosperity
horoscope, and I've found it to be pretty accurate. Matsumoto-san's fortune is the warrior.
You're the type that can't be relieved unless you know everything going on, your aggressive
side stands out but you always have a supply of tolerance on hand, is what it says.' I think
that it's pretty accurate! If you've met me once it might seem like a...a famous military...this
is what people have told me but, like a famous military person's first in command or second in
command's way about me you would think, I was told that once. Because if they were
talking they were aware that I was a famous person, and if they said something I hadn't said
anything yet and hadn't been listening up to that point so unless they gave me more detailed
info I wouldn't have talked at all. (???) Which was it, my mother or my father, one of them
said 'it's not like that at all' but...in reality I've thought before 'am I not a warrior?'
Therefore that horoscope might not be wrong I guess...that's the feeling I get. That was an
extremely strange personal experience. Although I didn't bring it up, too bad huh?;) Well
then, I'd like to play Jack Johnson's last song today, this is "Good People".
[Jack Johnson song]
You just listened to Jack Johnson's "Good People".
[taped intro - Broadcast by Arashi's Matsumoto Jun this is Jun-Style, please stay with me till the end]
[taped intro - Arashi, Jun-Style]
[Aozora Pedal]
How was it, this week's Arashi Jun-Style? This week's ending song is Arashi's "Aozora Pedal".
On September 26th we will be doing a G No Arashi special, so please look forward to that:) And
also next week's Saturday and Sunday will we be going to Taiwan for our first Taiwan concert, it's
something we're really excited about and interested in doing I think, that's the feeling I get.
And I'm also looking forward to everyone's participation in this show, thank you very much for
all the photos I received the other day. Speaking of which, now tht we're entering September
it's pretty become the season of autumn hasn't it? So by all means the people who have
sensed fall's prescence please contact me:) Autumn has many things about it doesn't it, I'm
looking forward to it. And now I'd like to preface that by saying that if you want to contact
me the postal code is 330 8579 Nack 5, the fax number is 048 650 0300, the email address is
arashi@nack5.co.jp, 'arashi' being all in englih letters 'a', 'r', 'a', 's', 'h', 'i'. All of
Arashi Jun-Style has been done for today, after this is Cm Okusan's Exciting Saturday. Please
receive the holy yukari-san again. Next week I hope to talk a litle about Taiwan, so please
listen in next week. Well then, this was Arashi's partner Matsumoto Jun, bye bye:)

I know what he means about envying people in high school, nostalgia is a powerful thing.

*edit* I just noticed he is holding the picture of the beach in this month's Wink-up section on the radio shows, just like he said!:) It turned out pretty well too I think...

And finally, I did a translation of his newest solo song...for myself!:D This performance is to die for and if they don't release the DVD I think I will(j/k);P He's so unbelievably sexy here that I completely didn't mind spending an hour going over and over it to get it just right..^V^
You don't care about noruma tada In my head
[yume wasurena] to iu no wa Is it true?
mu no ryoku kera shyuuri sureba Time to find me
kurikaesu Chance to wa To be free
jyuujyuu shiru All the time?
shirokuro kurai tsukeru My life

iwaba Tell me what you wanna be?
Tell me what you wanna be, baby?
yume mireba Wanna do
For your life houyuu All your friend
iwaba Tell me what you wanna be?
Tell me what you wanna be, baby?
Tell me kimi Everybody susumu Go on the way
[yuuga da] teki All right!

It's not enough
You may furimawasu Lady
reisei kikazatta loose
I wish ai wa yureru Butterfly
ochiteyuku Dance to wa Get down crazy!

iwaba Tell me what you wanna be?
Tell me wht you wanna be, baby?
yume mireba Wanna do
For your life houyuu All your friend
iwaba Tell me what you wanna be?
Tell me what you wanna be, baby?
yume mireba Wanna do
For your life houyuu All your friend
Tell me kimi
Tell me kimi Everybody susumu Go on the way
[yuuga da] teki All right!


You don't care about assignments just in my head
[don't forget your dream] you say but is it true?
you should fix your lack of power, time to find me
the chance being given back is to be free
do you have manifold knowledge all the time?
it's becoming almost monochrome, my life

so to speak, tell me what you wanna be?
tell me what you wanna be, baby?
if you were to dream of what you wanna do
for your life, companions, all your friend
so to speak, tell me what you wana be?
tell me what you wanna be, baby?
tell me, you, everybody progresses, go on the way
[eleageant]-like all right!

it's not enough
you may show off lady
calmly dress up loose
I wish love was a trembling butterfly
the wild dance is to get down crazy!

so to speak, tell me what you wanna be?
tell me what you wanna be, baby?
if you were to dream of what you wanna do
for your life, companions, all your friend
so to speak, tell me what you wanna be?
tell me what you wana be, baby?
if you were dream of what you wanna do
for your life, companions, all your friend
tell me, you
tell me, you, everybody progresses, go on the way
[elegeant]-like all right!

I think I have to go watch it again now...:X


OMG!!!! nyan-chan!! you do a great job!!!! you translate a lot!!!! *cries of joy*

yaaaay!!! the jun style!! *cries more* and the translate of the solo!!!! yaaay!!! i love you!!!! T______________________T

domo arigatou nyan-chan!!!!!! you made my day ^________^
Dou itashimashite:D I'm so glad you enjoyed it! XD Sorry to keep you waiting so long, it took me longer than I thought it would...:S But it makes me really happy tht you enjoyed it so much:P
I enjoy a lot... understanding him ^_____^
I will wait for your next translation! i have added you to my friends ^^
take care,


Thank you very much for your translation. I 'm so happy for reading it!! You can translate arashi that go utawara that member talk about jun? Pls post for me. Thank you very much
Do you mean the episode of Utawara when Arashi was on and did the 'I Want Somebody' live? I'll see what I can do:)
oh!! onegaishimasu! translate that talk!!! It was so cute with oh-chan ^^
Dekita~! I'll put it on the main page so everyone can see:D
thank you for your translation.
Woa, just sugoi nyanchan! The utawara special on 1.10 was really meaningful for Jun,ne, since I've watched it I juz wish to understand wat they're/Jun is saying there, now you translated it, and really word for word !
Since I love Arashi and Jun, but don't understand japanese, it's sometimes really annoying to watch their shows but don't understand what's going on, especially when they say smth and laugh,you know, and I sit there wit my face like "huh, what happened there, why they laugh?"....can't help.....

So again, arrigatou, I appreciate your time and work,ne ! Really looking for your next translation,ne.
Yeah, it was really nice to see that other side of him and cheer him on:)
I understand what you mean, it was because of Arashi that I really started trying to learn Japanese more seriously, cause I wanted to be in on all the jokes and special moments:D I'm not perfect yet, demo, ganbarimasu~!;P You won't have to wait too long I think...
I am starting to learn Japanese for the same reason... at the moment, i only can understand a few easy sentences ù.ú i will study more like you! ^^
Good luck! I can point out a few sites that I find helpful if you'd like?:)
yes, please! I study japanese by myself.. it's hard.. for this, it's ok your help with information ^_^
I've been studying by myself for 3 years now, with a lot of help from various people/sites...it's very hard, but it's not impossible!:) Some of the places I like are:
Tae Kim's guide to Japanese (it's very helpful when you're starting out, makes things easier to comprehend for me) Guide

Jim Breen's WWWJDIC (for looking up kanji or jukugo translations) JDIC

JapanesePage (a community for people learning Japanese, interesting lessons and friends:) Community

Hope that helps:)
arigatou ne! ^^
The sites seems so interesing!!!
gambarimasu ^^
thanks so much *w*
I loved ( and still love) that Utawara SP !!!!!!
thanks for translating this *w*
<3 Jun!
My pleasure:D Wasn't he adorable?:P I wanted to see more of him sleeping though...^V^
yeah!!!!!! *O*
I think he looks so cute when he sleep >3 I wanna see more about it!!!!!! ºOº!!!!!
I know, this comment is super late, but I just got the prank files today... and it's super cuteee! I was laughing so hard and fangirling at the same time (Jun's sleeping! He's sleeping! It's a bit dark but I can imagine his "strong" face XD)

Thank you again really. These past weeks there's nothing except Arashi in my hard drive. Can't have enough of those boys XD
Haha, better late than never;P it's adorable ne~<3

It's my pleasure:3 I can't get enough either, they're quite an addictionX3
Thank you for the translation~ ^__^
Actually, I got here searching for the lyrics, and I was wondering if I could use your translation for k-subbing Jun's performance from 2008? Will credit you, of course ^^
O.O I started to translate this myself... and was looking up what words meant what.... because I dont honestly know much japanese and found this. [Im talking about the lyrics to 'Tell me what youu want to be' btw] I was wondering if its possible to use your translation for the concert performance Im trying to sub. I will give you full credit! If not, its ok. =[

Please let me know!!! =]

PS: I love Tenjo's work so when I saw you mentioned her, I was like "HEYYYY I know that username!!! XD'
I think Ill prepare the vid, and Ill link back to here. If you do not like then I will immediately take it off. Please let me know! Thank you! My youtube is animexfreakx728. So it will be posted on there. Arigatou gozaimasu.