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Tada ima~:P

For my latest translations I decided to go through some of the scans that have been hiding on my hard drive for awhile *digs out flashlight*:) I always intended to go through them but, well, didn't:S So here's a hodgepodge of various articles and interviews, some of them whose original publication I have forgotten/have no clue, some deep some shallow, kind of a sampler platter:P

First, since it sounds the oldest from the content, is the article that came long with the so-called striped-shirt emo-boy pictures (if someone can name this one, please help~:) with green background. An interesting conversation about imagination:

I don't think the power of my imagination is limited, even when compared to other people. If the power of my
imagination was limited I couldn't do this kind of work. In terms of young people globally now, I get the feeling their
power of imagination is getting limited, ne. It might be because I have the opportunity to connect with both young
people and adults that I sense that.
If being able to imagine something straight out is the power of imagination, then hearing and seeing and
swelling that into an idea is also the power of the imagination. For example in terms of plays, it's only possible
to sketch out one part of a character's personality in the script. However, since that personality comprises things that are
not written in the script, the person acting can only use their imagination to create them, ne. To say it in a
more easily understandable way, in documentary shows you follow the featured person for 365 days. But, since it
is not possible to stay glued to that person 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the method of showing time in the
broadcast is through excerpts, ne. Other than that you can only imagine what surrounds what you see. Therefore,
when I'm playing someone, I imagine the facets of the person that aren't in the script. Despite that meaning,
(within me) there are unobtainable worlds that cannot be imagined. Thought you might not need the power of
imagintion just to live, because that would dull humans' senses I do not want to live that way. When I'm reading
novels, if [The lead character came to Shibuya] is written I think things like 'Where in Shibuya would it be?' and come up
with a concrete image. If it's Karuizawa I imagine the the scenery there that I know. If I say, 'Karuizawa is
Karuizawa, right?' that's as far as it goes (laughs). When you're thinking of something it's important to let
the way of sensing of it be able to swell more and more. In the movie [Tokyo Tower], to be able to do Kouji's part
I first read the original work. In that there was a line where Kouji is looking into a mirror and says [Perfect], ne.
In those times too I imagine 'what kind of action would Kouji make?'. Even if you say "use his fingers to arrange
his hair", because there are many ways to do that, you have to think about which among them would be the way
Kouji would it.
In order to comprehend characters that aren't me, first I enter my imagination. When I was given the part in
[West Side Story], "surely he's able to pass time with substance" and "this must be grave" that kind of thing is
around what I imagined (laughs). In all honesty, unless I see a Butai through to the end I'm not able to relate my
impressions of it. When facing a Butai my feelings are not light, I talk bout it excitedly then get tired of it so,
both kind of mix together (laughs). The one that I was feeling the most was that [West Side Story] is an amazing
This year...[Continually having fresh feelings] is perhaps what I'm trying to look after. In everyday life I
want to stay sensitive so that I'm able to feel even the most trivial thing is "fresh". Do things like look at
things I would normally pass by, to not think of things that are obvious as obvious, that's what I want to do.
In doing that everyday things would be reflected anew, right? Other than that, I think it's definitely about
properly being myself (laughs). Because the movie and Butai last year were also fresh, it was a good year, ne.

I like the way he describes using his imagination with books, I do much the same thing, almost to the point that I lose myself in it. It's interesting to hear about the way he decides to play his roles, the fact that he puts so much thought into it is quite inspiring and makes me wonder if he carries his characters from one role to the next...

Second, a kind of day-in-the-life from the May issue of Duet.

A bull's-eye day in March

I rose at 5:30am. Bathed in the shower, got dressed and left the house. Today I was on location for my movie
[Boku was Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (I love my little sister)]. When I arrived at the site, I got changed and did
make-up, then shooting started at 9am. Today's shooting team took a solid lunch break. Because it took time
for the lighting and machinery preparations, during that interval we were all relaxing. Today we also relaxed
for about a solid hour. Although there are kraft services on location, there's also catering. Today we did
a one-day shoot inside a house. In the evening the shoot ended. Since it happened to be a staff member's
birthday we all talked about going out drinking, so 6 of us other than the director went. There we continued
talking about the movie, sbout other topics, there was a lot of covnersation. The method of acting for this time's
scene was different then what I've done up til now. Because there are a lot of people involved in the movie field.
Working in the middle of all that is very fresh. The drinking party finished off around 11pm, after that I went to
have one last drink with the person who was having the birthday. I got home around 1:30am. I hopped in the bath,
confirmed my scene for the next morning, and went to sleep.

A hard day in March.

I woke up at 5:15am. Just like usual, I left the house after having a bath. I arrived at the location just
after 7am. Today was also shooting for the movie. It was a location on top of a school. We started after 9am.
Here we shot about 3 scenes. 5pm. We moved to Kawahara. Today was our first night shoot. We rehearsed in a
well-lit location, ate dinner, and started shooting at 7:30pm. In Kawahara they had 3 gigantic cranes set up
(one for the camera's use, 2 for lighting), among the amazingly many fluorescent lights we had our bightly-lit
shoot. It was warm during the daylight, but at night the wind was chilly, it was super cold. The shoot ended
at 10:30pm. While they were doing the take-down I conversed with the director, then went home. This time's staff
were really quick at doing the set-up, so the wait time was much shorter than usual. It was about 30 minutes,
so during that time I sucked on hazelnut candy. I've liked them for a long time, but I thought maybe I should
make them popular again (laughs). Cause being able to suck them during about 30 minutes of free time is just right
I think. Lately I have about 5-6 books on reserve in my bag.

An on-target day in March.

Today was just like always, shooting from early morning. Since it ended around 6pm I went to a book store for the
first time in a while. SO, I was thinking about buying something, and my camera was there so I thought I wanted
to buy a related book. First I found some books like that and bought them. Then I remembered there were a fair
amount of books that I was thinking about wanting to buy but hadn't. In the end, I was in the book store for
about an hour and a half, I bought 3 magazines and 2 paperbacks. It's really been a long time since I went shopping.
I haven't bought clothing in ages either. Right now I'm thinking about what to do about cameras. Once earlier
there was a time when I was really interested in this camera, but at the time I didn't buy it. Then, by accident,
I saw a collection of photos that were taken using that camera. It was really great because they were extremely
pretty... This is the second time that I'm interested in it, I was thinking, I wonder if it's okay to get ito this?
So in that way, the time I spend thinking about cameras has lately been, in my private life, the most fun, ne.

Hmmm? When does he sleep?;P I wish he'd tell us what books he has in his bag, that intrigues me I have to say...and it's funny how he was talking about getting into his camera stuff up until a few months ago and now he's completely into surfing!:P I wonder what kind of catalyst there was for that change...:3

Third, the interview from the July issue of Duet where he's at the Antique Store in his adorable glasses. I thought he looked kind of uninterested at first, but I guess he was actually exhausted and somewhat dispirited:S

We looked him up during an interval of his hard Butai, his calmly flowing, healing time.

On a day when the performance of his Butai [Byakuya no Valkyrie (Night of the Valkyries)] was suspended, Matsumoto
visited a Cafe linked to an Antique Shop. This time's request was a Cafe and Book shop, and if possible, to
get around to an Interior Store. [I'm in the middle of a Butai right now so, I didn't really having the feeling
to go somewhere and do something, ne (laughs). Kind of, to do something leisurely. First, going to a Cafe and
Book Store, lately they've merged into one store increasingly haven't they? Reading the book you bought at the
linked Cafe, I think that's sort of luxurious. The reason I requested to see an Interior Shop is because I
think looking at furniture is interesting. For example, thinking about how it would look if I put it in my room,
if I were living alone what kind of room would I make, I can use my imagination like that. What I'm thinking
about right now is, the fact that I want to use things with pretty hues. Right now I'm pleased with green and red.
In terms of green, sort of a bluish kind of green, if you were to ask which red it would be a wine-related red...
Earlier, there was a green leather-covered chair, because it wasn't an oversaturated color I kind of liked it.
But you know, when you look at antiques like this they're pretty, however when you finally get everything together
it can be a big problem, ne. It's hard to make a balance with the floors and walls. Although it fits with this store's
floor, if it didn't fit with the flooring laid down when it was set in place I think it would change the nuance
a little. Antiques are a singular item, aren't they? Even if they suit you when you see them it's important
not to just decide right there...there's timing to consider as well, ne.] he talked about as he explored every
nook and cranny of the store's interior. Sitting on a sofa to try it out, taking little articles into his hands.
And, after briefly looking around, going to the Cafe for some rest. He ordered seafood (Italian-prepared I'm assuming
from the name 'pescatore') and chamomile tea. [At this point, I'm really doing my work. I have no time to play! (laughs)
It's been many days up til now, just living for work. Although I'm getting replenished right now, ne. In terms
of the Butai, everyday an incredible number of people come to see it, I'm always suprised (laughs). The other
day (???, think it's the director for GnoA)-san came, and I thought "Ah, (???)-san!" (laughs). I think this
Butai is, for me, truly "increasing time". The creation, for the staff, the actors...no matter how you look at
just because they want to do it doesn't mean doing it is easy. Although I think we will act it one way or another,
I think we need to take care to act it one performance at a time, acting it every day.] The movie that Arashi
are starring in [Yellow Tears} is also getting underway. In the middle of this busyness, it looks like this
has become a short interval of relaxation.

This month's dream achievement: 50%
[First of all, it was great being able have some leisure. Because since the Butai started I haven't really been
able to spend time this way. It's 50% because it didn't result in buying furniture. Because with this it's always
about timing ne.]

Do Butai's go everyday for weeks at a time? It sure sounds like he was working 24/7 for awhile there, that's rough:S I don't know much about antiques, so I only kind of understand what he means about timing...

Fourth, my favorite out of all of these little bits and pieces, the interview from Barfout (seriously...can someone explain the name to me? Cause it's very hard to take anyone seriously when they're interviewed for a magazine that sounds like the result of a bad night of drinking;P) with the beautifully sombre black and white pictures <3

- What is Azabujyuuban to you?
It's kind of a mysterious town, ne. Though I have work sites there, I also come privately
to eat Soba or Italian, I also come to do things like Dance or Yoga, ne. When I enter one of the
alleys I kind of feel relieved as well. There are lots of foreigners, and since I don't really
have to put up a front it's a very relaxing place.

- What are your memories (of Tsuzuki Studio)?
The first time I came to the studio was maybe about 7, 8 years ago? Creating lives, creating
choreography and music. Lately our Live's rehearsals were there too. Sitting on the sofa there,
listening to songs and talking, I suppose that's the feeling I get.

- What's the music you often listen to lately? What kind of times do you listen to it?
There's a lot of funk, ne. Other than that, sometimes ambient or jazz. I make it so I can
listen to music endlessly. Walking in Azabujyuuban I choose my music to match the scenery...
A lot of things connect to that one song, it can teach you about things regarding emotions. I
think that music has that kind of power, ne.

- What are your thoughts from your audition for the Jimusho to today?
Little by little I've received a lot of encouragement, the personal experience I've acquired
is my biggest asset, I'm extremely grateful for all the time I've passed, and all the people I've
met up til now, ne.

- In terms of Arashi, it's your 7th year since the debut. Out of what you've achieved, what part has
changed you yourself the most?
Wouldn't it be the gathering of a lot of personal experience? Constantly. Before turning 23 this
year, living, feeling a lot of things during my days is the thing that is changing me the most I

- What interests you lately? What would you like to try from here on out?
Things that show me. I feel strongly that, if you want to do creative things then it's a
matter of [Do it first], I think. For many years I've been living thinking to a great extent about
bundling up the angry me, being gentle in terms of contact with people, not causing people trouble.
When I was working on the Butai with Ninagawa (Yukio) san, it allowed me to suppress the expression
of my desires. Inside myself I felt I was, to a great extent, able to tie what I'd acted this time
to the me thereafter. Perhaps once you've had that death-like sensation you're able to do pretty
much anything?

I completely understand his concept of matching music to mood and vice versa, enjoying having a soundtrack for your solitude, not having to always be 'on'. Also, when he mentioned wanting to be less angry and more gentle, that's a problem I also struggle with...but the way he talked about the Butai was obviously very diplomatic, cause I heard he was often yelled at by Ninagawa and told he was worthless as an actor and such. No wonder he compared it to dying:S

Fifth, a short interview from the August issue of Duet, a somewhat inane one too;P This interviewer's like a drill-sergeant!:D

Q. What's your theme this summer? The song that reminds you of summer, the summer's consistent song?
A. The theme is starting over. The consistent songs might be reggae.
Q. Summer version, your ideal way to spend your time off?
A. Driving to the beach, playing beside the ocean with a dog. Although I don't have one (laughs). It
seems like a really happy feeling.
Q. Then, if you had a month's summer vacation?
A. I want to see plays in London and New York.
Q. Tell us about the fashion that you like this summer!
A. Sandals I guess. Even in summer I don't dress lightly.
Q. Is there a "chilling personal experience" you've experienced in summer?
A. I bask in the water at the end of my showers. That's kind of chilling isn't it? (laughs) Cause you get
hot after you get out.
Q. Tell us your rule for the summer!
A. Not to use the air conditioner too much!
Q. Tell us about your life, the day before yesterday, yesterday, today!
A. The day before yesterday, from the recording for [Shounen Club] we went to a meeting about our concert. I
went home, read a book and went to sleep. Yesterday, I did the taping for the movie, in the break room I
did a meeting about our concert with the members while eating pork curry, at night I met up with some friends.
Today, I had a simple kind of meal with rice, miso soup and pickled plums (laughs), cleaned up my room, and
left for the duet interview. Then, I have the [Utawara] recording.
Q. Lately, what have you been eating often?
A. As always, soba. It's not really food but, at home I ask for water a lot, I drink it everyday.
Q. Tell us about this year's tour!
A. The tour's title includes the album title I told you about. Also, [Arasick], which means "Arashi sickness".
And [Cool and Soul], we thought we wanted to use the song in an interesting way.
Q. For you, what are the things you cannot fail to have or do at concerts?
A. There aren't any indispensable items in particular. As long as I have my body. Other than, getting excited I
Q. What kind of feeling do the aspects of the rehearsals have?
A. Keeping in mind last year's flow while working to think of new things, they progress with that kind of feeling.
Q. How do you pass the time in the concert's break rooms?
A. Using the balance ball to stretch, eating meals, bathing in the shower.
Q. Tell us your actions 10 minutes before the actual live performance!
A. Getting changed, making preparations.
Q. Tell us about a secret from a concert you've witnessed in the past, or backstage at the other member's Butais!
A. At a location without a shower, Aiba-chan used the break room sink and handsoap to wash his body (laughs).
Q. Tell us about your enthusiasm for and the points to watch for at this year's concert!
A. Doing 3 performances in one day, our happy screams. I think it will be a challenge for us, ganbaru yo.

Hahaha, this interview kinda makes him sound pissed off, but I would be too if someone was barking questions at me like that:P Either way, it's not all that interesting I guess, but oh well....at least he mentioned that thing about Aiba giving himself a sponge-bath XD

Finally, a really short little bit whose origin is unknown...it was part of a picture of Jun with his long hair, drawing a picture with oil crayons, so from the hair I'm guessing it's the most recent;)

- What colors are you five this summer?
Aiba-chan's big-hearted sensation is yellow. It draws in insects too. Ohno-kun is bronze. Although he
look simple he gives off a very conspicuous color. Nino looks dull at first glance but he has an edginess,
he's oxidised silver. Sho-kun is Rasta colors. There is a side similar to Aiba-chan's yellow, also a natural
green, and a burning red. I am...I don't know what I am~!

Poor Aiba, apparently he attracts flies:P J/K:D Let's see, if I had to pick a color for Jun it would be....purple, a perfect mix of coolness (blue) and passion (red):3

I hope you enjoy, mata ne~:)


Wow! Thanks for the translations! I had fun reading them! And I really like the way Jun puts so much thought into everything. (^_^)
You're welcome, I'm glad you had fun:D Yeah, I really like it when he waxes philosophical, his point of view/personal thoughts can be really fascinating...I love his brains too:P
thanks for the translation.
Thanks for your translation.
lol Why does Aiba attract flies,Jun?

Haha, yeah that's a really weird statement huh?;) He and Aiba have been ribbing each other mercilessly lately, I wish I could have seen Aiba's reaction when he read the article:P
OMG! I love you! xD When i read the Duet-surf interview i think that i would love to read the duet-interview from July.... dear, you read my mind xD

I love reading Jun... i love him hehehehe, thanks nyan-chan!!!
Hehe, I must be psychic...;P My pleasure! If you have any other things you want translated don't hesistate to ask, any excuse to spend more time with Jun is perfect~:P
thanks for all the hard work ^-^v
i can't help dying to meet him when i read articles like these and see into his endearingly quaint thought process. he thinks about things that seem ordinary in the most extraordinary and philisophical way. i love picking his brain and finding out how he ticks because he's like a completely different species from me sometimes. XD!!
sigh. i hate feeling like just another fangirl, ya know? if only he weren't so pretty and famous and talented, lol. then i could really get to the bottom of his fascinating peculiarity.
OMG, dear fruitllolita, you just took the words right out of my mouth. SO TRUE INDEED.
dear Nyanchan, thanks alot for such a wonderful translations. i have been hooked on them since you have started and just specially registered to say thanks to you. Otsukaresama deshita.
i consider myself too old to be Jun baby's fangirl but i can not help not falling for him. he has such wonderful personality and dedication to everything he does that attracts every one. it is not only because of his pretty pretty pretty face.
i also teacing myself japanese so if you do have any recommanded methods or ways, i also appreciate it.
p.s did jun actually was thinking if he lived alone, what sort of furniture he would be buying? does that mean he still lives with his parents? so kawaii
Hai~:D You're welcome, and yokoso:P He is hard to resist, ne...the pretty face draws you in, but the personality snags you for good;) Hmm, well there's a couple things that helped me I can share with you:

A site that basically guides you through the language from top to bottom, kind of like class study, very helpful to me:) Guide

A site that has interesting lessons and a community for people learning: Community

And a site that can help you find certain Kanji or translate Jukugo: Somewhat hard to use but...

Finally, if you can find them somewhere, the Pimsleur's Speak and Understand Japanese 1-2-3 tapes (or mp3s, I got a ripped copy somewhere) can help you start from the very basics:) Hope that helps, and ganbatte!:)

p.s. Yeah, he still lives with his parents, all the boys do:P I'm not sure if his older sister still lives at home with him too, but I wonder if he's seriously thinking of moving out...
thanks alot nyanchan for your suggestions.
at the moment i am studing from a living languages book wich is equal to two years in college. i also listened to pimsleur's japanese tape 1 only but did not have the rest. i will try those sites too. they look so good.
just looking forward from more translations about jun and his way of thinking. you can hardly think that someone with that looks have such a unique personality and thinking. i just can't help not to admire and love him more every time i know more about him
fruitlolita, you're welcome:) I totally agree...sometimes I just want to hop on a plane after reading his thoughts...okay, make that all the time:S I love the way he tries so hard to be positive, to give everything a special meaning and significance, it really is inspiring:) Hehe, but if he wasn't famous than we would never have known about him, so I guess it's a catch-22;P
Wow, so much for read about Jun in the last time,ne, the thank goes to you nyan-chan!

For the non-japanese Jun/Arashi fans it's really seldom to get plentyful (or juz some) reports and interviews about the guys for read,
to know more (or a piece -it's okay too) of the inside feelings and thoughts of the 5 guys.
Nyan-chan, you really starts a meaningful work , as a ...part-time translator of Jun's reports and interviews....xD, keep it up!
My pleasure:D I love helping other people enjoy Jun as much as I do, he really is a special person. Haha, a part-time translator who gets paid in endorphin rushes and minna-san's wonderful comments!:P Ganbarimasu~:)
Ahhh nyanchan thanks so much for the translations! Quite a treat!! :D I love reading about Jun's interviews cuz he never ceases to amaze you. And it's fascinating to try to figure out what he's thinking.