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Well, it took forever, but I managed to finish translating the two latest JunStyles (thanks to Tenjostyle for the files:D). I've also discovered translating mp3s while the tv is on = migraine...;) But listening to Jun's soothing voice right before bed is such a nice way to relax~XD Although, having to suffer through Celine Dion was almost too much for me....;P

The JunStyle from 06.10.14 has passion as its theme, and he talks a lot about his movie [BokuImo], plays clips from the press conference, lots of romantic-themed music from movies...

[intro - Arashi JunStyle]
[{female voice} Everyone, sorry for the extended wait. Welcome, and thank you for coming to today's [Boku wa imouto ni
koi wo suru] press conference. Well then, Aoki Kotomi-san's popular comic book, of which all 10 volumes are being
sold by Shougakukan, has sold 6 million units and is becoming a big hit. Over here, the one who directed [Blue], is Director
Ando-san who has made it into a movie. Also, Matsumoto Jun-san, for whom it is his first starring role. For
Eikura Nana-san this is her first film appearance; everyone, I think this will be a very interesting creation.
Today we are here to give you information in anticipation of next year's premiere, and the cast and director will
make appearances. Here are Director Ando Hiroshi-san, Matsumoto Jun-san and Eikura Nana-san! *clapping*]
[Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You]
Good morning! Ehh...This is Arashi's Matsumoto Jun, it's Sunday the 14th of October, ne. What you heard earlier
was the press conference for the completion of the movie last month [Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru]. Starting
off suddenly in that way is kind of surprising, ne. Though when I was listening to it I was kind of thinking, 'is this
okay?':P Ehh...ano, that's what it is. Last month. It was last month during a break that we announced the
completion. Ehh, well, today I'd like to mention a little more about my movie that's coming out next year, [Boku wa
imouto ni koi wo suru], there are a lot of stories I'd like to tell regarding it, so I think that's how it will go.
The first song is from the movie [Bodyguard], ne, you're listening to it in the background now, it's Whitney
Houston's [Always Love You]. So, shall we listen a little then? {music swells} Well then, I think I'd like
to put the first song aside now...:P Ehh...well, today, since [Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru] is about passion,
a passionate movie, I thought of a lot of great movies, a lot of great music, regarding passion. I'd like to
play some songs from movies, or title songs, that left an impression with me. Well then, next is a song that
was used in Arajin, this is Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle, [A Whole New World].
[A Whole New World]
You just listened to Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle, [A Whole New World].
[outro - Arashi JunStyle]
[intro - Arashi JunStyle]
[Elton John - Your Song]
This is Arashi JunStyle, broadcast on FM Nack5 by Matsumoto Jun. Ehh, today, ne, I was talking about [Boku wa
imouto ni koi wo suru] after playing the press conference announcement, which is premiering next year on the
second of January at Shinjuku's Ebisu Masashi no kan before going into wide release. Ehh, yes, next year, January
second is the premiere I think. This year's, when was it again? In about March of this year the whole movie was shot,
it was a shooting schedule that took about three weeks to finish. Ehh, I also got to see the press conference
presentation about three months ago at the branch office for the first time. There was an incredible kind of,
'wow, they've come this far!' feeling, ano, it's the same now for me but, after all incredibly, how do I put this...
in terms of the entertainment world there's been a lot of high-level stuff, and though the stuff I'm actually seeing right now
might also be really good, the stuff that's being created nowadays is usually done very quickly, and among those
very fast works the one I did, [Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru] seemed like it was super calm, in terms of how
time passed and such...there weren't that many cuts, and there wasn't much sound to be put in, so in those areas
the overall impression I get is, 'ah~ what a calmly done movie~' I arbitrairily thought, 'there was that kind
of impression from old bookstores too huh'. Ehh, for me it was an incredibly 'fresh' movie, ne. If I compare
it to all the works I've been in so far I think it's an incredibly different kind of movie. Ehh, well then, I think
I'd like for you to listen to a little more of my feelings from the stage greeting, so here it is.
[reporter - Eh, Matsumoto-san and Eikura-san, at the shooting locations were there any moments that left a clear impression
on you?
Ehh, ano, in an incredibly serious scene, where I had to say some really wounded lines, every time I said them Nana-chan
burst out laughing. Even though I was super embarrassed the whole time I kept at it, ne. But every time she
would burst out laughing I was kind of thinking, 'why on earth?'.
Nana - I'm sorry.
Eh, why did you laugh?
Nana - It was kind of -
Cause you kind of hurt my feelings a little.
Nana - I'm sorry!
I studied my lines pretty well. It was interesting to do though, ne.
Nana - It was my nervousness awkwardly breaking through, ne. I'm sorry for laughing.
Since this is based on a Shoujo manga after all, if you tell girls about it it makes them really happy but, with
the guys it's kind of a 'what the? a comic story about incest', so there were times when it was extremely embarrasing to say the lines seriously.
The reason I revealed that is because I was working hard at it. That's how it is.
Nana - It's true, ne.
In terms of myself, I can sort of understand the reason why Yori (his character) chooses these words, I can sort
of grasp it, so that part is...after that it's my own problem, ne.]
[Sounds like Moon River playing in the background]
Those kind of things happened. Ehh, that was my co-star Eikura Nana-san that I was talking with just now, it was really
fun, on set. I had fun. Mmm. Well then, let's listen to a song now. This next song is, ne, the movie [Ghost] with
Demi Moore-san, the song was used in the movie [Ghost]. The Righteous Brothers' [Unchained Melody].
[Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody]
This is Arashi JunStyle, being broadcast on Nack5 FM by Matsumoto Jun. Today I'm talking about the movie [Boku wa
imouto ni koi wo suru] which is showing in January 2007 at Ebisu Garden Cinema, Shinjuku Masashi no kan and others
in wide release. Ehhh, well, this might be bad timing but, I'd like to explain to those who don't know about the work,
or haven't heard about the original, ne. It's just as the title [Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru (I love my little sister)]
says, the two of us are fraternal twins, ne, and those twins both fell in love with each other, brother and sister, in kind of a...
how do you put this, kind of a prohibited love. They fell in love with the one person they mustn't fall in love
with...that kind of thing. So the part that's focussed on is the fact they're truly in love with each other and
on their deicision about 'can we make this work out?'. A 'which way will it go?' kind of thing, after all...in
[??? - Endless Love]in background}
love stories, it's a problem of whether in the end they will fall in love or not fall in love right? Or, will
it go well or go badly, that kind of thing...in the beginning it's constantly not going well, midway it kind of seems
like it's going to go well or go badly, in the end it looks like things are going well, though I think that's
fairly wide-spread...ano, in this work, from the opening they're already kind of glued together, and from there
the story develops so to speak, so we've made something a little different...in general, the 'touch' of this work
is a little different from a lot of the stuff that's out there, 'the viewpoint is kind of different huh' is the
way I think about it. After all the high-schooler, the school-age setting, a really 'don't go there!' kind of sense
is what we deliberately set about creating, that's how it seems. It also goes to a lot of inexperienced areas,
exploring the uncertainty of those feelings, those kind of things make you think 'what awkward human beings~', it's
that kind of story. I have a little tidbit of information for you, ehh, after the first fortnight of August, ne,
a special fan-apprecition item went on sale for 1300yen at the theatre ticket windows. Ehh, as kind of an advance-booking
reward a Promise Shirotsumekusa (kind of Japanese plant with white or pinkish flowers) Charm might have come along. Although,
it's limited release, ne. Because it's limited release it might already be gone, ne...ehh, for more details, for those
who are interested I think you would like to go to the [Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru] website to check. Hai.
Well, next year, although it's kind of early, this feeling might be too soon but, I think I wanted you to look
forward to next year's first month release of [Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru].
[female voice - So, that's how it is, and from now, we'd like to have a conversation about what things the movie
participants would like the people who are going to watch it to look for, starting with Matsumoto Jun-san.
Ano, although it's a story about fraternal twins, who definitely can't get married, or be joined together, and in
spite of that they feel happiness, they feel frustrated at their circumstances, they have amazingly many plans
for the future...in a sense it's pure love among pure loves, an incredible love story is it not. Today's stuff may
linger, though it may not linger, I think this is the kind of movie whose sense always sticks with you. How will Yori's
feelings progress, how will they change, I think it's the kind of movie that will really draw you in by asking those
questions. You're bathed in a calmness; I would like the people who see it to imagine along the way how, if they
were Yori, they would be thinking, they would go about living, how they would change, that kind of thing. Right
now my heart's kind of beating faster thinking about how the people viewing this movie will receive that wish, ne. Hai.
Nana - Um, indeed, in an incredibly simple way, it's truly a movie about how Yori, Iku, Yano, and Tomoka's individual
feelings face each other, so though it's simply a movie about their feelings unfolding, like Matsumoto-san said,
I'd like people to feel it while watching. Other than that, there's a scene where we're riding a bike, because
it was a lot of fun I'd like people to watch that part.
Ando - In other words, it's not like you're going to see cars explode or anything, in this maidenly-oriented
document:P Um, it really encompasses a different kind of sensation, the way it flows truly is different...ehh,
well, there are many people in it whose existence is outside of the norm, so in a way they're all reagents and
their reactions and conflicts, if people could partake in those feelings that would make me the happiest. And amidst
that, I think it would be the best if people could see those two's sparkling on-screen. Thank you.
female voice - Thank you very much!
[Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On]
Hai, ehh, although this song seems like it could be the theme for [BokuImo], that wan't really my intention:P
Ehhh, the song that you just listened to was from the movie [Titanic], Celine Dion's [My Heart Will Go On].
[outro - Arashi JunStyle]
[intro - Arashi JunStyle]
[Elvis Costello - Smile]
So how was today's JunStyle? Today's ending song that you're listening to is Elvis Costello's [Smile]. It was
the theme for the lovers in [Notting Hill], ne. Hai. Eh, here we have some information about Arashi, this is
about last week though, last week we were to go to Thailand as you know but we didn't end up going, this time
we had to pass it up. Regarding this we got a lot of emails, an amount we're thankful for, ehh...when it will
happen again we can't really say, there are a lot of schedules to work around, we can't just go and say 'we'll go at
that time' or 'we'll go next month' or something like that I think, unfortunately, but we definitely talked about
it last time all five of us members got together. Eh, Everyone in Thailand I think we'd like for you to please wait.
Hai. Moving on, please vote for your favorite song, your favorite Arashi song, ne, under the term 'Sunglasses'...
that doesn't make sense, ne...'under the term "Sunglasses"' was written here, and from before I've been wondering
'what's that about~?', I thought it was really strange..ehh, what I'm saying is I'm waiting for the name of
your favorite Arashi song and a reason why, please write and send it to me. I'll give you the address:) In case
you want to contact me the mail number is 330 8579 Nack5, the fax number is 048 650 0300, the email address is
arashi@nack5.co.jp, arashi all in lower-case alphabet, 'a' 'r' 'a' 's' 'h' 'i'. Please mark everything clearly
[Arashi - Jun Style]. I'll be waiting. After this is Nack5's CM Hassan's exciting Saturday, please receive Holly
Yukari-san again. Well then, I'd like you to listen again next week, I was your host, Arashi's Matsumoto Jun, bye-bye!:)

Interesting choice of songs...although I really liked the Elvis Costello one at the end:) It sounds like they've found a way to handle the material in the movie gently enough to make it palatable for the mainstream, even heart-wrenchingly so...I really want to see it, the clips they showed during the press conference taping looked reaallly good:S Oh, and I found a picture of that charm he talks about on the BokuImo website, it's super cute, I wish they weren't only for people buying directly from the ticket windows:S

The JunStyle from last week, 06.10.21, is a look back at the year 1963 since that is the setting for Arashi's new movie [Kiiroi no Namida]. Lots of older music, interesting facts, the Olympics:)

[intro - Arashi JunStyle]
Good morning, how are you spending this Sunday, the 21st of October? This is Matsumoto Jun. This week, continuing
from last week's introduction of my movie [Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru], the movie all five of us in Arashi are
starring in, [Kiiroi no Namida]'s era is what I think I'd like you to experience during this week's broadcast.
Well then, for the allotted 30 minutes please stay with me, Matsumoto Jun, until the very end~:)
[intro - Arashi JunStyle]
[Hana Hajime and the Crazy Cats - Hondara]
Good morning. Really, songs are, I thinking this anew after all, really great for materializing previous eras. Ehh...
Showa 38 is it? It's a song from the time of year 1963, ne, the one that started the Hondara craze, it went on sale
in June of 1963. You are listening to the Hondara craze song by Hana Hajime and the Crazy Cats. Eh, so why is this week's
plan being done at this time, you might ask, I have a document in front of me...Eh...it's been decided that the
2016 Olympics will be held in Tokyo. Well, firstly Tokyo was chosen over Fukuoka to host the Olympics when it came
down to a discussion between the two of them, but finally, in the end it won't be decided until 2009, July is it?
That's when the host city will be selected, our rivals are New York, Africa, and many others it seems. Ehh, if
the Olympics open in Tokyo in 2016 it will have been 52 years, 52 years since the last time the Olympics was
accomplished in Tokyo. Whether it will happen or not happen, that sort of thing, I think the five of us are excitedly
looking forward to 3 years from now. Here I have two Q&A about the Olympics, I think I'd like to try them and see.
Tada~:) Eh...when was the first time Japan participated in the Olympics? When do you thik it was? I wonder
if there are people who know this...The right answer is, the 1912 exhibition, the fifth Olympiad held in
Stockholm apparently. By the way, at that time the athletes who participated from Japan were 2 people, only 2
people apparently. Next I think I'd like to do one more. Ehh...this is a question about the 18th Olympiad held
in Tokyo, tada~:) Eh, what match did the Japanese team participate in where they were feared as the [Touyou no
Majo (witches of the orient)]? Eh, this one I know, ne, Volleyball! (in Amercian accent):D It's volleyball.
Eh, at the time the world's most powerful Girl's Volleyball team was a tie between the Soviet Union and Japan, eh,
at the time the Japanese Girl's Volleyball team won an overall victory two years earlier at a tournament held in
Tokyo where the were declared the World Champions. After that they did a tour in Europe for two years, where they
picked up the name [Touyou no Majo] for their surpassing strength and were feared because of it. Amazing, ne.
On a side note, at the Olympics the set count was 3-0, so they took the Gold Medal. That's amazing, ne. Well
then, today's JunStyle has as it's motif the movie [Kiiroi no Namida], as well I'd like to talk about what kind of
year it was in 1963 before the Olympics. And so, please listen to a song now. Ehh, a song that reached the
number one spot in America in June of 1963 under the title of Sukiyaki, by Sakamoto Kyuu-san this is [Ue wo
muite aru ko (the child facing upward)].
[Sakamoto Kyuu - Ue wo muite aru Ko]
Ehh, I think that's a wonderful song. You just listened to Sakamoto Kyuu-san's [Ue wo muite aru Ko].
[Arashi - Ima Ai wo Katarou then outro - Arashi JunStyle]
[Arashi - Deep na Bouken - This is Arashi Junstyle being broadcast by Matsumoto Jun, please stay with me to the
This is Arashi JunStyle being broadcast on FM Nack5 by Matsumoto Jun. Today is a look at the movie [Kiiroi no
Namida], which stars the five of us in Arashi and will be released next Spring. While looking back at the year 1963,
Showa 38, I'd like to promote a time-slip kind of feeling I think. Of course, the listeners who are hearing this
right now comprise both those who were not yet born in that year as well as those who are no longer working and various
in between I think. I'd be happy if those like myself who are unknowing would listen with fresh feelings, and those
who familiar with it would listen with nostalgic feelings. Hai. Ehh, here I have a number of documents lined up
regarding that year, ehh...I'd like to take a look, ne. What I played just a little earlier was the Hondara
craze song...eh, and Sakamoto Kyuu-san's [Miagete Goran, Yoru no Hoshi wo(look up at the night stars)] in April, 1963. Eh, nostalic, ne.
Although it's kind of weird for me to say nostalgic. Eh, I've known this song for a long time though, ne. After
that, [Tokyo Golden Rondo], The Peanuts, from their younger days. After that there's [Konnichiwa Aka-chan(hello, baby)],
"Konnichiwa Aka-chan" (singing), ne. Taking a look at this there are after all songs that I recognize, ne. Those
right now were from the year 1963, and when you turn to '64 Sakamoto Kyuu-san's there too, with [Shiawase nara
Te wo Tatakou (if you're happy clap your hands)], Ueki Toshi-san's December [Damatte ni Ore ni Tsuite ikou (shut up and
follow me)], ehh...those kind of song were around at that time. In terms of 1963 if you do a little research you'll
find a lot of things happened, ne. For example, in terms of Japan's Economy, this really surprised me: it was after
April, 1963 that things like Bananas became regularly available due to the liberalisation of imports. I was
thinking, 'bananas were that hard to obtain?', anywhere you go now, even in convenience stores they have bananas
now, ne, however many in a bunch. To think it wasn't that easy to get them then...on top of that, on August
31st 1963 sugar, toiletries, a list of 35 items was made available through the liberalisation of imports, the first
time a large number of goods from overseas entered the country. In actuality, though it will be apparent in
the movie [Kiiroi no Namida], the cost of things like miso or rice would be unheard of today. Well, of course
there are differences in the cost of living, but say, how much 10kg would be is completely different from today.
Keeping those kind of details in mind, it really is amazing...though it is Japan, it's like a foreign culture...
when we were doing it, it was kind of like culture shock, ne. Also, ne, in terms of transportation, it was 1963
that the metropolitan expressway over Nihonbashi, in Tokyo, was opened. Ano, this is something I've been thinking
about since I went to Asia but, although Japan has greenery, there is greenery, ne, but after all when you're
riding on the expressway you're not really left with the impression of greenery, ne. That may be the problem
of the ones, of the people who make the public areas, but when I'm running there's barely any greenery, ne.
And when we went to Taiwan and Korea, there was greenery around the expressways and public areas, it really
catches your eye, you're left with the impression of a country with a lot of greenery. The other day I was
thinking about that when I was running in Japan, and if you glance there certainly is greenery, it is there, but
it doesn't leave much of an impression, ne. Surukosando, Hamazashikikan, Shibuya Park, they all surely have greenery,
but that's not really the impression you're left with, ne. That's the kind of thing I've been thinking about, ne.
Other than that, on the 25th of April the first pedestrian bridge, in front of Osaka station, was finished. Also,
Tom Cruise, Whitney Houston, were born that year, it was also when Oozuya Sujiro-san died. Also, Rikki Douza,
who was the subject of a movie recently, ne, died that year apparently. It also says that [Astro Boy] started
in January of that year. Amazing, ne. When you think about it like this, it seems like the culture from that
period has really stuck around. It also seems that the anime [Tetsujin #28] started that year. Hai. Well,
I think I'd like to do a little more, but before that please listen to another song. I mentioned it before, this
is Sakamoto Kyuu-san's [Shiawase nara Te wo Tatakou].
[Sakamoto Kyuu - Shiawase nara Te wo Tatakou]
That's a song by Sakamoto Kyuu-san from the year 1964, a song released during the year of the Olympics, [Shiawase
nara Te wo Tatakou] is what you just listened to. You know, those kind of songs I...from childhood, from you're
very small, everyone does those kind of 'if you're happy clap your hands' or 'move your feet like this', those kind
of songs, ne. Well, next I'd like to do a little info, this is Matsumoto Jun broadcasting on 79.5hz, FM Nack5.
This time I'm using the background of the movie [Kiiroi no Namida] while introducing the year 1963. Speaking
of '63 there are still some things...eh, President Kennedy's assassination...eh..on top of that, the start of
television relay I suppose, satellite relay, profitable satellites, satellite link-up, ne. Apparently the first
satellite relay was that of the story of Kennedy-san. Ehh, President Kennedy was in Dallas, Texas on the 22nd of November,
from the airport he went on parade in an automobile on the way to a luncheon meeting, when he was assassinated at
12:30pm. That's how it was, ne. You can see how cherished he was, even now, on television they still talk about
'why was President Kennedy assassinated?' and such, even now they do tv specials about it from time to time. Amazing, ne.
I think that image has amazingly stayed around. Truly a lot of things happened at that time, is the impression
I have. Other than that, uh, that was the era of The Beatles, ne. Ehh, in England, on the February 16th their
song Please Please Me is the first that reached number one in England. Strange, ne? It gives you the impression
that a lot of things were mixed in together, ne, now, now when you look back from the year 2006, that's the sense
you have, ne. 'There's a lot after all huh~' is what you think huh? Mmm. The tenacious, amazing ne, [ON Hou], as they
weer called. The manager of the Softbank team right now, Oh-san, Oh Sadaharu-san, whose initials mixed with Nagashima Shigeo
made the word [ON Hou] (both famous baseball players). On top of that, that year they were overall victors, ne. 1963.
While we were doing the filming I was thinking, although i'm not sure why, there were a lot of miraculous things
that era, that era was...what was it~, I was talking with Inudou-san (the director) about this too, when everyone
was heading towards the Olympics, it was a time when everyone believed things would work out well it seems. Whereas
now, in this generation, most people would probably not have thought that way at all. So, I think 'I want to
research that age a little more~', ne. Since I haven't seen then finished work yet I can't say for sure but,
that...how do I put it, that era's difference from ours, it's sparkling kind of, vividly living people I think you
will really be able to feel. I myself have an interest in how to look at it best right now, what kind of feelings
it will have, I myself think, like, 'I want to see Kiiroi no Namida earlier~'. I'd like to talk a little more
in detail about it, how about Spring next year, when it will be premiering. Well then, right now I'd like you to
listen to another song. I mentioned it earlier from the documents, Showa 38, the year 1963's hit song, Sakamoto
Kyuu-san's [Miagete Goran, Yoru no Hoshi wo]
[Sakamoto Kyuu - Miagete Goran, Yoru no Hoshi wo]
[outro - Arashi JunStyle]
[Arashi - Deep na Bouken - This is Arashi Junstyle being broadcast by Matsumoto Jun, please stay with me to the
[Arashi - Only Love]
How was it, today's Arashi JunStyle? The ending song you are listening to this time is Arashi's [Only Love]. Now
I have some of Arashi's information. Eh, I am continuing as an actor in next year's Hana Yori Dango, the movie
[Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo suru], as well as the movie I introduced today, [Kiiroi no Namida], ne. Please be kind
with me for Radio and Variety shows as well~. Eh, also on this show I am waiting for everyone's participation.
Please vote for your favorite Arashi song under the term 'Sunglasses', eh, 'Sunglasses' really is a good one to
put it under, ne? sort of secretive almost. You can still make it in time right now, by all means make that your
goal please. Here's the address:) If you wish to contact me the mail number is 330 8579, the fax number is
048 650 0300, the email address is arashi@nack5.co.jp, 'arashi' all in lower-case letters, 'a' 'r' 'a' 's' 'h' 'i'.
Please mark everything Arashi Junstyle. I'll be waiting. After this on Nack5 is CM Hassan's exciting Saturday,
please receive Holly Yukari-san again. Well then, I was your host, Matsumoto Jun, bye-bye:)

Haha, I was killing myself laughing when he played the Japanese version of 'If you're happy and you know it clap your hands' XD Who knew it would translate so well? Or be so popular?!:P I really liked [Ue wo Muite aru Ko], I might even download it...maybe;) When I was listening to all the older songs it made me think of the ED of Mahou Shoutengai Abenobashi, Hayashibara Megumi's [Anata no Kokoro ni], it was a very similar feel. I can understand his feeling of wanting to know more about the past, history is just plain fascinating, and when you compare by-gone eras to our own it's almost like you're reading from a storybook rather than a history tome. Things were just so incredibly different, people were different, and it's easy to feel like the world has always been this way unless you find out for yourself....I have to admit though, that this show was a little dry, hopefully next time he can talk more about surfing or something (can't believe I'm saying this....):P



Thanks dear! I have to relisten them again while reading the translations!! ^_________^

sunglasses section, so dorky love xDDDDD

Ne, can you translate a few part from the last Shukudai? the Jun and Ohno part, when they go to massages... onegaishimasu! T.T I love it! and you know it xDDDDDDD
You're welcome!:D I'll get right on the Shukudai translations, you only want the part with Ohno and Jun, right? Can't say how long it will take but I'll do my best:)
wooow, thanks again for this translation. i enjoyed it very much
i also have mixed feeling about his movie "bouko..." and i do think that he has taken a big risk playing this role. it was so sweet when i read that he was feeling super embaressed about those lines but he was doing his best to say them. so proffessional and dedicated. well, that what you expect from junbaby, ne?
My pleasure:) Yeah, when I first heard about it I really wondered if I was going to be able to enjoy it...but it sounds like it actually might be pretty good, and I'm proud of him for trying such a challenging role. He really is dedicated...and detail-oriented, ne:P Looking up all this stuff for his radio shows...I like that:)
you know, i have print the first translation, because i have this junstyle at my ipod, and tomorrow at the train, i will heard it -again- xD Thanks nyanchan! i really appreciate your great job!! I love listening Jun... haa.... *flying to dreamland*
Hehe, I'm so happy you'll enjoy it:P Have fun:)
Wow, nyanchan, thanks for translating these! ^_^ I have wanted to know what he thinks and feels about being in the Bokuimo movie and now I know. ;D He thinks so deeply about everything ne. I want to see the movie even more!! I get the feeling that he puts a lot of efforts into his radio shows. Sugoi Jun-kun!
You're welcome:) Yeah, I was really impressed that he looked up all those facts and old songs, illustrating everything in such an intriguing way:3 You can tell he's a perfectionist, huh?;P
Do you know if I could listen to this online, I'm actually in Shiga-ken right now but highly doubt I can find the station. Much to far I'm sure. I can't even find Arashi's bangumi on tv ;_; I need my Jun :(
Hmm, well Tenjostyle kindly provides the mp3s, so you could download them if you're able, or, if you search for 'junstyle' on youtube.com someone has uploaded a lot of the broadcasts, so you could listen to them there too:)