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Heya~:D So my cat ears were a big hit (although some people called me Josie like from the comic book...:S), and now there's snow everywhere and suddenly it's winter:S And winter here lasts a lo~ng time...but, I have Jun (figuratively!) to keep me warm:3 Speaking of which, more translations, yay~:D

To start off, the latest JunStyle (thanks TenjoStyle:), a rather good one too! I like it when he's more candid and less work-oriented...his laugh is awesome:)

[intro - Arashi JunStyle]
Good morning, how are you spending today, Saturday the 28th of October? I'm Matsumoto Jun. Ehh, October is
also in it's final stage. Eh, next month's 11th and 12th are when we have the overseas concerts, ne. Also,
after October our regular tv shows will have various new things, eh, as well as preparations for new dramas and
other things we're continuing to do. Eh, there's been a lot of stuff. Eh, so this October, I'd like to cleanly
close it off. {echo} I think I definitely won't close it, ne...{/echo} Eh, I think I'd like to work hard towards
that goal~:D Well then, for the allotted 30 minutes please stay with me, Matsumoto Jun, to the end. This is the
start of JunStyle~.
[intro - Arashi JunStyle]
[Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock]
Once again, Good morning. This is Arashi's Matsumoto Jun~. Today's first song ne, was Elvis Presley with [Jailhouse
Rock]. The other day, from a strange series of events, I had the same food for three days. It takes effort to
say this, but for three days I went to the same restaurant, with different people. Frankly, it was painful:D
As a result, it was the first time I thought my beloved sushi was painful. Well ne, the first day I went to see
a play, and on the way home we said 'Well, let's get something to eat' and went there. And then the second day,
when I was with a different person their conversation went along the lines of 'I want to eat sushi no matter what', so
that's the restaurant I took them to. Then, on the next day, I'm not sure why but, I was told 'I'm here, come
down', so I went and ate sushi. Well, because I know the people in the restaurant, as expected they kind of dealt
with me coming three days in a row, since strangely a lot of things came together to that end, and so on. But,
the sushi was delicious. By the way, I ate sushi today as well. Yes. Thank you. That's all. Well, I think I'd
like to play a song now. Ehh, this was the number one hit in England in 1963, The Beatles' [Please Please Me].
[The Beatles - Please Please Me]
You just listened to The Beatles with [Please Please Me].
[outro - Arashi JunStyle (x2) On Saturday morning, Arashi JunStyle]
[intro - "Arashi - Deep na Bouken" Broadcast by Matsumoto Jun this is Arashi JunStyle, please stay with me til
the end]
{[The Beatles - She Loves You] in background}
Ehh, being broadcast by Matsumoto Jun, Arashi JunStyle. Well then, here I'd like to read an email..."Jun-kun,
hello", hello, "when you mention Autumn I think of sports. What will you be doing in the remaining 3 months?"
is their response to my request for input. Eh, I have an announcement to make. Since Spring I've been doing
100 sit-ups every night. For the remaining 3 months, without a break, I will keep at it. Amazing, ne, doing
100 sit-ups every night since Spring. Speaking of which, after I've passed thirty, due to the power
of things like the laws of universal gravitation, my body's tissue inactivity will probably progress rapidly. That
sounds like pure brazenness ne. However, 'you can't give up on life' is how I correct my thinking:P Eh, I started
doing sit-ups since around May. At the beginning it was painful, but now it's an easy victory and it seems I
can go until it gets tight. How do I plan on improving myself by only working one muscle? This was from
radio-name 'Mageion-san'. I'm not particularly making any improvement:P Cause I furiously mop myself up ne:D
Lately when I find time I've been doing things like running ne. Aimlessly strolling... walking in the night.
Lately I've been going a lot to the video store ne. For whatever reason, on the way I'll just aimlessly walk
around ne. Lately, that's been the shap of things for me, yes. Well then, here I think I'd like you to listen to
a song~. The Beatles, with [Rock and Roll Music].
[The Beatles - Rock and Roll Music]
Ehhh...you just listened to The Beatles, with [Rock and Roll Music]. Ehh, I think I'd like to keep pulling out
and reading emails~. This is from radio-name "Please call me Yachi" Smily-face-san. Well, I'll just quit here:P
Ehh..."Jun-kun, Good morning", Good morning, "Although I think your busy days are continuing, what do you do
to spend time on your days off?" Eh, the ways I spend my time on days with bad weather or days with good weather
are just a little different ne. On days when the weather is good it's probably surfing. After that, "When
looking forward from this year to next year there are a lot of movies I want to see that I'm excitedly anticipating.
I'd be happy if Jun-kun could tell me his recommendations on movies and books. On my days off I prefer to go see
movies at night." In other words, it's nice not to be scared ne. Eh, "well then, take care of yourself and
pelase keep up the good work~." is what it says. Ehhhhhh...hmmm. On a side note, lately I haven't been going to
the beach ne, not at all. Um, I think it was mentioned that one thing was making me darker...mm-hmm, and then my face
started looking like a frog, I was thinking it would be bad if this became a habit. So I kind of gave up on that one
thing. Well, since I've been doing that work has been becoming increasingly busy, so I haven't been to the beach ne.
Lately...the thing I did most recently ne, ummm...it's 'that'. A birthday party, I went to my friend's birthday party
ne. Although it was the birthday party of someone much older than me, when I made an appearance there were 20
people I think, about 20 people, in a private karaoke room with food and drink, and we kind of all together had
fun while eating food, drinking alcohol and singing karaoke, it was a riot. That's the kind of thing I did.
On a side note, although it was pretty much over by the 8th of this month, I actually had some time off and I
was thinking about going on a trip. Yes. Well, where I was going on trip and what I was doing, I think I'd
like to talk about it..if I feel inclined:P Lately ne, other than that it's video rentals. My recent recommendations
ne~. Recently I saw, although it's not particularly from the video store, [Crash], eh, Paul Haggis' [Crash] was
interesting, ne. Extremely. Um, it was good. Other than that, things recently...hmm, right now, I want to see
Cats ne. It opens today, right? Mm, I want to see Cats. Other than that ne, a Japanese movie, [Nada SouSou], that
I want to see. That commercial looked su~per interesting. I too want to watch it while crying and wiping my nose~:P
I think it's good, ne. That I want to see. After that, what was it...[Black Dahlia], I want to see that too, ne.
It's DePalma, ne, DePalma's latest work, [Black Dahlia], I want to see that too~. Mmmm, other than that ne,
watching dvds at home, hmmm, well, I'm watching a lot of them. After that, the TV show [Sujinashi] that Tsurube-san
was in, although the dvds are out and I was thinking I'd like to watch it, I haven't seen it yet. Mmm. Um,
going to the rental store, Japanese, from a long time ago, Japanese dramas are there at a glance and I'll just
go through them saying 'maybe I'll watch this, maybe I'll watch this', cause pretty much lately Japanese stuffs, like Japanese
dramas and such are, easily available ne. Often. In those kind of areas I look around for certain things in
particular. Yes. Truly, coming back from the rental store in the middle of the night with around 5 rentals,
and watching them until 9 in the morning, lately that's what I've been doing. That's dangerous ne:P Although
I guess it doesn't really make a difference when I rent them, it's just watching them. Recommendations ne.
Books, lately, well this again is part of the whole going on a trip thing but, I've been enjoying reading
guidebooks so much I can't help myself ne. Kind of, looking at all sorts of guidebooks each seem to have their own
standpoint ne. I think guidebooks are interesting. Sort of, even though I've never been there, never seen it, I
sort of getting personally involved. Mm. I think reading guidebooks is interesting, lately guidebooks have
become a hobby of mine, (laughs) just like Tamori-san huh? Lately I think I've been stuck in guidebooks a lot,
that's the feeling I get. I'll just have to go I guess~. Well then, please listen to a song now, this is Elvis
Presley with [Love Me Tender].
[Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender]
You just listened to Elvis Presley with [Love Me Tender].
[outro - "Arashi - Deep na Bouken" Broadcast by Matsumoto Jun this is Arashi JunStyle, please stay with me til
the end]
[intro - Arashi JunStyle]
[Arashi - A Day in Our Life]
Eh, how was it, today's Arashi JunStyle? Today's ending song was Arashi, [A Day in Our Life] that you listened
to. Today ne, ehh, the movie that revolves around using 'a day in our life' [Kisarazu Cats Eye World Series],
thats the simplicity ne with Cats, it opens. Well, looking forward from this year to next year it's very full of
movies ne. For our part, our Sho-kun did [HachiKuro] in the summer right? Then, he did this, [Cats], right? Then,
Nino has [Iwo Jima kara no Tegami (letter from IwoJima)], and he did the voice for [Tekkon Kinkreet], and
in January I have [BokuImo], and in March we have [Kiiroi no Namida]. Here...from summer to spring there are
6 of them. I think it's amazing. I'm looking forward to it ne. Well, out of those six two of them have
premiered ne. Yes. By all means, well, although I'm not in them, please go see them:P Although I really
didn't contribute to them, that's the sense of it. eh, well then, in this program as well i'm awaiting the
participation of everyone. The 'Sunglasses' project is still going on. By all means send them in, please be
kind~. Ehh...on a side note, I'm thinking of doing the Sunglasses thing next week but you can still make it
in time, please send them in. Eh, I'll give the address~. If you wish to contact me the postal code is
330 8579 Nack5, the fax number is 048 650 0300. The email address is arashi@nack5.co.jp, arashi is all in
lower-case alphabet, 'a' 'r' 'a' 's' 'h' 'i'. Please send everything marked 'Arashi JunStyle', if you please.
Eh, after this in Nack5 is CM Hassan's Exciting Saturday. Please receive Holly Yukari-san again. So to speak,
there's November, December, two months after this ne. Eh, I think I'd like to excitedly go forward. You too
keep at it~:) Eh, please listen again next week. Your host was Arashi's Matsumoto Jun, bye-bye:)
[KCE - Seaside Bye Bye]

Haha, sushi three days in a row...that's too much even for me;P And the same restaurant too! Bet he'll be back to soba for awhile...:P 100 sit-ups a night, huh? Ni~ce:) No wonder he's been looking so good (like in that wetsuit shot...:3) Midnight walks are really nice though, I was doing them up until it got super cold again and I miss them. It's so nice to be outside when there's no-one around, and in the dark it seems like a completely different world. I wonder if he really has given up surfing for good or if he's just taking a bit of a break...cause he really seemed to like it:S And I so want to hear more about this little trip abroad and he's being coy about it!:P And yeah, Crash is an awesome movie, although kind of jarring...but watching movies until the sun comes up is a lot of fun (as you can tell I'm a nightowl;). I guess reading guidebooks could be fun if you really used your imagination...but it seems kinda like a tease too, if you aren't able to actually go those places...

Also, a bit from TVGuide's December issue (thanks to Fybabe for the scans:) with all five of them (cause I couldn't make out all of the Jun bit:( )

11/11-12 Arashi's Korean performance planning meeting

Sakurai: Ehh, since Johnny's first independent performance in Korea is drawing near after October, I thought
we should hold a planning meeting. To that end, today I, Sakurai, will humbly undertake the position
of chairman. With your permission!
The other 4: Yes please!
Sakurai: First, from Nino, our current mental state. Korea is already right in front of our eyes. Surely our
mental state is "You aer my SOUL"?
Aiba: Oho! There it is~!
Nino: (laughs) Well, not too different from Taiwan. In other words, we want to put across the same amount of
deep emotion and delight ne.
Sakurai: Since, in terms of the tour we won't be able to change the contents, we'll go with those feelings.
Matsumoto-san went to Korea yesterday for the [Asia Song Festival], what kind of things (did you think)?
Matsumoto: Well, at any rate it was amazing ne, that air of wild enthusiasm. Just like we saw at the Japan-Korea
World Cup match.
Sakurai: Although, naturally, they weren't wearing uniforms, it seemed like everyone in the whole location was
dyed with "red" ne.
Matsumoto: Therefore, we thought this time we'd make everyone red with the goods too.
Sakurai: I see. And Ohno-san?
Ohno: (Suddenly waving, Ah!)
Sakurai: What were the things left to do every time?
Ohno: I want to eat...grilled meat.
Sakurai: (Ignoring him) right, next. How was it Aiba-chan?
Aiba: Iya~, even I felt like a shining star ne. I fully enjoyed being a VIP for that kind of interval.
Nino: (laughs) You're saying that as if you're bored with it in Japan.
Aiba: Although I'm more or less bored of it when looking at it like that! In my neighbourhood!!
Sakurai: (laughs) Well then, let's put an end to the Silly Conversation, from here we're moving on to the
main topic...but before that, Ohno-san, an example strategy name please!
Ohno: (Throwing out candies) Eh?! Example strategy name...? U~m...it was "Zig Zag strategy" ne?
Nino: (laughs) Oh~, that worries me ne~. What kind of action is that strategy for?
Ohno: After all, I was thinking we want to, since it is Seoul, be conscious of the "Soul Soul" part while we're
Nino: I see~...then, which part is "zig zag"! (laughs)
Matsumoto: (laughs) Although, that's a very mental-only strategy.
Sakurai: (laughs) One more time, just to be clear, the strategy name is?
Ohno: Zig. Zag. Strategy.
Aiba: (laughs) And tangibly, what are we doing for zig, what are we doing for zag?
Ohno: Like. I. Said, to do the usual "(waving around, in a small voice) Soul Soul" parts "(with huge exagerated
waving) Soul Soul". To dispense with the hesitation.
Nino: We were hesitating up to now (laughs).
Sakurai: (laughs) At any rate, to not lose to the heated cheering, we Arashi must also go with passion!
Nino: The meeting's ended.
Sakurai: (laughs) Okay, should we go with everyone's statu report?
Matsumoto: Right now, the five of us all together, by no means being able to meet ne...like, wasn't that doable
from the beginning? (laughs)
Aiba: Yes yes yes! In the interval, on [Tensai...Shimura Doubutsuen](related to Japan TV) I went to Africa and
got chewed on by lions~!!
The other 4: EEH?!
Nino: Since the actual person is talking so happily about it, it was amazing ne?
Aiba: Since I was armored with something called the protector, it only hurt a little bit.
Sakurai: I don't like that kind of everyday~(laughs).
Matsumoto: Your face was composed...?
Aiba: Well, the people at the actual location told me I said (rocking face right and left) [At any rate get me out of
here!] (laughs).
Nino: The zig zag strategy! (laughs)
Ohno: Ha, haha, (snickering).
Matsumoto: Well, you came back unharmed. You even went and bought us souvenirs.
Nino: That was a great t-shirt.
Matsumoto: Everyone else's is fine but, what's with mine? An elephant in the middle of saying [South Africa]
(laughs). Just like a tourist.
Sakurai: There are a lot of people from other countries wearing t-shirts that say "HaraJuku" in Japan huh (laughs).
Nino: What's more, they're really big ones.
Matsumoto: So what did Kazu-kun do?
Nino: When compared with Aiba-chan, it really was a trivial everyday time.
Sakurai: Yeah...but, it's Ohno-kun's birthday really soon ne? Won't the fans in Korea do something like sing
Happy Birthday for you? Like when they celebrated Arashi's debut day in Taiwan.
Matsumoto: You'd have to be able to respond in Hangul (Korean script).
Ohno: Pekkessmunida~. (is that Korean?)
Sakurai: When the celebration's in full swing you wouldn't be saying "Nice to meet you~" (laughs).
Nino: Is that also the zig zag strategy?
Ohno: Exactly! (making a hand slash) Speaking of which, I was thinking now we should have some directions from
Riidaa on the strategy.
The other 4: Yes? (laughs)
Matsumoto: Huh, what about your status report...?
Ohno: Korea is waiting for us!
The other 4: (not really understanding, but responding to the situation) Yes!
Ohno: (in a manifold voice) Before that, act in such a way as to not get sick, or get hurt.
The other 4: (straightening their backs) Yes!
Ohno: If we're able to show them a performance with Arashi at full might...that would good ne?
Matsumoto: (laughs) Yes, that's true ne.
Sakurai: I think it'll be fine.
Nino: Dismissed, dismissed. Withdraw~!
Aiba: Well, let's go to rehearsal shall we.

Aiba gets eaten by a lion and Ohno's craving Korean BBQ:P There's a joke in there somewhere, I just know it...:P

Last but not least, a bit from October Wink-Up about seductiveness:3

The Asia Campaign...we went on sort of an incredible schedule, received an amazingly ardent reception, I have
memories of sleeping like a log (laughs). When we went there in advance of the live in September, although it
was truly just a short stop, actually meeting the fans over there, the people who cheer us on, it was great to
be able to feel the "fever" through our skin. We truly felt anew, these are exactly the people we were seeking when
we came, and the conversation about 'how should we do this concert in Asia?' became much more tangible.
Only, as we are talking right now surely the Japan Tour is in it's final stage, if first we don't properly
entertain our Japanese fans it's not the time to go overseas!, is the conversation, so for that reason too we also
truly feel strongly that we must do our best in Japan. What I was thinking is, by going overseas our motivation
for what we do in Japan will rise as well, in a synergistic sense. Always doing things in Japan, being able to go
overseas makes me incredibly happy. While thinking 'I'm so happy~', when I come back to Japan from outside I'll
be thinking even more than before 'I'm doing amazing things~' about the things I'm doing in Japan too. It'll
have a much heavier meaning, so to speak. All over again our duty to the things we do, our feelings of gratitude
towards the fans, have deepened, ne.
And also one more thing to report. The continuation of [Boys Over Flowers] has been decided. In actuality they
decided at a fairly early stage...inside I'm happy that I'm finally able to make the announcement that we're doing
the continuation (laughs). Even for me it was a well-beloved creation, and I think it's because it was such a good
creation that we took part in the discussion of a continuation. Even yesterday I told a guy who didn't know anything
about it [We're doing a continuation to [Boys Over Flowers] ne? I'm reallly looking forward to it!] (laughs).
As I thought, I'm happy ne. There's a Taiwan edition, even in Asia it's a popular creation, with that kind of
meaning I'm partaking in hopes of being in Asia as an actor... Although I think I'd like to go as an actor as well if I
have the chance, to start with being able to go as our group of 5 is precious. Asia has always been watching my
acting performances...but if people who don't know about Arashi's music could come to know Arashi on this year's
Asia Tour I think I would be happy. Because my solo work has a meaning in and of itself.
Yes, in regards to that ne, it was decided that reruns of [HanaDan] would be shown in the Kantou (eastern half
of Japan, including Tokyo) local area, at that time I was taping the accompanying narration for advance notice of
the continuation. Although (Inoue) Mao-chan and I were worrying [It's been a while ne. I wonder if we can do this?],
when we met the staff as well we all energized each other saying [We've finally started moving ne!], thanks to
that spontaneously reverting (to Doumyouji) was interesting. Although it's not the whole country, I think in
the region where they're showing the reruns you can hear it, but please check first.
So, what was it? What is seductiveness? ...even though you're the ones asking me (laughs). What could it be?
Isn't it dark? Kind of, a fixing of the gaze. The image of seductiveness. For example? River Phoenix. River
Phoenix has seductiveness ne. He's extremely cool...something that makes your heart beat faster. Other than that,
Johnny Depp I guess. For women...someone like (Catherine) Deneuve? Other than that, someone like Monroe, Madonna.
Because they have seductiveness after all, although you may not think it seems like it would come out it's something
that comes out ne. When I think of that, seductiveness really is uncertain ne. That's not the 'worry' kind of uncertain,
there are a lot of nuances, like a sense of changeable, bluntly unseeable outlines...I guess. Although I think that
if I were look at the people I just named I'd be able to understand just how I feel seductiveness from them, I
wouldn't be able to explain it well. It's sort of...something that comes out in the "path" those people have walked ne,
perhaps. That kind of thing is, together with pathos, something the things one experiences gets stained with, I
think it's something that's able to come out ne.

It's cute that he was so excited about doing HanaDan again, although I wonder if he negociated about the hair a little first:P I like the way he describes seductiveness (and pathos) as things that stain your life's journey and become apparent to others through your actions, I like that kind of a romantic view of the way life's turns can become a part of you and reach others. In that kind of view, nothing is a mistake, only a bump in the road, a darker shade....I love the way he makes me think <3

Snowy, starry night...and Jun:D


Pure Seductiveness???
ummmmmm, besides Johnny Depp?

Seductiveness= Jun Matsumoto <3
Definitely. And he knows just how to use it too:P
Thanks for the translations! Jun talked about how overseas fans are getting to know Arashi through his doramas. He has no idea how many of us there are! (I was Jun bait too) hehe
You're welcome:) Yeah really....I bet he'd be very surprised if he found out how many of us there are in this part of the world:D Then maybe they'd come here too...*pouts*:P
I'm keeping my fingers crossed. One day they'll come. XD
Thanks for your effort into Jun's stuff ne , Nyanchan

I like your translation
You're welcome:D I aim to please \^V^/
one more time He surprised me a LOT!
*o* Luv him!
thanks :D!!!
My pleasure:) Isn't he the best? He always has something new and interesting to share, keeps me coming back for more:P
Yes, it's so cold... but Jun keeps us warm! hehehe
Thanks for the translations! I will read it right now!!! x)
I can't wait to talk with you today!! xP
My pleasure!!:D It was so nice to talk to you again, hope you have a good week at work:P More translations soon, I've got some I really enjoy to post XD Jaa ne!:)
I enjoyed reading that translation of JunStyle.. (:
If you don't mind, I'm gonna friend you!
I'm so glad you enjoyed it:D Be my guest!:P