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Chotto Hazukashii kedo...

Well, I was hoping to have much more to post but...it's been an insane week and I'm just wiped:S So please accept my small but heartfelt offering!:3
First I did a translation of the Jun part of the Utawara 'behind the scenes' bit from 06.11.24, here you go MatsuBunny:)...it was super funnyXD

[writing: The individual hosts gather! Announcer: The ones undertaking hosting duties for this show are; Matsumoto
Jun; Matsuura Aya; Wada Akiko. {skip} writing: Narration by Matsumoto Shinobu, NTV announcer. Utawara staff room.
Annnouncer: Innumerable questions have come in from the audience! writing: A flood of questions from the audience
to the show's site! Announcer: So today we will be resolving all of those questions! writing: Utawara's behind the
scenes exposition! MatsuJun, Ayaya, Akko, Kattun will respond to your questions! Announcer: see writing. {skip}
writing: Koujimachi, Japan Television. Announcer: The palce where Utawara gets taped is a Japan Television's G Studio
in Koujimachi. writing: Utawara is in the middle of taping in G studio! Announcer: This time the taping will
even intrude into where the hosts are. writing: End of taping. 'Utawara examiner'. Immediately following taping,
in front of Matsumoto Jun's dressing room.]
Ken: Well, first of all we have to go to the main MC, MatsuJun's place.
[writing: Anjasshu; Kojima Kazuya, Watabe Ken]
Kazuya: We have to go to MatsuJun' ne~.
Ken: Ne? All right, let's go ne.
Kazuya: I'm kind of looking forward to it ne.
Ken: MatsuJun! He's not here?
Kazuya: He's might not be there. We should just go in. At times like this it's better to just go in.
[writing: see Kazuya]
Ken: MatsuJun! Shall we cross the line of [law]? Let's cross it!
[writing: see Ken. Selfishly sneaking into Matsumoto Jun's dressing room!]
Ken: Hey! We're intruding...Wow, it's clean huh~?
Kazuya: It's clean...Huh?
Ken: Eh?
Kazuya: Should I drink some and put it back?!
[writing: First sight of MatsuJun's tea!]
Ken: Hey, wait, wait! You do that with female idols!
[writing: see Ken]
Ken: MatsuJun is a male idol ne.
Kazuya: This, this-
Ken: Do you want to drink it? Are you a pervert?! That's for female idols. MatsuJun's a guy!
[writing: se Ken]
Kazuya: So it's valuable then. Just one sip ne.
Ken: Since we're here...yes, what's the feeling of MatsuJun?
Kazuya: Ahhh, kind of a feeling of becoming cooler!
[writing: see Kazuya]
Ken: You're not cooler! Let's have a bite of these bento-
[writing: The pair get their hands into the bento too. Announcer: While MatsuJun's not there it escalates, the
pair get their hands into the bento!]
Ken: They kind of look good huh~! They're different from our (bento)!
[writing: see Ken]
Kazuya: What the heck~.
Ken: Tsk tsk...thanks for the food!
[Announcer: And then-. writing: MatsuJun appears. Announcer: see writing]
Kazuya: MatsuJun open w~ide<3
[writing: see Kazuya]
Jun: It's not 'open w~ide'!!
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: Um, we're were just going first to test for poison.
[writing: see Ken]
Kazuya: That's right, that's right.
Ken: There's no poison in it!
Jun: There's only 2 bento! You don't have to eat both the bento! This is my dressing room, *mine*.
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: We came to do an interview!
[writing: see Ken]
Kazuya: That's right!
Ken: Today we came on purpose-
Jun: No one called you. No one called you!!
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: Hey~
Jun: What?
Kazuya: Do you really hate associating (with us)?
[writing: see Kazuya]
Jun: Why??
Kazuya: We're the scapegoats...
Ken: We've been shooting together for about a year now even, and this is how it is.
Jun: that's not it at all!
[Announcer: They got some answers for the audience's questions from MatsuJun, who just finished taping. writing:
Question from a girl in her twenties; Though MatsuJun is a very private person, what are your liked and disliked
parts of yourself?]
Ken: see writing.
Jun: What kind of parts are you thinking are personal?
Ken: Ah, that's just written here, the staff came and brought it to us....what kind of parts?
Kazuya: Parts like this-
Ken: This kind of part-
Jun: Hard to get associate with parts?
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: Ah, nonono, don't say such cold things;P
[Announcer: First up, the parts of yourself you like? writing: see Announcer]
Ken: When it comes to work he's amazing, giving his utmost effort, that MatsuJun.
[writing: see Ken]
Jun: Ah but, that's not really a part I like about myself, since it's something that you would expect-
Ken: Ah, you're so cooo~l!!
Kazuya: Cool huh~.
Ken: Coo~l;P
Kazuya: Oh, MatsuJun's pretty old ne~
[writing: see Kazuya. Announcer: For the next, the parts of yourself you dislike? writing: see Announcer]
Jun: My way of talking's intense.
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: Intense! An intense way of talking!
[writing: see Ken]
Ken: That we know!
Kazuya: Since this is how his appearance is, you can feel the intenseness can't you?
[writing: see Kazuya]
Ken: Nono-
Jun: What's that supposed to mean?><

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(Mad JunX3)
Ken: -it's normal, he says it normally.
Kazuya: He's really a good person. Although we've known him for a year, at the beginning we were kind of scared.
[writing: see Kazuya]
Jun: Just wait a sec, what do you know about me?
[writing: see Jun]
kazuya: If you say that, then I know nothing!
[writing: see Kazuya]
Kazuya: If you say that-
Ken: You're entirely intense ne.
[writing: see Ken]
Kazuya: Yup yup yup.
Jun: Being entirely intense is amazing ne:P
[writing: see Jun]
Kazuya: He's nice-
Ken: I think you're shy, MatsuJun.
[writing: see Ken]
Kazuya: That's right-
Ken: You're shy.
[writing: see Ken]
Kazuya: -that's how it really is ne.
Jun: I'm shy ne<3
[writing : see Jun]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(Shy Jun!<3)
Kazuya: it's because you're shy that you talk like that ne? We get it MatsuJun.
[Announcer: And naturally, an artless question for super-idol MatsuJun from Arashi. writing: Super-idol, Arashi
member MatsuJun. Question from a girl in her 10s; What are the things you pass time on most often in your everyday
life at home?]
Ken: see writing.
Kazuya: They want to know that much.
Ken: Uh-huh, what do you do at home?!
Jun: Normal stuff! Watching tv...
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: What do you watch?
[writing: see Ken]
Jun: Variety shows.
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: Seriously?!
Jun: I watch variety shows.
Ken: On a side note, do you watch stuff like ours?
[writing: see Ken]
Jun: I definitely don't watch it!
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: Why? Why would you say 'definitely' in return...
Jun: Other than that, well tv, DVDs...
Ken: You watch them huh?
Jun: Well, when I'm at home ne, things like that...the computer, looking at the internet...
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: What do you look at?
[writing: see Ken]
Kazuya: Where do you go, we want to know. What kinds of things do you look at?
Ken: He's just smirking at us ne?
[writing: see Ken]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(Smirking Jun;P)
Ken: He's not saying anything and smirking. What do you look at when you're surfing the net?!
Jun: Does it intrigue you?
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: It does!
Jun: It does huh;P
Kazuya: It costs money doesn't it?
[writing: see Kazuya]
Ken: Cause you need to pay a separate fee ne.
[writing: see Ken]
Ken: You don't look at that kind of thing, right MatsuJun?
Kazuya: So what do you look at, huh?
Jun: I only watch up until they charge the extra fee!
[writing: see Jun]
Ken: To where it costs you...!
Jun: That's embarrassing.
[writing: The Gospellers appear as guests! Announcer: For the broadcast of the day after tomorrow the Gospellers
are appearing as guests. In the segment where the secrets of the Gospellers are revealed in a quiz, unexpected
truths are blurted out one after another. writing: A MatsuJun place to watch; the time when the Gospellers were
thinking of quitting the group.]
Jun: In actuality, there was time when the Gospellers were thinking of quitting the group ne. During the quiz that issue
came up, and the answer was pretty interesting ne.
Ken: Ah! Time's up?
[writing: see Ken]
Ken: We have to go now, we have other interviews to attend to.
Jun: What are you going to do about this (the bento)?
[writing: see Jun]
Kazuya: We'll take them with us.
Ken: We'll take them with us, since we took the effort to come here.
Jun: And my bento?
[writing: see Jun]
Kazuya: Why don't you just go buy one at a convenience store or something!
[writing: see Kazuya]
Ken: Well we're going now, see ya!
Jun: Just wait a sec, just let me say one thing.
[writing: see Jun]
Jun: I'm going to thrash you Kojima.

Ahaha, I just love when the DoS comes out to play!XD Kakkoii~:3 And I love his expression when he admits he's shy...*bliss* Haha, and he stops just short of admitting to watching internet porn...dangerous ground sweetie!:P

Also, the talk segment from last week's MMA where they sing Hapy Birthday to Riidaa:D I didn't get a chance to watch the whole ep. so I'm not entirely sure what Aiba and Sho are talking about though...^^;

In case anyone hasn't seen it or wants to review it here's the youtube link: Birthday boy...in his birthday suit?!
Aiba: Which is to say, I partook in the 33rd annual Rokurou festival!
Sho: The rokurou festival! The kuramon ne, this is their eigth year up until the 52 generation.
Jun: The festival ne.
Sho: As you would think ne?
[Announcer: And then-]
Sho/Aiba: Happy birthday to you~!
[writing: Tomorrow the 26th of November is Leader Ohno's birthday! Announcer: Tomorrow is Ohno-kun's 26th
birthday! cake: "Riidaa" Happy Birthday]
Sho/Aiba: ...Happy birthday dear-
Sho: Satoshi~
Aiba: Captain~
[writing: Celebrating age 26, Happy Birthday!!]
Sho/Aiba: Happy birthday to you~:D
Jun: Felicitations!
[Announcer: To that felicitous Ohno-kun there is a postcard from an audience member. writing: A question on a
postcard from an audience member. Tokyo metropolitan area, Bunkyouku, Kaotan-san (28); Please tell me about
your ideal wedding partner and wedded life. Announcer: Please tell me about your ideal wedding partner and
wedded life is what it says.]
Nino: Does the fact that you're 26 mean that it's already time to get married?
[writing: see Nino]
Sho: But first, are the person you love and the person you get married to different people?
[writing: see Sho]
Ohno: Depending on the time and the situation ne.
[writing: see Ohno]
Aiba: That isn't an answer at all ne!
[writing: Ambiguous]
Nino: That's the ambiguous leader ne.
Jun: Eh, so then, what if you were about to have children, what would you do?
[writing: see Jun]
Ohno: Well, before that- Cause I want kids you know. When you're with other people's kids ne, like when doing
the children's dinners, since they're not my kids I think [Aw, shaddup~].
[writing: see Ohno]
Jun: Hey! What kind of thing to say is that:P
[writing: see Jun]
Ohno: If they were my kids...I don't think they'd cry.
[writing: see Ohno]
Nino: They'd cry!
[writing: see Nino]
Jun: Yeah, they'd cry for sure-
Nino: Children cry-
Ohno: I didn't cry!!
[writing: see Ohno]
Nino: See you next week! Bye-bye!

I laughed so hard when he said he wanted the other people's kids to shut up:P No wonder Nino was eyeing him when Aiba asked who the worst dad would be, he's living in a dream world! But Happy Birthday Riidaa, and many many more:3

Plus, I translated their short bit on Zoom-In.

Host: With roars of laughter and a look back at 2006 this is Arashi's exclusive interview!
Arashi: Zoom-In!
[writing: Year 2006, Full settling of accounts special feature.]
Host: There's about a month left of this year, so this is a slightly early full settling of accounts special
[writing: Year 2006 Onslaught, Exclusive Arashi interiew]
Host: Arashi talked only to Zoom-In about their activities since the start of their 3-country Asia tour and
the year 2006.
[writing: {Arashi} exclusive interview, this year was...]
Host: This is popular group Arashi's exclusive interview, they looked back on this year's big activities.
Sho: To everyone who is watching Zoom-In!! Super,
Arashi: Good morning! We're Arashi!!
[writing: see Sho, Arashi. Kitto Daijoubu, J-Storm. Year 2006, Arashi's big activities!]
Host: This year was Arashi's big activities year. Their singles and albums all reached number one.
[writing: All CDs at number 1. Their first Asia tour(Taiwan, Korea, Thailand), they step forward into the world!]
Host: Rotating through Taiwan, Korea, Thailand on their first Asia tour, they step forward into the world.
[writing: This year's memories are?]
Host: That Arashi spoke of their memories of the year 2006.
Sho: Right ne~
Jun: So, be our representative, Riidaa, please.
[writing: see Jun]
Sho: Please.
Aiba: A few words, please.
[writing: Riidaa Ohno Satoshi-san (26)]
Ohno: Zoom-In!!
[writing: Zoom-in?]
Nino: You're too early, you're too early-
Jun: -something substantial.
Ohno: The five of us were amazingly (together) ne?
[writing: see Ohno]
Aiba: Together ne.
Ohno: This year. After all, we had our first experience with the Asia tour.
[writing: see Ohno]
Aiba: As Arashi ne? It was stepping out into Asia?
[writing: see Aiba. Aiba Masaki-san (23)]
Ohno: How was it everyone, the Asia tour?
[writing: see Ohno]
Jun: Oh, it was fresh. As you would think.
[writing: see Jun]
Aiba: Amazing ne.
Jun: The first experience is...great ne.
[writing: see Jun. Matsumoto Jun-san (23)]
Nino: It was a really good year, because of that experience-
Jun: There were an amazingly varied amount of stimuli ne.
[writing: see Jun. 130 million people decide! Best Artist 2006, starting tonight at 7pm, a three hour live broadcast.]
Host: Today everyone from Arashi will be performing in a gathering of super glamorous artists for the Best Artist 2006,
where 130 million people will choose among them. From a nationwide survey about 30 groups were selected to
perform, such as Mr.Children and B'z, in a 3 hour live broadcast.
[writing: Super glamorous artists, about 30 groups. 5th appearance.]
Host: Since this is their 5th appearance, of course Arashi speaks about it rawly.
Sho: Ne, Captain, do you have some kind of ambition (for the performance)?
[writing: see Sho]
Ohno: Well, this year it truly was the 5 of us ne.
[writing: see Ohno]
Aiba: Not that kind of thing!
Sho: Speak of, speak of ambitions.
Nino: This is the second time ne.
[writing: see Nino. Ninomiya Kazunari-san (23)]
Ohno: But well, holding an extreme sense of nervousness, I think today's like a challenge.
[writing: see Ohno]
Aiba: I see!
Sho: Speaking of which...? Wouldn't it have been better to follow that up with something?
[writing: see Sho. Sakurai Sho-san (24)]
Ohno: That's right ne.
Aiba: Let's do it, together.
Ohno: With everyone. So, let's go!
[writing: see ohno]
Sho: Yes!
Ohno: One, two -
Arashi: Zoom-In!
Sho: You're wrong! That's wrong, it's not like this! No matter what you say...all right let's try and do it one
more time, one, two-
Sho/Ohno: Zoom-In-
Sho: You're wrong!
Nino: What Zoom-In were you watching?!
[writing: see Nino]
Nino: What is that?
Aiba: Hatori-san doesn't do that!
[writing: see Aiba]
Nino: It's like this, like this...
Hatori: It's a big hit ne.
Host: Maybe Hatori-san should do it like that too.
Hatori: Should I do it like this? Ohno-kun ne, is starting a play very soon.
Host: That's right huh.
Hatori: Seeing this makes me a little uncertain about it though...
Host: Nono, it's fine. I'm sure when he does the real thing it'll be perfect. 130 million people choose! Best Artist 2006,
tonight starting at 7pm, a 3 hour live broadcast.
[writing: see Host]

Ahh, it must have been early...they look kinda tired:S But still very amusing:)

And I have a few Jun-articles that I've been letting gather dust, so I'll add them here:)

First is Wink-Up from August '06:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Matsumoto Jun's Choice [Chou Chou Arigatou], The Theme is [Gratitude]

I guess let's do [Chou Chou Arigatou(Super Super Thanks)]. Although, it will become about the Butai after all. Unfortunately, on
the last day the staff had clear-away to do so I wasn't able to properly part with them. Therefore I asked for
the Assistant Director's phone number, I was thinking, next time we'll talk on the phone. I want to properly
part with everyone all together. Though there was a general parting held separately, that day my voice was ruined
so I wasn't able to attend. Therefore I wasn't able to talk with anyone. After all, when my voice went out it
really caused everyone, Ninagawa-san of course, the cast, the staff, a lot of trouble. My voice really wouldn't
come out...I can say it now, but we were making preparations to suspend performances in the worst case scenario.
The first day and that day were the most painful, ne. Truly painful. That's the worst experience, though I don't want to
have that experience again...I was extremely thankful, truly "Super x2 Thanks", that not one person had an unkind
word to say to me. Katsu(-Mura Masanobu, co-star)-san as well really was concerned about me. Also on the day
my voice went out, he came right to the morning location to confirm my situation. Everyone cheered me on by
saying, [We can hear you], [I understand, I understand]...I think I really caused everyone a lot of trouble, I'm
extremely grateful. Though it's inexcusable to the people who came to see it that time, I wanted to do more of
my part, I think it was bad to leave it that way. Although I had intended to do 100% of what I could do in those
conditions at that time...after all, there are some regrets that remain. Although I may not be able to repay everyone
at some point, I think it would be great if I could give that back. Because everyone said, [It's okay. Fly!],
being encouraging just like in my role (Sky-Soaring Sasuke). Despite everyone having been gathered from elsewhere,
to produce only that performance, they brought their passion for it that far...I'm truly grateful. This time I was
constantly, truly obliged to them. Though I'm always obliged to a lot of people...I felt that strongly, ne.

I feel so bad for him....that would be terrible for anyone, but for a perfectionist it's like the end of the worldXS I hope he was able to let it go eventually, poor darling:S And I have no idea why the bottom of the picture is screwed up...^^;

Next, Popolo from August '06, the love issue<3 Ahh, such a sultry picture ne?:3

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Arashi. Our [awakening love]. Speaking of love.

To want to love. To want to be able to love. People can't live without love--. Not even Arashi is an exception.
A person who talked about the sense of love from someone close to them. A person who talked about having the
ultimate form of love. While agonizing they also earnestly thought about it, these are the five's answers to

Matsumoto Jun

- Love is [Something that needs features]
I said love is [something that needs features] because I thought that there are many things outside of oneself
that love, as it were, can be poured into. To that end, to start with the first [thing] you pour love into is
expectedly a [person's] being right? Because without that it won't hold true.
However, I think that when you are still a child you don't understand what it is to love, ne. It just becomes
merely curiosity. Because when you become seemingly able to comprehend what it is to love is when your mentality
is becoming that of an adult, ne.
I think that having lovable things is a very happy thing. Because to love something also means there is the
ability to love something. We love our fans too. Because of that I think we are able to do this lifestyle, whether
individually or in a group.

- Love is [Something that makes you grow]
I think love is something that makes you grow. If you have an object to pour your love into you must direct those
feelings and thoughts towards a higher place or it will be no good. You can't just maintain the status quo, ne.
If I were to speak frankly, I feel love on a daily basis. I think I am receving love.
That is because there are fans who cheer me on, ne. Being there as fans is, to me, very important. And, the
people who are cheering on Arashi and myself are causing us to grow.
Though I've been doing a play up until now, I want the people who come to see it to admire me not as Matsumoto
Jun, but as the role I'm acting out. Because that is a new step I'm facing. Because I think that could become
fertilizer for mutual growth.

- Love is [Something that gives existence to the things closest to you]
To love is to give existence to those things closest to you. I think there are a lot of them.
I think your family, friends, lovers, country and planet are like that, even a decorative plant you grow in
your room is a [lovable thing]. Perhaps the difference lies only in where people point their gaze.
Perhaps if you pointed your gaze only at the small things that are closest to you your world would change
greatly. Not throwing away garbage. Planting small vegetation and flowers. Not using disposable chopsticks, carrying
your own. Thinking about the environment where you live. Having pride in your own country. Because no matter
how small everything has meaning, if you raise yourself with that conduct your future will give it back to you.
Don't be satisfied with the way things are, let's start by raising with love the small things closest to us.

This month's theme column: Thinking of [Rainy memories]...
I like rain where I can softly feel the rain's sound and atmosphere.
There is rain I like and rain I hate. Those are soft rain and rough rain respectively. Overseas, especially Hawaii,
and Japan's mountain rain, because I can softly feel the sound and atmosphere of the rain that's the rain I like.

The way he thinks is so inspiring, I find it very soothing to read articles like this:3 And I know exactly the kind of rain he means, I love to walk in it, just get lost in a city of wet, empty streets and silvery-gray stillness....*w*

Also, I did a short description/translation of Arashi's part in Best Artist 2006, it's on my vox, here: Very best<3

*drags herself to bed*;P


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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE... Matsujun = LOVE


arigoto ne nyanchan <3
i really loved all your translations ..
arigato <3<3<3

can i ask something??
the utawara with jun backstage, where can i get those? where can i download the clip??

and.. could i request for translation?

thx again for the marrrrveloous translation ne nyanchan.

Ah, iie:D I'm so glad you enjoyed them:)
Hmm, I would have thought it would be widely available now but I guess not...I got it from this wonderful person's clubbox: so thankful:)
Sure, go for it;P
You're welcome;)
awww.. jun really treasures his fans.. that's sweet (and I'm touched!) :)

thanks for translating nyanchan!
He's a sweetheart ne?:3 I'm very happy to be one of those fans<3
My pleasure!:D
Aww~ I loved reading that! ^^
Thanks a lot for your efforts x3~
I'm so glad you enjoyed it!:D
You're very welcome:)
OMG! It's just so amusing... Jun is actually a SHY guy? :D He's really adorable! Luv him!!

Thx for sharing and translating ^^
Oh yes, he's adorably tenderhearted<3 Somewhat of an introvert too...a very interesting personality:)
My pleasure;P
Btw, I hope you don't mind if I'm linking this page thru my LJ? Wanna spread Jun's love <33
No, that's okay, more love is always good;)
I've never watch that Utawara!! oh Feel so sad TOT!!!!
Jun: I'm going to thrash you Kojima.
XDDDDDDDDDDD LUV DoS ! I felt in love when he act like that *O*!!!

Thanks for the magazines tranlations Luv the last one too
"Walking in the rain" *---------*
I love rain xD
Hehe, well I posted a link to the clubbox I got it from, maybe now you can see it?;) It's really short, but it's super goodXD Haha, he's so funny ne! I love that mercurial part of him, DoS is the bestX3
You're very welcome:D Rain is so nice ne...calming and beautiful....I wish it rained here in the winter instead of snowed:S
thanks so much! <33
Oh, it's my pleasure!:D And thank you for all of your wonderful contributions!:3
thanks so much!! your lj is treasure land of arashi-translations!!! <3 <3 <3
Haha, you're welcome!:D I like that, treasure land...and every golden coin has Jun's smiling face on it:3
ah thanks so much again for your lovely translations =D They were all so fun to read and I had been hoping a translation to the talk segment from last week's MMA would pop up somewhere, thanks again :3
My pleasure:) I'm so glad you enjoyed them!:D

Amazing Nyanchan

Nyanchan... You are amazing!!!! Thanks for all translation. I was thinking of you once I've seen Utawara and I'm about to ask you for translation. Geeeewiz.. you've finished it already and plus plus the others toooo. Well after reading about love theme Jun is amazing too. It seems like he is a very romantic guy. With all the detail even little tiny things. I love the way he talks about how to respect and care the nature and the others. TWO THUMBS UP!!!! By the way how's your weather like out there? Here it's not like we're in December. It's pretty warm here right now but we're expecting snow this coming Monday. It's kinda strange but i'll keep you posted.

Re: Amazing Nyanchan

Haha, iie iie;P You're welcome:D Glad I could beat you to the punch;) His romantic side is a very deep one ne, it isn't limited only to passionate things, he views the world through such pleasantly rose-tinted lenses sometimes<3 Hmm, well it's been hovering around -20 celsius for the last week, snowing almost every day, vicious windchill...just sitting in the living room I get cold feet;P I suppose you'll be getting what's left of our weather soon, watch out;)
hontou ni arigatou!!! your translations are amazing!! yaaay!! Utawara and these interviews!! I think i will die of happiness ^___________^

I will try to convert utawara to avi and make the subs ne!!! ^______^ kawaii~~~~ Thanks dear!!!!!!! i love you!! today we will chat ne ne!! ^^
Ureshii yo!XD Don't die ne, there's always more to come:P I can't wait to see the subs, you always do such a good job:D It's my pleasure!XD Yes, today we can have a nice long chat finally!:P
You know nyanchan, for all your translations about Arashi & Jun
I don't have any other special words to praise as the others already do, ne,
well so this time juz a truly thank you!
coz reading all these transl. , they juz make my day.
and Jun and shy, ne ...hahah...but he seems sometimes so complicated,ne.
his image on screen is that tough, and self confident,
but asking him about himself he says smthing like "I'm shy...or shy towards girls",
reading his interviews so Jun is somehow complicated. even that, I like how he express it, always in a very inspiring way like this love interview.

the last thing, i always have guessed this guy is a romantic and (soft) rain lover. (gosh, me too)now th interviews make it clearer.
So till the next translations nyanchan, ^_^ thank you.
It makes me very happy when people enjoy my work so much, that's the best thanks there is:D I agree, very complicated....his tough confidence and DoS moments may seem at odds with his deep introversion, but really they fit together very well if you know where to look:) His way of expressing himself is really beautiful ne?:3 Ah, another rain lover! If you don't like vaccuuming too then there's a club you can join...;P
You're very welcome, mata ne:D
Thank you! You spoil me, really. You spoil us all. ^__^ I'm so glad I'm Jun-bait, because you translate a lot of his interviews that make me love him more.
My pleasure!:D Haha, I'm a giver(don't roll your eyes!);P I'm glad I can help everyone love him as much as I do:3
Domo arigato nyanchan! ^___^ I love both the shy Jun and doS Jun. Oh and of course the romantic Jun. *hearts*
Ahahah internet porn. Did he just admit to watching that? XDDD
I also have the love hate realationship with rain. Sometimes I like the rain and sometimes I want it to go away. It doesn't matter to me though whether it's light or heavy rain. It just depends on my mood.
Ah, iie!:D There's so many sides to love ne?<3 He's never static, that's for sure... It sure looks like he did! Well, at least the free parts, which I suppose are nothing more than what's shown on late-night cable;P Still, quite surprising to hear!;) I like when the weather complements my moods too, but I have to say I've always felt a sense of kinship with rain...the sun and I don't get along as often as we should;P
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