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It's beginning to look a lot like Xmas:D

Ne, is everyone excited for Xmas yet?;) Yes, it's little late to be asking I guess, but lately these things just pass right by me without my noticing, so this is the first moment I've really felt like 'Xmas is finally here':) The snow everywhere, the beautiful lights, the xmas carols at my work...the little gingerbread cookies I'm eatingXD It's too bad I didn't notice sooner, xmas has so many nice benefits;P
Like presents! Speaking of which, here's my latest update:)
I translated the most recent episode of MMA with Jun and Ohno and the bossy Miku-chan!:D

First, my favorite cap of the whole episode, when Jun was relieved at hearing his food was goodXD

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That smile could break a thousand hearts....<3

Ohno: Arashi's-
Jun: -Assault-
Both: Children's Dinner~!
[Announcer: In place of parents who are busy everyday, Arashi cooks dinner. Arahi's Assault, Children's Dinner!
Jun: It's a lot of trouble ne.
Ohno: Yeah...
Jun: I really though ne, that other time, being a father or mother is a lot of trouble.
Ohno: That's 365 days a year...
Jun: It's day after day everyday huh?
Ohno: And right now we're contributing to that.
Jun: Wanna go home? (writing)
Ohno: You want go home?
Jun: Today, we want to air a highlights compilation episode. (writing)
[writing: Please do it seriously. Announcer: Hey know, come on, don't say that. We're fully relying on you today
as well. writing: Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi; Father - Kosaka Yasunin-san (37), civil servant; Mother - Kosaka Satomi-san
(31), homemaker. We want to enjoy our first date in 7 years! Announcer: Today's request is from the Kousaka-san couple. They
say they want Arashi to come cook dinner for their two daughters so they can have their first date since their
marriage 7 years ago.]
Ohno: By the way, our daughters are big fans of Arashi. (writing)
Jun: Oh, let's go!
[writing: Tension up!]
Jun: Let's go.
Ohno: We're going.
[writing: Narrarator, Abe Chiyo (FujiTV Announcer). Announcer: Their tension instantly goes up on hearing the kids
are fans. Without delay, the assault on the Kosaka household!]
Jun: hello!
Father/Mother: Hello~!
Jun: Nice to meet you.
Ohno: Nice to meet you.
Satomi: Nice to meet you~.
Jun: We came to make dinner.
Satomi: Ah, thank you very much~.
Ohno: Hello. (writing)
Miku: Hello.
Nao: Hello.
Jun: What are your names?
Miku: I'm Kosaka Miku.
Jun: Miku-chan?
Nao: I'm Kosaka Nao.
Jun: Nao-chan.
Ohno: Nao-chan.
[writing: The Kosaka household's daughters; eldest daughter Miku-chan (6), tomboy, favorite food - hamburgers;
next daughter Nao-chan (4), shy, favorite foods - salmon roe, cod roe. Announcer: Perhaps they're a little nervouse
in front of the two they admire. But, apparently they're usually quite tomboyish. So, mother, what's your request
for dinner? writing: The request from the mother...]
Satomi: The older sister has a hard time eating fish, (writing) so I'd like her to be able to eat fish easily.
Jun: You hate fish?
Miku: Yup.
Ohno: You hate all fish?
Satomi: It's no good...
[writing: The mother's wish; using the disliked fish give them a fantastic menu<3 Annoucner: She says she wants
them to make a fantastic menu so that she can eat fish she dislikes.]
Satomi: I don't mind if you get mad at them. (writing)
Jun: is that true?
Satomi: Yes, if you please.
Jun: We'll do it so it won't hurt. (writing)
Satomi: Cause they're tomboys, yes.
Jun: We don't do something that will hurt. (writing)
Satomi: Although it would be alright if you were able to do it with your wives ne. (writing) (??? still not sure about this...)
Jun: Understood.
Ohno: I'll partake... (writing)
[writing: Quick!]
Jun: You're quick huh.
[writing: Heading for their first date in 7 years. Announcer: And Papa and Mama depart for their first date in
7 years.]
Ohno: Those two aren't coming back. (writing)
Miku: Obviously they're coming back. (writing)
Ohno: Sorry ne.
Nao: obviously they're coming back.
Miku: Are you an idiot?! (writing)
Jun: She said "Are you an idiot?";P
Ohno: Hey, surely I didn't need the "are you an idiot?"...
[writing: Arashi's assault, children's dinner.]
Miku: Shitosa... (writing)
Ohno: It's [Satoshi]! (writing) What's with you?
Jun: I'm Jun. Nice to meet you. (writing)
Miku: Is that so...
Jun: Here.
Ohno: This is a dirty table huh~.
Miku: I don't wanna! (writing)
Jun: You don't want to?
Miku: That's right.
Jun: Damnit~ (writing)
Ohno: What is this? What kind of-
Jun: What do you normally do when you're playing? (writing)
Miku: I do puzzles. (writing)
Jun: Then let's do a puzzle together.
Miku: For you ne, it would be hard! (writing)
[writing: Snap><]
Jun: Fine, then I'll do this one.
Miku: Stop it! (writing)
Jun: Let me do one-
Miku: No!
JUn: Let me do it.
Miku: It's hard!
Jun: Hey! Hey!!
Miku: Do it! Hurry up! (writing)
JUn: Yes. Scary huh. Though I heard that you were a fan... (writing)
Miku: This is backwards you know! (writing)
Jun: Yes, sorry.
Miku: It goes like this. I told you! You said it would be [easy] right! (writing)
JUn: I said it. I'm sorry. (writing)
Miku: It's not [I'm sorry]! (writing)
Jun: Yes, I'm sorry.
[writing: Scolded idol...]
Miku: It's not [I'm sorry]!
Jun: Why am I being bullied so much today? (writing)
Ohno: Even this is a very rare scene ne. (writing)
[Announcer: To deal with the completely unenamoured girls the pair call an emergency meeting. writing: Emergency
Staff: How has it been up until now? (writing)
Jun: It's the worst... (writing) How has it been, it's the worst. They're not friendly at all. (writing)
Ohno: It's hard huh~ (writing)
Jun: It's hard today. What about if you try with the older sister? (writing)
Ohno: No way! (writing)
[writing: Persistently refusing!]
Jun: Well, it might go better than you think...
Ohno: Nonono... Nao-chan, it was fun huh? (writing)
Jun: She's giving off a [Not particularly...] feeling ne?
[writing: Is it alright with this mood? Announcer: With this kind of mood, will dinner be okay?]
Jun: Stop that~!
[writing: After this, even further tragedy for Matsumoto?! Announcer: see writing. writing: Wish from the mother;
she wants them to make dinner for the girls, who don't like fish. Announcer: see writing, -relying on Ohno-kun and
Ohno: So, Nao-chan, shall we fold?
Nao: It's Dad's underwear! (writing)
Ohno: Oh, dad's underwear-
Nao: Ah! Dad's underwear!
Ohno: Boxers huh?
Jun: They're really excited about it...
Miku: Look!
Nao: Dad's underwear!
Miku: It's Dad's underwear!
Ohno: It's dad's underwear huh!
Jun: Don't play with father's underwear you! (writing)
Ohno: We'll keep it secret from dad! (writing) Dad would get mad huh...
Miku: If we're playing-
Jun: Stop that~! (writing) Stop that you!
[writing: Seriously pissed! Announcer: At long last it seems that the kids have become friendly. But, sooner or later you
have to do the preparations for dinner. writing: Sooner or later, the dinner preparations.]
Ohno: All right! Let's go shopping! (writing)
Miku: We'll go shopping on our bikes! (writing)
Jun: You go shopping on your bikes? When?
Miku: On our bikes.
Jun: Bikes?
[Announcer: Departing to buy ingredients. (writing) What kind of cuisine will Ohno-kun and Matsumoto-kun make
to conquer the girls' dislike of fish? (writing)]
Jun: Speaking of which...what are you making Riidaa? (writing)
Ohno: Fish cuisine. (writing)
Jun: You're grilling it? You can't be grilling it, can you?! (writing)
Ohno: I haven't firmly decided yet...what should I make?
[Announcer: For Ohno-kun, who is not good at cooking, a menu for the obstacle-like fish cuisine is not surfacing.
writing: A menu using fish is not surfacing. Announcer: Meanwhile, Matsumoto-kun is...]
Jun: What about things like, like soft roe?
Miku: I like that.
Jun: Oh, you like it? And cod roe?
Miku: I hate it.
Jun: You hate it...
[writing: Researching likes and dislikes. Announcer: He's doing detailed research on the prefernces of the fish-
hating Miku-chan.]
Jun: And salmon roe? (writing)
Miku: I like it I like it! (writing)
Jun: So then, let's eat hand-rolled sushi! (writing) Hand-rolled sushi...is that good? Let's do hand-rolled sushi.
[writing: Matsumoto's dinner menu; hand-rolled sushi. Announcer: After hearing that she likes Ikura (salmon roe),
Matsumoto-kun decides on hand-rolled sushi. writing: Matsumoto's strategy; by using hand-rolled sushi to mix in
things they like, he'll get them to eat fish. Announcer: One way or another, it seems to be a strategy of mixing
it with things they like to get them to eat fish.]
Jun: Maguro (tuna) and Ikura (salmon roe) and Saba (marinated mackerel).
[Announcer: Meanwhile, the still deliberating Ohno-kun is... (writing).]
Ohno: Then let's do Aji (horse mackerel)...tataki! (writing) (tataki is a cooking style where you cut something
into blocks, skewer it and lightly grill the outside without heating the inside, then chop up and season
before eating) Although I've never done it before... (writing)
[Announcer: Though he's never touched a fish before, he's by and large decided on aji tataki. writing: Ohno's dinner
menu; aji tataki. Announcer: Well, this happens in life too ne?]
Jun: Thank you very much~. So, let's make some food, some food.
Clerk: Yes, goodbye~.
Jun: Thank you~.
Miku: Who's making it? (writing)
Jun: We're doing it together, the two of us. (writing)
Miku: What are you making? (writing)
Jun: I'm making hand-rolled sushi. (writing)
Miku: Great!
[writing: Cooking starts. Annoucner: First, Ohno-kun starts cooking.]
Ohno: (Aji too) would be okay to do tataki right? (writing)
[writing: Quite an easy-going reasoning! ANnouncer: So, although Ohno-kun has decided on the usual 'cut the
disliked foods really small' strategy...]
Ohno: So for now I cut the head...
[writing: Amputating the head! Annoucner: Oh dear, he suddenly amputates the head portion!]
Ohno: Ah, it's gross! Does it fit? (writing) It's kind of a 'and?' feeling huh...it's a feeling of [so what do
do I do now?] ne. (writing)
[Announcer: Here, a course on the correct way to filet a fish. (writing) writing: Following this path 34 years,
head chef Zaitsu Tatsuo-san. Announcer: We got Zaitsu-san, who's been pursuing this path 34 years, to show us
a demonstration. writing: Correct way to filet a fish; insert the knife right past the gills part, filet into
3 pieces by following the backbone to the tail. (Announcer) Announcer: Doing the same on the other side. Ohno-kun
started by amputating the head! writing: Completely wrong! Announcer: That's completely wrong.]
Ohno: Do I take this (the tail) off? (writing)
[Announcer: Eh?! You're cutting there too?]
Ohno: This is the right way huh?! (writing) Ah, it looks tasty~!
[writing: Shabbily...]
Ohno: It's hard... Look.
[Announcer: Huh? It's kind of...looking good? However! (writing)]
Ohno: Ah, what a waste... (writing)
[writing: An atrocious appearance. Announcer: We're sorry Mr.Fish!]
Ohno: How do you take it (the skin) off? (writing)
[writing: Ohno-style aji tataki; tear off the meat from the skin. Announcer: Uwa, there's a lot of meat sticking
to the skin! writing: the way to make aji tataki; following the skin, insert the knife and take off the meat.
Announcer: This is how the pros take off the skin. writing: Finely chop the aji and dress with onions. Announcer:
see writing. This is the correct aji tataki. Mm, it's beautiful! writing: Completed aji tataki. Ohno-kun pursues
his own style to the very end... (writing)]
Ohno: I guess they don't have any miso? (writing)
Jun: There was something down there that had [Garlic miso] written on it. (writing)
Ohno: That would be good huh!
Jun: Well, I'm sure there's regular miso around here somewhere.
Ohno: Nah, garlic miso sounds tasty you know...
Jun: I wonder if that's okay~, I get the feeling I just said something unneeded right now. Well, since I'm not
the one who chose it (the garlic miso) it's fine.(writing)
[writing: At his own pace. Announcer: Somewhere aside from Matsumoto-kun's worry is the 'my pace' Ohno-kun.]
Ohno: There aren't many people who don't like garlic huh.
[Announcer: Counting on human nature, he puts in the Kosaka household's special-made garlic miso.]
Ohno: An adult snack. (writing)
[Announcer: It's children's dinner! (writing) Don't you have the orientation wrong?]
Ohno: I think they'll tell me it's tasty! This looks tasty doesn't it? (writing)
Jun: You made it tataki-style? Um, sorry, would you be able to clean up ne? (writing) Since you're done.
Ohno: Ah, I see.
Jun: You don't have to particularly...since there's a punishment (cleaning up afterwards) it's okay to just set it aside.
Ohno: You're not using it?
Jun: I'm not using them. Since, I think I probably won't be cleaning up. (writing)
[writing: Quickly proclaiming his victory!]
Ohno: Is that so. Then I won't bother;P
[writing: After this, a withering critique for Ohno!! (announcer)]
Jun: Being close to xmas, it's a sort of hand-rolled sushi party huh?! (writing)
[writing: Matsumoto-style hand-rolled sushi; conquer the disliked fish by mixing it with things they like with
a party-type feel! Announcer: For the sake of the sisters who dislike fish Matsumoto-kun is battling with hand-
rolled sushi, mixing it with things they like. The party-like feeling makes it fun. writing: The Kosaka sisters'
favorite dish, salmon roe. Announcer: The item he's made use of is the sisters' favorite dish, salmon roe.
writing: Matsumoto-style hand-rolled sushi; to make even the girls who don't like fish able to eat it, he finely
cuts tamago (sweet egg omelette), chikuwa (tube-shaped fish-paste cake) and cucumber. (announcer)]
Jun: This much would okay I guess. Yes, the fillings are finished. If I do it like this, it'll work. So, let's cut
the fish! (writing)
[writing: Matsumoto-style hand-rolled sushi; he cuts the marlin to a size that even the kids can eat easily.
(announcer) Announcer: The cooking-loving Matsumoto-kun is also pretty good with a knife.]
Jun: This is the red snapper.
[writing: Matsumoto-style hand-rolled sushi; the plan is marlin, red snapper and mackerel. Announcer: The sashimi
is marlin, red snapper, and mackerel. And furthermore, one more inclusion. writing: Matsumoto-style hand-rolled
sushi; the way to make mayonnaise-crab. Announcer: Matsumoto-kun's one last push, mayonnaise-crab. He mixes the
finely cut crab bits with the kids' beloved mayonnaise. (writing)]
Jun: This seems like it will be popular huh. Maybe I should have made more...
[writing: Matsumoto-style hand-rolled sushi; crab-mayo. Announcer: As you would expect from Matsumoto-kun, it
looks delicious!]
Jun: A while back, I made it for a hand-rolled sushi party. At a time when my friends were in the midst of work
and various other plans, I entered a friend's kitchen from an extremely early hour. I was making the preparations
for hand-rolling the whole time. (writing)
Miku: What are you doing? (writing)
Jun: Go over there kay? I'm seriously cooking, so don't get in the way! (writing) Riidaa, you play with the two
of them.
[Announcer: However!! (writing)]
Miku: You're just lying down aren't you! (writing)
Ohno: Yes~, I'm lying down~.
[writing: In the middle of resting. Announcer: Ohno-kun is fully in the middle of resting. And then-]
Nao: OPen up your eyes! (writing)
Ohno: That's noisy you know~.
Miku: Draw a picture! (writing)
Ohno: A picture? No way! That's not funny! (writing)
Jun: Get him to draw for you, he's good.
Ohno: Then, if you wipe the table I'll draw a picture for you. (writing)
Jun: Oh, that's good ne~, that's a good thing ne~.
Miku: What should we wipe it with?
Ohno: I'll just got get soemthing. Okay.
Miku: This mark is kind of-
Ohno: Make it nice, the two of you do it together.
[writing: Ohno-style discipline; a strategy using a reward to instil responsibility. (announcer)]
Ohno: So, shall I draw your facse? (writing)
Miku: Yeah.
Ohno: Shall I draw both of you?
Miku: Yeah.
Ohno: Then go over there. Drawing huh...are caricatures okay?
[Announcer: Both Miku-chan and Nao-chan look happy!]
Jun: So you know...ne, won't you do this with me?
[writing: Matsumoto-style hand-rolled sushi; mixing in the vinegar while cooling the rice. Announcer: On seeing how close
the three look, Matsumoto-kun also heads to the table.]
Jun: More wind, more wind! Keep at it! (writing)
Nao: I can do it much stronger. Ne-
Jun: That's- I'm doing it, come do it over here.
[writing: And here-!! *fart*]
Ohno: You just broke wind now didn't you? (writing) You went "brrrump" huh?
Miku: You're wrong. (writing)
Ohno: You're lying~? (writing)
Miku: Really. (writing)
Ohno: Oh, you did break wind;P (writing)
[writing: Embarrassment]
Ohno: When you broke wind you looked right at my face you know. You made a face like [Ah! Now I've done it!] ne?
(writing) Ah! You're a girl~! You're nonplussed huh?! (writing) It was completely filmed by the camera
you know! (writing)
[Announcer: She was a little embarrassed, but Miku-chan's sketch is complete.]
Ohno: How is it? The picture? (writing)
Miku: It looks like me. (writing)
Ohno: It looks like you ne?
Miku: It looks like me~.
[Announcer: Miku-chan is enraptured with Ohno-kun's sketch. writing: Artist, Ohno Satoshi.]
Miku: Here, this is your grade. (writing)
Ohno: Oh!
Jun: Amazing. She gave you 100 points. (writing)
Ohno: Nao-chan, how many points would you give this? Honestly, how many points?
Nao: 0 points! (writing)
[writing: Blunt!]
Jun: Keep at it, keep at it~!
[writing: The fish conquest menu is complete! Announcer: The items completed for the menu for the conquest of the
disliked fish are these! (writing) Announcer: Ohno-kun somehow created this aji tataki-ish. To enhance the flavor he
add the Kosaka household's garlic miso, for a first-ever creation. writing: Ohno's creation, aji tataki-ish.
Announcer: Meanwhile, Matsumoto-kun has hand-rolled sushi. (writing) To make it possible to conquer the disliked
fish by eating it with things they like, he has brought this together. writing: Time to eat!]
Jun: Sorry to keep you two waiting. You're already tired ne. An email came from your mother.
[writing: An email from the mother...]
Jun: We probably had a once in a lifetime dinner. But after all maybe having all you can eat, all you can drink
barbequeue with the family would be good...not quite.
Ohno: I want to eat barbequeue~ (writing) Our is good to I guess-
Jun: Let's eat. So shall we start with Riidaa?
Miku: It's delicious. (writing)
Ohno: Really?! (writing)
Nao: It's delicious. (writing)
Ohno: Really?! (writing)
Nao: Yup.
Ohno: There we go~!
Nao: It's delicious.
Ohno: Then eat more, this is delicious right?
Miku: We'll wolf it down! (writing)
Jun: Oh, so even though you hate fish it works?
[writing: Very popular<3]
Jun: They're super into it huh...no matter how you look at it.
Ohno: Ah~. That's the first time anyone has told me my cooking was [delicious]. (writing)
Jun: Woah~, it's working, it's working ne~.
[Announcer: Unexpectedly, Ohno's creation, aji tataki-ish, is completely devoured. (writing) Next up is Matsumoto-kun's
hand-rolled sushi.]
Ohno: So what part was it? (writing)
Jun: Of what?
Ohno: MatsuJun's bias? (writing)
Jun: Hand-rolled sushi, you know, even people who can't eat fish will eat tamago, so they can eat together with
everyone! (writing) Here! This is older sister's-
Ohno: You put a lot of thought into it huh~. (writing)
Jun: How is it?
Miku: it's delicious. (writing)
Jun: I'm so glad~! I was getting impatient, in that space just now:P (writing)
[writing: An unpleasant silence.]
Jun: I was thinking, if she tells me it's bad, it's not particularly me but my ingredients...I was impatient,
in that interval just now;p In that one I put in tuna, cucumber and pickled daikon. (writing)
Miku: It's delicious. (writing)
Jun: It's delicious ne. Taste it and see. I want to eat it, but that's fine, it's okay. First the two of you
should eat it. How is it Nao-chan? Is it delicious?
Nao: That (the aji tataki) was seriously tasty! (writing)
Jun: This is no good, the weather's kind of looking suspicious here! (writing)
[writing: Judgement, which was the most delicious? Announcer: Well then, judgement time! Miku-chan. Nao-chan,
decide which of the pair's cooking was the most delicious ne! writing: Judgement; tap the person's shoulder
who's food was the most delicious.]
Jun: So, that is to say, this is the judgement. Please tap the shoulder of the older brother who made the most
delicious food. The two of you please tap my shoulder in unison! (writing) I mean, not my shoulder!;P
[writing: Inducement?]
Jun: That's inducement right? Please tap the shoulder of the one who's food was the most delicious.
Ohno: Yes, please do that.
Jun: Yes! So do that please!
[Announcer: After this, a shockign end to the fish cuisine contest?! (writing) writing: Judgement, which was the
most delicious. Announcer: In the fish cuisine contest, Miku-chan, Nao-chan, which was the most delicious?
writing: see Judgement part above]
Jun: Okay? When I say 'ready and-', when I say 'ready and-' tap on us. Shall we go? Ready, and-!
[writing: The aji tataki-ish, Ohno's victory!!]
Jun: This can't be happeneing...
Ohno: Seriously? Really?
Jun: What was good about it? The garlic flavor was delicious? That after all...he got the established taste.
Ohno: Winning at cooking is this happy! (writing)
Jun: The hand-rolls weren't very delicious?
Miku: Though they were delicious... (writing)
Jun: Though they were delicious...? Though?
Miku: They were hard to eat. (writing)
Jun: They were hard to eat huh~.
[writing: A frank opinion.]
Ohno: That's it.
Jun: I didn't pay attention to the fact that it was hard to eat huh~;P
[Announcer: Furthermore!! (writing)]
Miku: Cause Miku really hates nori. (writing)
Jun: Which?
Nao: Nao too! (writing)
Miku: I hate nori.
Jun: Seriously?
[writing: A shocking truth!]
Jun: Seriously? So that's how it was...when I said "shall we eat hand-rolled sushi" you said "I want to eat
hand-rolled sushi"!
Miku: Nao ate so much flavored nori that she vomited, so now she hates it. (writing)
Ohno: You did it ne~.
Jun: There are limits to overeating you know! (writing)
[Announcer: Matsumoto-kun, due to the unbelievable loss, has to do the cleaning up as punishment. (writing)]
Jun: It's kind of bittersweet...you could still eat this. (writing)
[Announcer: And then he catches sight of something outrageous! (writing)]
Jun: This is terrible, this method of fileting (the aji)! (writing) This kind of...there's meat on there!
Meat! (writing)
Satomi: We're home~!
Jun: Welcome home~.
Satomi: We're home!
Jun: You're returned.
Nao: Mama! He drew Miku and Nao! (writing)
Satomi: Amazing~!
Miku: Satoshi-man did! (writing)
Jun: By the way, this is today's menu.
Satomi: Ah, yes~!
Miku: The most delicious was this one (aji tataki)! (writing)
Ohno: That's nice ne~. Say it more, say it more~!
Miku: The best was this, the best was this!!
[writing: Extremely well-favoured!!]
Ohno: Say it one more time!
Satomi: Were you able to eat a lot of fish? That's great ne~! You can eat it now! (writing)
Jun: They ate fish ne.
[writing: Arashi's assault, children's dinner, file No.6, Kosaka household. Hand-rolled sushi; the two ate fish
mixed with various things. They were both cute little girls. Jun. "The two ate fish mixed with various things."
Aji tataki-ish and cucumber; the two of them unexpectedly ate all of the aji tataki-ish! I was surprised that
both of them ate it so well. Satoshi. "The two of them unexpectedly ate all of the aji tataki-ish!" {he wrote
'igai' (unexpected) wrong, his way it reads 'excepting';P} Announcer: Next they're assaulting your house!<3
Ohno: Which is to say, as unexpected as it may be, it's my victory!
Nino: Wonderful!
JUn: This is the 'children's dinner' report card! (writing) Present stage.
Sho: Agh!
[writing: Tension down]
Jun: How many times have we gone right now? It's 6 times ne, for all. This is the situation from admist that.
Again this...
Nino: Eh?! Is it already over today? (writing)
Sho: It's over. (writing)
Nino: Eh? Why?
Sho: Well...it's kind of intense. (writing)
Aiba: Intense? What is?
Sho: Cause ne, take a look at it please! At the present stage, I'm at zero aren't I? At the worst, since I haven't
been twice I can't win. Aiba-kun and Ohno-kun are winning at the top then.
Aiba: That's right ne.
Sho: I want to hear Aiba-kun and Ohno-kun's rules of winning! (writing)
Aiba: It's not just cooking and so on! You play with thema certain amount too ne? (writing)
Ohno: No, I'm different ne. (writing)
Jun: He doesn't really play.
Aiba: Is that so? I played a fair bit!
Jun: He doesn't play.
Nino: Cause he hates kids. (writing)
Sho: So you have a pattern of playing with them and winning right?
Aiba: Yup, that's it ne.
Sho: That I can understand, the relation there. What's the key to the method not playing and winning? (writing)
Ohno: It's not cooking things the way they're meant to be cooked. (writing)
Sho: So you would say? (writing)
Ohno: Therefore, um, like the aji tataki-ish...
[writing: Aji tataki-ISH]
Ohno: That was kind of my own idea-
Nino: That's 'ish'? (writing)
Aiba: 'Ish'?!
Ohno: Cause I put in my own flair...
Sho: So you can't follow the mold...
Ohno: You can't follow the mold! (writing)
Sho: So strongly-!
Jun: So with that method you came to two wins?
Ohno: I did!
Sho: Ha~, I see ne~.
Ohno: Though, the [sweet potato gyoza] appear to have been fairly unpleasant... (writing)
[writing: Very bad reputation.]
Jun: Are they any kind of things that you want to make, after this? (writing)
Nino: Things that appear in school lunches. (writing)
Sho: Ah! That would be-
Jun: Ah! I see! (writing)
Sho: -that would be-
Jun: That would be good ne! (writing) Definitely.
Ohno: Let's aim for that then.
Aiba: Bread! Bread rolls! (writing)
[writing: bread rolls?]
Nino: Then you do it yourself.
Aiba: Something like bread rolls would definitely work.
Nino: That would take hours. (writing) Bread rolls...
[Announcer: After this, they're looking after the collective care of grandpa, grandma and the little ones!
writing: Looking after the collective care of grandpa, grandma and the little ones SP! Announcer: Next week
is the looking after the collective care of grandpa, grandma and the little ones SP! (writing) writing: "Who?"
Announcer: And here the strongest assassins appear! (writing) If they lose, eh?! There'll be a member replacement?!
(writing) Threatening Ohno and Matsumoto in front of grandma and grandpa, a new pair of grandkids-! writing:
Ohno and Matsumoto become grandkids!]
Jun: This is bad huh, seriously! (writing)
Ohno: Yeah.
[Announcer: And, Aiba, Sakurai, and Ninomiya are...]
Aiba: Light on! (writing)
[Announcer: ...together with the guests, giving the kids an xmas present! Look forward to it!

I can't believe they picked Ohno's cooking over that delicious-looking hand-made sushi!!O_o Jun, come make sushi for me, I'll show you the appreciation you deserve!XD And Miku-chan was just being so mean to Jun;P He's so cute with the little girls ne, letting them boss him around...:3 And Minna, even better, wonderful Tenjo-chan tenjostyle is making subs for this episode!:D *excited*XD I have seen a little bit already and they make it even funnier, otanoshimi ni!:P

Also, baka_power asked me to translate the interview with Jun and Mao-chan regarding HYD2 on Ousama Buranchi, it's super cute:D

Announcer: -this is the general outline.]
Tsukasa: What are you doing you moron?!
[writing: Doumyouji Tsuakasa; Matsumoto Jun]
Tsukasa: You're in love with me aren't you?
[writing: Makino Tsukushi; Inoue Mao]
Tsukushi: I'm in love with you!
[writing: [Hana yori Dango] is coming back! Announcer: Having become a big topic, [Hana yori Dango] is returning
after a year away! writing: 1 year from then...the anticipated continuation. Announcer: The anticipated continuation
of the story of poor-girl Tsukushi and super celebrity Doumyouji. writing: Han yori Dango 2(returns). Announcer:
Hana yori Dango Returns! The main stage for the first episode is...New York. Exactly what will become of the
relationship of those two from now on? writing: Hana yori Dango2 returns, Inoue Mao, Matsumoto Jun. Announcer:
Immediately upon their return from New York, a very direct interview with Inoue Mao-chan and Matsumoto Jun-san!]
Host: Since it's been awhile since the first season, I'd like it if you could tell me the things you think have changed
since then.
[writing: The mutual changes...]
Mao: Hmm...well I was thinking 'I suppose he's gotten a little rounder huh~'. (writing)
Jun: What's with that?
Mao: He hasn't changed! (writing)
Jun: What the heck is that?
Host: Are there places that have become newer?
Mao: Oh, don't be that personal;P
Jun: There aren't there?;P
Host: Is that how it is? How about you Matsumoto-san?
JUn: That's right ne...um...
Mao: What's with that look?
Jun: Well, your outfit is terrible, when you get a good look at it!
Mao: What?!
Jun: Why am I wearing a suit when you're in that - what's with that oufit?!
[writing: Tsukushi's everyday clothes.]
Mao: Well, this is everyday Tsukushi.
Jun: She's poor huh~...:) (writing)
Jun: So, it was parts that have changed ne?
Host: Yes!
Jun: Um, she got darker! (writing)
Mao: Hey...
Host: Eh?! What does that mean?
Jun: Well you see...toda- today was amazing, she came into the make-up room while was getting my make-up done-
Host: yes...
Jun: -and she was like "'morning..." That's how it was ne?;P
Mao: But, it wasn't that horrible of an atmosphere...
Jun: That's how it was. Like you were all ragged, just like "'morning..."
Mao: I wasn't ragged!! (writing) I did it properly! A blanket, a blanket ne, since it was cold out, I was holding
my blanket, carrying my bag, I said "Good Mornin~g!!". (writing) That kind-
Jun: Uwa, there it is! There it is! Actresses are scary ne, like this; like this you can never win in exchange with them;P
[writing: [Hana yori Dango 2] making-of in New York. Announcer: Speaking of [Hana yori Dango returns], how was the
quick location shooting in New York that sets the satge for the first episode? writing: Inoue Mao's New York locations
Mao: Well...it was cold.
Host: It was cold?
Mao: Although it was cold, after all it was very pretty, wherev- whichever place you went to it was like a painting.
Amazingly...well, I was together with everyone, it was fun. Though we were on a fairly tight schedule, it was
extremely fun ne.
Host: Matsumoto-san-
Jun: Yes.
Host: how was your filming in New York?
[writing: Matsumoto Jun's New York locations were...]
Jun: It was the worst ne. (writing)
Host: It was the worst?!
Jun: Yup, there was only three days. Since there was only 3 days, on the day I arrived I was filming from say 9am
to 11pm.
Host: Ah~ that's-
Jun: It was the kind of schedule that made me wonder if they were trying to kill me, and when we were finally done I was
left thinking 'what do I do now' ne. There's only one thing isn't there?
Host: Yes.
Mao: That's fine, it's just sleeping right? (writing)
Jun: Then, just drinking right! (writing)
Mao: That would of course be where we differ ne...
Host: You went drinking?
Jun: I went drinking ne.
Host: Fairly...?
Jun: Fairly...yes, fun. Evening in New York was fun. Yes.
[Announcer: 1 year from part one, which boasted of tremendous popularity. The atmosphere of everyone in the staff and cast who
have been gathered together anew is increasingly heating up. It seems it will be yet another mix of unity and scars...
writing: Inoue Mao, Matsumoto Jun's unmissable spots!]
Host: Are there any spots this time that you would say are unmissable?
Jun: Well, this time I think there are themes as well...
Host: Yes?
Jun: Uh, challenge and change. (writing) That's it ne?-
Host: Challenge and change?
Jun: -In this one year's interval, the things that have changed, well, I would say we're being challenged to evoke
them in part two.
Mao: Well, since it's been a year...
Host: yes.
Mao: -in that year there were many places where each person shows the passing of time, where time has passed.
Well, there are parts of each of our roles where we needed to think about that...
Host: Yes.
Mao: That would be what I would call unmissable. Yes! Which is to say ne...on January 5th, for 2 hours and 15 minutes
[Hana yori Dango] will return. Those who haven't seen part one as well as those who are eagerly awaiting this,
I think you will enjoy yourselves. Eh, for 2hrs and 15min please be fully involved in the world of Hanauu-
[Hana yori Dango];P
Jun: By all means, please watch. It starts at 9pm that evening.
Mao: There's me's on either side of you too. In triplicate. Yes!
Jun: In triplicate. There's that kind of thing too?;P
[Announcer: The line-up you see here are the new shows that will be airing in January of the new year, look forward
to it. So-]

Poor Jun, he was there for 3 days and all he did was work...and drinkXD When I heard that I was just picturing seeing him in a bar somewhere, I'd probably pass out;P *sigh* So close, but not close enough;) He and Mao-chan seem very friendly ne, like brother and sister (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!;P) And...*drumroll*...the lovely tenjostyle subbed this too!:D
Youtube: baachan-
SS: -mitai!XD
Thanks so much dear!:3

And I had some requests for articles too, an Arajin from August and the Marriage Conditions quiz from February Popolo!=)

First, the August Arajin, requested by afterglowmegami, thanks to her for the scan;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Arajin #26, Arajin reply mail special.
Arajin reply mail is? Let's explain! Arajin reply mail is, a system where teh staff in charge of [Arajin] takes
the emails for the members from everyone who reads [Arajin] and gets them to answer them.
[Yellow Tears], [Kisarazu Cat's Eye World Series], during the time they were doing these film projects the email
questions have piled as high as a mountian...(sorry!). Which means, from now we're presenting the [Arashi Reply
Q.1: I heard you started surfing, have you improved your skills? (Sacchan-san)
A. Though I worked at it a bit last summer, it was completely no good...(laughs). When I went and tried it this
summer and I stood up with rather skillful ability, I thought "Interesting huh".
But this time Yamaguchi (Tatsuya)-kun brought me along. Although in when I'm in the city I stand out no matter
what due to work-related matters, the ocean has nothing to do with age, the fact that you can get along well
with anyone is great ne. My skills...well, please watch over me for a little longer period (laughs).

Q.2: Lately, what were things that made you happy, things that made you sad? (Airplane Cloud-san)
A. Something that made me happy was going on the three country overseas visit. Sad things, although it's the most
trivial of trivial, when I woke up in the Fukui hotel I injured my finger. Rather than something sad per say,
although I was just sleeping like normal I cut it so deeply it was gouging into the flesh...I was scared (laughs).

Q.3: Please tell us here the movies you have seen and the books you have read lately. (Pedal-girl<3-san)
A. Although these are a little late, Murakami Ryuu-san's [Coin Locker Babies], Murakami Haruki's [Seaside Kafka],
and Natsume Souseki's [Field Poppy]. I'm always starting to read concurrently, among those I finish the book
I started nibbling on first.

Q.4: Though Jun-kun is called [Do S Banchou], have there been any incidents lately that you thought "This is too
S!"? (Windchime Volcano-san)
A. Although there are a lot of things that seem like they'll come out on the screening of [G no Arashi!], when it's
firmed up it's different!
A while back, I called Riidaa [Old man!] during the MC of a concert...so, is that S? (laughs)

Q.5: You got extensions, were there any hardships associated with them? (Home-sick-san)
A. Because they'd be in the way I'd tie them up to sleep, and then they'd become meatball style. Since that was
also kind of in the way, it was extremely hard to sleep. Which kinds of leads to you saying "don't do it then"
ne (laughs).
So when I asked a long-haired make-up artist he said [It's better if you loosen the ties so that you can play
with it], then we seemed to reach an understanding.

Q.6: Though it's still very hot, how do you manage your physical condition? What foods do you eat? (I want to become
your little sister!-san)
A. I make time to relax. Right now surfing is that kind of time ne. Things I eat are...yogurt and such things as
the Japanese soba introduced on the cellphone web I guess.

Questions for the members can be expressed here: arajin@tokyonews.co.jp.

Ah!>_< I was cringing the whole time I read the part about him cutting his finger, poor baby:S I'd be scared too, if it was that deep...but how exactly did he cut himself while sleeping?^^; And I really really wish I could have seen the meatball hairXD

baka_power posted the scans of the marriage conditions part of Feb. Popolo on her lj, so thanks so much to her for sharing and credit to judytzuchu of ninoism.cn for the scans=) I will only post Jun's part, if you want to see the others go check out baka_power's lj;P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

...kakkoii~X3 *ahem* Moving along...;)


The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:

1. The feeling of being with you is good.
2. Able to properly see people's actions.
3. Rich expression of sensitivity.
4. Your five senses are sharp.
5. Like cooking.
6. Living with you is good.
7. Can be thrifty.
8. Diligent personality.
9. You like yourself.
10. You have hobbies.
11. You like the arts.
12. You read books.
13. You like kids.
14. Quick-witted.
15. Active.
16. Vibrant curiosity.
17. There are bad parts of your personality.
18. Pretty without make-up.
19. You like spontaneity.
20. Strong immunity due to good health.

Diagnostic Result: You and Matsumoto Jun's marriage compatability is?
Number of checks 0~5.....Marriage Compatability 25% - The connection with you is still developping ne.
Number of checks 6~12....Marriage Compatability 50% - It seems like you will be very good as friends.
Number of checks 13~19...Marriage Compatability 75% - You have plenty of the qualities to make you a candidate for a lover
Number of checks 20......Marriage compatabaility 100% - If you met, perhaps you could get married?!


The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:

1. You are a girl.
2. You're older than 16.
3. You can speak Japanese.
4. You have a job.
5. You won't say things like [Are you working?]
6. You won't complain if I open the house up.
7. You're able to live together in the heart of the city.
8. You won't coerce me into having a multi-generation household.
9. Great generosity.
10. You'll let me play my games.
11. You hate travelling.
12. You have hobbies and special skills.
13. You aren't too shy.
14. You won't grasp my schedule. (Like, memorize or manage it?)
15. You'll understand my laughing points.
16. You don't have too many friends.
17. You don't have dresses.
18. You have 'lucky underwear'.
19. You could fall in love with me.
20. You like me.

Diagnostic Result: You and Matsumoto Jun's marriage compatability is?
Number of checks 0~5.....Marriage Compatability 25% - The connection with you is still developping ne.
Number of checks 6~12....Marriage Compatability 50% - It seems like you will be very good as friends.
Number of checks 13~19...Marriage Compatability 75% - You have plenty of the qualities to make you a candidate for a lover
Number of checks 20......Marriage compatabaility 100% - If you met, perhaps you could get married?!


The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:

1. Our conversations match.
2. Our hobbies match.
3. You can cook.
4. You're kind.
5. You're not fussy about food.
6. Your walking speed is the same as mine.
7. Our values match.
8. You can drink sake.
9. You have some slightly silly parts.
10. You have the same laughing points as me.
11. You can be free in your expression.
12. You won't be concerned with clothing.
13. You can fish.
14. You can judge the fish you've caught.
15. You're not too detailed about money.
16. You like surreal art.
17. You have dreams.
18. You're harmonious.
19. You have feelings of being thankful.
20. You can get along with my parents.

Diagnostic Result: You and Matsumoto Jun's marriage compatability is?
Number of checks 0~5.....Marriage Compatability 25% - The connection with you is still developping ne.
Number of checks 6~12....Marriage Compatability 50% - It seems like you will be very good as friends.
Number of checks 13~19...Marriage Compatability 75% - You have plenty of the qualities to make you a candidate for a lover
Number of checks 20......Marriage compatabaility 100% - If you met, perhaps you could get married?!


The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:

1. Cooking is your specialty.
2. You can divide up the garbage. (Between burnable and unburnable, recyclable, etc....^^;)
3. We have the same values.
4. You get along well with your family.
5. You know etiquette.
6. You're able to treat feelings of thanks preciously.
7. You have a wide outlook.
8. You can drink sake.
9. You're sociable.
10. You like congeniality.
11. Our harmony matches.
12. You treat work importantly.
13. You have a driver's license.
14. You have points that you won't compromise on.
15. You like music.
16. You like children.
17. Your smile is cute.
18. You're positive.
19. You still use the bathtub even in the summer.
20. You can stop fights.

Diagnostic Result: You and Matsumoto Jun's marriage compatability is?
Number of checks 0~5.....Marriage Compatability 25% - The connection with you is still developping ne.
Number of checks 6~12....Marriage Compatability 50% - It seems like you will be very good as friends.
Number of checks 13~19...Marriage Compatability 75% - You have plenty of the qualities to make you a candidate for a lover
Number of checks 20......Marriage compatabaility 100% - If you met, perhaps you could get married?!


The Marriage Partner Conditions Checklist 20:

1. Cleaning is your specialty.
2. You can be considerate.
3. You're strong in quarrels.
4. You won't put all your influence on one thing.
5. You can play golf.
6. We have the same values.
7. You have a spirit for challenges.
8. You don't have likes and dislikes for food.
9. You can cook.
10. You don't decorate yourself.
11. Sometimes you decorate yourself. (...uhhh...^^;)
12. The way you walk is pretty,
13. You can drink sake.
14. Your nails are short.
15. You can go camping.
16. You have a lot of friends.
17. You have a good balance no matter what you're involved with.
18. You like anime.
19. You like movie masterpieces.
20. You're tough.

Diagnostic Result: You and Matsumoto Jun's marriage compatability is?
Number of checks 0~5.....Marriage Compatability 25% - The connection with you is still developping ne.
Number of checks 6~12....Marriage Compatability 50% - It seems like you will be very good as friends.
Number of checks 13~19...Marriage Compatability 75% - You have plenty of the qualities to make you a candidate for a lover
Number of checks 20......Marriage compatabaility 100% - If you met, perhaps you could get married?!

Hehe, well everyone, how do you measure up?!XD I'll be very surprised if anyone got less than 7 checks, and some of these seem like pure jokes, but it's still very interesting...like Sho and Aiba seem to be looking for housewives, Nino doesn't care as long as you don't wear dresses and let him play videogames, Ohno (who has some creepy spider-like thing crawling out of his shoulder!!XS) wants a companion...who can fish;P And Jun seems to be looking for a soulmate...*w* ...sign me up...X3

Happy Holidays~!:3


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Haha! That marriage thing is pretty funny. I match up closest with Aiba!? then with Jun!! Interesting that only Nino put age and gender limits, ne? Oh, well. Thanks for this!
Ah, Aiba ne?XD His is pretty hard to answer...;P I actually scored the lowest for him, tied with Sho^^; Haha, I don't think it even occurred to the other boysXP Or maybe Nino has had some...experiences...in the past?XD You're welcome!:D
Suge Nyanchan! You translate a lot!! ^___^ A want to do the others checklists too xP

your translations are awesome ^//////^ you know that we adore you *hug*

ne! i made MMA subs till minute 10 =D
I did my best!XD It's so much fun ne, sometimes I can't stop;P Did you do them all too?;) I match best with Jun, then Ohno...*very happy*:3
Ah, you're too kind>_< *blushes* Thank you so much for your subs dear!:) I know everyone really appreciates your efforts:D


Some of these conditions did seem like a joke...like wtf, "the way you walk is pretty"? for Aiba. lmao...how would you know?! omfg...*shakes head. Well...for Jun I got 12, for Nino I got 15 (I hate wearing dresses and I'ld join him in playing his games!), for Ohno I got 8, for Sho I got 12, and for Aiba I got 9. XD I think I'm better off with Nino ne? lol
Thanks for posting! It was fun.

Re: lol...wtf?

Haha, I suppose with that one you're supposed to go from what other people tell you?;P His list was a tough one, contradictions all over the place;P Yaeh, you and Nino seem like a good match, buy him a ps3 and his heart is yours I betXD
My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it;)
thx thx thx nyan!~ keke~
jun's checklist >> seems the most normal to me.. except the last one.. so ur fiancee has to get a body check for u?
nino's checlist >> any1 smell "big man" on him!? it's all about him! XDD
ohno + #14 = me LMAO!~ i'm surprise he didn't have a "YOU have to love my mom as much as i lov her"! XD
sho's list: sounds like a social worker/nanny list! OMG!
and aiba should just marry himself! XDDD
thx for the translation!
You're welcome~:D
Haha, maybe he's afraid of getting sick and missing work...not the most romantic requirement, but it beats Sho's "you can sort garbage"...XDD
Ah, what do you expect from our sharp-tongued friend?;P
I should have known Ohno would have a condition about his Mom on there...in fact, I'm surprised it was the last one!XD
Sho's list...good grief, that's kinda harsh:S
I think if Aiba could find his identical twin in the opposite sex he'd be on cloud nine...and it would make for some very funny pics;P

1. You are a girl.

ROFL well I'm glad he cleared that up, sorry guys. ;)
Aw~ I've heard the heart of the boys break XD
Too bad I own (and wear dresses) *sighs* but I would definitely join NINO when he's playing his video games ^_^

Thank you and Happy Holidays too! <<33
Aw, I'm sure he'll forgive you for the dresses as long as you have the lucky underwearXDD
You're welcome!:D
you are wonderful for translate all those things once again!!!! ^____^!
Thanks a lot for this hard work!!

I'll have take the mariage quizz ^^; let me see my result for each one lol !
Oh, it's my pleasure!XD I'm so glad you liked them:D
I bet I know which one you're hoping for the most...;P
thank you sssssooooooo much for this ^^ and to tenjostyle for subbing XD yeah
I can so picture poor Jun super tired XD and instead of going to bed he heads out for the bar XDDDDD must be funny I heard you get drunk faster when you're really tired ^^;;;;
You're very welcome!:D She's awesome ne:P
Ah, who needs sleep when you can get drunk in a foreign country, right?XD Really, I've never heard that before...but I wouldn't be surprised...and since he probably couldn't eat much on set, and empty stomach goes a long way too;P

Thanks again Nyanchan for this hard work again. i really did enjoy reading them.
MMA--> i thought those girls were mean to junbaby too. he went out of his DoS ways so many times for them.
those check lists
Junbaby list is just as great as him. i can not get over the fact that how sensetive and sensual jun is. the more i read about him the more i like this baby. his way of thinking is just waaaay different from any average pop idole or an actor. very true to his feeling. i was astonished by one though "you like kids" hontou ni? junbaby and kids? or does it means she has to like kids do he does not have too? oh, i liked the one about pretty without make up. i sense some insecurity on his side. (although jun is always prettt pretty pretty boy, but some times i think that make up is a bit too much. ne? specially the nail varnish which saw them in recent MMA with grand parents

funniest one is the nino's. " you are a girl" haa haa haa. all those points say i am the man in the house even if you are wearing trousers (hence not having dresses).
thanks alot for this
It's my pleasure, it makes me happy you enjoyed them=)
Yeah, and after the parents said they were fans too....fans of who exactly?;P
Sou ne, he's a very deep and unique thinker, it's so wonderful to read his thoughts....<3 Haha, Tenjo-chan asked the same thing, I have no idea why he would put that on there, it seems so out of character ne?;P Maybe he means it obliquely, as a way of judging someone's character...? He is insecure ne, his image is something he's constantly re-evaluating and changing...I don't mind the nailpolish, but sometimes his hair is just too much;P
He must have the world revolve around him ne?;) That's Nino for you...
Sugoii kore! :) Thank you for translating!! The marriage checklist was a nice bonus, too. ^^

That was such a nice episode of MMA. Jun met his match with Miku-chan! However, the kids are quite cute and not brats (Jun's lucky).

I have to ask your opinion on something though because my sister (who's an Ohno fan) was taken aback by Ohno's reaction. That is, when the kid said to Ohno, "Draw a picture?" and he said, "No way! It's not funny."...Was he mad at the kids or something?

Again, arigatou, nyanchan. :)
You're welcome!:D Yeah, I wans't expecting that one to be ready for ages, it was a nice surprise for me too:)
Haha, I don't know if Jun would agree with you on thatXD But at least they made up in the end;)
Hmm, well the way I interpreted it was he felt the kids were pulling his leg, or, he was tired and just wanted to laze around and do nothing...probably more the latter ne;P

5. You're not fussy about food.

Like you're gonna say "Umai!" for every thing you stuff in your mouth? Haha, this is soooo Riida! Kawaii!

Thank you for translating! :D
Haha, not everyone can be taste-deaf like you Ohno!XD Good luck finding someone to meet that criteria;P It's adorable though, the things on his list are so telling...:)
My pleasure=)
hahha. the marriage thing. xDD i could marry all of them. [dies laughing]
Aw, come on now, you have to share!XD
Hahaa nyanchan!!Thanks a million!!I enjoyed a lot the articles!!!

I match the most with Jun, and then with Sho, (maybe that's why I like them), but with Nino I don't like his marriage conditions T__T. Nino, gomen ne, I'm not going to get married with you xD

Great job as always!*hugs!*
You're welcome!XDD Yay, I'm so glad you liked them=)
With Sho, hontou ni?:O Wow, you must be a domestic diva;P Haha, I'm sure Nino will recover soonXD
Ah, thank you!:3
Thank you for all the translations! Thanks!!! I haven’t even had the chance to read all the ones from the past few entries and there are so many of them, how delightful!

Incidentally I was charmed by Jun’s reading habits. Actually, I found it a little odd at first that he was reading the 2 Murakamis, Haruki and Ryu, because they seem to me to be super-popular, but slightly old-fashioned. Er, well I guess that kind of matches Jun's sensibilities!!! And I suppose as well that the wonderful Haruki Murakami never really goes out of fashion, sort of like SMAP. Oh, upon looking at his response again I see that he says "It's a little late." Ah, OK, his self-consciousness is on display too. SO much in one response to a random magazine question! Anyway, I wonder if Jun was also attracted by one of the (many) sub-plots of Coin Locker Babies, which is if I recall correctly, a rather cynical episode about the way music acts or idols are manufactured in the geinoukai. Must be weird to read about such things.

It's my pleasure, you're very welcome!:D Haha, a bumper crop awaits you then;P
Ah, you know much more than I do, I was completely unaware of any of those books, but the [Coin Locker babies] one intrigues me....it really does sound like the kind of things Jun would be caught reading:3 I wonder what his take on it would be....
Oh thanks Nyanchan a lot for those translation ne!
I haven't been lately on the net to check out all the news about Jun and Arashi ^'^
coz end of the year there's always so much to do.

And you two ne , Nyanchan and Tenjo are a great duo!

Without all your unconditional work and effort I will never get so much stuff to know about Jun and Arashi, and love them more and more!
Truly, deeply thank you ne!

Ps. From the transl. stuff here I like the HYD2 interview and the MMA most, ne.
Love the interaction between Mao and Jun and Jun and captain!
You're welcome=)
Sou ne, it's very busy now, but soon the holidays will start and things will be a little calmer for everyone I hope:3
Ah, thank you>_< It's a lot of fun to work together:)
It makes me very happy to be able to help you and others become closer to Arashi, I only wish I could do more:)
Hehe, they're great ne, when you can see Jun's personality in action it's so much fun<3
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